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          It is so annoying when a guy tells you he can take you to cloud 9 and the heaven of oral sex and then he doesn’t even climb the ladder of cloud 1. Intercourse has its own pleasure but there’s unexplainable pleasure, joy and satisfaction you experience when your lover take you to the highest height without putting his dick in you. To be fair on guys, most of the problems come from us girls because we don’t communicate how we feel and what we want but you must have it mind that every girl differ. Girl why do you lie and fake orgasm self? Don’t moan when you are not enjoying it. Frown and squeeze your face, let him know he didn’t do a good job! What his ex or other girlfriend likes may be different from what you like, so my dear, feel free to talk about sex; what you want and how you want it, after all, you are doing the do with him.

          I know my body, I don’t know yours but one thing I know every girl have in common is love to be licked. As simple as this sound, it has its own technique and if you don’t get it right, it is the most annoying and frustrating feeling you can put your girl through. I remember one time like that that I opened my precious pussy for an ex lover who was always begging me to allow him go below with his mouth. First he put his very short tongue into my pussy; which by the way, didn’t reach anywhere and you won’t believe the guy was biting and chewing me oo! {There is a way you bite and chew on the pussy though} Chai! I was nauseated, I pushed his head away, dressed up and left, that was the end of the relation. I am brave and I didn’t really love the guy, that is the reason I can just walk away, but most of you will just lie down there and endure the torture.

          Now listen boys and girls, let me give you a lesson in heading. First imagine the pussy is your dick. How do you like being blown? Do you want to be chewed or bitten with the teeth? Take note that when we blow you, we shed our teeth with our lips! Imagine the clitoris is the cap of your dick; don’t you like it when we lick the cap and put the entire cap in our mouth? We don’t leave your cap and balls and just lick and suck the middle. Some of you like your balls to be sucked, you enjoy it, and some don’t, not because they don’t enjoy it but because it tickles them too much, don’t like it because it doesn’t give them any sensation, same goes for the pussy. Some enjoy it when you lick the hole; that is the main vagina, some don’t because it tickles them and the loose the actual sensation and some don’t like it at all because it doesn’t give them any sensation. Apart from that, you tongue is way too small and thin to make any impact in the vagina, it what it takes to climax is a tongue in the pussy, and then we will never complain of small dicks! Same goes for your fingers in the pussy; it’s mostly irrelevant and overrated. Just as you like it very much when we take your dick deep into our throat, that’s the way we also love it when you take our entire clitoris in your mouth. All in all; the cap of your dick is all that matters when a girl blows you, same way our clitoris is the only thing you should concentrate on when you are sucking a woman. Enough comparison let me get down to business.

          CLEANLINESS: Girls this one is for you. Before you can attract a guy to want to suck your pussy, he has to know you are clean. The vagina is open and wearing underpants heat up that area, lean to clean with water and dry with tissue when you visit the rest room. Don’t just dry with tissue, it is unhygienic and it gives your pussy and odor, always use water first. I am not in support of using chemicals on your vagina but if you don’t mind, then there are varieties in the market. When in a room with your boyfriend, make sure you take your bath immediately you entered the room {except for a quickie} and make sure you take your bath after sex or at least watch your vagina! Don’t just wipe with a tissue and lie down. You are passing a message, ‘baby I am clean and it is safe to lick me.’ I know some times we get crippling orgasm the kind that turn your bones to jelly, it’s ok, at least he knows it’s unusual of you.

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          TALK ABOUT IT: This one is for everybody. Every great relationship starts with a good communication between lovers and same goes for sex. Please talk about what you want, need and like with you partner. Make sure they know your soft and hard limits. What you are willing to do and what you will never do on bed. Enlighten them on how you want your body treated; what you enjoy and what pisses you off. Make sure your partner know your dos and don’ts. Don’t be shy to talk about sex with the man or woman you are going to have sex with. Your partner should do what makes you come, what to say or do that always get you, you G-spot, your ticklish spot, and your wet/hard spot. I know there are some things he may like to do that you don’t like that may cause problems, but hey, we can disagree to agree and reach or compromise! For instance, some men love to squeeze the breast, most girls hate it, let him squeeze lighytly!

          DON’T TEASE HER: Boys! This one is for you, please take note. Don’t dare tease that girl, unless you have proven yourself as a professional pussy eater or at least, a good one who can deliver the job. If you’ve eaten her till she came before then it’s ok to tease because she knows there’s a reward at the end of it but if not, please be focus. When it’s the first time, going about and teasing, eating and licking everything in sight means you don’t know what you are doing. Even when you know how to give a head, it’s annoying when I am getting there and you leave the G-spot for some place less relevant! Don’t beat around the bush; face your business which is the clitoris! Understood?

          MOTION and RHYTHM: Boys! Sex is the timeless music we all dance too. It has its own rhythm! Under motion, there’s sucking, after getting the whole pussy wet with your tongue, concentrate on the clitoris, apply pressure, don’t take tantalizing little lick on that spot, don’t just stick the tip of your tongue and go up and down. It’s a serious job, dive in, and use all of your tongue and lips! Be firm and consistence with the pressure you put on the clitoris. Suck the clitoris with your lips like you are sucking the nipple, roll your tongue on it and that’s where rhythm comes in. Start slow and gentle then build the tempo. sucking for more than 20 seconds draw blood away from the clitoris and you don’t want that, so suck, lick and lap! Brush your lips very fast on it left and right. If by the time you are through and your face is not wet, you haven’t done a good job. Remember I don’t need your tongue and fingers in my pussy; they are not strong, hard, and large or long enough for it. (There is an advance class on the use of fingers and tongue in the vagina but only for the Study of Heading PHD holders) One important thing I almost forget to tell you, your hands are needed oo. They are needed on the boobs, play with the twins, don’t leave the nipples hanging.


          CLIMAX: Girls are so lucky! We know when you come, you pour into us or the condom and you become soft so we have physical evidence but you are not that lucky. Except for squinters, you really can’t know, so how do you know. When she hold on to your head, push your face into her vagina, try to close her quivering thighs and finally push your head away, then she has come and it’s a good time to slip into her and have intercourse. But you are not done, even though she tries to push your head away, hold firm and continue licking put gently and softly. Lick her dry if you can, if given her one orgasm is what you can manage, then kiss her, let her lick her cum off your face, lips and tongue, its erotic and most of us fantasize about that! But if you get a kick out of heading a girl, then please do start again, I promise you the work gets shorter and the orgasm gets more intense. Variety they say is the spice of life, you don’t have to be on your back or on the bed all the time, do the couch, table, chair. Stand up, spread your legs, let him kneel in between your legs and eat you, sit on a chair and let him sit on the floor and suck, sit on his face! Spice it up, don’t be contemporary!

          In conclusion, I think every couple needs an oral day. We just suck and lick, use our mouth, hands and legs, yes legs! Its erotic and I think it will boost our sexual lives. That being said, I have done my part please go and do yours, call your girlfriend or boyfriend and do a practical. Please submit you score cards as comment. Girls, I have a saying and please learn to use it in your sexual life. If he can’t go down on you, don’t go down on him! If he can’t eat it, he can’t hit it! Let’s meet in BITCH CLASS where I will be teaching my bitch-wanna-be and bitches how to blow a dick. Till then…


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