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          OLA watched the two criminals from the monitor trying to make up her mind on who to approach first. She also thought of putting both of them together but she quickly ruled against it. Grace looked very tired, she was on the edge of breaking but Kev on the other hand looked confident but for a seasoned detective like her, she could see the fear behind his eyes, she decided to question Grace first.

Grace saw the knob moving and quickly pulled herself together unaware that Ola had been looking at her. She regretted not pursuing the law career her parents wanted for her. She was sure the way they arrested her was not legal or they might have made a mistake but she did not know the law to throw at them. The detective came in and sat across her, she had a silly smile on her face like she knew what she did but she was sure her tracks were covered and she had set up the doctor to take the fall for her crime. The only thing that could have put her in trouble was the security camera recorder but someone had beaten her to it and her crime was not recorded so she was safe.

Naturally, Ola would throw the facts at a criminal but she wanted to give Grace the opportunity to come clean so she asked;

‘So Grace, talk to me, what happened? Why did you kill joy?’

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‘I don’t know why you are here accusing an innocent person instead of you going after the guilty person. I’ve not seen Joy in weeks and I don’t have a reason to kill my sister besides, why will I kill my own sister?’

‘Grace, I can sit here and let you dig yourself into a deeper hole but I don’t have the time. Are you aware that your sister have a wireless security camera in the kitchen and the security room?’ She asked and watched the blood drained from Grace’s face.

‘Then it’s safe for me to assume you didn’t know that, need I tell you I have that video? I watched you kill your sister with the poison you tricked Becky into giving you. Don’t look surprised, yes she gave you away. She was loyal to you, she trusted you and you lied to her thereby putting her in trouble! What I don’t understand is why? I am giving you an opportunity to explain to me and make sense of this heartless crime especially why you sent your fiancé to finish the job when you know quite well that the poison will do the job! Do you just like roping everybody into your crime?’ With every sentence Ola’s voice got louder and harsher as she could not contain her emotions.

‘I did everything you said but don’t include Kevin into this, he didn’t do anything nor help me with any of the things I did. Please.’ Grace said calmly like she knew it was over for her. Ola wanted to tell her what Kev did but she help herself back because it might not be planned truly and if she told Grace, se might want to cover for him. She kept the information to herself for time being.

‘So tell me what happened and why you think your sister’s death is the solution to your problem?’

‘My sister was selfish and she would not give me my rights, one of us had to go.’


          MONEY  they say, is the root of all evil, Ola thought. Only if she knew it was more than that with the murder of Joy. When Grace opened her mouth to speak, Ola could not help but wondered if blood was truly thicker than water. She thought of the love and friendship between herself and her sister Toyin and could not imagine what would make her kill Toyin or vice-versa.

‘Joy was the good child, she did everything right. All her life, she lived to please our parents but they loved me more. I was pampered while Joy did all the work, it was fun for me but I made bad friends when I was in secondary school. What did they expect anyways? I had everything, my parents were rich and they spoilt me rotten, who needed books or good grades? All of a sudden they wanted me to change, be a good girl like my sister, study hard and be the best but it was too late. I was already an addict, I was addicted to alcohol, drugs and sex, everything and anything money could buy. I went in and out of the rehabilitation center many times and at the time I needed my parents most, they withdrew their love from me and gave it to my sister who was doing better. Can you imagine how that feels?’ She asked Ola.

Sometimes, Ola has the feeling that her parents loved Toyin more because she did what the wanted. Finished school and came to work for the family business, got married and gave them the grandchildren they badly wanted but never had she felt abandoned or unloved. She did not answer Grace’s question, she tried to keep her face emotionless and when Grace did not hear from her, she continued her confession.

‘The hatred for my sister started then. Why was she perfect? She didn’t smoke, drink or keep friends! She never went to a party, she was a fucking virgin till she graduated, she never had a boyfriend! I hated her for being perfect and she stole my parents! I was their baby but she took that from me. I tried to change, to be like her, to make my parents happy but drugs had taken over my life. It was a monster beast that wouldn’t let me be great. My parents cut my fund, I didn’t have free access to money anymore and I had to do drugs so I began stealing their money, it wasn’t enough so I sold their properties and they were angry with me. What was the big deal about that? They had more money than the bank could count and more properties than our tenth generations could never finish! They just wanted to punish me and I was hurt.’

Grace looked hurt truly as she told her story, her ran her hand through her hair and rubbed her face. She sat back into her chair and did not speak for two minutes, it was like she was remembering the life she lived. Ola wanted to prompt her but she decided not to as she did not want to break the confession flow. Grace seemed lost in thought and Ola cleared her throat to bring her back to the room. It worked.

‘I badly wanted their love back, so I went into rehab again, this time I worked hard to fight the addiction and I won. I was happy, I thought everything would go back to how it was but it was not so. They didn’t love me anymore, they didn’t open my closed account, they regulated everything I spent and they put the bitch in charge of it! She questioned very money I asked for as if I wasn’t entitled to it! I could feel her eyes putting me down every time I went to collect money, she was mocking me but I had no choice than to show her fake love. I even got involved with charity organizations, helping animals so she could see I’ve changed, but she didn’t see it. I got into helping people with addiction, I wanted to help my kind and I did, it was where I met Becky. I went to my sister for help, I needed money to help the charities but she didn’t give me. You know what she did instead? She donated to the charities in the family’s name! Could I not have the glory for once? I waited impatiently for my parents death, thinking they would divide the properties equally between us or at least be fair but no, the took their hatred for me to their grave! They left everything to her and left me peanut which they tied in a trust fund my sister and the lawyer had to sign! Is that fair? Hell no!’ She said half rising and slamming her hand on the table causing everything on it to shake.

‘Sit down and be calm please.’ Ola cautioned Grace.

‘Can I have water?’ Grace asked taking her seat and rearranging herself.

‘Of course.’ Ola got on the intercom and asked for water and Grace continued with her story.

‘I thought my sister will be lenient with me seeing that I’ve cleaned up my act and I was trying to be better but she was harsher than my parents, she pinched money to me while she went ahead and do great things, she got married; you should see her wedding, she wasted millions on strangers while I lived in poverty. She lived in a great house, my dream house! She has robbed me twice and still, I didn’t do anything but this last one broke me…’ A knock on the door stopped her and an officer came in with a bottle water. Ola thanked her and gave the water to Grace who drank almost half of the bottle before dropping it.

‘In my parents will, they put a clause there, that if I get married and have kids, more money would come to me, a whole lot of money. At first, I wanted to arrange a wedding but I’ve been having sex for a long time and this time I wanted the real deal, I wanted love. I met a lot of men but they were gold diggers, they came after me because I was a daughter of a rich man, they thought I had money but I didn’t so they left when they found out I lived on a budget until I met Kelvin. He was different, he loved me for who I was, he made me happy and when I told him about my predicament and how I needed to get married to get money, he said “fuck their money! We will make ours,” he didn’t run away like the rest, instead, he proposed to me! I was happy, on top of the world and I posted it on Facebook. Kev didn’t like the social media, in fact he didn’t have a Facebook account, he never wanted me to post our pictures but I was so happy that day and carried away that I posted it. At that time I wasn’t even thinking about the money but the bitch came and spoiled it for me. When I saw her call later that day, I thought she wanted to congratulate me but she didn’t, she said; “See me in my office at one tomorrow unfailingly!” She was the bitch with the money so I had to go when she called. I knew she was busy so I thought maybe she hadn’t seen the picture, I knew I hadn’t done anything bad so I went in with confidence and happiness hoping to tell my sister the good news after our meeting but I met the opposite. I was already at her office by twelve-thirty, but she kept me waiting for two and half hours! Finally, at three p.m I was called in and the first thing my sister told me was, “you can’t marry him.” I almost fell down, what did she mean? I felt like screaming but I didn’t. I asked her calmly why I couldn’t, she said; “I don’t owe you an explanation but if you don’t want your money to stop, you will do as I say,” I said; “but you can’t do that, the will clearly states you will give me my share when I get married and have kids!” She said; “I’m in charge of this money and I can do whatever I like with it, besides, have you contributed into the family wealth in any way? The will says if I think the marriage is a fraud, I can default and if you ask me, this is a scam!” ‘Who does that to her own sister?’ She asked as a tear escaped from her left eye. Ola did not respond.

‘At first I thought she was joking but I found out she wasn’t, I begged her to at least tell me why I couldn’t marry the love of my life but she didn’t tell me. Before I knew it, she divorced her own husband and wanted to destroy my life. I asked Kev if he knew my sister, he said no they never met, I didn’t know what she had against him until one day. I went to her house to beg her again and I met her drunk on her bed, her diary was right beside her and I read it, what I found broke my heart. Though she didn’t name him in the diary but I knew she was talking about Kev. She wrote there how they met and she gave him her virginity! Imagine my holy sister giving it to a total stranger! The slut who always played a saint! I found out he was Junior’s father and she never loved the doctor, she just married him to save face when she found out she was pregnant with Kev’s baby who had disappeared on her! She wrote how hard she looked for him but couldn’t find him and how he saw him on my page. I woke her up, I confronted her, we had a nasty fight and she said since I knew her secret, she would never let Kev go because he was the only one she ever loved. I was mad at Kev but I kept the secret to myself. I wanted to leave him but for once, I had what she wanted and couldn’t get. It made me happy someone chose me over her and I needed revenge! I started posting lots of pictures of myself and Kev doing fun stuff and how much he spoilt and loved me to antagonize my sister so she could feel the pains I felt when she took our parents love from me.’

‘I begged her, I really did, but she was adamant, I knew there’s only one way to get what I wanted; her death, so I began planning! I knew about CAY3P from the time I worked with the animals the only problem I had was how to get it. Doctor Akin didn’t offend me but I needed him to take the fall so I could get custody of Junior, after all, he’s kev’s son and I knew my sister was going to leave everything to him. I told Becky my dog was sick, terminally ill but I didn’t want him to die at the hospital because they won’t give me its body and I wanted to bury it in my backyard. At first she was adamant, but I persuade her and because she loved and trusted me, she gave it to me. I knew the doctor always come for his child on the last Thursday of the month so I chose that day and you know the rest…’ She drank the remaining of her water before slumping into the chair.

‘So how did Kev got involved into this?’ Ola asked.

‘Haven’t you been listening to me? I said he didn’t know anything about it! I planned everything by myself! Alone!’ She insisted.

‘But he was in…’ The intercom rang stopping her mid-sentence. She answered it, it was from the lab.


‘You are not answering your cellphone!’ The H.O.D accused.

‘I am in interrogations, it’s on silence.’ She replied impatiently.

‘Your DNA results are out. Kelvin, aka Yusuf Egbor is the father of the two boys!’

‘Are you sure?’

‘As sure as where the sun rises from!’

‘Okay, thank you.’ Ola said and dropped the call. Just when she thought she was getting to the bottom of the mystery, another twist entered. She rubbed her temple that was beginning to throb. She looked at Grace and asked;

‘Is there anything else you will like to tell me?’

‘Hmmm, I’m not a monster, I just wanted it enough to kill for it. Do you understand?’ Grace said pleading with her eyes for some understanding.

‘No, I don’t understand why we have to kill each other for something.’

‘I love him…’

‘Grace Joel, you are under arrest for the murder of Joy Joel. You…’ As the detective read her right, Grace zoned out. What would kelvin think of her? Would he be there, stay by her or think she was a monster? Though she had her selfish reasons but, she did it for their love too. She wished she could see his face and tell him he should not give up on her. She would have never confessed but the police already had the video. She should have known that her sister was sneaky and would have the footage recorded somewhere else. She planned it carefully but she did not know the investigators would find the loopholes. She shouldn’t have done the job herself, she should have contracted it out but she feared being blackmailed and later exposed. She thought she could get away with it but it seemed her sister came to haunt her from the grave. Reality dawned on her, she wished she never did it, she should have given her sister what she wanted. She should have taken the money and looked for another man to marry. She and Kelvin could have started afresh and build their on empire. A lot of “should have” crossed her mind but it was too late. She felt alone, she wished to be in her lovers arms one more time, only if she knew his hands was tied in the next room.

          OLA thought of going to kelvin’s room first but she changed her mind at the door and went to Victoria’s first. The lady’s face was red and swollen from tears.

‘I have some news for you,’ she said as she sat in the chair across her. Victoria looked up but did not say anything.

‘We have your son and…’ She got cut off.

‘Is he alright? Can I see him? Please let me see him.’

‘He’s fine and I might allow you to see him if you give me a full confession. You might as well tell me the whole truth because we know Kelvin is the father.’ She dropped the bombshell to Victoria’s surprise. She eyes widen and her jaw dropped.

‘How? Who? I mean…’

‘It’s my job to find which is hidden. Did you really think Kelvin will leave Grace for you? The guy is a fraudster! He looks for rich women, scam them and leave them! What do you have to offer him?’

‘I may not have money but I have his only son! He promised to take care of us, he loves me!’

‘Wake up girl, he doesn’t, he used you. By the way, your son is not his only son, Junior, Joy’s son is his son too and I’m sure if we track down everyone he had slept with, we will find more children out there.’

‘What did you say?’ Victoria looked like she had just seen a ghost.

‘You heard me right, Ayo and Junior are brothers! Kelvin knew this, he was just using you to steal from Joy, besides, if Joy offered him a deal and took him back, did you really think he would stay with you? Hell no.’

‘Oh my God! No wondered the boys looked alike! My God! But how? I was there when Junior was born and she was married to Doctor Akin.’

‘They met before she got married and she was one of his victim, so you see, he’s using you.’

‘Oh God…’

‘I will offer you a deal of a lifetime. If you testify against him in court, we will reduce your charges to theft and in a year or two you can be out. Also, I don’t think giving your child to your sister is a good idea, the poverty you are running from will take over his life. I can place him in a good foster home with a good school and you can have him back when you get back but you have to get a good job and clean up your act.’

Victoria has been to the police station many times and she knew their tactics, they lie to get to the truth and they manipulate their suspects and they might be doing it to her but her gut told her they were telling her the truth. She felt it in her bones that kelvin was using her but love blocked her view. She might not have taken the deal but the mention of her child and the prospect of seeing her son earlier and her charges reduced was too tempting not to take.

‘Okay, I will.’

‘Great. I suggest you rewrite your statement then. I will bring your son to see you as soon as possible.’

‘Thank you.’



          OLA senses that kelvin would be a hard nut to crack and he might not confess and demand for a lawyer. She was tired and hungry and signs of headache were already showing. She was not in the mood to manipulate or listen to bullshit so she went to her office and took her laptop. She would show him the footage and hoped he confessed knowing he had been caught. She knew he did it, but she needed to know the reason. What has Joy done to him? If he was in his right senses, he would know leaving Grace for Joy was a better chance and even if he decided to stick with Grace, he had a son with Joy who he could fight for and become a millionaire. Since Grace had denied that Kev was involved, it meant that he acted alone, but why? She entered the room he was and before she could sit or say anything, he attacked her.

‘What’s all this rubbish? You have kept me waiting for hours for what I don’t know! I came to see my girl and you put me in this room. I’m going to sue you, your boss, in fact, sue the entire police force! Nonsense! You think I don’t know my right, if you don’t let me go right now you will regret it.’ He stopped and Ola smiled. She liked when criminals put up an act.

‘My Yusuf, sit down.’ Ola watched as his eyes bulged and he swayed a bit but he quickly composed himself.

‘My name is kelvin. You must have me mixed up with someone else.’ He said in a shaky voice.

‘See, let’s not play with each other here. It has been a long day and I am very tired, so I will lay it on the table as it is.’ Ola sat down and opened the her laptop, she forwarded the video to where it showed kelvin and turned the screen facing him. His face became white as he watched himself commit murder. When the footage stopped, she closed it and started laying the facts for him.

‘Apart from this video, I’ve two witnesses who saw you at the house and I have the gun you used and the napkin you took from the kitchen. The person who sold you the gun is in custody and ready to testify against you. Victoria is willing to testify you gave her the drugs, so let’s not play games with each other. Why did you kill Joy?’ Even though Ola could see the fear in his eyes and his temple racing, kelvin refused to talk.

‘You are not doing yourself any favor by keeping mute, I have all the evidences I need to charge you to court and send you to prison. Help me understand why you killed Joy and maybe we might strike a deal. Did you ask for your son and she refused to give him to you?’ When she said “your son” he looked up sharply confused.

‘What son?’ He finally said.

‘Your son, Junior, don’t play dump with me please.’

‘You mean Junior, Joy’ son is my son?’

‘Yes he his.’ Ola believed he did not know because the look on his face was so real even the best actor could not put it up.

‘My God.’ Millions of things ran through his mind, why didn’t she tell him? He would not have killed her if he knew this! The boy could have been his meal ticket for life. What have I gotten myself into? The police have proofs but he was not going to dig a deeper hole for himself by talking to her, he will wait for his day in court but he was falling apart inside as he thought about what led to this terrible act he committed.

When he targeted Grace, he knew who she was because he did his homework well. He thought he could do a quick hit and run on her, he never thought it would get to the level it got too. He had invested a lot in her before he knew she had no money and the only way to get money out of her was to marry her. He hoped the sister would not recognize him as he as grown a beard or hopefully, she was happy in her marriage and she will let him and her sister be but he met the opposite. He tried so much to avoid taking pictures with Grace but she wanted to show him off and when she posted his proposal pictures and videos on the internet and got a call from his sister, he knew there was trouble. Everything in him told him to run away before she came back but what he has invested would not let him do so, he decided to ride the storm out and got some answers ready for the questions she might have. She came in crying uncontrollably and told him her sister was against their marriage and she did not know the reason behind her decision. Kelvin was a bit relieved Joy did not reveal his secret but he was angry at her for blocking his meal ticket and after months of back and forth of no favorable response, he decided to get involved and safe his meal ticket. He stole Joy’s number from Grace’s phone and called her. The moment he said “hello” she recognized his voice. “Kell” she screamed into the phone, they set up a lunch date and they met up. She took him to a very expensive and private restaurant where she got greeted with so much respect and familiarity which indicated she was a regular at the restaurant. He wished he was with her instead but also, he could not go back to her. Joy would be harder to get rid of than Grace, and he was sure she would make sure he never leave this time so he decided to play the game and stick to the story that he was in love with Grace. Joy was all smile and he could see she still loved him and was not really angry with him but it as too late for him, he remembered their conversation as it happened, word for word.

‘What happened Kell?’ She asked after their wine had been served.

‘I’m sorry, I just had to go.’

‘Why did you have to go? I mean, we were having a good time. Did I do something wrong?’

‘No, it wasn’t you, it was me. I had an emergency I had to attend to and when I came back, you were gone.’ It was after he said this that their conversation began heading down the hills.

‘Please don’t lie to me. I deserve to know the truth. You lied to me from the beginning because your home was not where you said it was! I waited for you in that hotel for weeks and I left my number for the hotel management to give you if you come back but you never did because I called them everyday for a year! You need to tell me the truth! For God’s sake I trusted you with my body and heart and gave you my virginity! Damn it, stop lying to me!’ Joy said getting angrier with every sentence and it was then he knew it was going to be a though battle. He opened his scam book in his head brought out the sentimental trick he needed to use.

‘I’m sorry but I didn’t think you would want me if you knew I was poor and a nobody. I had to leave.’ He said in a sympathetic voice and saw her face soften.

‘You should have given me that choice to make. Anyway, how did you meet my sister?’

‘I don’t think that’s relevant, what matters is that we are in love.’

‘Hmmm! In love? So what happens to us?’

‘Us? There was never us and I haven’t seen you in almost seven years! Please don’t do this.’

‘But I still love you?’

‘And I love your sister! Please don’t break us up, besides, you are married.’

‘Don’t worry about my husband, I’ve already served him divorce papers. I can offer you more Kell…’

‘Well, this is not about money, I love your sister.’ He lied as he watched Joy stood up.

‘Well, I want you to think about it very well because she has more to lose if you choose her. I know my sister, she would never give up her money for a man and I hold the key to that money. If I can’t have you, she can’t either.’ She said and walked out on him.

It wasn’t the last time they saw but every time he went to plead with her, the conversation went the same way but what broke him was her sabotaging him. She used her wealth and influence to find out his business using a private detective. She crippled his business, blocked his account and threatened to expose him to the police for scamming women. He called her on the Wednesday before her death to beg her to leave him alone but instead she gave him an ultimatum to choose between her and Grace by Friday or face the consequences. He knew she had to go before Friday. So he faked an illness and told Grace he needed to sleep alone and would lock the door because he did not want any disturbance and he was very surprised when his needy fiancé who loved to cuddle said okay without any fight or argument. He sneaked out without checking on Grace because he didn’t want to wake her up and raced to Joy’s house. She rang the bell but no one answered and he was surprised the door opened when he pushed the door, he suspected foul play but when he found her drunk and passed out on the kitchen table, he understood why the door was opened and the rest was what he saw himself do in the footage. He did not know there was a camera recording his actions. If only he knew Grace had done the job for him, his life would have gone smother but he did not know. Ola’s voice jolted him back to reality.

‘Talk to me Kev, did Grace ask you to kill Joy?’

‘I want my lawyer.’ Kelvin said and Ola stood up, she knew that was the end of that conversation.

‘Very well. Yussuf Egbor, you are under arrest for the murder of Joy Joel…’

…to be continued…



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