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          IT has been a roller-coaster ride and I’m grateful you were with me! The love you show me amazes me. When I write sometimes, I worry myself to death whether you will like it or not but seeing you in thousands coming back every day to this blog humbles me! YOU are the BEST FAN in the world and without your comments and criticism, I won’t be better! When I choose a topic to write, I think I know what I want to write but the moment I put the pen to paper, my hand changes line and seeing your comments, Arh! I just want to make you happy! So I thank you! I thank you for your time, for your data and your beliefs in me! Trust me, I love you plenty!


          MY editor is my backbone. That guy can drill me! Sometimes I hate him for the stress he gives me for your sake! Imagine, he’s always changing words and asking for more pages! Olatorera you can do it. No, you can’t stop it here. You can’t use this phrase. You will disappoint your fans. Don’t be lazy! The guy should be in the military service seriously! The most annoying thing is that I will write, read, proofread, second proofread and I will not find mistakes but when I give it to Smith, he will bring out at least twenty mistakes! Do you know how I drive him crazy too? I will submit a script one hour to publication time and tell him to return it in thirty minutes! All because we want you to have something good to read! Thanks Smith! I love you even though you drive me crazy every day!

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          I want to dedicate 4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND to all the single girls struggling to find someone to love and be loved in return. I want to tell you to relax and have fun. Love finds you when you least expect! Let your hair down and be yourself. Live for yourself first and someone will want to live for you too! Just love yourself and wait on the Lord. HE will do it for us. Don’t give up on love, yourself, men and God. I love you anyways!


          I also dedicate it to girls in relationships struggling to make sense of what’s going on. Sometimes it seems you don’t know what you are doing or where you are going. Sometimes you feel loved and sometimes it’s like you are dating yourself! You see, if the relationship you are in is not making you happy and most importantly if it’s unhealthy for you and you have done your best and yet there’s no improvement, please leave. It’s not a do or die affair! Every boyfriend you have is training you to be a better wife to your future husband so consider your training over and move on! But girls, to err is human, learn to forgive men. Be flexible in your judgement and remember always; NOBODY HOLY PASS.


          GUYS! Hmmm! You should make up your mind about what you want in a girl before going for her. Stop being a player! There’s nothing wrong with loving one woman! Just think about your sister or daughter when you want to play a girl. Lately, I have noticed that all the womanizers I know are giving birth to females! God is watching you on 30D and he’s waiting for you! If you can say this; God, give my kind of man to my daughter, then no problem! My brothers and sons are waiting for your daughters!


          GENERALLY, I want us to be more tolerant and nonjudgmental. Where you meet someone most time doesn’t matter when you keep an open mind. The girl you met today and slept with today has been placing some guys on hold for years! It wasn’t luck or your charm, it’s because she felt something for you. I know a couple who met in the club and have been married for eleven years and I know one that met in the church that their marriage didn’t last a year! Don’t judge people based on their past. It’s called the past for a reason! The things we do that we are not proud of are the same things shaping us to be proud of ourselves! Be kind, be gentle, be open and always listen to your partner even when they offend you! I have a special weapon, shall I tell you? Okay, here it is. I smile always no matter what I’m going through! When I offend you, my smile won’t make you get mad at me because you will ask me, why are you smiling and once you open a channel for a dialogue, we will sort things out!

          SO you will be asking, what’s next? I will tell you! Something big is coming! You are going to see me in another dimension! I’m going to blow you away with what’s coming next! I really want to give you a sneak peek but I’m going to let you wait because I don’t want to spoil the element of surprise! Okay! Let me give you a hint, it’s about Crime! Murder and of course Sex and Love! I have a team! I’ve been to the police station for research, three medical doctors have been helping me, my lawyer friends are tired of my questions day and night and even the judge is beginning to notice my presence in the courtroom! (I told him I was a reporter!) and I have been to jail too! I met criminals and we talked! So just know I’m not taking it easy with you! If you think the first time is a fluke, the second time a luck, wait till you see what’s coming! I’m here to make it as a writer! But guys, you have to give me one month! Yes I know! You will miss me! I will miss you too! In fact, I am missing you already! We are going on Ramadan break! (Let me go and ask for forgiveness for all my sins now!) I beg you for this time away from writing but know this, I will make it up to you!


ENH-ENH! Before I forget ooo! You people should bring adverts for me ooo! You don’t want me to eat ni? Bring sponsors too and if you don’t have anything to sell, just ask for my account number and dash me money ooo! On a more serious note. The people you want to reach are all here! Just because you don’t see their comments doesn’t mean anything! I promise thousands of your target audience are here! So come sell your products here and I no dey charge money too much oo. I am affordable, try me! Thank you in advance.


          TILL we meet in a month’s time. Keep it real family! From my editor and I to you! WE LOVE YOU!





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