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          PAUL wanted to know what was wrong with Ola but he was beginning to understand her nature. She became more adamant when pushed so he did not ask further questions. They had a good day and he did not want anything to spoil it, so instead, he asked about their case.

‘Were you able to find anything out from the boy.’

‘Yes I was.’ Ola said softening her voice and look. Paul had done nothing wrong to her and it was not his fault her family was pushing them together. As she has promised, she was going to give their friendship a trial.

‘Any new lead?’

‘Not really, we still have our major suspects plus one the boy can’t identify but who drives a blue car. I found out the victim kept a diary and it might help us. Also, the doctor was not truthful to us during interrogation. He went back into the house leaving the boy in the car, placing him alone with the victim. He confirmed the victim and the other two suspects were at longer heads too.’

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‘Good. We have to look for that diary and laptop as soon as possible and get the culprit to confess before he or she has time to clean up his act.’

‘Well, I don’t think the crime was committed by one person…’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I can feel it in my gut… I can’t wait for the lab to finish with their tests so we can have the facts and arrest the culprits. The press will soon be on our neck and they will make us look bad.’

‘I’m sure we will have a clear direction as soon as we have the DNA of the tear drop. If the gun used is in the system, we will find its owner. Meanwhile, Doctor Akin still has an explanation to do about the poison used.’

‘That reminds me, we need to get the doctor’s records. CAY3P must be documented when used, so if it came from him, we would know.’

‘And we need the victims laptop too, I need to call Smith, I told him to get on it.’

‘Seems the coming week is going to be a busy one.’ Paul said as Ola dialled Smith’s number. Paul listened in to Ola’s side of the conversation because the phone was not on speaker.

“Hey.” “I’m good.” “Any news?” “The laptop?” “Okay.” “Tomorrow then.” “Bye.”

‘Any news?’ Paul couldn’t help but ask. A small smile cracked Ola’s face. She knew he would ask just like a Jealous and insecure lover.

‘Not much. We are still waiting on the lab for results. He couldn’t get into the office because it was locked and the victim is the only key holder. It’s weekend and we can’t get a judge to give us a warrant to break the door so he’s going to the house to search for the keys.’

‘More work for you this coming week.’

‘Same to you pal. You wanna tell me what happened to your sister?’ Ola did not forget about their earlier conversation and she really wanted to know more about him; his childhood experience was a good start.


          PAUL had gone from not talking about it enough to talking about it twice in a day.

‘It was a raining day and my sister wanted to play in the rain. Our parents were not around and the maid were not around to stop her either. I was playing with my video game and I didn’t know when she left my side. I just heard screaming from outside and I ran there. My dad was running to the car with my sister in his arms and my mother at his heels. All I could see was blood on the tiles where I stood, I was alone, lonely, scared and confused. Our maid came back first, apparently she had gone to the market and I did not know what to tell her when she asked whose blood was on the floor. She washed it off and we both waited for my parents. They came back with my mom wiping terribly and my dad looking solemn. Family members began to arrive and everyone was crying. No one bothered to tell me what had happened to my sister for days until I asked the maid who explained to me I was never going to see my sister again. She asked why I didn’t watch over my sister or stopped her from going outside but I didn’t have anything to say…’

As he talked, Ola saw the pains in his face. She felt sorry for the little boy he was and what he had to go through. She imagined the guilt he might have felt loosing his sister. She was about to ask how he coped when he turned into her street. She smiled, he had a retentive memory; she did not have to show him the way or use the GPS but then she remembered he found his way to her house earlier.

Paul wished there was traffic so the could spend more time together but there was no traffic and they arrived at her house very early. He was going to pack outside the gate but Ola was already opening the gate with a remote control. He drove into her driveway and prayed he got invited in.

Ola made the split decision to invite Paul into her home in seconds. She really wanted to hear the end of the story and she shameful admitted to herself that she was missing him already. A few more minutes would not harm her, or would it?

‘Ehrhm, wanna come in for wine or co…’

He did not let her finish the question before he answered.

‘I would love that very much.’

They got down and Ola went for her door while Paul went to the boot of the car and was bringing stuff out.

‘What are you doing?’ Ola asked.

‘Oh, I forgot to tell you. Your mom packed some food, drinks and cake for us.’ Paul replied.

‘Hmmm, You mean for you?’ She said going back to the car to help him.

‘Nope, for both of us but my meat is more than yours oo!’ He joked as they packed food and went into Ola’s house.

‘I don’t doubt that all!’ Ola replied.

She headed straight for the kitchen and Paul followed her. They silently stored the food in the freezer each with his or her thought.

‘So, wine, spirit or coffee?’ Ola asked when they were done.

‘I will have whatever you are having.’ Paul said.

She wanted a whiskey and she was not shy to take it in his presence. She brought out two glass cup from her cupboard and whiskey from her wine chillier and served the two cups.

‘Straight or with soda?’ She asked heading from the freezer for ice.

‘Straight.’ He replied.

It was Ola’s choice too. She found iced fruits in the freezer and she took some instead of ice.

‘Snacks?’ She was not really hungry but drinks go better with snacks.

‘Maybe those stick meat your mom packed for us. It’s delicious.’

She went back to her freezer, took some stick meat, put on a plate and dropped it in the microwave while she handed Paul his drink. They took their first sip as the microwave pinged. She took out the meat and headed for the living room with her drink.


          PAUL enjoyed Ola’s backside as he walked behind her. He got a rise in between his thighs as he watched her drop the meat on the table. Her short gown rose to her thighs and he got a glimpse of her fresh fleshy laps. The rise between his legs got harder. He knew it was poor manners to sit down in someone’s house without being told to but he could not risk her turning around and seeing him in the condition he was. Luckily for him, she told him to take a seat before she turned around and he quickly sat in the nearest chair. It was a narrow escape.

Ola turned around as Paul buttocks touched her sofa. She saw the bulge but before she could confirm what she saw, he crossed his legs. “Definitely it was my imagination.” She told herself. She took a seat beside him because he was already sitting on the biggest sofa but she kept a few distance and pillows between them. If only Paul could peek into her soul and see the naughty things she was thinking towards him. A sharp pain ran across her lower abdomen and she felt the wetness dripping down to her pant. She rubbed her thighs together to nub the pain.

‘Hhmm, interested in any TV program?’ She asked to distract herself and to start a conversation.

‘Not really? Maybe music dear.’ He replied

She had just noticed her heart skipped every time he called her “dear.” She put on the music box and speakers via the remote and reduced the volume to the nearly minimum. She was fishing for an opening but Paul gave her one.

‘Your home is very beautiful, how do you have the will to get out of here?’

‘Hahahahahha! I barely have time to enjoy it! Criminals are always keeping me out.’ She replied. It was not only crime keeping her out, loneliness too. Sometimes she feared coming home to a lonely house and she would find something doing at the office or hang out with her colleagues at a bar but she did not tell him that.

‘Did you decorate yourself or got someone to do it?’ He asked.

‘Myself. Took a long time but I got there.’

‘Wow! Can I contract you to do my place? I’ve not done anything there since I moved here. Just the basics are there but I will love it to be homely like this.’ He asked half serious, half-joking.

‘Where will I get the time? Spend money jor! I’m sure there are lots of good interior decorators out there, we just need to find one. I’m sure my sister can hook you up with one.’

He wanted to say it was not about the beauty, it was about making it a home with emotional pieces only a female he liked can put on the house. They both reached for the meat plate at the same time, there hands brushed and they both pull away fast like an electric shock passed through them. Their eyes locked for brief seconds and the lust in both of their eyes were visible. Ola lowered her gaze first and threw the meat into her mouth to keep herself busy. She avoided his gaze like a plague. Paul ravished her with his eyes. Luckily for him she was not looking at him. The budge between his thighs was getting bigger and harder. Was it the alcohol or the slow music tricking his brain or was the air charged with sexual electricity? He should get out of there before things got out of hands but he could not control his legs to move. His head was wiling but his heart, body and soul were weak.

The wetness between Ola’s thighs was becoming unbearable. Her pant was soaked with her juice and she was beginning to feel uncomfortable, she was also scared it would drip out and soak her clothes and became visible for him to see.

‘Ehrhm, excuse me, need to change my clothes. Feel at home, be right back.’ She said and escaped to her room. She felt his gaze burning into her back but she dared not turn back to confirm her suspicion.

She was driving him crazy. He wished he was home too, he would change into something comfortable. The jeans he wore was not helping his condition. He imagined what she looked like naked, gorgeous of course but he still fantasized. He wished he had telepathic and invisibility power so he could transport himself to her room without being noticed. “Get a grip of yourself boy!” He scolded himself. However, her being out of the room helped him calm down. He rearranged himself and got back his composure.

Ola had taken her bath and let her hair down. She changed into a loose top and a track trousers, sprayed a little perfume and slipped into a flip-flop and checked her reflection in the mirror, she looked good. She worried she didn’t look sexy enough but quickly cautioned herself. “Why do you want to look sexy for a man who’s not yours? Are you trying to seduce him?” She shrugged and went downstairs.

He smelled her before he saw her. He looked up sharply as her now familiar scent filled the room. She looked different, angelic was the only word that came to his mind. Her hair was let down, her face was bare; no make up. She was in a loose top and trousers but it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. His throat went dry and his penis nodded in agreement with his heart. He picked his cup without taking his eyes off her. He gulped the remaining content in one take then choked on the fruits in it. He held his throat and started coughing hard.

Ola saw it in his face before he started coughing; he was choking. She rushed to his side and pulled him off the couch. She got behind his back and wrapped her arms around his midriff and stared jerking him up.

‘Breath Paul, breath!’ She screamed as she jerked.

On the fourth jerk, he coughed out two big chunk of pineapple. She stopped and quickly face him, she wanted to know if all the pineapples were out. Paul wanted to tell her all was out but she stopped him before he could open his mouth.

‘Don’t talk, just breath! Sit down, let me get you water.’

He obeyed as he watched her race to the kitchen. Her bum jiggled with every step she took. He smacked himself. “Really Paul? You almost died looking at her!” He shook his head in self-pity. “Won ti get mi.” He said under his breath as she rushed back. He was almost upon him when her leg hit the table.

‘Aaahhhoooo!’ She yelped holding the injured foot and spilling water on the floor. Paul quickly collect the cup from her as she headed for the nearest chair still holding the affected foot. It was a good idea because she slipped on the water and lost her balance.

‘Yeeeee!’ She screamed going down. She spread her hands about looking for something to hold but Paul caught her before she reached the ground only for him to slip on the water too and they both ended up on the floor.

Paul landed on Ola’s soft body and he did not know whether to thank his stars or curse them. He could not catch a woman who was falling for him and he ended on top of her where he had wanted to be since they entered her house. Her legs were spread and he was in between them, their midriff were at the perfect position for sex, his penis reacted to the thought and rose to the occasion.

Ola was not far from the floor when they landed so it was not painful but his hard body against her soft body was causing her pains at her middle region that had nothing to do with falling. He was her perfect fit, he matched and covered every inches of her. Her nipples ached against her bra as they harden and the wetness returned to her vagina then she felt his dick harden and she quivered. The game changed.


          THEIR breathings changed, it became fast and irregular as their eyes slowly met. Each was searching the others eyes; they knew they wanted each other but wanted to be sure. Although Paul was a player who knew how to seduce his prey but Ola was different. He did not want a quick sex, he wanted all of her; body, soul, spirit and heart. Paul was a gentleman and he was not going to take a woman without her consent. He closed his eyes as the torture became unbearable summoning his will power to stand up before he did something he would regret. He begged and prayed she kissed him silently as he made up his mind to stand up.

Ola as never wanted any man like this, it was more of a need than a want for her. It was like her life depended on it but it was against everything she stood for. He was a colleague, he wanted commitment and she really liked him. His hot breath fanned her face as she lowered her gaze to his mouth. She wanted that mouth to kiss her and do amazing things to her body. Who was she deceiving? She wanted all of him! She heard him sighed and she felt him began to rise. “No no no no no no!” Her body screamed. She was going to have to make the first move as he was being a gentleman! Who needed a gentleman when all she wanted was for him to do rude things to her body! She was going to take what her body craved for now and worry about the consequences later. She crossed her leg across his right thighs pinning him and raised her head to meet his mouth and that was all she had to do.

He came down on her like a brimstone. He rushed her mouth with the speed of a lightning. She tasted like heaven to him, the sweetest lips he has ever tasted, he groaned as they invaded each others mouth. He ran his hands through her hair then held it right where he wanted her. He just wanted to devour her and she matched his passion pace for pace. He would have loved to give her all the works of the first time sex; the gifts, dinner, movies, candles, and the rest but he would run mad if he had to wait one more moment. There has been sexual tension between them from the moment the bumped into each other and it had tortured him and gave him sleepless night. He poured all his frustration into her mouth.

Ola grabbed the back of his neck in a fierce kiss as they murdered each other’s lips. They have been at it for a while and she wanted, needed more and it looked like he would not move if she did not take the lead. She released his neck and moved to his back and chest. She tested his muscles, limps and curves under her fingers, he has a fine body, their body was joined together so she couldn’t explore his chest. It was like he read her mind because he rose and took off his shirt. She ran her hands across his chest and stopped at his nipples, she wrapped her fingers around both of them, he drop his heads backwards moaning. She felt powerful.

If Paul had to put up with Ola’s hands one more second, he might reach climax right under her fingers. She touched him in the right places, his dick budged painfully against his jeans, it demanded for release. He wanted to see her too but he was scared to take a wrong move. He took his chances and touched the helm of her tank top, she raised up her hands to help him get it off quickly, it made him happy. Setting eyes on her boobs was like life itself, they were full, round and fresh. He needed to touch and taste them but he started from her lips. He kisses her briefly then kissed her ear, sucked on her earlobe for a while before eating her neck. Every part of her body was soft, succulent and sweet. A wave of jealousy went through him when he thought other men would have enjoyed her body like this, he vowed to be the last. Finally, he reached her breasts, he kissed the dangling top of the breasts then kissed the hallow they created in between. She moaned and drew his head closer. He wanted more, holding her with one hand, he unclamped her bra with the other one, her breast jiggled to freedom.

Her breast suddenly felt bigger and heavier, they ached to me touched. Her nipples were long and hard as he released her bra. She watched him admire her breast and it made her more wet. What would happen when he touched or put his mouth on it. It was like he read her mind because he took one breast in one hand and the other in his mouth.

‘Awwwhhhhhnnn!’ She moaned drawing his head closer. She wished everything fitted his mouth and hands, she did not want any part of her breasts out at all. She was dripping juice by now, it was beyond wetness. His teeth and lips drove her crazy and his hand on the other one felt like an octopus, his fingers were everywhere. She could not stand it anymore, she needed him in her. She located his zipper and zipped down, she used her legs to roll his pant and jeans down to his knees, she could not see his penis but she felt its hotness and largeness on her thighs, she heard him groan against her breast. She quickly rolled down her trouser to her knees too and work her legs to free her legs, then she worked on his trousers to free his legs too.

He liked the fact that she was taking the lead, it gave him the confidence to do whatever he wished to her body. His thighs touched her vagina, it was hot and very wet, her juice ran against his thighs and it drove him more wild. How could she be this juicy and to think he caused that to happen made him proud of himself. He wondered what she tasted like and was dying to taste her, lick her juice dry and make her wet again. Regrettable, he released his mouth from his breast but quickly replaced it with his hand and started kissing downwards but before he could reach her navel, she pulled him up and turned him over in an instant.

She knew where he was going, she would take it later but right now she needed him in her. She did not know she would have sex and she had no condom around, should just have to risk this one because she could not stop herself. Her lust was beyond reasoning, she turned him over and climbed him. It was the first time she set eye on his dick, it was large, long, thick, black and muscular. Her breath seized and throat wet dry, she badly wanted to taste him, lick him, suck him but she would get back to that later, her need was filling her hole with his pole. She was wet, he was hard, she rolled down on him easily. She heard his breath seized as hers too, this was too delicious to be true. Their eyes locked for a second that looked like eternity;

‘You are beautiful.’ He said and ran his hands across her body. It rested on her slim waist as he started pushing into her sweet pot. She moved along to the music he played. She held on to his hands as they pushed into each other. He had wanted to release the moment he went into her but he held on, he needed to get her to the climax before he let himself. His eyes were wide open, he wanted to register everything in his brain, he needed to know her expression, what she looked like when being pleasured. Her eyes were closed and her head fell backwards as she rode him, her moaning was soft and low but it was clear to him. She held on to his hands on her waist as she rode, then he felt her knees bulked and her head jerked forward to his chest, he circled her waist with one hand and held her neck with the other, he claimed her mouth as she climaxed, drinking her voice as he pushed into her fast riding waist, then he let himself go, he came shaking into her mouth.

It was special for both of them, they laid on the floor and savored what they just had. Ola buried her face in Paul’s neck and she struggled to regulate her breathing. His hands were rubbing her back and instead of it to calm her, it made her want him more, their mixed juice flown from her body to his. Paul rained kisses on every part of her face his mouth could reach, she giggled. She faced him and kissed his mouth but he took it further. They started kissing again and before she could say “Jack Robinson” he was hard again, this time he turned her over and they began again. Somehow, some time during the night, the made it to her bed where they made more love.


          THEIR bodies interwoven as they slept peacefully. Paul woke up first, his senses were opened before his eyes. He knew exactly where he was. Her wonderful smell filled his nostrils. Her soft warm body warmed his. He opened his eyes slowly and blinked a few times for his eyes to adjust to the dim light. She slept facing him, her head was on his arm, his other arm laid across her belly and his leg was over hers. He wanted to look at her properly but he did not want to move too much and wake her up. He surveyed the little of her he could see. Her hair fell over half of her face and he could not resist sweeping her hair aside to take a better look at her beautiful face. She looked angelic, her lashes was dark and long. Her mouth was slightly ajar showing her beautiful well set teeth. Her lips were swollen from his kiss. He did everything he could think of to her mouth; he kissed, licked, sucked, chewed, and ate her lips and he could not get enough of her mouth, in fact, of her whole body. He stroked her face with his index finger, he really wanted to kiss her but he was scared she would wake up. He checked the wall clock, it was quarter to five, he wished morning never came. He did not know what the morning would be like, would she feel shy or regret what they just had? His heart skipped in fear at the thought of her regretting the most beautiful night he ever had. She moved as he stroked her face and he quickly removed his hand from her face. He closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Ola woke up suddenly, she felt something on her cheeks which was unusual but the moment she open her eyes she remembered. His chest was bare and his nipples was directly in her view. She wanted to kiss it and she did. She rose up silently trying not to wake him. His face was smiling. Was he awake?

‘Paul? Paul?’ She called silently.

He moved but did not wake up. She smiled. She studied his body, the body that gave her pleasure throughout the night. She pulled the duvet up to sneak a look at his dick, she smiled. It was gigantic and rough, it filled her everywhere she needed to be filled; it was her perfect size. She looked at his face, it was more handsome when she could study his curve. His mouth was the bomb, it did a thousand and more things to her. Her body was sweet and sour at the right places but her body had no shame. After the night she just had, she should be dry and weak but just looking at him, her nipples were taunt and her pussy was wet. She waited for shame, remorse or regret to come over her but she had none. She looked at the time, it was ten to five in the morning. She had time for a quickie. What made her think of that? For all she knew, it could be a one night stand for him and did not want anything to do with her and was just waiting to sneak away. How would she face him at work if that was the case? She decided to give him a way out of the situation; she would sneak away and stay away and watch what he did. He could stay, or go; it broke her heart to think he might choose the later. She started to remove her limbs from his body when he opened his eyes.

Paul felt her looking at him and he was having a hard time keeping a straight face and keeping still. He moved a bit when she called his name because being to rigid would expose him. When she peeked at his dick, it almost drove him crazy and he wished she bent low and put her mouth on him. She felt her coming down on him and he braced himself for it but then she stopped. He screamed “no” in his head and almost opened his eyes but when he felt her sneaking away, he had to do something. He knew the game quite well, and he was not going to play it with her, he wanted more of her so he opened his eyes.

‘Going somewhere?’ He asked searching her eyes.

‘Ehrhm, no. Wanna ease myself.’ She stammered. He was looking at her like he knew what she planned. He has a way of looking at her that made her think he saw right into her soul.

‘And you are sneaking away?’ He pressed.

‘No, I didn’t want to wake you. Is this an interrogation?’

‘You can stop it by kissing me!’ He did not wait for her to respond, he drew her to himself and claimed her lips. She did not resist it.

          THE moment their lips touched, the fire between them ignited again. This time, he took his time, he wanted to pleasure her, it was not about him. He had shown her little during the night but they were both in need of each other’s body and they took and gave each other what either needed. He suckled on her lips, softly biting and licking, he took her face in his hands and kissed tenderly. Her eyes, cheeks, ear, nose, chin, lips, everywhere was kissed. He turned her under without letting the duvet go, she giggled and it drove him more crazy. Her giggling was so seductive, she cradled his head like a baby’s as he worshiped her face, she kissed anywhere she found too. He crawled on her body like a snake, he came face to face with the breast that pleasured him all night, he did not know if he could ever sleep again without holding her twins in his hands. He cramped both of them in his hands and kissed the hallow in between. He nibbled at the sides as his fingers worked on the nipples, she rewarded him with moaning. He would love to spend more time on them but his mission was down below, he kissed his way down her navel pulling the duvet along exposing her beautiful body to his view. He kissed her inner thighs and she quivered under his touch, he buried his face in her cunt, smelling and drinking her. She smelt of him, sex and fruit, he had not had time to look at what was giving him pleasure since yesterday, he looked his fill, it was beautiful, he kisses its opening, her juice stained his lips, he licked it looking at her. He had wanted to do that since yesterday, he dipped his tongue into her and started licking, she raised her thighs up opening wider for him, she held on to the bed sheets tightly as he pleasured her with his lips.

The moment his lips touch her pussy, she lost it, she arched her back to push more of her into his face, he teased her mercilessly. He played with her clitoris making her wet then he would go below and lick her dry then come up again and make her wet. He teased her for a while till she could not take it anymore. She released the sheets and held his head tightly against her clitoris. He began to work faster on it, twitching with his tongue and the moment the sweet pain shot through her she tried to push his head away but he did not let go. He held both of her thighs down and lapped gently at her genitals till she stopped shaking against his mouth then he mounted her and pleasures her the second time with his manhood while he took his too.

Sometimes later, they were able to get out of bed, showered and ate. Paul did not have change of clothes so he had to go home first though he was reluctant to leave. They kissed every step he took to the door. Finally she was able to push him out of the door and she put her back against the door reminiscing about the night and morning she just hard. She looked at her clothes on the floor and passion flew over her. Would this feeling ever stop? She bent down to pic her clothes and she heard a knock on her door. She peeped in the hole and it was Paul again. She looked around, did he forget anything? She opened the door asking;

‘Did you forget something?’



‘I forgot to tell you that I like you very much and what we just had is not just sex for me. I’m going to pursue you till you give us a chance, fight anyone who tries to take you away from me or comes between us. I’m not going anywhere Olly, so be nice to me when you see me at work today or I might have to take you to a little dark room and fuck you again till you remember I’m here to stay! See you later babes.’

He dropped a kiss on her forehead and left closing the door gently behind him with a satisfying look on his face.

Naturally she rebelled against being told what to do but from him, it sounded romantic. She bursted into a throaty laugh as she picked up the pieces of last night.

…to be continued…



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