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          Most of the things I have done in my life were planned because I like thinking things through before doing them, but that does not mean I do not take impromptu decisions. Also I am always planning one coup or the other, so I like people like my daddy because he is a man of policy and protocol and he is the target of my coup this time around. I started mapping out my plan yesterday morning which was Friday. I knew my dad would check on me if I did not come out of my room by 7:45am. At exactly 7:50am, my dad knocked on my door. So predictable!!! 
‘Rose? Rose?’ He called my name.

‘Yes daddy, come in.’ I said barely audible. 
He opened the door but waited for five seconds before entering my room, you know, giving me time to cover myself if I was naked. I was in my bed in my tank top and bum-short. Seeing the position I was, he drew his spectacle down to his nose and glanced at me.
‘Young lady? Are you not going to work this morning?’ He asked in his soft baritone voice.

‘Good morning daddy.’ I stood and peck his cheeks, he accepted it but still watched me with questioning look. 
‘No daddy.’ I stated. I sat down popping my back against the bedboard. I have been playing the pretense game for a long time and I can look sick if I want to, I can sound sick if I want to and I am using both tactics on my father right now.

‘And why is that?’ He questioned.

‘I don’t understand my body this morning. I didn’t sleep well through out the night. I want to sleep and rest well today, I’m sure by the time I wake up, I will be fine.’ I said this making sure my voice cracked two or three times. Quickly my daddy moved closer to my side, checking my hands, eyes and neck.

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‘Do you want me to call the doctor?’ He asked, concern showing all over his face. He was going where I wanted him to, but he was not there yet.

‘No daddy, I will be fine, It’s stress really, I will be fine once I rest well.’ I said going under the duvet and pulling it to my neck.

‘Why don’t you have something to eat first and use some aspirin?’ He said.

‘I will eat when when I wake up daddy.’ 

‘Do you want me to call your boss?’ 

‘No daddy, I’ve called him already.’ I said turning over and backing him. He sighed, pecked me and patted my hair then left my room. He closed the door gently as if afraid he might wake me up from a deep slumber.
I heard him backing orders at our house-help on what to cook for me. He told her to make sure I eat and to check on me as often as possible. As soon as I heard his car left the compound, I went downstairs to the kitchen. The house girl was shocked but she did not say anything, she dares not. I took my plate to the dinning and ate my fill. Watched my favorite channel, ‘E!’ and did other things to fill the day up.


          The day crawled by but at last, it was 5 pm. I went to my room and drank my cough syrup, I took half of the bottle for quick effect. I don’t have cough oo, but I needed the codeine in it to make me drowsy so I can deceive my daddy. Ten minutes later, I was dizzy. I had earlier switched off the A.C in my room and the room was considerable hot. I got under the duvet and fifteen minutes later, my body was hot and I was sweaty and looking sick already. Usually my dad comes home from his office 6 pm every day, all things being equal but I knew he was going to arrive early today. He had called me several times but I refused to pick. My daddy walked into my room at exactly 5:33 pm. He rushed to my bedside, touched my neck and forehead.
‘Arh Rose! You are running temperature!’ He stated the obvious. 

‘Welcome daddy.’ I said rather firmly. You see, I do not want to overplay the drama. All these drama wey I dey act na for tomorrow morning oo. I do not want the old man to over react and drive me to the hospital, I needed an home call. I stood up and stretched my arms and legs.
‘Dad, really I’m fine, let me just shower and I will join you downstairs for dinner.’ I tried to assure him. He looked at me suspiciously but I gave him a sweet smile and walked into the bathroom. After we were done with dinner, I kissed my dad goodnight and left for bed early. I set my alarm to ring at 5am. I sent a text to one of my lovers, the one I’m setting up for tomorrow. “Hi darling, I will see you tomorrow at 7am unfailingly. Don’t fuck up!” I smiled to myself imagining his confused face as I took my bath and went through my evening ritual of brushing my teeth and creaming my luscious body. I played some more games on my iPad till I slept off.
          I woke up with start as the alarm made it’s annoying harsh booze against the bed board. It took me 10 seconds to remember why the alarm was on. Arh! Yeah! The plan. I silenced the clock, switched off my A.C that was already on fan and drank the rest of my cough syrup. In exactly 25 minutes, my dad would knock at my door. I got on the floor and started exercising, fifteen minutes later I was drenched in sweats. I got under my duvet without cleaning up. Game on! (Now, here’s a tip for you folks. If you wanna look sick in thirty minutes, get some codeine in your system and do some hard exercise, in twenty minutes guaranteed, you will look and sound sick! I am sharing my secrets with you oo! Don’t mention! )
          As predicted, my father knocked at my door 5:30 pm, I didn’t answer, he knocked again two more times before I answered in my codeine influenced low voice. He entered the room, waited two seconds and rushed to my side seeing my sweaty face. He touched my neck and it was hot
‘Rose, oh my goodness,  you are sick! Let’s go to the hospital.’ He said trying to take the duvet away from my body. This is where I have to exhibit my manipulative skills. You see, my dad hates to miss his gym every Saturday morning. He is very competitive and he cannot afford to let the game he plays at the club suffer. He would do anything for me though, my mission; don’t let him.
‘No daddy, you know I hate the smell of the hospital! Please call the doctor instead, please.’ I whimpered. 

‘Ok, if that’s what you want.’ He said dialing our family’s doctor’s number on his phone. I heard his side of the conversation.
‘Yes good morning, I’m fine doctor but Rose is sick and you know how she is with the hospital, yes please, I think it’s fever oo. Ok, thank you.’ He dropped his phone on my bed. 

‘Daddy, please go to the gym, I know you hate missing it.’ I said in a shallow voice.

‘But I can’t leave you here like this, I would be worried!’ He explained.

‘No dad, please go, I will feel better if you go, besides Dr. B will take care of me, I’m not a baby anymore.’ I said. After thinking for some minutes, he decided to go. He left my room and I heard him giving the maid orders to watch over me. At that same time, I called my friend to stage the next drama. I’m going to send the maid to her, she knows what to do. I called on our maid and she rushed into my room.
‘Small madam, you called me?’

‘Yes dear, I want to send you to my friend Precious, she will give you something to give me. Here is her address,’ I said passing her the address and money.

‘But small madam, Oga talk say make I no leave your side oo.’ She stated.

‘Don’t worry about me, I will be fine, you hear?’ I assured her. She left my room. The moment I saw her left the house I went into the kitchen. I made myself a very strong cup of coffee, no milk, no sugar. This is the antidote to the codeine in my system. I quickly made a sandwich before heading for my room to shower. I heard the gate being open as I towel myself dry, I peeped out of the window, it was the doctor. I took position on my bed.
          He opened the door and froze at the door way, I smiled and winked at him. Why would he not freeze? I was lying naked in my bed, my legs spread wide forming a V shape facing him.
‘You won’t get anything done by standing there, come in,’ I invited in husky voice. He walked slowly to my bed, dropped his medicine bag on the floor, he did not take his eyes off me.
‘Hmmmmm, so tell me about this fever that you have,’ he said.

‘I’m sick doctor, I’m very hot,’ I said tracing one finger across my body.

‘Hmmm, hot, I see, anything else patient?’ He asked.

‘You are the doctor, why don’t you find out for yourself.’ I baited.
          He laid beside me and began examining me. He started from my ear, licking and sucking it gently, soft moan escaped from my mouth. He kept moving downwards, by the time he got to my breast, I was swimming in my own juice. This man knows my anatomy like no other person! Why wouldn’t he know? He’s our family doctor and I gave my virginity to him! I swear he could make me come just sucking my breast! He suckled on one nipple and played with the other nipple, I wiggled and moaned. I undressed him while his mouth and hands worked on my body. I found his dick and held on to it like dear life. He climbed me, teased my clitoris by rubbing his dick against it. 

‘Aarrhhhsshhh, aaawetees, iissshh!’ I moaned. When I couldn’t take it anymore I pushed his shaft into my core and we began moving to our own rhythm, moaning and groaning, kissing and necking while we made love. He was going too slow for my pleasure, I turned him over and took charge of the pace. He cupped my buttocks and helped me move up and down on his joystick. It felt so good. For a forty three year old man, he was not bad in bed at all! He has more stamina than most of the boys I slept with. I felt it coming and I told him.

‘Aawwooohh baby, I’m coming, fuck me, harder, faster!’ I commanded panting. He quickly turned me over, slamming harder and faster into me, I screamed and jerked and he followed me some seconds later.



          I woke to see my father staring at me. He was smiling at me and I smiled back.

‘How do you feel now dear?’ He asked, touching my forehead and neck

‘I’m fine daddy, the doctor took good care of me, gave me all I needed,’ I confessed.

‘I can see that myself, you no longer run temperature and you even have your A.C back on. The doctor really knows what to do with you, he shouldn’t stop whatever he does to you that makes you feel better in hours! Remind me to send him some gifts later, ok? Now rest.’ He rearranged the duvet around me before leaving my room. I shook my head at myself. I texted the doctor, it read; ‘Daddy says thank you.’ I drifted back to sleep.
My name is Rose, popularly called Rosie, I’m a VERY GOOD BAD GIRL welcome to my crazy world.


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…To be continued…

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 Written by Olatorera.

 Edited by Olatorera and Ola Adeyemi Smith.

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