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          Funmi could not stop the stupid grin on her face, why is she so excited? It wasn’t like she has never done this before! Oh but the joy of dressing up her husband was too much. She bent down and cleaned her vagina, her fingers slipped in, she was super wet. In often times, she would have masturbated but it would not do today, she needed her husband’s fullness in and out of her body. Inspiration hit her, she was going to seduce her husband.

          Seyi was having trouble keeping his arousal down, he tucked his dick between his thighs and as he was about zipping up, his wife walked out of the bathroom naked holding a hand towel. His penis sprang up, his jaw dropped, his eyes bulged, he almost pounced on her. He hasn’t been privileged to watch this for years. His wife was always covering up. As if walking out of the bathroom naked wasn’t enough, his wife was giving him a grand floor show! He began sweating. Oh boy!!!

            She saw the shock and most importantly the erection, Funmi was pleased. She rubbed gently on her skin, stretching one arm and cleaning over and under her breast, ignoring her husband totally. She repeated the motion on the other breast. She heard Seyi gasped for air behind her. She bent at the waist, making sure her knees weren’t bent, her ass was in the air. She spread her legs a bit and her pussy was a bit visible. She stole a look at her husband and she loved what she saw. She rubbed the towel on the other leg shaking her buttocks as much as possible. She dried up the remaining part of her body, doing the task innocently seductive. She dipped into her body cream and started from her legs working her way up, paying attention to the very last detail. She knew her husband was dying to touch her, so she went in for the kill. ‘Honey, will you do my back?’ She said extending the cream to him.

          Seyi watched the show in agitation and excitement, he was going through the sweetest punishment ever. This has been his fantasy for a while, he missed this. When they just got married, this was a normal routine but it hasn’t happened in years. His dick struggled for freedom in his pants, his palm was sweaty, his heart was beating faster than usual. When she bent to dry her legs, her ass parted a bit and he got a view of her sweet pussy he had missed so much! Lately, they have sex under the cover. He couldn’t explain the rush to his heart when he saw the show, just when he thought he would explode, he heard a request that sounded like a lie. ‘Honey, will you do my back?’ Though he felt it was more of his imagination than reality, he could not risk asking her to repeat herself and get the wrong answer thereby ruining the moment, he has to take his chances. He dashed to his wife’s side like lightning and dip his fingers into the cream. It was cold, he rubbed his hands together before placing both of his hands on her back. Funmi quivered.

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          Her knee buckled, her back ached, a quick pain flashed across her clitoris and her thighs became damp, she rubbed them together to control the sensation going on in between her legs while her neck bent to one side. She absolved the pleasure and pain as Seyi spread his hands on her back and gently massaged the cream into her back, her lips parted and a soft moan escaped. Seyi went lower, to the small of her wife’s back, the beginning of her waist, rubbing and kneading, contemplating if he should touch those inviting buttocks or not. ‘Do it baby.‘ Funmi said and Seyi almost came on the spot. There was a time they both could understand each other’s silence, it was like they had a direct line to each other’s mind and it seemed that time was back. He splashed his ten fingers across her buttocks, pressed in and grabbed some flesh. 
          He closed his eyes in pleasure, both moved at the same time and their body joined back against the front. Funmi felt the poke, her husband’s erection seeking pleasure at her buttocks, she leaned against him as her husband circled her waist and filled his hands with her breast. He kissed her neck and bite her earlobe, Funmi reached behind her and pulled Seyi’s head closer. Seyi couldn’t believe this was happening. His wife was in his hands wanting him in broad daylight, naked! He wanted to touch her at every place possible, his hands and mouth roamed about her body, grabbing, pinching, kissing and biting! He groaned to his wife’s moan. His hands travelled to the apex of her thighs, cupping her wetness into his hands. Funmi almost lost balance but Seyi tightened his arm around her, just as he was about slipping a finger into her… ‘GBA-GBA-GBA-GBA-GBA!’ 

        The sound was so loud on the door. No no no no, Seyi felt the change before he saw it, his wife’s demure has changed. He lost her before he had her. ‘Daddy, mummy, Richard is beating Queen!’ Precious wept from the other side of the door, banging at the door non-stop. Seyi kissed his wife’s neck desperately ignoring the child but his wife fled from his arms. ‘Daddy is coming precious, stop crying,’ She said and mouthed ‘Go!’ To her husband. Defeated, he took some seconds to straighten up before heading out. Funmi ran her hands through her hair, sexual frustration oozing out of her. ‘Damn!’ 


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…To be continued…

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 Written by Olatorera 

 Edited by Olatorera and Ola Adeyemi Smith

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