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          Some minutes later, the children gathered around the dining table to eat their breakfast. Seyi had taken his bath after he was done with his daughters, Funmi entered their room as her husband was zipping up, he looked up and caught her gaze, they smiled at each other. Funmi headed for the bathroom. She was so horny she was shaking. She needed to release, she hasn’t had sex in months or touched herself in weeks. She got into the tub, turn on the water and relaxed while water rushed into the tub. She tried to remember some of the crazy sex she and her husband had had and she touched herself to the memory. The one that drove her to climax was six months after their wedding. 


          Her husband was traveling out of the country for two weeks, it would be the first time they  would be apart or not sleep together. He wanted her to come with him but she couldn’t leave her job. Funmi had taken her husband pieces of luggage to the car, they met at their living room, he was going to kiss her briefly but it got out of hand. In minutes, they were both aroused and was tearing at each others clothes. She was wearing a pant trouser, her husband zipped her down and bent her against the sofa, the trouser buckled at her ankle, he dispensed with his own belt too. Even though he was in a hurry to bang his wife, the view he saw in front of him made him get down to lick his wife, she was not expecting it. Seyi dipped his face in Funmi’s backside which opened to him like an apple cut into two. He spread the buttocks with his hands to give him more access to her vagina, he lapped at the lips and clitoris for several minutes, though he wanted to lick for some seconds but his wive’s moaning loudly was greasing his ego, he spent many minutes there. With reluctance, he left her very wet pussy and guided his way into her soft oven. He could have ejaculated that second but he stilled himself and took some shallow breath then began the timeless rhythm between man and woman… 

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            Funmi increased the tempo of her hand rubbing her clitoris as she visioned her husband surged into her pussy, she moan quietly knowing her husband was few meters away. She felt it coming and dipped two fingers into her cunt, she came seconds later, it was relieving but not fulfilling. She took her bath and towel herself dry. Her husband wasn’t in the room when she came out, before, he always loved to watch her get dressed. Tears rushed to her face. Where did she go wrong? What happened to their adventurous spirit. Where has the passion gone? Tears rolled down her eyes and she didn’t bother to clean it as she dressed up, no one was watching after all.

          Seyi drank his coffee while his children filled him in on the happenings in their school. They bombarded him with questions, complaints and requests. He forgot his wristwatch in his room and that was because he rushed out of the room because he didn’t want his wife to dress up in his presence, he might be tempted. He excused himself from his children heading for his room. In his hurry to get downstairs, he didn’t jam the door, as he was about to enter, his wife turned, he caught her face, tears was streaming down her face. He want to go in and console her and ask her what the matter was, but he couldn’t. He was tired of reaching out to his wife and she rejecting and shutting him out, besides he doesn’t want to look weak. He turned back. Ten minutes later she came downstairs all dressed.

‘Honey, you forgot your wristwatch upstairs.’ She said handing over his watch. 

‘What would you guys like to eat for dinner?’

‘RICEEEEE!’ The children screamed.

‘Eba.’ The husband said.

‘Rice is it!’ The mother declared and the father rolled his eyes, nowadays his opinions never count!

‘Are you guys ready?’ She asked her children.

‘Yes mummy!’ The chorused as they backed their backpack and carry their lunch boxes. They hugged their daddy and the parents kissed each other on the cheek. They left the house.

          Thank God for the children, they kept the family sane. They always communicate when the children were around them. They both love the children insanely but sometimes, Seyi wished they were never born. They stole his wife!


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…To be continued…

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