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          THE moment their lips touched, the fire between them ignited again. This time, he took his time, he wanted to pleasure her, it was not about him. He had shown her little during the night but they were both in need of each other’s body and they took and gave each other what either needed. He suckled on her lips, softly biting and licking, he took her face in his hands and kissed tenderly. Her eyes, cheeks, ear, nose, chin, lips, everywhere was kissed. He turned her under without letting the duvet go, she giggled and it drove him more crazy. Her giggling was so seductive, she cradled his head like a baby’s as he worshiped her face, she kissed anywhere she found too. He crawled on her body like a snake, he came face to face with the breast that pleasured him all night, he did not know if he could ever sleep again without holding her twins in his hands. He cramped both of them in his hands and kissed the hallow in between. He nibbled at the sides as his fingers worked on the nipples, she rewarded him with moaning. He would love to spend more time on them but his mission was down below, he kissed his way down her navel pulling the duvet along exposing her beautiful body to his view. He kissed her inner thighs and she quivered under his touch, he buried his face in her cunt, smelling and drinking her. She smelt of him, sex and fruit, he had not had time to look at what was giving him pleasure since yesterday, he looked his fill, it was beautiful, he kisses its opening, her juice stained his lips, he licked it looking at her. He had wanted to do that since yesterday, he dipped his tongue into her and started licking, she raised her thighs up opening wider for him, she held on to the bed sheets tightly as he pleasured her with his lips.

The moment his lips touch her pussy, she lost it, she arched her back to push more of her into his face, he teased her mercilessly. He played with her clitoris making her wet then he would go below and lick her dry then come up again and make her wet. He teased her for a while till she could not take it anymore. She released the sheets and held his head tightly against her clitoris. He began to work faster on it, twitching with his tongue and the moment the sweet pain shot through her she tried to push his head away but he did not let go. He held both of her thighs down and lapped gently at her genitals till she stopped shaking against his mouth then he mounted her and pleasures her the second time with his manhood while he took his too.

Sometimes later, they were able to get out of bed, showered and ate. Paul did not have change of clothes so he had to go home first though he was reluctant to leave. They kissed every step he took to the door. Finally she was able to push him out of the door and she put her back against the door reminiscing about the night and morning she just hard. She looked at her clothes on the floor and passion flew over her. Would this feeling ever stop? She bent down to pic her clothes and she heard a knock on her door. She peeped in the hole and it was Paul again. She looked around, did he forget anything? She opened the door asking;

‘Did you forget something?’


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‘I forgot to tell you that I like you very much and what we just had is not just sex for me. I’m going to pursue you till you give us a chance, fight anyone who tries to take you away from me or comes between us. I’m not going anywhere Olly, so be nice to me when you see me at work today or I might have to take you to a little dark room and fuck you again till you remember I’m here to stay! See you later babes.’

He dropped a kiss on her forehead and left closing the door gently behind him with a satisfying look on his face.

Naturally she rebelled against being told what to do but from him, it sounded romantic. She bursted into a throaty laugh as she picked up the pieces of last night.


          SHE took extra care of herself that morning, added a little color to her face in place of the nude make up she usually had on. Her clothes were a little bit tighter and she added a three inches heels too. She almost changed her mind because she thought people would see right through her but it was getting late. She danced along to the music on the stereo, it was like the radio station knew she had a pleasurable night because the songs they played were all joyful. She made a detour at the pharmacy to get pills, he had not worn a condom and she had to protect herself against pregnancy at least. She wanted babies, she wanted them badly and Paul was a good candidate but she was not the kind of girl who would tie a man down with a baby, she would rather buy sperm or look for a donor. She dropped two pills in her mouth and pushed down with water she got from the pharmacy and headed to work.

The parking lot was still scanty, naturally she was the first or amongst the first to get to work but she was a bit behind today. She looked around searching for Paul’s car, it was not there and she was both disappointed and relieved, she walked in with an extra steep in her steps. She headed for the lab immediately she entered the building, she knew they were around because their vehicles were in the lot. They looked up when she entered.

‘Good morning D.O.’ They greeted as she walked along and she replied according till she got to the HOD.

‘Good morning, how was your weekend?’ She greeted.

‘It was nice, thanks. You look… good.’ He wanted to say sexy but he caught himself in time.

‘Thank you, any update?’

‘Yes, quite a lot. The D.N.A test revealed the owner of the tear drops on the victim, it was her sister, Grace. The tears were shed while the victim was alive, I could go into the science but let me explain in terms you will understand.’ He said opening a file.

‘Lets make it as simple as possible doc.’ She said.

‘When someone dies, their organs begins to shut down and the brain is the last. The pores on the skin closes and nothing can go in again, it means the body can’t breathe or absorb air or water, that’s why an unattended corpse swells up. Now, the tear drops were absorbed into her skin which tells us she was alive when that happened.’

‘Hmmm. If sisters hugged and have an emotional time, it could explain the tear drop transferring from one’s face to the other’s cheeks. Any thing else?’

‘The blood and prints on her cheeks were confirmed to be that of the ex husband. That was also left there while she was alive. You see the bruises here and the swelling there, only a skin that is alive can get that.’ He explained touching the victim’s enlarged pictures.

‘Hmmm. Seems everyone left her alive! What about the bottle, any prints?’ Ola asked more confused as her theory was being dismantled.

‘Yes we found prints and it was brilliant of you to suggest we check the inside. The finger print on the inside of the bottle flow-stopper was that of the maid, Victoria. The drugs she was giving her was a sleeping table and a slow poison that would eventually kill her in two or three years, though many people did not know about it being a slow poison. That was the reason it was banned but plenty shady pharmacy still sold it because it’s highly effective. It will knock a giant out in minutes and for hours but it’s very bad for the kidney and liver.’

‘Okay, the frying pan?’

‘The pan was what took her life eventually, the hit to the back of her head broke her skull which pierced her brain and face, she died of drowning in her own blood. The pan was wiped dry and we couldn’t get any prints on it. If we could get what it was wiped on or the glove worn, we might get something like hair, fluid or print off it and get it tested.’

‘The gun?’

‘She was already dead before she was shot, if we get the suspects in, we can test their hands and clothes for gun shot residue even if they took a bath but if they used bleach on themselves or their clothes, we would have no evidence. However, we traced the gun back to a criminal called Spider, real name Ikenna Pious. That’s all we have for now.’ He filled her in.

It seemed her theory that more than one person committed the crime was not feasible.

‘Great job. I’m heading to the house to look for more clues, if Smith or Paul ask of me, fill them in and tell them where to find me. Thank you doc.’ She said heading for the door.

‘You are welcome.’ He called after her.

She walked into the officers lounge and ordered them to comb the city and make Spider available for questioning by the time she got back.


          THE rush hour traffic irritated her, it was one of the reasons she liked to get to work early but she was now caught in it. She could have put on her siren and move on quicker but it was useless as the traffic radio announced that a tanker had fallen blocking majority of the road and a bank robbery was going on at the alternative road. The LASTMA officials were taking care of the road and the anti-robbery squad were battling the robbers at the bank. She used her time to pounder on the case and the suspects she had not given much thought because she was focused on Doctor Akin. She started with the maid.

Victoria, the maid. She had been drugging her boss but the drug was a slow killer, it was for the nearest future. Was she just drugging her to sleep off or she knew the drug would kill her eventually? Did she got tired of waiting and decided on a quick action? She was not a family therefore she should not expect to be in the will, so why kill her and for what? Had she stolen enough to set her up for life or sent her to jail? These are questions that she needed answered.

Grace, the sister. Why shed an emotional tear over a dead body? She lied about being there or was she telling the truth and it was just a set up? Did someone find a way to drop her tears on her dead sister? Who could the person be and why? She had an alibi, her boyfriend said the slept together, could he be covering up for her? She looked less criminal than the others.

Doctor Akin, the former husband. He look very guilty no doubt. He had access to the poison the victim was given, his blood and print were on her cheeks and he knew the house very well to sneak in and out without being noticed. His son had revealed that his father was alone with his mother for a period of time. Also, he had plenty to gain from her death. The lawyer had told her the will favored him and most importantly, he got his son he had always wanted.

The man in the blue car. Who was he? Was he the shooter who killed her with the gun? The gun belonged to Ikenna aka Spider, was he the hired assassin? What was his connection with the family and the suspects? Who hired him? Was it a burglary gone bad? She doubted it.

The traffic was easing up as the tanker was being moved, finally she escaped the jam and raised to her destination. She saw Smith’s car parked at the driveway as she drove in and remember he said he was coming to look for the keys. The caution rope was guiding the house alongside two police officer, they saluted her as she got down from her car, she nodded her greetings and went inside. She bumped into Smith who was on his way out.

‘Hey! Look where you are going!’ She said almost yelping.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t know anyone else was here. Good morning.’ He apologized looking her over. It was not the first time he would see her dressed up but she did not do it to work. Was this because of the new guy?

‘You look good. Is there an occasion or this is for Paul?’ He asked. Though she was his boss but they were friends.

‘What’s that supposed to mean deputy?’ She asked calling his position instead of his name. Anytime Smith heard her boss referred to him by his position, he knew he was in trouble. He wiped the smile away from his face and apologized for the second time that morning. She waved him off asking;

‘Did you find the key?’

‘Yes I did.’ He said showing the bunch of keys to her.

‘What are you doing here?’ He asked.

‘To search for her diary.’ She replied.

‘Diary?’ He questioned.

She told him what she learned over the weekend and the updates from the lab and her conclusions on the suspects so far.

‘Wow, this case gets more complicated by the day. I’m off to her office to look for her laptop, see you at the office.’ He said and left.


          SHE had been looking for the diary for the past twenty minutes but could not find it. She had checked every cabinet and the diary was nowhere in sight. Could it be one of the suspects has it? She started over again and did not find it, she was almost giving up when it occurred to her that Joy would have hidden the diary. She could not have left it in plain view. She could call her office and get the crime lab to come with their heavy infrared equipment and scan the kitchen or she could use the old method and knock on the walls till she found a hollow space where things could be hidden. She decided to try her luck with her hands first. She started with the walls that were not covered with cabinets. She worked quickly but carefully knocking every part, then she moved to the cabinets. When she got to the third cabinet, she found a hollow place behind the board but she could not see where to open it. She pushed and pulled on the planks around it, it did not give in. She made mental note of it and moved on. She found two more hollow places but could not open any. She took a knife and marked the three places she found, she would have to come back with equipments. She looked out of the kitchen window and saw Sikira the maid of the nosy neighbor working in the other kitchen. She made mental note to talk to her. She went to the victims bedroom and looked through, she did not find the diary there either, she felt defeated. From the victim’s bedroom she could see her neighbor’s driveway and she saw Mrs. Solomon walked to her car and drove off, it was a perfect time to talk to her maid.

On the second ring the maid opened the door. She looked worn out and tired.

‘Hi Sikira, I’m Detective Ola. Can I ask you some questions?’ She said smiling. The young woman looked scared, of the police, her boss or both was what she did not know.

‘I didn’t see anything madam.’ She said shaking. That statement alone revealed to her that she saw and knew things.

‘Sikira, I need your help. Whatever you said would be between us and no one would ever find out, I promise but if you don’t help me, I won’t have a choice than to take you to the police station where you will be interrogated but I don’t want that for you because your boss won’t like that.’ She said pleading and scaring her at the same time. The girl pondered on her options and when her shoulders fell, she knew she was going to talk. She probed her.

‘What did you see dear?’

‘I was in the kitchen finishing my chores, I usually go to bed around twelve a.m. I just switched off the light when I saw someone coming out of the kitchen back door. He wore black dress and a face cap, I didn’t see his face but the light from our kitchen shone on his neck, he was dark in complexion, he was as tall as daddy. I saw him drop some things in our garbage bin as he ran away. I swear that’s all I saw.’

‘Thank you so much, you have helped me a lot. When you said daddy, you mean your boss?’

‘Yes ma but it’s not daddy I saw oo, daddy is fair in complexion and he his London.’

‘I know dear. Have you emptied your bin?’ she asked holding her breath.

‘The truck will come and take it today.’

‘Great! Can you show me which one.’

‘Okay ma.’

There were three bags, two were full and the other was almost empty. The maid pointed at the one in the middle. She was going to go through it then she decided to take the bags with her to the office. The third bag just had two plastic bottles in it, it was obviously dropped there today, the other two were already tied at the tip. She opened her purse and gave Sikira her card.

‘Please feel free to call me if you remember anything you will like to tell me. I need to take these bags to my office with me. You don’t need to tell your madam, okay?’

‘Okay ma. Please don’t tell my madam I talked to you, I will get in trouble and I can’t lose this job, I’m the one taking care of my parents.’ She pleaded.

‘I promise. Thank you for your help once again. You can get back to your job.’

As a police officer, she had picked up worst things and went through lots of dirt and blood, a bag filled with wasted food would not kill her. Her phone vibrated and it was Paul. She did not know how much she missed him until she saw his call.

‘Running from me?’ He said without greeting.

‘You wish!’ She replied smiling.

‘Where are you baby? Been here waiting for you since.’

‘Why are you looking for me?’

‘Aside the fact that I miss you very much, weren’t we supposed to be working together?’

‘Actually no, I’m supposed to do the investigation and pass my findings to you so you can prosecute the suspects. I’m just accommodating you as a JJC .’ She joked.

‘Oh yeah? Thank you madam expert! Where are you jor!’

‘I’m at the victim’s house, I left words for you at the lab but on my way back to the office.’

‘Oh! I’ve not gone to the lab, I’m in the chief’s office.’

‘Hmmmm! Is he there?’

‘No, he stepped out.’

‘Will be there soon.’

‘Okay baby.’

Her heart tingled when he called her “baby” and her breast recognized his voice and hardened. “Behave yourself girls.” Armed with the garbage bin, she headed to her office.


          THE police station parking lot was full but no one parked at her reserved spot, she spotted Paul’s and Smith’s car and knew they were both around. She left the bin in her car and went directly to the CSI lab.

‘Hey doc, there are two garbage bins in my truck I need you to go through for evidence relating to Joy’s case. Please work fast, I need to make an arrest today or tomorrow!’ She said throwing her keys to the lab attendant. The lab was used to the detective coming in with evidence especially unusual ones and her demands of quick results. They would work as fast as science permitted because to be right was more important than to be fast at the end of the day.

Ola went straight to her boss’s office to brief him when she left the lab. She heard their voices before she knocked, Paul was inside with the chief, she knocked and was asked to come in. Her heart raced when she saw him, she quickly looked away from him before she did something crazy.

‘Good morning sir, Paul.’

‘Good morning detective, how was your weekend?’ He asked smiling at her. Was he asking because Paul told him what happened and why was he smiling like he knew what she was up to during the weekend? “Stop being paranoid Ola, the chief mostly greet you with smiles and hugs sometimes and he always asked about your night, he’s like your father! Besides, Paul is not a teenager.” She told herself.

‘It was fabulous sir.’ She meant to say “fine” but her true feelings was out of her mind before her head could conjure the false statements. She felt Paul’s eyes on her but refused to look at him.

‘Have your seat. The lab updated me, any new development?’

‘Not much sir. I got new lead from the victim’s neighbor’s house, the lab is processing it right now, we discovered the gun owner and I’ve instructed them to find him. I’m yet to see the deputy to know if he got the laptop and I need to take the crime scene investigators back to the house to look for a missing diary. By tomorrow latest, we should make an arrest.’

‘Great job detective. I don’t want any case that won’t get us a conviction, so please work with the prosecutor and give us an airtight case the defense team won’t be able to dismantle, okay?’

‘Yes sir. I beg to take my leave.’

‘Go ahead, I know you are busy.’

‘Thank you sir.’ She said leaving but not without hearing Paul took his leave too. He leaped to the door as fast as he could to open the door for her, she could not help the smile that touched her face. They walked the short distance to her office in silence each dying to hold the others hand. The moment the door closed behind them, he drew her into a tight embrace and she held him back.

‘I miss you.’ He said into her hair, kissed her forehead, nose and drop a light kiss on her lips.

‘Miss you too.’ She did not want to say it but she had too because it was what she felt. He smiled, obviously delighted she missed him too. She sat behind her desk and Paul sat opposite her, unconsciously, their feet found each other under the table and they rubbed it together while talking. They were discussing how to go about the arrest when Smith knocked and came in without being asked too. He was a bit shocked to see the barrister in Ola’s office, they usually pass the case to the prosecutors when they finished their investigation but this prosecutor was in their face. Was it because he was a newcomer or he wanted something else? He brushed his thoughts aside and faced what he came for.

‘Barrister, detective.’ He greeted.

‘Any update Smith?’ Ola asked going informal with her deputy. She felt bad for snapping at him earlier.

‘Yes, good news is we got the laptop!’

‘Yes!’ Ola said with excitement but her face fell when she realized he said good news meaning there was a bad news.

‘What’s the bad news?’ She asked sober.

‘The laptop is of a very high quality with the hardest software to crack! The software on it is presidential; it has many layers of protection, only billionaires can afford it, it will take the IT guys lots of time to crack it.’

‘Hmmmm. Can they crack it eventually?’ She asked feeling defeated again.

‘Well, we don’t know yet because we have never come across such laptop but our fingers are crossed. We have the best people on it, it might take time but I’m optimistic about it.’

‘It’s okay. Have you been briefed about Spider?’

‘Yes, the boys are combing the streets for him as we speak. Did you find the diary?’

‘No, I’m going back there later in the day with the technicians to find it. I found places it could be hidden but I didn’t find its opening. Are we monitoring the suspects? I don’t want them running.’

‘We are. I need to submit some paperwork, I will be in my office if you need me.’


Ola also had some paperwork to do but Paul’s presence was distracting her so she was happy when he said he has to go to his office to put in the day’s work too. He dropped a quick kiss on her cheeks and left. She was missing him already and could not wait to be in his arms again. She started making plans to have him over in the night again. Or was it too soon?

…to be continued…



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