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BITCH CLASS: 101 (+18, strictly for bitches, boys keep off)

          Alright girls, welcome to BITCH CLASS 101. This course is for daring and brave girls, the mean and the heartless, those that are naughty, those that are ready to become the Q.B. We examine topics like; getting back at boys who break your hearts and boys who cheat on you. We will teach you how to be smart, like how to cheat and lie without getting caught! It will empower you with tools and tips on how to let boys dance to your tunes. Now, if you are a Cinderella, a princess or a sweet girl, please exit from this class. There’s no time for tears here, you bear your pain in your heart and smile to the world, then you sit down and plot your come back or revenge. When you fall, you make it look like you are sleeping, when tears escape from your eyes, you make it look like something got into your eyes. Ok? Alright girls welcome to the bitch world.
          First lesson you must learn, understand and never forget is that your greatest enermy is the other girl. Women are women’s enermy. When your boyfriend cheats on you, he doesn’t do it with his fellow man! So when you see a girl that’s not family with your boyfriend, honey, raise your antenna and wear your FBI badge. That being said, that all for today’s class, any questions? Yes you, you that’s looking like you didn’t sleep all night. Is that it? So what did you do when he didn’t show up? Oh really, did he come after the texts and tears? You see why I’ve told you not to show your weaknees. Now listen, this is how a bitch would treat the situation.
You know… When you are horny and lonely and bea says he’s coming and you rush to the kitchen to prepare some delicacy, his favorites, you put his alcohol brand in the fridge and then clean up your room, lay a new bedsheet, spray the air freshner like you want to get rid of a dead body. Then you take a shot of tequila or any alcohol at hand. You dash into the bathroom, clean up real good with some firmfresh. You rub your body genousrously with oil or lotion. You open the top drawer, where you keep your expensive body spray and perfumes, you dab some on. You wear your nice lingerie or the one he likes on you then you cover up with a sexy robe and then you wait… but he didn’t show up, what do you do?
          Now listen up girls, you pull a BITCH:303 on him! If you’re just a bitch, your call up your ex boyfriend who’s better in bed or the one he’s always suspecting you of getting back with and have a crazy sex section but if you are really a Queen Bitch, you call up his friend, the one that’s always eyeing you and telling you how sexy you are and telling you he loves you more even though it may be a lie, and you do the do with him, make sure to give him your best and you take a sexy picture or set of sexy pictures, use it has a Dp and let him go crazy trying to figure out who took it. Recommended for Only for the real bitches.

See you next Saturday for another BITCH CLASS! 



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…To be continued…

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 Written and edited by Olatorera 

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