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What to expect!

This blog for adults, it’s rated +18. It contains sexual content and strong language. This blog is not your ordinary gossip or political blog, it’s about facts and fiction! It’s sensual, sexy, exciting and raw! You won’t be disappointed.
This blog has many categories with their own different stories.
‘LLM&P’ is where the major stories are, they are mostly fiction with a touch of fact.
‘ROSIE’S DAIRY’ is also a story, this is where a girl shares her life with you, mostly fiction .
‘THE LIFE OF A SINGLE LADY’ is mostly factual. What I’ve gone through being single, experience of friends spiced up with some fictions!
‘TRUE TALK’ anything goes here! It’s basically for me to air my views about issues.
‘BITCH CLASS 101’ here we get naughty!
Please know that all contents on this blog are registered and copyrighted. Plagiarism is a punishable offence.

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