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Written by Olatorera Olowonyo

If I told you what happened you wouldn’t believe me. I’m not a slut but I had the best sex of my life with a total stranger! In fact I believed he was the god of orgasm as an ordinary man can not do what he did! I have read and heard about such coincidences but I never believed them. For me they were all fictional until it happened to me. Now listen.

It all began when a friend of mine invited me to a party in Ijebu. I initially declined but I’ve heard a lot about ijebu parties and how money rains and I wanted to experience one so I accepted.

The major reason I declined was it was going to be a long weekend, the public holidays started on Thursday and and we we were leaving Lagos Wednesday evening to return Sunday evening. I thought it was a long time to spend in a strange land but my friend promised me a swell time and I succumbed.

We lodged at the best hotel and I noticed the gym on our way in and I made metal notes to burn few calories I’ve gained in Lagos traffic. My room had the view of the open bar so I decided to spy on the merrymakers.

Suddenly I heard a ruckus and I looked at where it was coming from.

“Baba oo! Egbon Femo! Heavy weights pockets toju champion lo! Fine boy to clean!” It was two boys hailing a man. I looked at the man. He was tall, dark, broad-chested and had a cocky smile.

“Enu awa boys gbe e wet ground fun wa now!” One said touching the higher back of the other man. I was about to look away as I’ve seen enough of boys hailing in Lagos when this man spoke!

I turned my heard sharply towards him as words as smooth as caramel, sharp as a sword, deep as a well and clear as a thunder replied them.

“Eyin boys yio le change! Arh! Atiku tiwo kosi yi gan ju torun mi lo!” He said touching his clothe at the base of his neck. The rest of what they said was like breeze in my ears as I take a closer look at the ‘Femo’.

I’ve always had something for men with deep voices but I also have a thing against handsome men. I felt the hot liquid slipped away from my core and also warning bells in my head. I shook my head to clear it but a knock on my door cleared it for me. It was my friend. She told me to get dressed and let’s go to the VIP bar. I was tired from the journey but she insisted so I followed her.

The VIP bar was dimly lit and I couldn’t see clearly till I was sited and my eyes adjusted to the room. I surveyed the room till my eyes rested on him. He was sitting in a corner fully engrossed in the match that was playing on television. His left hand rested gently on his face supported by his elbow that was placed on the table. His right hand was resting on his beer tumbler and his middle finger gently stroke the cup in a lazy up and down motion.

I was mesmerized and couldn’t look away. Luckily, my friend was busy greeting people so I was left to watch him in peace. My head wanted to look away but my eyes were glued to him. There it was, that fire liquid between my legs! I inhaled slowly trying to get my harden nipples to calm down. I prayed for strength to look away and as I was about to, he looked my way.

Oh lawd have mercy! I prayed under my breath.

His gaze was soul piercing! It was like he could read my thoughts! I shrieked into my chair and if I was fair skinned, I would have turn red! I quickly averted my eyes and fidgeted with my rings. I desperately didn’t want to look at him but something kept pulling me to look. I did and alas, he was still looking at me. He gave me that his cocky smile flashing white set of teeth. In my head I smiled back but I knew I had just made an awkward face towards the god of sex!

“What will you like to drink?” My friend asked after she finally sat down.


“Omi bawo?”

If only she knew how dry my throat was from lusting after a stranger! The rest of the evening went by as she pointed out people in the crowd and told me stories about them. I kept hoping she would tell me about him but she didn’t and I was too shy to ask.

“O ti remi. Mofe lo sun.” I told my fried who just started a fresh conversation with another person.

“Okay. You know your way to your room ba?”

“Of course!” I replied her. I looked towards where he sat and he was not there again! He knew how to disappear, I convinced myself.

As I approached my room a message came in and I was replying when I heard a throaty laughter; I knew it was him before I raised my head.

“Aye lawa nje ni bi oo.” He said into his phone with a laugh and unfortunately my room key fell.

He looked at me and asked;

“Are you right?”

“No! I mean yes!” I said picking my key. He gave me a sharp nod and entered his room. I slapped my forehead and called myself a slut. I was two rooms away on the opposite roll. I needed a distraction so I called my mom, had a cold shower and snuck my naked self under the duvet.

I woke up breathing heavy, I had just had a very sexual dream about Femi and I was sweaty and cold at the same time!

“What’s wrong with you girl?” I asked myself. It didn’t help that I had broke up with my boyfriend four months earlier and I was sex starved. I checked the time and it was few minutes to two in the morning. I turned and tossed till past two but sleep wouldn’t come. I had seen that the pool and gym was open 24-7 to the hotel guests and I thought of going for a swim but I hadn’t come with a swimsuit so I decided to go to the gym rather.

I put on a leggings and tank top and headed for the gym. I had to use my card to open the gym door as the instructions on the door read. The door opened to a space where different gym equipments were neatly arranged. This space was cut of from the main gym by a white soundproof door. I picked two dumbbells and proceeded to the proper gym. Immediately I entered I heard iron hitting iron and I was scared out of my wit! Could it be that ghosts were in the gym after all, we’re in Ijebu. Then a body emerged from behind the machine and fear gripped me and I dropped the dumbbells and one hit my left leg.

“Arhhhh! I screamed with fear and pain going down as I couldn’t support myself even though I desperately wanted to run away from the ghost.

“Fuck!” I heard as I saw the figure running towards me. I heard his voice and knew it was him before I saw him amidst my tears.

“Miss are you alright?” He asked dropping to the floor to look at my toes. I really wanted to act cute but the pains I was going through wouldn’t let me.

“No…” I said in a shaky voice battling away tears!

“Let me look.” He said calmly touch my toes. For a brief moment my pains were gone and the liquid fire in the pit of my stomach was back. He was dripping sweat but yet smelled so good. I could see his face clearly and I’ve never wanted badly to touch someone’s face or kiss his well chiseled lips. He pressed my legs and the pains returned me to sanity.

“Yeee!” I screamed.

“It looks like a sprain. Try and walk let me see.”

I tried to stand up but it was difficult, he put his left arm around me and raised my right arm across his neck saying;

“Lean on…”

I wobbled up in pains as I rested my entire weight on my right leg.

“We need to put some ice on it and wrap it up. I’ve some kits in my room.” He said scoping me into his arms without waiting for my reply. Normally as a “hard girl” I would have objected but between my pains and desire, I was right were I wanted, needed to be. I wrapped my arms around him, rested my head in the crook of neck and sobbed gently.

There’s something about physical pain that brings out the tears you hid from emotional trauma. Suddenly all what my ex-boyfriend did to me came to my memory and it was the reason I was sobbing hard not so much the pain I was going through.

“Shhh baby, it’s okay.” He consoled me. The ‘baby’ he called me only threw me deeper into tears. He was so familiar yet unknown. As we approached his door he said;

“Can you put your hand in my pocket and bring out the key? I really don’t want to drop you on your feet.”

“Okay.” I muffled against his chest. If I had known, I would have told him to drop me because what I encountered was big.

As I tried to maneuver my hand into his pocket, my fingers brushed against the tip of penis. He wasn’t hard nor soft and I could feel the ring that wrapped his cap. A cold chill ran through my spine and the walls of my vagina vibrated with heat.

“God help me.” I prayed silently trying to concentrate on the key I was looking for. I found it but the damage was done. He turned me towards the door so I could open the door, I did and we entered.

The room was neat. An half full bottle of Jack Daniels was on the table with his laptop and wallet. The bed was neat but a bit ruffled. He dropped me on the bed gently and quickly put a pillow under my leg. He went to the wardrobe and took out a small bag. I watched him like a hawk watching its prey. Normally I’m not a trusting person but there was this ease around him that made me feel safe.

“So what were you doing in the gym at that time?” He asked examining my leg.

“I couldn’t sleep.” My mouth bloated out before I could think of a lie. I told you his gaze was soul piercing, right? His voice was soul searching! There was something about his voice that you couldn’t lie to him. He touched the leg and I felt a shard pain and gasped.

“Sorry dear. This your leggings is too tight and it’s putting a strain on the ankle and that’s why it’s swelling up. I’ve to cut the leggings or you take it off.” He informed me looking into my eyes with that cocky smile of his. I could tell he was having fun at my distress!

“Are you a doctor?” I asked with a little angry pout that didn’t reach my eyes. He laughed softly folding his arms across his chest.

“Nope! But I’ve been in the gym enough to know what I’m doing.”

I have a large buttocks and I don’t like wearing pants so I was totally naked under the leggings. The leggings was my favorite and I really didn’t want it destroyed. What could a girl do!

“Can I borrow your shorts or a towel?” I asked softly as my voice failed me. He ravaged me with his eyes, looking me from head to toe smiling broadly. He was really having fun at my expense. He went to the bathroom and emerged with a white towel. He had a full grin on his face and a daring look in his eyes. I saw through his humor immediately, he knew I would protest the towel so he could laugh at me. I may be shy and look timid but I was also daring but he didn’t know that! I took the towel and said thank you. He was surprised! I have spoilt his fun. I saw the conflict in his eyes, he was struggling with telling me it was a joke but he also wanted to see how brave I was. The game is afoot.

I placed the towel across my laps, rested my back on the bed and raised my buttocks to slip the leggings off me. I held his gaze and dared him not to look away. Our gaze locked as I took it off. The towel rode up a little as I raised my right leg, I didn’t bother to adjust it. You wanted a show, I will give you one, I said to myself. I had no idea what he was thinking but he watched me and his eyes turned darker, his breath was slower too but the moment was broken by the pain I felt when I wanted to take it off my left leg. I tried but I couldn’t.

“Help me.” I said simply and he came to the bed drawing a chair towards the bed. He sat down between my legs like a gynecologist wanting to examine a woman’s inside. Though he was gentle with the way he slipped off the leggings but I was still in terrible pains. Tears welled up in my eyes as he finally took it off.

“Sorry.” He soothed.

“Thank you.” I murmured.

“There’s no painless way of wrapping your leg. You have to be strong. We don’t want your screams waking the hotel guests; do we?” He said with mischief in his voice. I simply rolled my eyes at him. He laughed and pointed at the bottle of Jack Daniels;

“Some for courage?” He asked. I nodded my head ‘yes’ and he brought the bottle and a cup to me while he sat on the chair between my legs. I poured myself a large volume and gulped it at once. He looked at me surprised.

He was gentle with my leg however I was rattling with pains. As he worked with my legs and I tried to manage the pain but I couldn’t stay still. Between arching my back, grabbing the bedsheets and averting my leg from his touch, the towel had slid off my left thighs and it rested between my thighs barely covering my fleshy vagina. I didn’t notice nor care because of the pains.

“There you go.” He said resting my leg on the pillow and took his hands off my leg. I slumped on the bed backwards in relief resting my right arm across my eyes to hide my tears. I was lost in my thoughts on how I got myself into this mess and it was all because of him! Now I won’t be able to wear the cute high heels I brought for the party.

“Hmmmm, nice thick thighs.” I heard and not until then did I noticed I was half naked! My thighs are one of my greatest features, they are thick, smooth and luscious and I’m proud of them.

“Hmm. Thanks I said adjusting the towel to cover my left thigh and sitting up. I had begun to feel the effects of the large whiskey I had gulped down, I was a bit tipsy.

“So what’s your name?” He asked pouring himself a shot of whiskey. I watched as his lips kissed the cup and wished it was on mine.

“Ore. You are Femi right?” I said and his eyebrows rose.

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“I heard some boys hailed you earlier.” I smiled.

“Ore as in gift?”

“Yes. Oreoluwa.”

“Nice to meet you.” He said even though I felt we had past that level. I mean he had carried me, took of my leggings, massaged my leg and saw me half naked! ‘Alaye we met already!’ I said to myself but told him;

“Same here. Thanks for your help.”

There’s was and awkward silence for few seconds and as  if on cue, we spoke at the same time.

“Do you…” he said.

“Can you…” I said.

“You first,” he said.

“Can you help me to my room?”

“Sure but take this pain reliever first.” He said dropping two blue tablets into my palm. I took it with the water he provided. I wrapped the towel around me as tightly as I could but as he bent to pick me up I felt it loosen.  ‘Get behind me satan.’ I said under my breath as his face came close to mine. I could smell is fragrant and his hot breath fan my cheeks. I titled my face up and at the exact time he looked down and our lips were inches apart. I lost my sanity looking into that piercing smoldering eyes and my nipples stood up while the liquid fire ran through my thighs. I breached the gap between our lips. I felt his hesitation for a second but I pressed harder against his lips and he yielded to my lips! It was iron meet fire. My hands held his head closer as I poured all my desires into his mouth. He was gently trying to get out of my grips but I was not willing to let go yet. He managed to break free of my lips briefly to ask me;

“What do you want Ore?”

“You..” I whispered

He took charge immediately by crushing his lips on mine. Gently bitting, licking and sucking on my lips. His hands found their way into my bra and he released my aching breast. We worked in synergy as if we’ve done this a thousand times before. He took off my tank top but left my bra on, I held his gym wear by the helm and he raised his two arms making it easy for me too take it off, I did in one sweep. He didn’t return to my lips but took one nipple into his mouth.

“Arh!” I gasped for air as hot lava landed on my cold hard nipple. I held his head tighter to my chest. His other hand was on my second breast caressing and taunting my breast. His hand left my breast and I almost protest but before I could, his thumb was on my clitoris.

“Aawwwwhhhh!” I wailed in my throat.

I had forgotten the pain in my leg as the pleasure he gave was more than the pains I felt. I opened my legs wider to give him better access . I was pouring slimy hot liquid between my legs. I grounded my hips against his thumb. Just as I thought the sensation couldn’t get higher, he slipped two fingers into me and increased the speed of his thumb on my clitoris.

“Oh Ore! You’re so juicy!” He murmured against my breast. I grabbed the hand he had on my pussy and held it tighter against me as I climbed the stairs to climax!

“Arwh, huhh, I’m coming.” I screamed as I came on his fingers.

“Oh baby, come for me…” he whispered into my ears. I pushed his fingers out of me as he wouldn’t stop rubbing my clitoris and the sensation was too much for me. I felt like my soul left my body. I was still trying to land back on planet earth when he placed my right leg against his shoulder. He was kneeling so close to me that my bum was against his knees. I opened my eyes slightly and saw him slid a condom on. The sight of his dick made me feel empty! It was big and long and large! I licked my dry lips as he slipped into my very slimy pussy and we effortlessly dance to the rhythm of passion. He pumped and I received. He thrusted and I drew him closer. Together we found a pace and climbed till we reached the clouds beyond sky.

I finally got back to my room around seven thirty in the morning after he had fucked my brains out. My friend came to my room an hour later and found my legs wrapped up. I doctored the story and told her it just happened this morning at the gym and a random guy had bandaged it for me. She offered to stay with me but I encouraged her to go have fun knowing Femi, the god of orgasm, the deity of passion was two rooms away to nurse me; body and soul.   Written by Olatorera Olowonyo 

                             TO BE CONTINUE…

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