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ROSIE’S DIARY: the happy ending. 4 (+18)

              I worked my way from his thighs to his legs. I discovered he was ticklish at his calf and I spent more time on it. He rewarded me with laughing and moaning. I ran my hand from his legs upwards to his shoulders, looking for any knot I might have missed. I didn’t miss …

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ROSIE’S DIARY: the happy ending. 3 (+18)

            The traffic was a bit light and I was happy about that because I needed my energy for something else. Finding the estate was easy but locating the building I was going was not but finally found it. I thought I was going to a hotel but the building I packed in front didn’t …

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ROSIE’S DIARY: the happy ending. 2 (+18)

              I made up my mind to go to the shopping mall first before I go to the local market. I arrived at the mall at exactly five. I took in my surroundings and I couldn’t help but laugh! Why do girls dress up to SHOPRITE? I saw many girls in their Christmas clothes …

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ROSIE’S DIARY: the happy ending 1. (+18)

             Thank God it’s Friday!           I walked lazily about the office, gossiping from one cubicle to another till I got to Mr. Steven’s office who had pain written all over his face. ‘Mr. Steven? What’s wrong with you?’ ‘Rosie, its shoulders and back pains oo. Driving for long hours is …

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ROSIE’S DIARY: i open, you eat!

            This woman can talk sha! Haba! She just likes making me wet my pants! Arrggghhhh! Really I don’t like what she’s doing to me, but I love hearing her tales! It makes me want her husband more! ‘My sister, arghhh, you must marry a man that will satisfy you in bed oo, or else, …

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( WE NOW HAVE A MOBILE APP, DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL AND HAVE UPDATES AT YOUR FINGER TIPS! YOU WILL NEVER MISS ANYTHING! )           Meetings, meetings, meetings! I hate Monday mornings! The administration people can talk! Then the marketing people will tell us their progress and the companies they have brought in. Then the M.D …

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                                                                                 Most of the things I have done in my life were planned because I like thinking things through before doing …

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