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          Work was one of the things that get Funmi’s mind out of things happening at home, as a matter of fact, after her children, it was her work. Both kept her sane from her home drama. She glanced at a file on her table she was typing into her laptop and checked her wall clock, 5:30 pm, She sighed. She should be on her way home now, she used to rush home to her husband but now, if not for the children, she would hide in her office for as long as she could. A light knock on her door jolted her but before she could say ‘come in’ a head poked in. It was her older colleague, Mrs. Eze but over the years they have become good friends and they were on first name basis.
‘Hello, madam workaholic.’ Ngozi taunted her friend. Funmi smiled.

‘Hi, madam plaything!’ She retorted back. Ngozi took a seat in front of her friend peeping at the file on the table.

‘Funmi, why do you like trouble? Why did you take this case? How do you plan on convincing a judge that a woman who poured hot water on her husband should be set free? I don’t understand you, seriously.’ Ngozi said to her colleague and friend.

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‘Ngozi, we are lawyers, we swore to defend everybody, it’s not in our place to judge. No matter the crime everyone deserves a good day in court! Mine is to argue to a good case and you know I will win this case.’ Funmi said baiting her eyes. Ngozi rolled her eyes back at her friend.

‘Yeah right, we all know you are the best lawyer we have! Anyways, it’s late, let’s go home.’ Ngozi said closing the file on Funmi’s table.

‘Oh oh, I need to finish analyzing this documents, I’ve to stay a few more hours,’ she said reopening the file. Ngozi closed it again and laid her hands on it. Funmi met her friend eyes to eyes, as she was about to say something Ngozi cut her off.

‘No Funmi, you don’t need to work on this case tonight because the case won’t open in court for the next 4months! You need to go home to your children and husband.’ She said firmly. Funmi knew she couldn’t argue with her. She started packing her things while Ngozi watched, each to her thoughts.
          Ngozi knew something was wrong with her friend’s marriage, she just couldn’t place her hands on it. She has always mind her business but when things were wrong with a married couple, she could smell it. Aside her being a lawyer, she is also a marriage counselor and most importantly she had been in such situation before, she hoped and said a silent prayer for her friend.
          Funmi knew Ngozi was profiling her, it was her job after all but she hoped she wouldn’t say anything, she was not ready to share her problems yet. It was none of Ngozi’s business anyway but If Ngozi felt her problems would affect her job, that would be a problem. After neatly arranging her table, she dropped her coat over her left arm, carry her handbag in the same hand and carried her laptop bag in her right hand. She looked around to see if she was forgetting anything before she said, ‘let’s go ma.’ To Ngozi.

‘Guy! Na lie! As for me, Barca for life. Mercy is the man jor. That boy too good.’ Seyi argued with his friend Audu. Both of them have been going at each other’s neck forever. As much as they love and respect each other, they could never agree on who the best footballer was.

‘You self know say Ronaldo is the man. He can score from any corner, his shot na die. If your Mercy no enter box 18 he fit score? Abegi!’ Audu argued back.

‘If Ronaldo was a better man, how come he has won world footballer twice while Mercy has won it five times?’ Seyi asked as Audu was about to reply, the waitress came with their pre-ordered food. Seyi uncovered his food and smiled at the eba. As Seyi prepared to eat his food, Audu commented

‘Seyi, I don’t understand why you are eating eba outside when you have a superb cook at home! Clubs and bar are for junk food, you know, fillers till you get home except for a bachelor maybe but nowadays you order a serious meal when we hang out! Your wife is a great cook, that I know for sure. So what’s going on?’ Seyi stopped eating, it has gone tasteless. How would you explain to your friend that your wife is cooking for your children and not you? He’s not ready to share yet, he lied.
‘You can’t understand, just because my doctor told me to cut down on my carbohydrate intake my wife as refused to give me eba and you know it’s my favorite food. You know women now, policing me around the house! That’s why I’m taking care of myself outside.’ Seyi explained.

‘I see but guy, softly oo. You know your health is very important.’ Audu responded.
          Seyi ate some more but it wasn’t tasty on his tongue. How he miss his wife’s cooking. That woman has magical hands in the kitchen. Oh, it was fun in those days, he would rush home from work, he liked being part of the preparation! He would steal pieces if fish or meat and his wife while chased him about and out of the kitchen, sometimes they will have sex in the kitchen and most times burn the food but he always ate it with love. He was her life, she lived to please him, what happened?
          It started during the pregnancy of their second child. In fairness to his wife, the pregnancy was difficult for her. Richard’s pregnancy wasn’t that painful, she had to take a long leave from work. Everything was painful, walking, sitting, eating, sleeping. Seyi was scared he was going to lose his wife and Funmi herself thought that was the end of the road. She was on compulsory bed rest till she gave birth. The birth of their child was a horror movie he never prayed to watch again! Remembering how his wife fought for her life and their child was always painful. She was going in and out of consciousness. She couldn’t push anymore, Seyi had to sign for a C-session. After the longest four hours of his life, the doctor announced that his wife and child are alive, he broke down and wept like a baby. With the help of Funmi’s mother and the live-in nurse, he nursed his wife back to life. He was expecting everything to get back to the way it was before but his wife has changed. It was like a cord broke between them. She withdrew from him and the children became her li. There was no love making anymore, sex was just duties. He lost his wife and he didn’t know how. He wanted her back.
          Seyi and Audu had more beer, argued about football some more then said their goodbyes and departed. Seyi was a bit tipsy when he left the bar, thank goodness he had not discharged his driver for the day. He hoped his children were still asleep when he gets home, they shouldn’t see him tipsy, at least, they still love and care for daddy. Once in the car, he slept off as soon as the air condition hit him.


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…To be continued…

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