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          A call on call waiting was disturbing her conversation with her dad. ‘Okay daddy, I will see you on Sunday. Bye.’ Just as she was ending the call a text message came in. It was from BIMBO SUGARBERRY!   Even with all her suspicions about her husband, she has never gone through his phone but …

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           ‘Thank you Mr. Jones, we will do our best.’ Ngozi said as she and her boss saw their client out of the office. ‘Good job Barrister Oge; let’s make sure we keep this quiet.’ ‘Yes sir.’ Ngozi said and waited for her boss to return to his office before walking away. She checked the time, …

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BITCH CLASS: neck down, knee up. (+18)

                                                                                           Hi girls, how are you doing? I see we are a bit lesser in numbers …

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    (This episode is dedicated to Victoria Omoyele for her continues sharing of this site. And she’s a wonderful event planner, decorator and hostess. Call her on 08074663716)           Some minutes later, the children gathered around the dining table to eat their breakfast. Seyi had taken his bath after he was done with his daughters, Funmi …

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