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          IT wasn’t the last time they saw but every time he went to plead with her, the conversation went the same way but what broke him was her sabotaging him. She used her wealth and influence to find out his business using a private detective. She crippled his business, blocked his account and threatened to expose him to the police for scamming women. He called her on the Wednesday before her death to beg her to leave him alone but instead she gave him an ultimatum to choose between her and Grace by Friday or face the consequences. He knew she had to go before Friday. So he faked an illness and told Grace he needed to sleep alone and would lock the door because he did not want any disturbance and he was very surprised when his needy fiancé who loved to cuddle said okay without any fight or argument. He sneaked out without checking on Grace because he didn’t want to wake her up and raced to Joy’s house. She rang the bell but no one answered and he was surprised the door opened when he pushed the door, he suspected foul play but when he found her drunk and passed out on the kitchen table, he understood why the door was opened and the rest was what he saw himself do in the footage. He did not know there was a camera recording his actions. If only he knew Grace had done the job for him, his life would have gone smother but he did not know. Ola’s voice jolted him back to reality.

‘Talk to me Kev, did Grace ask you to kill Joy?’

‘I want my lawyer.’ Kelvin said and Ola stood up, she knew that was the end of that conversation.

‘Very well. Yussuf Egbor, you are under arrest for the murder of Joy Joel…’

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          JUST like she thought from the beginning, the doctor looked too guilty to be guilty. She wondered if he knew Junior was not his biological son because it would break her heart to tell him the news but she had too. She was tired and hungry, she had had a very long day but she couldn’t eat until she finished the case. She wondered what was keeping Smith and the technicians out and decided to call them only to find his numerous missed calls on her phone, she really should learn to put her phone on vibration when she was in interrogations but she hated distractions. She called Smith back.


‘How it is going over there?’

‘Fine, we cracked the case. The diary?’

‘Yeah, I got it, been reading it, though nobody was named but I think we can figure them out, we’ll be there in ten minutes.’


Akin was tired and hungry, he needed to see his son, he missed him. These people had better come and charge him to court or let him go already. He had told them everything he knew and they still did not believe him, they would iron it out in court. He would request for his lawyer once the detective came or he would shout if he got tired of waiting, he was sure they could see him from the other side. It was like the detective read his mind from wherever she was because she entered the room just when he was preparing to shout.

‘It’s about time.’ He said under his breath. Even though he did not commit the crime, his heart raced every time he saw the detective.

‘Excuse me?’ Ola said because she did not hear what the doctor said under his breath.

‘Nothing. Please can I see my son now? I will also like to call my lawyer now.’

‘You will see your son soon and you really don’t need your lawyer, you have been cleared.’

‘Are you serious? Does that mean you found the killer?’ The doctor asked, his face lighting up.


‘Who? Why?’

‘Well, it was Grace and Kelvin and it was for money and lust. I need to ask you something Doctor Akin. Do you know you are not Junior’s biological father?’ Ola asked but before the doctor answered, Ola saw it in his face that he knew.

‘Yes I know but he’s my son in every other sense. I found out about it when he was sick and he needed blood, his mother was not around and I had to give my blood but we found out I wasn’t a match and in fact wasn’t his sperm donor. I should have suspected her when she insisted we got married within a month when I’ve in fact been asking her out for years. I confronted her when she got back and she confessed but she never told me who the father was. She said it was a love affair and he would never come to claim him. That was the reason I couldn’t fight her harder in the court because I knew I could lose him totally if she revealed I wasn’t the biological father. How did you find out and what has it got to do with this case?’

‘Well, Kelvin, Grace’s fiancé is the biological father. They met before she got married to you.’

‘Oh my God! Now I understand. But why kill her? I mean…’

‘Well, you can meet us in court to hear the prosecutor table the case.’

‘So can I go now?’

‘Yes but I have a big favor to ask you.’

‘How can I help?’

‘Ayo, Victoria’s son is your son’s brother and…’ The doctor’s eyes almost popped out of his sockets and his mouth dropped to the floor.

‘What are you talking about? How can?’

‘It’s a long story. Anyways, Victoria will be going to jail for a while, maybe a year or two and I need a place for the boy to stay. I don’t want to put him in the system nor give him to her family, will you be kind to take the boy in…’

‘Of course.’ Akin did not need to think about it, Victoria had been there for him and his family and he would do same for her, besides, the boys were brothers.

‘Thank you very much. That’s very kind of you. I am sorry for the inconveniences but if we did not question you, we won’t get to know about Becky giving Grace the poison and get to the bottom of the case.’

‘Becky? She was helping Grace?’

‘Not intentionally, she lied to her and used her but you might need to tighten the security around your drug cabinets. Be gentle on Becky, she’s really sorry.’

‘Thank you, but why is Vic going to jail? Was she helping them too?’

‘Not really but she’s going in for theft.’

‘Can I leave now?’

‘Yes, as soon as I sign your release form and get you the boys.’

‘Okay, thank you for getting to the bottom of this, I’m glad I’ve been cleared.’

‘You are welcome.’ Ola opened the door and stood by for the doctor to walk into freedom.

She went to the front desk and told the officer on duty to prepare the release form for the doctor, then she called the welfare officer to bring the boys to where she was.

‘Fill this form, I will be right back.’ She said giving the form the officer gave her to doctor Akin and she walked away.

          VICTORIA had stop crying but her face was swollen. She looked up as Ola entered the room. Ola picked up the sheet on the table and quickly read through Vic’s statement.

‘Good. I have good news for you, I found a good home for your son. Doctor Akin has agreed to foster the boy till you get back. What do you think?’

‘Really? That’s great. Thank you!’ She said clearly grateful. Doctor Akin was a good man and she had no doubt he would take good care of her son. At least the boy would get proper care, a good home and education and he would have a friend.

‘We have to book you now and you will be charged to court tomorrow. I will pull strings with the judge and we can have your sentencing tomorrow so far you are still pleading guilty to the charges.’

‘Okay,’ she said sounding scared.

‘Don’t worry, I will tell the judge you were helpfull and cooperative, it will help your case. Shall we go see your son before you go into the cell?’

‘Yes please but I need to wash my face. I don’t want him to see me like this.’

‘No problem.’ Ola said and led the way to the restroom where she stood outside while Victoria refreshed.

          THE boys were already with doctor Akin who had squatted to the boys level. The boys were talking at the same time obviously telling him about the police station adventure they had experienced. Ayo saw them first and he broke away from his cycle and ran towards his mother screaming;


Victoria caught her son and wrapped him in her arms kissing him all over. The boy squirmed out of her arms obviously embarrassed with the public display of affection. Victoria crouched eye to eye with her son and Ola moved away giving mother and son space to spend private time together.

Ola asked the officer to prepare another form to book Victoria in then she picked the doctor’s release form, read and signed it before moving to their side.

‘Hey Junior.’ Ola greeted her youngest friend.

‘D.O! I helped with the dogs!’

‘I’m sure you did! Did you have fun?’ She asked but before the boy could answer they got distracted by Ayo running towards them.

Junior! My mommy says I will come stay with you!’ He said with joy.

‘Dad?’ Junior faced his father with a questioned face.

‘Yes son. Will you like that?’

‘Yes!’ The boy said hugging his new playmate.

The resemblance between the boys was so glaring and Doctor Akin wondered why it never crossed his mind that they were brothers. Seeing the boys together assured the doctor he made the right choice. His son would not be too lonely and Ayo will be taken care of. The boys were already planning how they were going to spend their time together, they clicked so well but he was not really surprised, after all, they were brothers. Victoria moved closer to the doctor and said;

‘Thank you sir. I’m very sorry for everything.’

‘It’s okay Victoria, just take care of yourself and don’t worry about the boy.’

‘I will, thank you.’

The officer called Ola and gave her Victoria’s booking form, she motioned for Victoria to come and sign the form and when she did, Ola signed it too.

‘We have to go now, do you want to say goodbye to your son?’

Victoria watched the boys for few seconds and shook her head.

‘No, I won’t be able to without crying.’ She said as a tear rolled down her right cheeks.

‘He will be alright.’ Ola said as an officer led Victoria away to her cell.

Ola moved closer to the boys and the doctor.

‘You are free to go.’ She whispered to the doctor.

‘Okay boys, shall we go home?’


‘Where’s my mom?’

‘Erhm… She went to bring your stuff.’ Ola did not know what the mother told his son and she didn’t want to shatter whatever she painted for him so she lied.


‘Dad? Can we get pizza on our way home?’

‘Sure.’ They needed pizza, he needed beer, he thought as they left the station.

          SMITH and the technicians crossed path with the doctor and Smith knew he had been cleared. He has missed the interrogations but he will read it in their files but if the doctor was leaving, it meant he was not guilty. He found Ola at the front desk filling forms.

‘Hey, saw the doctor leaving.’

‘Yes, he’s not our killer. It’s Grace and Kelvin.’

‘What? How? Why?’

‘You can read all about it in their files or watch the interrogation videotapes, I’m tired. Where’s the diary?’

‘Here.’ Smith produced the diary but was hurt Ola shunned him. She must be really tired.

‘Has prints been lifted from it?’


‘Okay, thank you. Please take over, I’ve filled the form to book and charge the suspects already, do the rest. I will be in my office if anyone needs me.’


Ola knew Smith was sulking but she was too tired and hungry to care. She was eager to get to the diary but she needed food first, since the boys mentioned pizza she had been craving for it. Barely had she sat down that she dialed the piazzarier number but before they could pick there was a knock on her door. She almost screamed but Paul’s fragrance filled her nostrils and she knew it was her lover.

‘Yes coming.’

He entered and blessed her with a smile, she smiled and watched as he walked around the table to her side and dropped a kiss on her forehead and left cheek.

‘How are you babe? Heard you cracked the case.’ He said taking a seat opposite her.

‘I’m okay, yes we did. You?’

‘I’m not, it was a tough day, the defense was tough and I’m hungry and tired.’

‘Spoilt brat.’

‘Who? Me? Naughty girl. You look tired yourself.’

‘And hungry too. Was about ordering for pizza, you want?’

‘Yeah but it’s already after six, why don’t we pick it on our way home or you still have work?’

‘Not really, nothing that can’t wait till tomorrow.’

‘Great, let’s go, I will ride with you. You can fill me in on the case on our drive home.’

‘Okay.’ Ola liked the way he kept calling her house “home”, maybe they would make one together one day. She picked her bag, dropped the diary in it and walked out with Paul.

          THE traffic was a bit light and Ola was grateful for that. Paul told her about his day as they drove to get their pizza and after picking it up she told him how her day went too.

‘I still don’t understand why Kelvin had to kill Joy, if his major goal is to make money of woman, he will have better chance with Joy.’ Paul said.

‘I don’t know either and he has refused to talk. Anyways, I have what I need to put him away for murder but I hope the diary will tell me the rest of the story.’

‘Hopefully. Life is funny though, who will ever think that Junior and Ayo are brothers.’

‘You won’t doubt it for a minute if you see the boys together, the resemblance is glaring.’

They arrived at home and they ate their pizza out of the box. Ola excused herself to take a shower after Paul volunteered to clear the box. She was rinsing off the soap from her body when he entered the bathroom.

‘Need a hand with your back?’ He asked stripping off his clothes.

‘No sir, I’m good.’ She said laughing as he steps into the shower.

‘Don’t be a dirty girl, that’s a dry patch on your back, let me get that for you.’

The moment his hand touched her body, they both lost it. They had a quick steaming sex and showered again. He treated her like a baby afterwards and she loved it. He sat her down at the edge of the bed and toweled her dry, he applied moisturizer to her skin while playing with her body. Ola giggled at everything he did, she pointed out what she wanted to wear and he put it on her. She admitted to herself it was nice to have a lover around.

‘I’m hungry again.’ Paul said bringing her out of her thoughts.

‘What? Didn’t you just finished eating pizza? You even cheated me and ate more!’

‘That was just an appetizer besides, you have taken everything I just ate!’ He protested.

‘Me? How?’ She said rolling her eyes at him.

‘Do you want me to show you how?’ He did not wait for her to answer before claiming her mouth, she fought for a second then gave up and kissed him back.

‘Do you want me to continue?’ He asked tracing his tongue across her lips.

‘You are naughty! Let me fix us something to eat and and…’ She could not continue as he was kissing her neck and fondling her breast.

‘You were saying?’ He taunted obviously enjoying himself.

‘Paul Balogun! If you don’t stop now, you will sleep on the couch this night!’ She threatened.

‘Easy tiger!’ He said looking her ravishing her wit his eyes but stopped playing with her body.

‘Good boy.’ She breathed in relief. There was nothing she could do when his hands were on her body. She stood up and headed for the kitchen only for him to playful swat her buttocks. She shook her head but continued walking, if she stopped, he would start all over again. They settled down on the couch after eating the rice and stew she cooked. He tuned the television to CNN and watched the news but Ola was invested in Joy’s diary.

          JOY documented the last one year of her life very well. She wrote about how she met Kelvin, the sex they had and how he disappeared. The way she wrote about the pain of heartbreak was almost touchable from the pages and when she found out she was pregnant, it was bitter-sweet for her. Ola skipped through the book but she found out why Kelvin killed Joy at last. Joy was going to expose him for who he was if he did not give her what she wanted. Ola felt sorry for Joy, what she lost her life over was not worth it at all.

By the time she finished reading, Paul had dozed off. She took the remote from his hands before waking him up.

‘Babe, babe…’ She called gently and he opened his eyes.

‘Let’s go to bed.’


There was a different satisfaction you get from sleeping in a lover’s arm, she felt at peace as she cuddled up to Paul. She slept peacefully and dreamt of him and her playing with four babies until her phone rang. She checked the time, seven minutes past three in the morning. It was the station calling, definitely a crime that needed her attention had occurred somewhere.

‘Yes?’ She spoke softly trying not to wake Paul up but it was too late as he was already stretching.

‘Detective Ola, there’s has been a BGB on Allen, we need you.’

‘Okay, send me the address, will be on my way.’

Paul was looking at her like an alien.

‘On your way to where?’

‘A crime scene.’ She said getting out of bed.

‘At this hour? Can’t it wait till tomorrow?’

‘No, we go when the crime calls.’ She said dressing up.

‘Wow.’ He said getting out of bed.

‘Where to?’ She asked wearing her shoes.

‘I’m going with you.’

‘Hun? That’s not possible.’

‘I can’t let you go alone at this time.’

‘Paul, I don’t have time to argue but you can’t follow me to a crime scene. Besides, this is my job, I’ve been doing this for years. I’m okay.’ She saw the worried look on his face and moved closer to him.

‘Seriously I’m safe. I will use the siren, no one will stop me and I will call you as soon as I reach there and I will be back before you know it or are you scared of sleeping alone?’ She joked. He smiled and drew her in his arms.

‘Please be safe.’

‘I will.’

She kissed his lips and dashed out before he stopped her. As she drove to the crime scene, she couldn’t help but think about her future. Will it be easy to juggle a family and being a police officer? When we get to that bridge, we will cross it.

                                   …THE END…    (WATCH OUT FOR “CUT!”)



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