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          This Sunday was going to be a cumbersome one. A family friend had invited the Olorundas’ to a family get together which meant, father, mother and the children. Both Funmi and Seyi would have shunned the event but they hated to disappoint their children who were looking forward to seeing their friends, besides, the parents were friends too. Funmi missed her friends and she needed to get the latest gossip in town and same went for Seyi, boys time too. 


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          Funmi was having too much fun dressing up her children because they were running around the room whining about getting dressed but she knew they could not wait to get dressed. It was only Richard who insisted he was an adult and could get dressed on his own.

‘Mum, I’m a big boy now, I can wear my own socks’, he complained

‘I know baby, but you will always be my baby boy,’ the mother replied pulling at his cheeks. She straightened his shirt and helped him tuck in even though he was fighting her for his freedom all the way! Satisfied with her child’s dressing, she turned on the girls who both wanted their mum’s attention at the same time. She multitasked, dressing up the girls simultaneously, mother smiling, children giggling. 

‘There you go, you guys look beautiful…and handsome,’ she quickly added looking at her son who had made a stance and was about to protest and defend his handsomeness.

‘I will get you guys some snacks, you eat up while mummy dresses up, ok?’ They chorused their response and she left them admiring themselves in the mirror.


          Seyi was trying to make up his mind on what to wear, casual or a native attire. He stood in front his wardrobe and tried to decide on what to put on. Personally, he would like to wear a native attire, he has so many of them but did not wear them enough! A bittersweet smile crossed his face, gone were the days when he did not have to worry about what to wear, his wife had that covered. She had and still have a great fashion sense, she just lost interest in dressing him up. A sharp pain tugged at his heart, he missed those days of pure love and adoration, when he was the centre of his wife’s life. Just as he was about making up his mind on a white native dress, he heard his wife said, ‘I will get you what to wear.’ He was shocked, he could not believe his ears, he asked again and Funmi repeated, ‘I will get you dressed.’ He sat down with a soft thud on the bed. 


          Funmi stood at her bedroom’s door, watching her husband his wardrobe looking for something to wear, she smiled to herself. Her husband has never been a good dresser on his own. He has good taste in clothes but to match them up was his problem plus he could never make up his mind on what to wear when given choices. She remembered when she used to choose everything he wore, from hair to nails. She loved doing it, it gave her power and pleasure but the children’s needs were just too much for her in recent times. Truth be told, she missed it. She has dressed her children with touches of purple and she had also planned on wearing something with a touch of purple and she would not allow her husband to be the black sheep, so the moment she saw him reaching out for a dress, she voiced out. She heard and saw the shock on her husband’s voice and face. 


          Seyi watched with pleasure in amazement as his wife searched for clothes in his wardrobe, oh God! He missed this, watching her trying to dress him up pleased him wholeheartedly. Joy rushed to his heart, he was excited and aroused. He hoped she did not find whatever she was looking for on time but just then she came up with a polo white shirt, which collar and hand were rimmed with royal purple, she went over to the jeans rack and pulled out a blue jean. She disappeared and reappeared with a blue and white sneakers. She examined her collections and nodded to herself pleased. She looked up and found her husband looking at her too pleased with himself. She smirked at him and escaped to the bathroom, her husband’s sweet laughter escorting her.


          Funmi could not stop the stupid grin on her face, why was she so excited? It was not like she has never done this before! Oh but the joy of dressing her husband up was too much. She bent down to clean her virginal, her fingers slipped in, she was super wet. In often times, she would have masturbated but it wound not do today, she needed her husband’s fullness in and out of her body. Inspiration hit her, she was going to seduce her husband. Seyi was having trouble keeping his arousal down, he tucked his dick between his thighs but as he was about zipping up, his wife walked out of the bathroom naked holding a hand towel. His penis sprang up, his jaw dropped, his eyes bulged, he almost pounced on her. He has not been privileged to watch this for years, his wife was always covering up. As if walking out of the bathroom naked was not enough, his wife was giving him a floor show! He began sweating. Oh boy!!!


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…To be continued…

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Written and edited by Olatorera 

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