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4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND. 18 (+18)




          …’I will like to make a toast!’ Koyin said. We filled our cups and raised it up.

‘To liberation of the heart!’ Koyin toasted and we all cheered before drinking our wine. Bimpe turned to Sandra,

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‘Now queen bitch! It’s your turn!’ Sandra looked at them one after the other, sighed, smiled and said;

‘I’m in love!’ We all spat out the liquid in our mouth.


          I covered my face with my hands, I spread my fingers across my face and peeped underneath them. They all kept quiet. They were just looking at me obviously waiting for an explanation!

“Wheeee! Can’t I fall in love?” I uncovered my face, stood up and said;

‘OK girls! Sit down and let me explain.’ They sat like they were hypnotised.

‘I had no intention of falling in love with Habib when I left this house on Friday, but I couldn’t explain how it happened! The guy grew on me like a weed and my heart was a total betrayer! My head told it not to fall but it wouldn’t listen! All I can tell you now girls is that I’m crazy about Habib. As in, I really care about him and what he feels and thinks about me. I don’t know…’ My friends wouldn’t say anything still. I snapped my fingers at them and shook the closest person to me which was Bimpe.

‘Wake up! Wake up! You people should talk and stop staring at me like a zombie!’ Koyin was the first to get out of the trance. She cleared her throat and asked me;

‘What happened? He buy you house abi car ni?’

‘Maybe he’s superb in bed!’ Amanda contributed.

‘Na jazz! Kin soju lasan!’ Bimpe chipped in.

‘Come on girls! Be serious jor! It is more than that, don’t be so shallow! As in I can’t even explain it!’ I sat down, and we all stared at each other until Bimpe said calmly;

‘Tell us about your weekend.’


And I began the story of my journey into love.


          When we left here on Friday, he said to me as we climbed the third mainland bridge;

‘Baby, I’ve to get some files in the office I need to work on this weekend, hope you don’t mind?’ He licked his pink lips and I forgot what I was going to say. I was totally hypnotised. He looked at me with a raised eyebrow and asked again;

‘Sandra, do you mind?’ I snapped out of my lustful thought and said smiling;

‘No, I don’t mind, it’s okay.’ He stroked my left cheek with his right hand, I turned my face into his hand and kissed it. He smiled at me and went back to his driving. He asked me lots of questions; my background, how I became friends with you girls, my hobbies, you know now, all that getting-to-know-you formalities. All the discussions were normal until he asked me;

‘What’s your favourite position in bed?’ I replied looking straight ahead.

‘Doggy!’ I peeped at him with the corner of my left eye.

‘Hmmm, that happens to be my favourite position too and it makes me come quicker. What position makes you come quicker, Sandra?’ This time, when he asked, I looked at him and turned down my voice a notch.

‘I come quicker when I’m on top, it gives my lover the opportunity to touch my breast and clitoris while I ride him, which I like very much.’

I watched as his eyes turned to smoke, we were both seducing each other unconsciously.

‘I’ve questions too.’ I told him, my voice dropping still.


‘How long and large is your dick?’ His mouth opened a bit, I was sure the question caught him off guard!

‘Well, I’m a bit above seven inches in length and my dick is as large my three fingers together;’ this he said raising up three of his fingers joined together. I stared at it, trying to see his fingers but I saw a penis instead. Naughty heart and dirty eyes, I thought!

‘Any other question?’ He asked me in a barely audible voice. I swallowed my saliva and spoke.

‘Do you know how to give a head?’

‘Yes I do, but I only do it when I find a neat babe. And I hope you can give a perfect B.J too?’ He asked and I replied him with his previous answer.

‘Yes I do, but only when I find a neat guy!’ He laughed softly and I smiled too. His smile was enchanting, his eyes had a twinkle of mischief. Oh those pink lips of his were edible! I couldn’t wait to see the rest of him. My inner sex goddess and I started having a conversation.

“Did he say 7 by 3? I’m so ready to get fucked over and over mehn!” Inner goddess spread her legs and I told her;

“I sha hope this weekend will be one of the best I’ve had in a while oo. Arh! If I sit on his seven by three dick, his left hand on my breast and his right hand on my clits, it will be like…”


          He honked his car horn and I snapped out of my not too noble thoughts about him, and it was at this period I noticed we were already in his office compound.

‘We are here!’ He stated the obvious as he parked his car. I knew I should unhook my seatbelt and get down from the car but I didn’t, instincts told me something naughty was about to happen. He unhooked his seatbelt and slanted towards me, I knew he was going to kiss me so I met him halfway extending my mouth to him but I was surprised and disappointed when all he did was unhooked my seatbelt! I fell back on my seat. I looked for the knob of the car trying to conceal my disappointment. I heard his laughter and looked at him.

‘Sorry about that prank, I was going to kiss you but I just thought I should prank you first!’ He explained and I smacked him with my purse and said;

‘You are not getting kissed tonight!’ He got down too and came around to where I stood.

‘Come on. Be a good spot! Stop sulking, suck me instead baby…’ He joked and it was hard to keep an angry face.


          I poked my tongue out at him but before I could say salt, he had seized my tongue in his mouth in a soft kiss. I raised my hand to his chest and the intention was to fight him but when he slipped his tongue across mine, I surrendered. He planted his hands on the car and I was trapped in his arms against the car. I rested my hands on his chest as we kissed. He drew my tongue in his mouth and sucked.

‘Issshhee! Hhmmmn!’ I moaned. He released my tongue and stopped the deep kissing, he kissed my lips and all around my face. He cupped my face in his hands and looked into my eyes.

‘You have beautiful eyes Sandra… Let’s go.’ He said and took my hands as we walked into his office building. He flagged his security card at the electronic door and it opened. We entered and a security man greeted us.

‘Good evening boss, ma’am. Did you forget something?’ He asked.

‘Yes. This is my girlfriend Mr. Kola. Sandra, this is Mr. Kola, one of our security guys here. They keep us safe.’ He introduced us and we exchanged greetings.

“Oh my God! He introduced me as his girlfriend!” What Habib just did pleases me immensely and told me a lot about him. He was a humble person.

‘Anyone else in the building?’ He asked as he signed a book Mr. Kola presented to him.

‘No sir.’ He replied and we left the security unit. We walked through a narrow hallway then came to an elevator door.

‘My office is on the twentieth floor.’ He explained as we entered the elevator box. Series of naughty things ran through my mind. I’ve never had sex in an elevator and this was an opportunity. I mean, it was the perfect scenario, no one was in the office to interrupt and we were going to the twentieth floor! We had all the time in the world. The elevator door closed and we were caged in. He pressed the 20 button and the lift box started moving. This elevator was one of a kind. The four sides were covered with mirror, even the ceiling was mirrored! An iron bar divided the wall into two parts. I was still taking in my environs when I heard him moving towards me.

‘I’ve dreamt of this moment for a long time. I wanted badly to fuck you in here ever since I saw your picture.’ He said looking at me seductively. I didn’t know what to say but I knew I so much wanted to get fucked in this elevator. My hands began to sweat, my legs unstable. He said in that his lazy voice;

‘Can I fuck you here?’ I looked at the floor and said;

‘Yes,’ but he said;

‘Look at me when you say it.’ I raised my gaze to his and murmured;



          His hands reached out and gathered me up into a tight circle he made with his arms and body. I had already lifted my head to meet his oncoming mouth. It rolled onto my lips, all raw and hungry. It seemed to consume me with a surging rush of fierce need that soon ignited an answering ache from me.

‘Arrchs! Uusheh!’ My lips were ravished, eaten whole, while my body was warmed and made lively by the heated flesh of his long form. The crush of his hands alternately explored and caressed the shape of my shoulders and the sensitive curve of my spine, pressing and arching until there was contact from head to toe. He dropped to his knees in front of me and held my hips like he was holding a big watermelon.

‘I love your hips! They are my nemesis…’ He said and slipped his hands into my short gown. His hands on my naked flesh felt like an electric shock.

‘Arshhnk! Aaouhgkk!’ I moaned. He kissed my thighs and my legs buckled under me, I held on to the iron bar as he kissed his way up.

‘Sandra, open your eyes…’ I tried to open them but they were glued together by passion. At last, I opened it and I couldn’t recognise myself in the mirror.

‘Turn around. I’m going to fuck you now!’ He stated calmly.

“Who does that? Tell you the sexiest things calmly!”


          His words turned my vagina into a lubricant. I turned around as he undid his jeans. I watched in the mirror as he drew down his jeans and boxers. He pulled my cloth up and rolled my pants down, I lifted my legs up one after another to allow him to remove it. Without much ado, he slipped into my waiting pussy without a condom. My head dropped on the mirrored wall and I closed my eyes.

‘Look at me Sandra,’ he commanded. I forced my eyes open and watched as he pumped into me from behind. I parted my legs wider and pushed my buttocks backward and higher to give him more access into me. He held my tiny waist for support. There was nothing slow about this sex, it was born of need, lust, and passion.

‘Oh baby! Ouiouch! Hhmmgfh! Shake that ass for papa! Ooh Sandra!’ His words were fuel to my body. I hit my ass against his dick like a hammer hitting a nail. I moaned as his dick touched my G-spot. He began to thrust into me faster and I knew he was about to ejaculate.

‘Mmghmm! Hhmmmghmm! AAairrrhh! I’m coming babe! AArhrhha! Aarhrhha! Aarrarararrggghhhhh!’ He moaned and came. I felt his hot sperm poured into me. We both drop to the elevator floor. I looked at the elevator panel, we were on the eighteenth floor. We looked at each other and smiled. He looked at me lovingly and dropped a long kiss on my forehead. Still panting for air he  gathered me in his arm and said;

‘Wow! That was terrific, more than what I expected!’ I didn’t come but I didn’t mind. In fact, it was the first time I didn’t care about my pleasure, all I wanted for him was to enjoy every bit of me!

He held me until we heard;

‘PING!’ The door landed on the twentieth floor and the door opened. He stood up and drew me along with him. I took my panty off the floor, put it in my purse and stumbled after him. He opened his office door with his card and we went in. I cleared my throat and asked him;

‘Gbh-gbh! Please, where’s the restroom?’

‘Come, I’ll show you.’ I took his extended hand and he led me to the toilet. We both cleaned up as best we could and went back to his office. He picked some files from the table and said;

‘Let’s go home babe…’






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…To be continued…

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Edited by Olatorera and Ola Adeyemi Smith.

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