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         …He held me until we heard;

‘PING!’ The door landed on the twentieth floor and the door opened. He stood up and drew me along with him. I took my panty off the floor, put it in my purse and stumbled after him. He opened his office door with his card and we went in. I cleared my throat and asked him;

‘Gbh-gbh! Please, where’s the restroom?’

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‘Come, I’ll show you.’ I took his extended hand and he led me to the toilet. We both cleaned up as best we could and went back to his office. He picked some files from the table and said;

‘Let’s go home babe…’


          He came around his table, drew me up from the chair, pecked me and circled my waist with his right hand while he carried the files in his left hand, we walked out, side by side. In the elevator, I tried to rearrange my hair and dress when I saw a red light blinking at the top and it occurred to me that the elevator might have a camera. I turned blue as I panicked. He noticed immediately and asked what was wrong.

‘Camera…’ I said pointing at the top right angle of the elevator.

‘Fear not. This is an executive elevator, the camera is controlled from within. I switched it off when we got in.’ He said smiling at me.

‘Were you scared we might have given Mr. Kola some views?’ He asked,

‘Yes!’ I replied. He moved closer to me, drew me into his arms and kissed my forehead.

‘I can never do that to my girlfriend…’ He said. There was that word again, ‘girlfriend!’ I wonder why my heart jumped every time he called me his girlfriend.


          I wrapped my hands around his waist and I closed my lips on his lips and kissed him softly. He crushed me tighter to his body and we kissed and kissed. We went tongue, lips, and teeth. It was the most gentle kiss I have ever given or received. It was not of passion or lust, it was of reassurance, friendship, kindness and the promise of more. I felt adored and protected.

‘PING!’ The elevator landed on the grand floor and opened. We stopped kissing slowly. He didn’t release me immediately. He looked into my eyes as if searching for something in my soul. He sighed and hugged me before we walked out of the elevator hand in hand. Mr. Kola was by the door to open it for us.

‘Oga, good night. Nice meeting you madam.’

‘Nice meeting you too Mr. Kola.’ I smiled back my greetings.

‘See you on Tuesday Mr. Kola.’ said Habib.
We walked hand in hand to where he parked his car earlier. He opened the passenger’s door for me and closed it after I sat down. I watched as he walked around the car to the driver’s side. He climbed into the car, started the engine and clicked his seat belt into place as I clicked mine too. He smiled that his enchanting smile and I couldn’t help but bend over to give him a peck.

‘Home is just ten minutes away. Should we go somewhere to hang out first or you wanna go home?’ He asked me. It was at this period I yawned and I tried stiffening it but it decided to come out,

‘Ouuhghhh!’ I covered my mouth with the back of my hand.

‘Let’s go home if you don’t mind. I’m a bit tired.’ I replied,

‘I was hoping you did say that! I’m tired myself.’


          We drove to his home discussing him and his work. He got to a gate and honked, the gate-man came to open the gate and he drove in. We got down and he helped me with my luggage.

‘Welcome to my humble abode,’ he said as I set my foot into his house. I looked around, sighed and said;

‘There’s nothing humble about this house! It’s flamboyant, breathtaking and beautiful.’

‘Wow, you just made me fall more in love with my home! Come on, let’s drop your bags in the bedroom so I can show you around.’


          We climbed a spiral staircase that gave you a view of the sitting room. He turned left then stopped and made a u-turn towards the right. I was confused, didn’t he know the way to his bedroom again? Then he opened a door and I stepped into the largest bedroom I had ever seen! I’ve always heard about ‘master bedroom’ but this was the first time I would be in one! This room was very spacious and the bed was so big. The room was so neat and well-arranged. It was like he knew I had a weakness for neat men. Maybe Ademola told him!

‘Your housekeeper is doing a great job because I know you are not the one cleaning this house,’ I said and he laughed into my face. What if it wasn’t a maid? It might be a serious girlfriend or fiancé? I pushed the unpleasant thought to the back of my voice.

‘Let me show you around so you won’t get lost,’ he told me. He showed me the whole house and it was bigger than I thought or than it looked. By the time we got back to the bedroom I was really tired.

‘Do you want anything to drink?’

‘Yes please, water or soft wine.’ He left the room and I went into the bathroom, I stripped myself of my clothing and got into the shower. I soaped myself and started bathing. I rinsed my soapy face and the first thing I saw was Habib standing by the doorway looking at me. How did he get in without me knowing! I must have been lost in my thoughts. I pretended as if I didn’t see him and started bathing erotically.

‘Hmmm… Tempting…’ He said as he walked towards the enclosed shower. He opened the shower door and kept staring at me, I kept on bathing. I bent low to my midriff, washing my legs. I heard movement from behind like he was getting rid of his clothes, I didn’t look but I stood up from my tempting position still backing him. I sensed his body heat before I felt his hand touched my back. He took the sponge from my shaky hands and started scrubbing my back gently. While he was bathing me, we had the most serious conversation of a bathroom.

‘Sandra. I’m a playboy.’ He said and my heart broke. He turned me around to face him, I looked at my feet unable to meet his gaze. Usually, I wouldn’t care because I was a player myself and I didn’t fall in love, so, why was I feeling hurt?

‘I’m telling you this because you are special,’ he said and my face shot up.

‘Yes Sandra, you are special. No girl has ever entered my office, they always wait at the reception. Very few of them knows my house but none has ever stepped into this room. It has always been the guest room. I’ve never been compelled to get into the shower with any girl unless I want to fuck her but you… You Sandra, you I want to take everywhere, show to everyone. I’m in this shower with you but all I’m doing is bathing you. That has never happened before.’ He dropped the sponge and turn the water faucet on. He drew me under the water not minding my hair. I didn’t mind myself! Wasn’t that why I spent so much money on “Brazilian hair.”


          He parted the hair away from my face and cuddle my face between his hands. The water washed away the soap on my body, still we held each other’s gaze. He drew my face nearer and kissed my forehead. He hugged me and came under the shower with me. We were in this intimate position for over five minutes until I became cold. I shivered against him, he closed the water faucet. We stepped out of the shower and he told me to wait. He went to his room and came back with three towels. He wrapped one around his waist, wrapped one around me and the last one around my head. We went into his room hand in hand. I saw immediately that his bedside table has been lighted with two candles and a bottle of white wine was on the table. I looked up at him, our gaze locked and we both smiled. I sat on a chair and he sat opposite me. The A.C in the room was getting to my bones so I told him. He went into his walk-in wardrobe and came back with a white, soft, fur robe, a hair brush, weave-on serum and a handheld hairdryer. I took the robe from him and slowly dropped the towel to my feet. I made an erotic show of putting the robe on. I tied it loosely around me, making sure a great deal of my breast was showing. I sat down and looked up at him, my face in a sexy expression.

‘Par! Par! Par!’ He clapped his hands saying;

‘What a show. I surely enjoyed it. Now if you are done tempting me, may I dry your hair?’ I tried very much and succeeded to hide my smile and remain innocently looking while I unwrapped the towel around my head and he got behind me. He plugged the dryer and started drying my hair like an expect.

‘Why don’t you pour some wine for yourself and enjoy my hairdressing services?’ I did as he suggested and poured myself some wine. I watched the TV while he dried my hair but my mind drifted to other things. I was in deep thoughts.

“What’s going on Sandra? Are you going soft? Is it because the guy had said sweet words to you or is it because he’s drying your hair? Sandy baby! Eooo, you don enter one chance!”

‘A penny for your thought?’ I heard and I snapped out of my trance. He came and sat opposite me and pour some wine for himself too. I touched my hair and it was completely dried, from root to tip. I smiled and said;

‘Can I ask you something?’

‘Yes, please do!’ He replied smiling as if he knew what I wanted to ask him. I asked anyway!

‘How come you have all these female things at home and most importantly, how do you know how to dry a woman’s hair perfectly?’ I asked and my heart began to beat faster. What if the response was something I didn’t wish to know or hear?

‘I knew it! I would be lying to you if I say I haven’t done this before but it’s not to another girl. I have a baby sister who’s so troublesome but whom I love pieces. She’s mostly here with me when she’s on holiday. She taught me forcefully how to dry her hair after she might have gone swimming without a shower cap and she always leave these things in my room since she likes invading my privacy! She’s so annoying but I just grew to enjoy drying her hair, at least, I get to listen to juicy gossips!’ It wasn’t until he stopped talking did I know I held my breath. I breathed a sigh of relief. We talked more about his sister whom it was obvious he loved and she adored him. Mariam was her name. I told him a bit about my family too, which I must say I have never done! Between us, we finished the bottle of wine as we talked.

‘Let’s hit the bed baby, I’m tired.’ Habib told me, extending his hand to me.

‘Okay, but let me brush my teeth first,’ I said. He looked at me quizzically and asked;

‘Do you brush every night?’

‘Yes.’ I replied then walking to the bathroom and him following me, I said;

‘As a matter of fact, I’ll like you to brush your teeth too. It’s not that your mouth smells but can you imagine how fresh your breath will be in the morning if you brush your teeth at night? I like to wake up my boo with a kiss, but only if the breath is fresh and clean.’ I said and winked at him.

‘Hmmm… So you won’t kiss me if I don’t brush?’ He asked and I shook my head playfully.

‘Okay oo. Anything for you babe,’ he said and started brushing his teeth. We watched each other in the mirror as we brushed. It was a very intimate experience. He brought his face close to my nose and breathed in my face,

‘Clean enough for your highness?’ He asked and I kissed and ran my tongue across his teeth and then kissed his lips.

‘Hmmm, I think that answers my question!’


          After we brushed our teeth I told him to go ahead that I wanted to ease myself. He left me alone. The truth was that I was wet from just watching him in the mirror. I needed to clean up and get rid of the wetness between my thighs. I sat on the WC and cleaned my honeypot with water, I dried it with a soft towel. I dipped my hand in my pussy, it was dry, I took the finger to my nose, it smelled good, I then put it in my mouth and sucked, it tasted good. I got rid of my robe and the towel around my head. I combed my hair and walked into the bedroom naked. He was on the phone talking when I entered.

‘Your wahala too much! You too like money, I go…’, he stopped talking as I walked in. I was naked except for the gold waist chain around my tiny waist, the very one he had gifted me earlier in the day. I stood there at the bathroom entrance, just some few meters into the dark bedroom. The light from the bathroom silhouetted my frame, even I knew I was sexy and captivating. He said in a hoarse voice into the phone;

‘Sis, I’m here, but please let me call you tomorrow, I need to go,’ he said and dropped his phone.
We didn’t take each other’s eyes off each other. I walked to the bedside and smiled at him. Without taking his eyes off me or saying anything, he raised up the duvet, and I climbed into bed beside him.






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…To be continued…

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Edited by Olatorera and Ola Adeyemi Smith.

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