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H          …My friends were watching ‘1000 ways to die’ on TV and they were all laughing. I joined them in watching the program.

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‘Wetin you bring come for us?’ Amanda asked.

‘Na salad and chicken oo, make you take your own for table.’ We shared the food but stored the wine in the fridge. When the program ended, I filled our cups with red wine and we settled down around Bimpe so she could continue her story.

          She continued…


          On Saturday, after we’ve eaten, he took me on a tour of his neighborhood in his car. He showed me all the beautiful houses in his vicinity, truth be told, I was captivated but I couldn’t help but get horny and shy as I remembered what we did in the car the previous night. He took me to another beautiful restaurant where we had lunch before we drove home. He told me to go dress up for my sea voyage.

‘Put on a tight short gown baby, we don’t want the wind to undress you, do we?’ He said. I’ve noticed he likes dictating to me on what to wear, whether it was a good or a bad thing was what I couldn’t say. I dressed as advised and we left his house for the dockyard. His boat was beautiful, though it looked small from the outside but it was spacious when we climb aboard and it had a lower deck which looked like a lounge.

‘Welcome on board sweetheart, I hope you would enjoy your stay on Clara!’ He said and I replied;

‘Thank you, I hope I enjoy my stay indeed.’ He did some things to his boat, checked some stuff and set his compass, then he pressed a red switch on the monitor panel and the engine roared to life. The vibration of the engine knocked me off my feet and he rushed to my side.

‘Are you okay?’ He shouted to be heard above the deafening noise.

‘I’m fine.’ I shouted back with a smile. He gathered my flying hair in his hands and braided it into one. He kissed my forehead and strapped me in a life-safer jacket. He went back to the panel board, grabbed the helm with both hands and started navigating the boat into the sea.


          I stood up slowly and went to where he stood, now that we were moving, the noise was not as loud as when we were not. I watched in amazement as he toiled the boat into the sea. He caught my eyes, smiled and said loudly,

‘Come here!’ I obliged and went to stand beside him. He maneuvered me into his arms and guided me with his arms before explaining to me how the boat moves.

‘You see, it’s not that difficult, just follow the line on this board and roll the wheel in the direction. If you are going off course, the line will turn to red and you can get back on course by turning where the arrow points, if you want to slow down, just draw this bar down according to the speed you want to go, and if you want to stop, draw it way down slowly and press this red switch. Lobatan!’ He explained pointing and demonstrating how and what to do.

‘Do you understand?’ He asked;

‘Aye, aye captain,’ I replied with a mock salute. He smiled and gave me a peck. We glided on the water for like fifteen minutes before he told me to stop the boat. I argued that I couldn’t do it but he encouraged me to, so I did and alas, I stopped the boat! My friends clapped and Amanda teased;

‘Captain Bimpe!’ And everyone laughed.

‘Do you know how to swim?’ He asked me.

‘Yes but I don’t have my swimming gear with me here,’ I replied, eyeing him suspiciously. He laughed and ruffled my hair.

‘Darling, we’re in the middle of the sea, we can afford to go skin-diving, no one is watching!’

‘No way!’ I said laughing.

‘Hmmm… No way? I like challenges you know? You may not go skin-diving with me, but I intend to fuck you on this deck. Naked!’ He said frankly and I became wet instantly. He came at me slowly, took my head into his hands and tilted my face to meet his, our lips met. I wrapped my hands around his neck and deepened the kiss. We unclad each other of our clothes as we kissed. The sea wind chilled my bones while his mouth and hands melt my bones. He cupped my breast in his hands and squeezed gently, I moaned softly;

‘Hhffnn! Aaashhhe!’ He went from one nipple to the other, using his fingers on the nipple his mouth wasn’t busy on. I bent over his ear and took it into my mouth, licking and sucking. He tried to avoid my mouth but I held fast to his head. When we both couldn’t take the heat we were creating in each other, we locked our lips together again while our hands roamed about. I pushed at his shoulders gently, indicating for him to sit, he sat. I followed him down, I sat on his midriff and kissed all over his face. I kissed and sucked his neck, he groaned in his throat.

‘Hmmgr! Aarghh! Hmhmhnhm!’ I moved downward still. I caressed his chest, my lips chasing after my hands. I stopped over his nipples and licked.

‘Arhssh!’ He groaned.


          I was encouraged, I spread my fingers over his right nipple, taunting him while I suckled on his left nipple. His hands dwelled into my hair, untwisting the braid he made earlier. His breathing was coming short and harsh while I moved from one nipple to the other. As much as I hate to, I left his nipples to move downward still. I kissed him all over his stomach, I dipped my tongue in his navel and he groaned.

‘Aargh! Baby please!’ In one motion, without warning, I took his dick into my mouth, I swallowed him and I could feel his cap touching my throat, nodding against it. I didn’t move. He screamed.

‘Yeeeeeeeaaaaaa!’And he started panting. I released his dick slowly, drawing upward with my lips. He breathed a sigh of relief but it was short lived as I set my tongue against his dick like a dog licking its favorite bone.

‘Gosh baby! Lick daddy!’ He begged. I licked. I went below still and took his balls in my mouth. I wasn’t ready for the kind of moan he screamed.

‘Oorhhargurhiraedghif! Oh my freaky gosh! Arhshgr! Hhmmnn! Ffhitjihtrh!’ He roared on like an  hungry lion. After a while, I came back to his nodding dick and took the cap into my mouth. I sucked like no tomorrow. I spread his legs and knelt between his laps. I took his whole dick in my mouth and his balls in my hand. I sucked. I bit. I licked. I rubbed until he said huskily;

‘Oh babe, I’m coming, I’m coming!’ I stopped.

‘Condom?’ I asked and he pointed to his discarded trousers. I searched through his pockets and I came up with a condom like a trophy. I rolled it on his dick slowly. I closed his legs. I stood up and planted each of my legs by his bottom, I sat down slowly on him. I sat there for like five seconds while I watched his face. I started moving slowly, up, down, up, down, like I was doing a sit-up. He closed his eyes and held my thighs. He wanted to move faster;

‘Slow baby, slow…’ I whispered. After a while, he couldn’t take it anymore. He started moving fast, I followed his pace. My legs became weak and I knelt astride him. He held my waist and pumped into me, I threw my head backward and enjoyed his thrusting.

‘I’m coming hun! Come with me!’ He screamed and I took my fingers to my clitoris and rubbed.

‘I’m coming!’ I cried out. We came together fiercely saying sexual jargons till we were spent.

‘Aaaoooo! Ggeatt! Yyeeas! Iisgnhges! Weeewaoo! Aarraoooosgj! Hmjgfdgmmgmm!’ I dropped my tired but happy body on his. He rubbed me all over kissing everywhere his mouth could touch while he rearranged my scattered hair. He turned gentle, dropping me to his side. I rested my head on his chest and slept off.


          An unpleasant noise woke me up. I opened my eyes slowly. Tony wasn’t beside me, he was on the phone facing the sea and backing me. I noticed I had been covered up with a blanket against the chill. I wanted to stand up but instincts told me not to. I eavesdropped on his side of the phone call which went thus;

‘…No baby, that’s not what I meant. I mean, you didn’t tell me you will be coming.-Silence-Okay. When is your flight?-Silence-Alright. I’ll pick you up.-Silence-I love you too.’

He cut his call. I turned red under the blanket. It wouldn’t take a genius to work out the situation. His girlfriend was coming over that evening! I tried to be angry, but I couldn’t. I just felt sorry for myself and the lady. I decided I was going to give him an easy way out to save both of us the embarrassment, though I would’ve loved to hear the excuse he would cook up to cut short our weekend. About ten minutes after, I pretended to wake up.

‘Hey baby.’ He gave me a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.

‘Hi.’ I tried to reply without giving myself away.

‘Can you please hand me my purse?’ I asked.

‘Sure.’ He said and brought it over. I made a noise of taking my phone out of my purse and I exclaimed.

‘Wow! My mum has called fourteen times! I berra call her back.’ I put my phone on silence and I pretended to dial her number.

‘Hi mum! Sorry I missed your calls, I was sleeping. E ma binu.-Silence-Arh, today?-Can’t it wait till tomorrow?-Silence-But mum…-Silence-Ok, I’ll get there as soon as possible.’

I ended my fake call and said to Tony;

‘Sorry dear. I’ve to cut our weekend short. My mum needs me. Hope you are not angry?’

‘No baby. Hope all is well?’ He asked genuinely concerned.

‘I don’t know, but I hope so. Can we leave now?’ I asked.

‘Okay,’ he said quietly. I quickly dressed up while he started the boat. We headed back to his house, silently. Each with the silent heart battle.

Tony asked when he dropped me at home;

‘Are you okay baby?’

‘Yes I’m fine.’ I replied.

‘Do you want me to drop you at your mum’s?’ He asked.

‘No. I’ll take a cab, besides, I’m sure you have other important things to get back to.’ I couldn’t help but say that. He looked at me sharply, suspecting the obvious, I smiled back sweetly.

‘Am I seeing you anytime soon?’ He asked.

‘I don’t know, but when I’m not too busy with work, I’ll holla at you.’ I lied. He helped me into the apartment and gave me a bundle of one thousand naira notes, I smiled and shook my head.

‘No dear, that’s not…’ He cut me off and said;

‘I insist, please.’ He hugged me and left saying;

‘I’ll be in touch.’

‘Okay,’ I replied. Just as he reached the door he turned back and said to me;

‘I’m sorry Bimpe, didn’t mean to hurt you.’ I nodded and burst into tears as he closed the door quietly behind him. Then I had no doubt in my mind that he knew I overheard his conversation with his girlfriend.

‘So girls, that’s how my weekend went and that’s the reason I won’t be seeing him again. I’ve been home since Saturday but didn’t want to upset your weekend, that’s why I didn’t tell you I was home.’ My friends all kept quiet, looking at me with sympathy. Sandra was the first to speak.

‘I’m sorry sweet, I didn’t know he had a girlfriend, I wouldn’t have…’ I cut her off mid-sentence.

‘Oh stop. I wouldn’t take this weekend back for any reason, I enjoyed myself and felt free for the first time in a long while. I felt liberated, I had superb sex, and don’t forget the money too! So no apologies, Okay?’ She searched my face, looking for the truth behind that statement. I’m sure she found it because she smiled and said;

‘Alright!’ She hugged me and Amanda and Koyin joined in. Amanda said;

‘Hell babe, you are too nice! If I was the one, I won’t let him off the hook that fast or easy!’

‘What would you have done o Ama? Start crying or make a scene in the middle of the sea?’ Bimpe said and we laughed disentangling ourselves from our group-hug.

‘I will like to make a toast!’ Koyin said. We filled our cups and raised it up.

‘To liberation of the heart!’ Koyin toasted and we all cheered before drinking our wine. Bimpe turned to Sandra,

‘Now queen bitch! It’s your turn!’ Sandra looked at them one after the other, sighed, smiled and said;

‘I’m in love!’ We all spat out the liquid in our mouth.






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…To be continued…

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