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          The family was everything and nothing makes a parent happier than seeing her kids happy but after lots of sugar consumption, children could be problematic. She was left to battle with the kids unused energy. 


          They ran around the room and let their mother chase them. Funmi wished she was an octopus because sooner had she grabbed one child in her hand than another escaped. She struggled to take off their clothes and get them into the shower but it was not working. she has been after them for almost an hour. 

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‘Baby please, mummy is very tired, she has to go to court tomorrow morning and you too have to go to school, please let me get you ready for bed.‘ She said almost in tears to Precious who was in her hands at that moment. The small girl let up the struggle when she heard the tears in her mother’s voice. 

‘Don’t cry mummy, I will change,’ she said in her tiny sweet voice. One down, two to go, thank God for daughters! 

          Seyi laid in bed wondering what was keeping his wife away from their bedroom. He has high hope they were going to pick up from where they stopped this morning. His wife had been very friendly during their outing and had been dropping suggestive look and body language. They even stole few kisses at the party. He has cleaned up real good, even shaved his armpit and private part hair, he wanted her to see him in his full glory. He wanted her to drop before him and lick his balls. He has had a bit too much to drink but he was not drunk, he waited impatiently for Funmi. An hour passed and she was not back, all he could hear was laughter coming from their children’s room. He felt betrayed, so it was back to the old routine, using their children as an excuse to avoid her husband. He was too angry to even masturbate. He took a cold shower and let the alcohol in his system took him to bed. His last thought was; ‘Bitch! Leading me on all day and then ditching me…’

          After reading five bedtime stories to her kids, they finally drifted to sleep. Though her back was aching and her voice was sore, she was very grateful they were asleep. She glanced at her wristwatch, it was almost eleven o’clock. She wondered why her husband did not come and help her with the kids. It was so annoying. There was a limit to being selfish, after all, he was the one feeding the kids with ice cream and indulging them at the party. She felt betrayed. They could have handled the kids together, they would have achieved more in little time. He must be upstairs watching porn on his laptop, she thought bitterly. To think she was going to make love with him today and was thinking of giving it to him tonight! She climbed the stairs with heavy and tired feet, her anger climbing higher as she drew nearer to their bedroom. She was going to give Seyi a piece of her mind tonight. She entered the room boiling only to find him snoring loudly on their bed! Series of ideas ran through her mind. Should she wake him with a slap or cold water? Should she pounce on him and beat some sense into him? She contemplated her last thought but decided it wasn’t worth it and she didn’t have any energy left.

          By the time she laid down, it was passed midnight but the sleep would not come because Seyi was snoring so loud. It was her fault, she should not have allowed him have so much to drink, now she was suffering for it. She covered her ear with two pillows, it didn’t work. She turned and twisted, she was still uncomfortable. She roused up and looked at him with total disgust as anger engulfed her. She felt like kicking him out of bed but instead she left their bedroom to sleep in the guest room. Peace finally! 

        He was hitting it very fast. Both of her legs were wrapped around his waist and he drew her closer with his hands on her thighs. His back ached, his waist ramped faster and harder, he was almost there, but for some unknown reason, he couldn’t ejaculate. The pain in his groin became more intense as he forced himself to come. His eyes flew open, goodness, it was just a dream, however, he needed the loo badly. Coming back from the toilet, he noticed Funmi was not on their bed, she was not in the toilet so where could she be? He touched the other side of their bed, his wife’s side, it was cold! 

Has it come to this? She doesn’t want to sleep on their bed again? Hmmm! Could she be unfaithful? Noooo! Funmi can’t do that to me. Why not? She’s beautiful and successful. She comes across lots of men, successful men every day and she hasn’t been giving him sex so she must be getting it from someone! Maybe she didn’t sleep in their bed because she was on the phone with her lover. It was already five in the morning, Seyi did some exercise before getting ready for work. He checked on his children before leaving his house, that at least brought some smile to his face. He did not see his wife at all and he did not care!


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…To be continued…

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 Written by Olatorera 

 Edited by Olatorera and Ola Adeyemi Smith

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