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          From far away came voices calling her, she wished she could stop them but it kept on coming and reluctantly she opened her eyes. She turned over stretching, then the voice came calling again. ‘Mummy! Mummy! Where are you?’ Her eyes almost bulged out of their sockets! She forgot to set the alarm clock in the guest room, she was too tired. It was almost 6 a:m when she looked at the clock. Oh my God! It’s daybreak! It was a school day and she has to be in court! She sprang up from the bed, almost falling down, screaming, ‘Mummy’s coming!’ The kids were cooperative this morning, they knew mummy was not in good mood. They dressed fast and quietly, they didn’t want to be late for school too. They ate their foods without complaints and got into the car without being asked. Funmi rushed out of the house, hoping and praying she didn’t forget anything.

          ‘I can’t believe that selfish son of a bitch didn’t wake me up,’ Funmi cursed as she navigated through the horrible Lagos Monday traffic. She cursed and abused any other road user that crossed her path. She drove like a crazy woman and didn’t care which law she broke. She has to be in court by ten o’clock and she cannot afford to be late. She drove into the court premises just in time. Funmi channeled all her anger and frustration into defending her client. She pulled out all her tricks, quoted the law, manipulated the script, stated the fact, painted scenarios and questioned the witnesses with so much expertise and a bit of intimidation. By the time the court adjourned, she has been able to work her anger to a manageable level. She gathered her files making mental notes on where she made mistakes and how to correct theme. 

‘Nice argument there, I’m glad we are on the same side! I was scared for a minute that guy was going to cry in the witness box! What drives you, girl?’ Ngozi commended Funmi and they both laughed. 

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‘Listen, can I ride back with you to the office? Bola brought me here but her case is still ongoing.’ Ngozi asked. 

‘Sure, let’s go.’

          Ngozi observed Funmi, worry lines crested her forehead and she knew something was not right. Apart from the fact that she’s a marriage counsellor, Funmi is also her friend and she could read her very well. 

‘How was your weekend Funmi?’ Ngozi asked watching Funmi closely. A brief smile crossed Funmi’s face then it tightened and then she frowned and then cursed. Ngozi had no doubt that the weekend was bitterswee, unknown to Funmi that she was being read like a book, she answered,

 ‘It was fine.’ Just then Funmi entered a pothole filled with water and she splashed two people walking beside the road. They cursed and abused her, she cursed them right back! Ngozi was taken back by Funmi’s outburst. She’s always been an amiable road user. 

         The gateman opened the gate for them grinning from ear to ear. 

‘Welcome ma, how your weekend be? I miss una oo. Wetin you come shop remain for your boy na?’ This was a normal banter, on any other day, Funmi would have responded in a similar way but today she snapped at him and everyone was surprised. Getting into her office, she snapped at the receptionist and called for her secretary. 

‘Good morning ma’am.’ The secretary greeted.

‘Are you through with the Adeleke versus Onabanjo case? Did you get the information I told you to get?’ She asked her without waiting for her response. 

‘No ma’am, my source said…’ Funmi interrupted her rudely. 

‘Are you telling me you can’t fish out information about out opponents? What am I paying you for self? Do you think we make good lawyers by reading books? What were you doing all weekend self?’ Funmi bombarded her secretary with questions without waiting or giving her the opportunity to answer the questions. 

‘I’m sorry ma, I was…’ 

‘Shut up and get out of my office! I want that file on my desk by the end of today or else!’ The secretary ran out of her office. 

‘Stupid girl, lazy thing!’ 

‘Ok! This stops here! Funmi stop behaving like a lunatic! You’ve been on a short fuse since I saw you in court today, cursing and getting angry with everyone. What’s going on at home and please don’t insult my intelligence by saying nothing! I can read you like a book! What’s going on!’ Ngozi said almost screaming! For the first time all day, Funmi saw herself as people saw her. Suddenly she was overwhelmed. It was like the whole world burden were on her shoulders. She sat down with a thud and dropped her face into her hands as she answered tearfully, 

‘Everything is wrong, everything…’


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…To be continued…

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 Written by Olatorera 

 Edited by Olatorera ad Ola Adeyemi Smith

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