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ROSIE’S DIARY: the happy ending. 3 (+18)



          The traffic was a bit light and I was happy about that because I needed my energy for something else. Finding the estate was easy but locating the building I was going was not but finally found it. I thought I was going to a hotel but the building I packed in front didn’t look like a hotel. I checked my phone for the address and I confirmed it on the gate. I was at the right building. I rang the bell. There was no response so I called him. He picked on the fifth ring.

Rosie: Hello.
Charles: Hi Rose. Are you almost here?
Rosie: Actually, I’m here. I rang the bell but no response.
Charles: Oh I’m sorry. I will open the gate now. Did you drive?
Rosie: Yes.
Charles: Okay.


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          And seconds later the gate moved aside slowly. I drove in. I checked my review mirror and there was no one by the gate. I watched the gate moved back to its position slowly. It was an automatic gate. I got down from the car and quickly took in my surroundings. It was a beautiful place. Then I saw Mr. Charles walking majestically towards me. My heart skipped. He was as handsome as I remembered him to be. I smiled nervously at him. I had lots of confidence coming here and I had no doubt that my plan would work but I wasn’t sure anymore. This man was intimidating and I didn’t think he would be manipulated easily. He smiled at me and I eased up.

‘Hello Rose! It’s nice to see you again. My God! You have changed beautifully!’ He said looking at me from head to toe! Yes I have changed. I am no more the girl you used to know!

‘Thank you Mr. Charles. You are not looking bad yourself.’

‘Thank you but please call me Charles. Is there anything I can help you carry?’

‘I can manage but if you don’t mind, you can help me with these bags.’ I said opening the boot and I gave him the heaviest bag. He carried it like it was just a ball! This man was full of energy. I was going for the second bag when he carried it too. I smiled at him and carried my personal bag and followed him.


          I entered his house and it was as if I was dropped in a movie set! It was those kinds of houses you only see in movies! Beautiful couldn’t describe it!

‘Welcome to my house Rose.’ He said! This was his house? My gosh! He has money! I wanted him for his good looks but now that money was involved, I wanted him more!

Do you blame me?

‘Wow! Your house is majestic and beautiful. Just like you!’ I said and almost bit my tongue! Why couldn’t I hold that last part to myself? He smiled at me.

‘Thank you for the house and personal compliments.’ He answered. Was he flirting with me? I hoped so.

‘Where do I set Mr. Charles. I mean Charles.’

‘What’s the hurry about? At least, sit and have a drink first.’ I said thank you and sat down. He asked me what I would like to drink I said water. Not that I wasn’t an alcohol lover but I needed a clear head to work and execute my plans.

‘No drinking on the job?’ he asked playfully.

‘Exactly!’ I replied.

‘You can relax. You are safe with me.’ He said smiling and revealing a super white set of teeth! God help me! I so wanted this man. I wanted to say to him;

“I may be safe with you but you are not safe with me!”


          I was expecting him to call on a maid but he went himself. A house this big and neat must surely have more than one maid! I took the opportunity to look around. This man has taste. The walls were covered with beautiful paintings. I saw the biggest television I didn’t even know existed on one of the walls. The wallpapers covering one of the walls was one of a kind. He came back with a glass of water and I gulped it entirely.

‘Wow! Do you want more? Are you hungry?’ He asked and I was embarrassed. Truly I was hungry for food and for him but I didn’t tell him that.

‘Arh-Arh-Arh! I was just thirsty. Thank you. That’s enough. Do you stay alone?’ I asked making a conversation and getting to know my prey.

‘Yes for now. I relocated with my family to Canada some years ago but I’m back home now. I have a business idea I want to start in Nigeria and I have to be here myself. If it works out, I will stay but my family won’t come back though.’

‘Okay… I wish you luck. Did you just buy this house?’

‘No. I built it five years ago.’

‘It’s very big for only you. Don’t you get lonely or bored?’

‘Well it’s big but I’m comfortable with my own company but once in a while I have friends come around or go out and have fun.’

‘You must have dozens of maid to clean it up.’ I said looking around. I really wanted to know if there were nosy maids around.

‘I don’t have maids, I have just a chef. I don’t play with my stomach and I love good food. I commissioned a cleaning agency to clean the house once in a week. I think that’s enough about me. Tell me what you have been up to.’

‘Hmmmm. Nothing much. After service, I got a job at an advertising agency and I’m their PRO. The company is very big, has branches all over Nigeria and abroad too. It’s a good job and I like it. Once in a while when clients I can’t say no to come to the spa, I help my aunt and sometimes I go to the spa when I’m broke. That’s me.’

‘I’m happy you are doing well. So why did you accept me as a client?’ He asked and I smiled.

‘I couldn’t say no…’ I whispered the truth and he said;

‘Good! Do you want something to eat before we start?’ I was really hungry but I said no. Then he asked me to follow him and I did.


          We climbed a flight of stairs till we got to the top. We walked the hallway till he opened a door. He entered, I followed. The room was very spacious and it housed a very big bed. There was a 32 inches TV on the wall and a home-theater beneath it and I was very happy about that. I have a mixtape of country music I loved to listen to while I work. Obviously, the room was a guest room because it wasn’t really decorated and the table in the room was empty. He dropped the bags on the floor and looked at me asking;

‘Will this do?’ Did he mean if the bed was big enough for me to fuck him in?

‘Yes it will. Should we use the bed or do you have a small mattress we can put on the floor?’ I asked. He looked at me, looked at the bed and the floor and said;

‘The bed will do unless it’s not okay for you.’ I pressed the bed. It was a hard orthopedic bed. It will do.

‘The bed-sheet will get wet, oily and dirty…’ I said meaning something else entirely. A dark expression took over his face and his breathing changed. Definitely, he wasn’t thinking about the massage too.

‘I don’t mind…’ He said and we stood there looking at each other. Then I quickly snapped out of it. I cleared my throat.

‘Okay.’ I went to the bags and brought out the things I needed.

‘Since we are not in the office where we have the machines we will have to improvise. Please rub this honey all over you for ten minutes then have a warm shower. Then scrub your body with this body-scrub and wait for five minutes before taking another warm bath. Then wait till the water dries then come out. This will clean and open your pores and allow fresh air in your body. I will be set by then.’ I said giving him the honey and body-scrub. He collected them and asked;

‘Come out naked?’ If I was white, I would have turned red! He was flirting with me! He thought this was his game! I laughed at him in my brains. Well, Charles, I can play your game. I purposely looked embarrassed and confused. I said;

‘Ehm-Ehm. Sorry. Take this towel…’ I handed it over refusing to meet his gaze. He went into the bathroom and I set to work. I had just twenty minutes to set the mood I wanted.


          I drew the table in the room close to the bed, I started laying out my containers on it. After everything was in its place, I began placing the candles on the floor and table and everywhere that has a solid surface. Every professional scented candle must have an aluminum bottom so that when it burnt out it wouldn’t burn anything else and also you could place it on water too. I lit them. I went back to my makeshift work table and set the small pot on the bio-stove. Then I poured my homemade oil into the pot and added the vanilla flavor, the citrus mixture, the coconut water extract, the SGF and the HBL into it. I stirred it around with my finger. Then I fired the stove and reduced the fire to the least volume. I placed the Neurogesic ointment beside not too far from the stove for it to warm up too. I inserted my mixtape in the home theater cd slot and waited for it to play. When it did, I reduced its volume. Then I left the room taking one of my bowls with me and went in search of the kitchen. I found it after opening three doors unsuccessfully. Luckily, the freezer had ice blocks. I took a bowlful and two bottles of water. And I headed back to the room I left. Sweet and arousing aroma had filled the room and soft music filled my ears. I loved what I had achieved. I put off the light and everything became dim but seconds later, my eyes adjusted to the vision. I was set. Three minutes later, Charles came out.

All men are born equal but some are more equal than others!


          He was a pleasure to look at. It reminded me why I lusted after him in the first place. Broad black chest with tiny pointing nipples. He didn’t have a six pack but his stomach wasn’t sloppy either. I followed his stomach till the towel blocked my view.

‘Wow! This is nice! Where are these aromas coming from?’ He asked.

‘It’s a trade secret. I will have to kill you if I tell you.’ I joked.

‘I love it. What do you want me to do?’

“I want you to take off your towel and show me your dick!” I thought but said;

‘First, tell me what you want. Do you want to release stress from your body or do you just want to relax your bones, or do you want everything…’ I asked him. I said the “everything” sultrily and sexily.

‘Everything…’ He said following the mood. I smiled and told him;

‘Please lie on the bed and make yourself comfortable.’ He did as he was told. I poured some of the oil mixtures in the pot into a bowl and returned the pot to the stove. I placed my hands in front of the candles on the table to warm my hands. Satisfied that they were warmed, I dipped them into the oil bowl and then placed my hands on his back.

‘Aoish!’ He whispered.

‘Sorry!’ I whispered too and began kneading.


          I started from his right shoulder, looking for the knots and working my fingers on them and untangling them. I used my fingers, my palms, my arms and my elbows to bring release to the tensed muscles. When I was done with the right side, I moved to the other side of the bed and began rubbing, kneading, patting to stimulate circulation, increase suppleness and relieve tension. I purposely didn’t climb his back, I was reducing body contact to the necessary minimum. I wanted him to want me to touch him. I moved to his midriff and started working on it. There were a lot of tension there and I did my best to loose them. This man needed sex! His waist was underused! I rub some Neurogesic on my palms and used them on his waist. I felt the tension slipped away as I worked on them. When I was done with that, I went back to the table. I cleaned my sweaty face and arms and drank water. Then I placed my warm palm in the ice bowl. I endured the sensation without making any noise. I didn’t want to alert him on what was coming. When I couldn’t feel my hands again. I took it off and placed each hand on each of his thighs. He shook like he was in a seizure.

‘Arharaharaharaharaharha!’ His head shot up and he tried to look back at me. I looked innocently back at him and said;

‘Sorry! Just relax.’ Relax my foot! He couldn’t even if he tried! Do you have an idea what cold hands do to a warm body? Try it and let me know!

I was prepping him for my seduction but he didn’t know that. He had become uncomfortable because his dick was hard and he was trying to cover it. I dipped my hands back into the warm oil and placed it on his thighs relieving his tension. I didn’t want to make my seduction obvious.

A drop at a time makes a bowl full.


          I worked my way from his thighs to his legs. I discovered he was ticklish at his calfs and I spent more time on them. He rewarded me with laughing and moaning. I ran my hand from his legs upwards to his shoulders, looking for any knot I might have missed. I didn’t miss anything. It was time for a pleasure massage.

After performing the ritual of dipping my hands in the warm oil bowl, I moved to where his head was and started working on his neck. He was ticklish there too but he was more aroused than tickled. He began moving his waist from side to side trying to control his arousal. I pretended not to notice. I knelt on the floor, bringing my face and breast closer to his head, and I began rubbing his ears, teasing more than massaging. I was breathing erotically like I was having sex in his hearing, all my efforts were to arouse him. Soon his own breathing changed too. Having him almost where I wanted him, I asked him the trap question. If he took it, he was done for. Bringing my lips closer to his ears I breathed into his ears;

‘Do you want to turn over so I can massage you front side?’

…To be finished tomorrow.





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…To be continued…

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Written by Olatorera

Edited by Olatorera and Ola Adeyemi Smith.

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