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ROSIE’S DIARY: the happy ending. 4 (+18)




          I worked my way from his thighs to his legs. I discovered he was ticklish at his calf and I spent more time on it. He rewarded me with laughing and moaning. I ran my hand from his legs upwards to his shoulders, looking for any knot I might have missed. I didn’t miss anything. It was time for a pleasure massage.


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          After performing the ritual of dipping my hands in the warm oil bowl, I moved to where his head was and started working on his neck. He was ticklish there too but he was more aroused than tickled. He began moving his waist from side to side trying to control his arousal. I pretended not to notice. I knelt on the floor, bringing my face and breast closer to his head, and I began rubbing his ears, teasing more than massaging. I was breathing erotically like I was having sex in his hearing, all my efforts were to arouse him. Soon his own breathing changed too. Having him almost where I wanted him, I asked him the trap question. If he took it, he was done for. Bringing my lips closer to his ears I breathed into his ears;

‘Do you want to turn over so I can massage you front side?’ He was silent for some seconds before saying in a hoarse voice.

‘Yes please,’ and I knew he was in my trap.

‘You may turn over now.’ I said leaving his side and moving to the table backing him. I wanted to give him enough time to adjust himself. I heard him turned while I busied myself with warming my hands with the candles and after some minutes I made some noises to inform him that I was turning and I turned. Naturally when we massage the front side, we always use a blindfold or place a cucumber on each eye but I did neither on his face. I wanted him to look.


          I moved to the edge of the bed where his legs were and placed my hands on them and I began to knead. My breast was directly in his sight and if he dared to look, he would see more than he should. I took his toes one by one and I rubbed tension away from them. I was pretending to concentrate on my job and he didn’t know I caught him twice stealing looks at my breast. I went over to the table and brought the oil bowl and the ice bowl to the bed. I was about to get serious with my seduction game and I needed to be in one place. I took the whole of his feet and massaged thoroughly. I started making painful noise and stopping at intervals while rubbing his feet. Three minutes after this drama I was acting, he opened his eyes. I saw him through my lashes but I pretended not to and I kept on working. Few seconds later, I stopped working on his legs and clutched my side.

‘Iissshh.’ I moaned.

‘Are you alright Rose?’ He asked and I gave him a reassuring smile before replying him.

‘I’m okay. It’s just that the bed is low and it’s hurting my back and side. It’s alright though. It’s part of the job.’ I smiled again making an attempt to go back to work. I bent very low knowing that his eyes were still opened and he could see my cleavage. He was lost for seconds before he regained his composure.

‘Ehm-Ehm. Do you want to stop or rest for a while?’ Stop ke? When I was just beginning!

‘No it’s alright. It’s because the bed is too low and wide and I have to move around it bending low. I will soon be finished. Let me continue.’ I placed my hands on his left leg bending very low and making a very painful expression on my face.

‘Why don’t you climb on the bed? It will make it easier.’ Thanks Charles! I’ve been waiting for you to say that! I looked very unsure of his request and made it look like I was thinking about it.

‘Are you sure you don’t mind?’ I asked looking unsure still.

‘No I don’t. Please climb on the bed.’

‘Okay. Thanks.’ I said and stretched before climbing the bed. Now that I have achieved my first goal, I moved on to the second one.

‘Are you feeling the massage? I mean, am I easing your tension?’ I asked in a sultry low voice.

‘Yes… I feel so relaxed and the pain in my waist is no more there.’ He replied.

‘Good. I don’t want the customer under satisfied!’

‘No way! I think home service is better than coming to your office self! You are really taking your time…’

‘Really? Well, you are the only customer in the waiting line.’ I said laughing softly. The conversation continued. I was engaging him in a conversation because I wanted his eyes opened so he could see me work on him. As we talked I moved upward to his thighs. I separated his legs a bit and took his left lap in my hands and started caressing. His breathing was coming fast and short and soon his dick began to rise. I ignored it like a professional. He cleared his throat and said;

‘Ggggmmmmhhhhh! Rose… I think we should stop here…’ I smiled reassuring at him before saying;

‘I understand but it’s totally normal Charles. You are human and if you are not embarrassed, I’m not. Just pretend it’s not there.’

‘Are you not scared?’

‘Scared of what? A beautiful dick or the handsome owner? Besides, you said I was safe with you…’ I took the right lap in my hands and caressed pretending to massage. Occasionally, I will let my hands bumped with his balls and pretended it was nothing. His dick was getting harder by the minute and I kept giving him the assuring smile that everything was fine. Done with the laps, I went in for the kill. I climbed over his laps and sat astride him. I sat very close to his dick but I didn’t allow my body touch it yet. I poured some oil on his chest and started rubbing. I did the actual massage for a while before switching to seduction. I bent forward and my breast touched his very firm and long dick. This man has got my dream dick!

‘Sorry…’ He whispered.

‘It’s okay.’ I whispered back. I continued going back and forth on his chest my breast rubbing his dick then I noticed it was getting wet.

‘Arh! Rose! I can’t take this anymore!’ He made to stand up and it was all the leverage I needed.


          As he stood up his dick pressed against my breast and his face came in front of me. We stared at each other for two seconds and I moved forward a bit and he did the rest. He grabbed me and crushed his mouth on me. I kissed him back as urgently as he was kissing me. He pulled my cloth over my head in one motion and pulled my breast out the bra. He buried his face in it for seconds then turned me over. He pulled the shorts away from my buttocks and spread my legs. He looked at me for a moment, I nodded my head in consent and he entered me in one swift movement.

‘Aaaarrrhhh!’ We both screamed and started moving together. There was no word greater than the rising and falling of his penis. This was pure sex. Nothing romantic. It was selfish. It was born from lust, want, and need. He rammed into me and I took him happily. I wrapped my legs around his waist drawing him closer. I saw him tensed up and I knew he was coming. I clamped my vagina walls tighter and he screamed!

‘Aaarrrhhhh! Aaaarrrhhh! Aaarrsh…’ He convulsed against me moaning continuously. I rubbed his back, calming him down.

‘What have you done to me?’ He murmured against my stomach. I didn’t answer. I shook my body and he raised his head up.

‘Can I finish my work now?’ I asked looking serious.

‘Are you kidding me?’ He asked laughing.

‘Nope!’ I said turning him over.

‘Aouish!’ He yelped. I looked at him and I saw that the remaining ice and oil has poured on the bed and he was sitting on the cold spot.

‘Didn’t I warn you it will get wet, oily and dirty?’ I said smiling and he burst into laughter.

‘It’s time for you dick massage…’ I said and took his dick into my mouth.

I will be selfish with the rest of the event that followed! All I can tell you is that, I have a new fuckingly rich and largely endowed man friend who is crazy about me! See you next time. I’m Rosie, and I’m a very good bad girl…

                                        *******The End******





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…To be continued…

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Written by Olatorera

Edited by Olatorera and Ola Adeyemi Smith.

© 2015 by IBIOLAT communications.


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