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          JOY quickly took a shower and dressed up. She was so worried to leave her room that she decided to leave a note for him in case he came back.

“Dear Kell.

I am so happy you came back! Please don’t go anywhere as I will be right back. Please call me on 08128137311 when you are around! I love you please don’t go away.

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P.S. I’m not angry with you!

Love Joy.”

          A tear rolled down her face and stained the paper she was writing on. For the first time since she met Kell, she was going to tell him she loved him and it hurt her that he had to read it on paper! Why had she been mute about her feelings? Why didn’t she try to find out more about him? She had been living in fantasy-land and she didn’t want to face reality at all. More tears dropped on the letter before she realized she was making the paper wet. She folded it into two and wrote on the outer side, “TO KELL.”

          SAMUEL was very worried about Joy, she looked depressed. The first time he saw her, she didn’t look very happy but she looked well-kept, organized and peaceful. She was pleasant and contented. The second time he saw her was the next day when he went to see her as she had asked and he saw a different person entirely. The one he saw was all smiles and looking very sexy. She looked very happy. He didn’t enter her room as she met him at the door but knew someone was in her room. He had been looking out for her but he hadn’t seen her around. The company she came with had left three days ago and he thought she had left too until he got a call that the guest in the penthouse wanted to see him.

          THE questions she asked him were very unusual. Why was she so interested in the space beyond the clove? How did she know there was a footpath behind the clove? The footpath was for staff to cut short the long walk to the golf course and not for guest! He hoped a colleague hadn’t done anything wrongful, hurtful or offensive to Joy.

          JOY’s first stop was the receptionist. She gave him her keycard with instructions him to give it to Mr. Kell when he asked of her. She told the receptionist that the guest must be made very comfortable and given anything he asked for. She gave him her very personal number and asked to be called immediately Mr. Kell showed up. Also, she told him to assure the guest that she hadn’t gone far and would be back in seconds.

          AS she gave the instructions, her subconscious told her it was a lost battle. She tried to block it out but it came strongly at her.

“You know he’s not coming back, right? You are saying when he comes back as if you are sure he’s coming back! Why hasn’t he come back all this time you have been waiting for him? Didn’t you hear what Samuel said? There is no house beyond that clove! He lied to you from the beginning! You gave your virginity to a man you know not his last name! You should have tried to know him, Joy! Why don’t you just pack up and go home? Don’t go to that clove again because you will get hurt over and over again. He’s gone.”

“No! He’s coming back! I’m going to go to that clove and find out things for myself! Maybe it’s a new property Samuel doesn’t know about! I’m not going to give up without trying! Leave me alone!” She fought her subconscious.

“Okay! Good luck! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

Tears were almost running from Joy’s eyes but she kept them on a leash. She walked towards Samuel who was smiling at her. Joy didn’t smile back.

‘Let’s go, Sam.’ She said and Samuel led the way.

          AS they walked through the very familiar footpath, memories came hunting her. She almost screamed in pain when they came to the jacuzzi and she saw the clove again. She stopped walking and started blowing air through her mouth to stop the tears that were happening on her. Was this the feeling everyone felt when they see where they lost their virginity? Her heart began to pound, it raced seven times the normal rate. It was very hard to breathe.

‘Madam? Are you okay? Are you tired? Do you need water?’ Samuel asked concernedly.

          SHE couldn’t speak. No, she wasn’t tired! No, she wasn’t okay but yes she needed water! She raised her hands towards her mouth in a drinking motion and Samuel ran to the fridge in the clove. Joy tried to compose herself as Samuel went away.

“Pull yourself together girl! It’s not over until it’s over but be prepared. Once you cross the clove, you will come to reality. It will either make or break you. Stay strong Joy…”

She took a sip of water, thanked Samuel and they began their journey again. After about two minutes, they came to a small gate that was covered with flowers. No one can easily see the gate unless they were looking for it. Anyone coming through that gate knew where it was! She took a long breath as Samuel opened the gate and they stepped out of the clove.

          IT was truly a very beautiful open space! It was an endless length of green grasses and white sands! She looked left and right, there was no house in sight. Something swelled in her throat and she couldn’t speak, she just looked into the empty space. Luckily, her sub-conscience was quiet. Her mind was blank. She was incapable of thinking, she just wanted to breathe. Tears wielded in her eyes but she held on to it still hoping she could find him.

‘Madam, are you alright? You don’t look good! You look pale!’ Samuel asked very concernedly.

‘I-I-I am okay. Can I see the end of this course?’ Joy asked in trembling voice.

‘Yes ma’am but we will need a cart because it’s a very long walk.’ Samuel explained. He expected her to argue but she didn’t. She just nodded her head.

          WHAT was this woman searching for? He was so worried about her as they got into the cart. She looked lost in the space and he wished he could help but he didn’t know how! If only he knew what she was looking for! He was tempted to ask if she was alright again but he kept quiet guessing she needed the silence. He navigated the cart slowly giving Joy time to look around. As they approached the stream, he saw her breathing very fast.

          JOY feared the end as they drove through the golf course. She clearly could see that there was no house in sight. Why would he lie to her and where did he come from? She asked herself repeatedly playing how they met in her mind over and over. What did she miss? Did she hear him wrong? They arrived at the stream and she heard the engine went dead and everything was silent. For minutes she watched the water swayed. The stream was crying for her loss. It was clear to her that there was no house and he was gone. She wanted to cry but tears wouldn’t come. She needed to scream but her throat was dry.

          SAMUEL gave her over thirty minutes to find peace with herself. He was also looking at the stream and wishing the thing she was looking for would metamorphose. If only he knew what it was she was looking for. He called her name two times but she didn’t respond so he nudged her shoulders. She turned towards him a bit without saying anything.

‘Madam, can we return to the hotel now?’ Samuel asked Joy. She didn’t say anything for a while but nodded her head minutes after. Samuel drove the cart all the way to the private elevator and helped her get to her room.

‘I will check on you, madam. Please take care of yourself.’ He wished he could do more as he left her at her door but he couldn’t.

          JOY refused to think badly of Kell. She decided to call him an angel sent by God to give her what she needed at that time. There was no other reasonable explanation for the appearance and disappearance of Kell. She packed her bag and went home. A month later she married her doctor friend, Akin Oriyomi.



          SOMEONE was shaking her. She could feel being touched but she couldn’t open her eyes, move her lips, hear anything or move her body from where she was. Her body and mind were paralyzed Had rescue come? Would she be saved or was it the visitor who came back?

          THE intruder looked at her and was sure she was drunk again. The intruder called her name severally but she didn’t answer. The intruder shook her but she was lifeless.

“This is my opportunity to get what I want. She has refused to go the easy way so if she died it was no problem.”

She didn’t deserve this but the intruder felt there was no other choice.

          JOY knew something was happening to her. Something was moving her head but she didn’t feel any pains. Then she concentrated all her remaining energy into opening her eyes. It took her sometime but she finally opened them. She didn’t see the person’s face but saw the intruder’s shoe and she knew who it was. Was the person trying to help her? Was he moving her to safety? She willed to talk but she could and then she felt it. She felt warm liquid getting into her eyes and blurring her view. Suddenly her sense of smell was working again and she knew what the warm liquid was. It was blood. She was being killed all over again! She felt double betrayed. If she could turn back the hands of time, she would handle things differently. A tear rolled down her eyes and mixed with the blood.

As she drew her dying breath, her thoughts were with her son. “I love you…”

          HE was restless. Joy was dead! At least he was free to get his son and some money too but he had just committed murder! He didn’t want to go to jail so he needed to make the crime looked like a crime scene. He began to stage the house to look like a burglary. As he exited the door, he looked back at his handwork and felt he had done a good job.

…to be continued…



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