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          KELL felt the hesitation in her body and he stopped taking off her panties. He looked at her and she looked back. It was like she was debating in her mind whether to do it or not. “Don’t do this to me!” Kell prayed. She saw the moment she gave her approval before she smiled at him and relaxed her body. He smiled back at her and took off the panty. He quickly got rid of his boxers too before she changed her mind. He kissed her thighs upward till he got to her breast. He took one nipple in his mouth. He felt her cradle his head closer to her chest as he moved from one breast to the other.

          HE couldn’t wait again as her wanton moaning was driving him crazy. He tried to slip into her gently because he wanted to start gently and build the tension but it seemed something was stopping him. Had he missed his way? That would be a first! He kept on kissing her while he used his fingers to locate her opening. He positioned himself at her entrance. He felt warm liquid trickled down his penis.

‘I’m a virgin..’ He heard as he pushed inside her sharply!

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‘What!’ Her screamed and stopped.

           EVERYTHING in him screamed! He froze, unable move. What had just happened? This girl neither look nor talk like a teenager, she was a grown woman. He searched her face again just to be sure. This was no young girl! How could she be a virgin? He did not want to believe her but he knew she was telling the truth! He just disflowered a woman. Many things ran through his mind but he couldn’t make sense of what was happening. Had she been keeping her virginity? If yes why give it to him a total stranger? Was he dreaming? Who kept their virginity in this age and time anyways? It was 2022 for pete sake! He became intrigued. Who was this woman? He wanted to remove his dick from her pussy but she threw her arms around him and squeezed his waist closer with her thighs saying;

‘Please don’t stop, please…’ She said kissing his neck shyly.

‘But you…’

‘Sshhhhiiii! Do it!’ She commanded.

          KELL smiled. He liked the way she command. He wanted her and she wanted him, what was the problem here? He began to move slowly. He has never met a virgin and he didn’t know how to move. He was a novice when he came to virgins.

          JOY was happy she was able to convince Kell to continue. He looked at her once then started moving slowly. Sex was a timeless rhythm every female knew how to dance. You didn’t need to be taught, you just stumbled on the rhythm. You found your partner’s pace and follow. Joy found the pace. She moved her waist up and down to meet Kell’s hips. She was moaning softly while kissing his neck, face, and lips. She waited for the back-breaking sensation that she felt when his toes on her clitoris but it wasn’t coming. She enjoyed his movement in and out of her but it wasn’t getting her to the point of no return. Then it occurred to her that Kell was handling her with care! “Can you imagine? I didn’t wait all this years to be fucked like this! What can I do ooo?” The moment she thought it,
her brain sent information to her waist and hips and she bumped into him. She increased the pace and drew him closer to her still.

“Wow! This girl wants it fast!” Kell thought as he felt the urgency in Joy’s movement.

He had been dying to thrust harder into her! He raised up her buttocks and held on to her waist with his hands and started ramping into her faster. It would be an understatement to say he had never been in a tighter pussy. Of course, no dick has crossed this path yet. Her vagina walls clenched to his dick like a glue to a paper. Not only was she tight but was so lubricated that it drove him crazy but he needed to hold on to his passion for Joy to reach climax first. He released one hand from her waist and took it to her breast. Joy rewarded him with a moan.


Kell needed Joy to climax because he wasn’t sure of how long he could hold it anymore. He increased the pace of his hands and hips and she rewarded him again!

‘Arhwwoohh! Arhwwoohh! Oh my gosh! Yeeeeee! Aaarrrrhhh! Ohw! Ohw! Aawwww!’ She screamed into the wind as Kell fucked her. Her legs began to shake and she knew she was climaxing again!

‘Let it go baby!’ Kell whispered. He was at the edge of losing it himself. Joy did as she was told and succumbed to the sweet relief. Kell felt the hot liquid greased his penis and he gave one last heavy thrust and came like he never did before.

‘Hhmmggg! Hhmmnggh!’ He grunted holding on to her.

          SHE had seen movies about the moment after sex and wondered what the awkwardness was all about but now she knew. Her eyes were shut and she was scared to open them. She had just had sex with a stranger without thinking of the consequences. She was a good girl, a respected daughter of a billionaire and a billionaire herself! What if it was a setup? What if he began to blackmail her? What if he has some contagious sexual diseases? What have I done?! She was very annoyed with herself but it wasn’t because she had slept with a stranger! It was because she enjoyed it, she wanted more and she would do it all over again! She had no shame! How did she get here? She felt Kell shifting his weight off her but he didn’t stand up completely. She could feel his eyes burning into her body. She decided to be motionless, maybe he will just go away!

          KELL knew what was going on. It was the “morning after feelings!” This beautiful woman had just given him her virginity and he was so curious to hear her story. No way was he going to allow her leave just like that but he knew he had to make her feel confident before she would open up to him. He took a good look at her face and breast and he was hard again. He had to tell himself to stop!

‘Are you okay?’ Kell asked Joy who was trying very hard not to move.

Kell touched her face gently and caressed it for some seconds. He said quietly but clearly;

‘You are a very beautiful and brave woman. Please open your eyes love.’

          JOY’S heart swelled. This handsome man thought she was beautiful and brave and he called her love! Could he have fallen in love with her at a first glance too? She had never fallen in love and she didn’t know what it took to do so! She opened her eyes slowly but cast her lashes so she wouldn’t look at him. Then she felt him coming closer to her and before she knew what was happening, he was kissing her.

          LOOKING down at her shy face, he couldn’t help but kiss her. He wanted to leave an assuring kiss on her lips but the moment he touched her lips, he had to have more. He knew he took her by surprise but she started responding after a few seconds. Her lips were so soft and succulent and it tasted of wine and berries. He would have intensified the kiss but he wanted to get to know Joy. He took one final dip into her mouth, kissed her lips and her forehead then looked at her again.

‘Aargh! You are the sweetest thing on earth!’ He exclaimed and meant it. He kissed her left cheek and lifted himself off her. He sat beside her and drew her into his arms.

‘How on earth have you kept your virginity for this long? Are you from this planet?’

          JOY laughed heartily. She liked being in this man’s arms. She felt cherished, for the first time, she felt like a woman. She wasn’t as shy as she was initially and she answered his question as truly as possible.

‘I just never found the one…’ She said the last word with a yawn. Being in Kell’s arms was making her sleepy.

‘Are you okay?’ Kell asked again.

‘I’m fine but my body is beginning to feel over-washed.’ She has been in the water for far too long.

‘Stay right there!’ Kell said and stepped out of the jacuzzi.

He walked quickly to the changing room and emerged with two robes and towels. He held out his hands and Joy took it stepping out of the water. He wore the robe for her and tied a towel around her hair.

          SHE loved being taken care by this man. He was giving her the love even her own mother didn’t show her. She couldn’t remember her mother ever bathing for her let alone drying her up! She watched him towel himself and her heart became heavy. Was this goodbye? Tears lined her eyes. She blinked to get rid of it. She didn’t know anything about this man yet it felt like she knew him well and his departure was causing her a great pain. How could she stop him? Was she ready to open her close life to a stranger?

“Stranger? You just had sex with him! He’s no more a stranger!” Her conscience judged her.

          HE knew he had to go but how could he leave this precious stone? He has been told many times that it was rude to leave a lady after sex! He knew it too! Especially not a lady he just took her virginity. He wished this happened in his house, he would have offered her to stay the night. He put on his robe and moved towards her. He stood in her front for seconds before pulling her into his arms. He squeezed her tight to himself not wanting to ever let go. He released her sighing. He was still very curious about her. Though she had said she was waiting for the right person, he still wanted to hear the full story. So he held her face in his two hands looking into her eyes and asking again;

‘Why are you still a virgin?’

          JOY fell into his embrace as he hugged her. He held on to her like she mattered and she hugged him back never wanting to let go. She heard him sigh before releasing her and she was sorry to leave his arms. She thought he wanted to kiss her when he turned her face up to look at him but he didn’t. He asked why she was a virgin again. She wanted to say the same thing she told him earlier but something told her not to. This was her chance to get him to stay. She searched her heart quickly and she was sure she wanted him to stay even though her head was screaming against it. Summoning all the bravery in the universe she said;

‘Come along to my room if you want to know me better.’ It came out softly but clearly.

         KELL heard what Joy said and he began to think he was dreaming. This woman had invited him to stay! He wanted to ask if she was sure but he feared she might come to her senses and changed her mind. He nodded in agreement and kissed her. Joy led him to her room quietly.

          THAT was how they spent the next six days in Joy’s penthouse. Kell gave Joy everything she had been missing and by the third day, she had become a pro! They ate, watch movies and fucked. At night they went for long walks and sometimes swim but they never talked about each other. The were both living a dream they didn’t wish to wake from. When she woke up on the seventh day, her bed was empty. She thought he was nearby until she found a note.

“Dear Joy.

I have been in a dream I don’t want to wake up from for the past few days that fell like an eternity. I want to thank you for trusting me and sharing your life with me. You are the most beautiful and extraordinary woman I’ve ever met. Joy, your body is beautiful never hide it again! Try to live more because life is too short. Have fun with your body and if you ever miss me, touch yourself like I taught you and always know my hand will always be on top of yours. I have to go now Joy. I hope to see you soon love. Bye.

Love. Kell.”

          SHE read the note over and over again and didn’t know what to make of it. How could he leave? Where did he go too? The note didn’t say when he was coming back yet it said he would see her soon! When? Where? How? She didn’t step out of her hotel room for three days, hoping he would come back. She didn’t want to miss him when he came back. Every knock that came on the door brought her hope but it wasn’t him. Not being able to handle the wait anymore, she called for Samuel on the fourth day.

‘Hello madam. I hope you are enjoying your stay? Thanks for the other day ma’am. How may I serve you today?’

‘Ehm Samuel. How long have you been working here?’

‘Seven years madam.’

‘Do you know this hotel well? I mean the grounds around it.’

‘Yes I do madam. I’ve worked in all departments and floors of this hotel. Any problem ma’am?

‘Not really. Tell me, what’s beyond that private clove you took me to that day?’

‘It’s the golf course ma.’

‘Golf course? What is after the golf course?’

‘It’s a stream ma. Hope no problem ma?’

‘Hmmm. Is there any house after the clove?’

‘This hotel is built on a hundred hectares of land and it all belongs to the hotel. No private properties around her.’

‘Hmmm. Can I see the place after that clove?’

‘Yes of course! I will get a golf cart ready and call you.’

‘No! Let’s take the foot path. The one behind the clove.’

‘Okay madam. I’m ready when you are ready.’

‘Give me a few minutes I will meet you in the lounge.’

‘Okay ma’am.’

          JOY quickly took a shower and dressed up. She was so worried to leave her room that she decided to leave a note for him in case he came back.

“Dear Kell.

I am so happy you came back! Please don’t go anywhere as I will be right back. Please call me on 08128137311 when you are around! I love you please don’t go away.

P.S. I’m not angry with you!

Love Joy.”

…to be continued…



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