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          …‘Arh! Chief! You see why I can’t have you around? You will just spoil me rotten! Thanks Chief but it’s not necessary, I can take care of myself. God bless you real good for me though. I was very scared you will be angry and collect the car back!’ I spilled out not meaning too. He laughed at me.

‘Arh Sandra! I’m not a wicked person now. See girl, you have earned everything I ever bought you and I can’t take it back from you. They are yours to do anything you want with.’

‘Thanks Chief!’ I said hugging him. He hugged me back and tried to kiss me on my lips. I drew back saying;

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‘Arh! This is very difficult oo. Are your friends in?’ Why was he asking? Did he want one last sex? I hope not! I wouldn’t be able to say no if I wanted a good exit. I looked towards Koyin parking space and her car was there, it was a relief.

‘Some of them are back, Koyin and Bimpe are home but I don’t know if Amanda is back yet.’ I said praying.

‘Okay. They must have seen me then,’ he said opening a compartment in his car and bringing out two bundles of #100 new notes. That was two hundred thousand!

‘You take this one and give them this one. I will miss taking all of you out and turning heads in parties!’

‘Awww! Chief! We will miss you too. Thanks for the money!’ I was going to hug him again when he stopped me.

‘No Sandra! I don’t trust myself not to grab and fuck you in this car if I hold you again. You should go before I change my mind!’ He said starting the car. I got down and opened the back door. I brought out the two bags and closed the door. He rolled down the passenger’s side window and said;

‘I will be lying if I tell you I want your relationship to work, but I wish you happiness because you deserve it. Take care Sandra. Goodbye!’ He said reversing his car. I said goodbye too and waged till his car disappeared. Immediately he was out of the compound, Bimpe and Koyin rushed out! So they had been peeping all these time?!

‘Aproko people!’ I said as they rushed towards me.

‘Sandra! I thought you said you are in love with Habib? What’s all these?’ Koyin said pointing to the two bags and the money in my hand. Bimpe didn’t allow me respond before she accused me too.

‘Don’t mind her jare! We saw both of you smooching in the car! Just imagine that Habib came at that period you were hugging Chief! Chai!’

‘Will you girls stop it? Am I that bad that you can’t give me the benefit of doubt? For your information, I was breaking up with him because of Habib!’ I said angrily. I was high on emotions and I was almost at my breaking point. They looked at me remorsefully.

‘Sorry Sandra. How did you tell him?’

‘Are we going to talk about it here or go inside?’ I said walking towards the door. Let them carry the bags as punishment for doubting me.


          I went into my room and showered before coming out. The girls were sitting down impatiently waiting for my gist. I was going to make them sweat for it like I did too.

‘Is there food in this house? I’m very hungry.’ I said going into the kitchen to their disappointment. I ate in silence, they didn’t ask me anything because they were scared I wouldn’t talk to them at all. Amanda came in and we all greeted her. She went into her room too. I finished my food and sat down with them and started watching TV with them. I saw from the corner of my eyes as Koyin and Bimpe whispered. Amanda came in and said;

‘Why are you people whispering?’ Amanda asked them sitting down. Koyin quickly told her;

‘Chief was here and Sandra broke up with him!’

‘Really? Are you really serious about this love thing? I can’t believe you let go of Chief oo! This is serious! How did you tell him?’ Amanda asked and I narrated everything to them.

‘But Chief is nice sha! Another person won’t drop the gifts even if they don’t collect the things they gave you before back!’ Koyin said.

‘So where’s our share of the gifts and money?’ Bimpe asked.

‘Share ko! Take ni! I’m not giving you anything!’ I said and they started teasing and begging me. Of course, I was going to give them, I was just pulling their legs.

‘Okay! I will give you! Guys, I want to sell my car.’ I told them.

‘Why?’ Koyin asked.

‘What’s wrong with it?’ Bimpe asked.

‘Nothing is wrong with it, I just want to change it. I don’t need two cars besides, I will just join small money to whatever I see on it and buy a bigger one.’ I told them.

‘It’s a good idea! After all, Chief don give you patapata. You go put am on OLX?’ Amanda asked.

‘No, I will call my mechanic! He’s a good guy and he’s always telling he has buyers if I ever what to sell.’ I informed them.

‘Good! Where’s our money oo!’ Bimpe asked.

‘I will give you now!’

‘Nooooo! Go and bring it now now!’ Amanda said and I went into my room laughing. I took ten notes out of the money so it would be ninety thousand and they could share it equally. Sharing the money to them I said;

‘Habib told me he loves me today!’

‘What! Wow!’ They said surrounding and hugging me.

‘When did he say it? How did he say it? Did you tell him you love him too?’ They asked and I told them how it happened. By the time I finished, they all wanted to meet Mariam and they wanted me to organize an outing including Mariam for the weekend. I told them I couldn’t promise anything then because she might have plans and Habib might have plans for us too. They joked that Habib has stolen me away from them. I told them it wasn’t possible but they have to share!


          I went to my room because I wanted to call Habib and I told the girls goodnight. I called him and we talked for over thirty minutes, but still, we reluctantly said goodbye. I called my mechanic and told him I wanted to sell my car. He asked when could prospective buyers come to inspect it and I told him we would arrange that when the time comes. I called Mariam and told her that her plans worked and she demanded a gift in return for her “hard work”. I promised to take her shopping. I also told her about my friends and she said she couldn’t wait to meet them too.


          I went to bed happy but scared. Everything seemed to be going on well and in my experience, things don’t go well like this! I said a silent prayer.

“God please, protect my heart from all heartbreakers. Give me strength to face obstacles on my way and help Habib to forget his hoes!” Amen somebody?!




          Driving in the afternoon in Lagos most times could be fun, stress less and wonderful. The traffic would be free and no angry driver would shout at you. I enjoyed the view as I drove towards Habib’s office. I had told my boss I was going to pursue a new and difficult client. Did I lie? I got to the gate and two security men approached me.

‘Good afternoon ma’am. Please, who are you here to see?’ One of the security guards questioned me.

‘Good afternoon. My name is Sandra and I’m here to see Mr. Habib.’

‘Are you on appointment please?’ He asked again.

‘Yes, he’s expecting me.’

‘Okay. Please give me a minute and I would be back.’ The one questioning me disappeared into a room by the gate and some seconds later he came out and said I could go in but my trunk must be inspected. I obliged knowing he was just doing his job. I thanked them as the gate was opening and I drove in. I roamed about the parking lot looking for a place closer to the entrance, I couldn’t find any. Habib’s car and other expensive cars filled where Habib parked his car the other day. I found a spot to park in as one man drove out. He smiled and winked at me when he passed me by. Back in the days, before Habib came into the picture, I would have smiled back and things might go on from there but today, I faced front.


          I quickly touched my make-up, rearranged my hair, sprayed on my perfume and I got out of the car putting on my Channel shades and taking my handbag with me. When I walk, I turn heads because of the shape I have but more so because of the confidence and attitude with which I carried myself with and today wasn’t an exemption! I quickly made new friends and enemies. The friends being men wowing at my movement, some said hi as I passed and I said hello back but didn’t stop walking. The enemies, of course, were the girls. They all liked what the saw but most were envious and jealous! I saw their disgust at my figure, I smiled at them. I was used to it.

You are not ready for big things if you can’t handle being talked about.

I walked into the first floor and Mr. Kola was right there waiting for me. I smiled immediately I saw the familiar face. I pushed my shades to the top of my head so he could see me very well in case he didn’t recognize me with it on.

‘Good afternoon madam.’

‘Good afternoon Mr. Kola. How are you?’

‘I’m good ma. The boss told me you are coming. May I escort you please?’

‘I still know the way but if you insist, no problem.’ I said smiling not wanting to bruise his ego. He has offered to help his oga’s girlfriend after all!


          He led me to the private elevator to the amazement of people waiting for the general lift. I tried to get into their heads and imagined what they would be thinking. Things I saw there weren’t pretty, I quickly got out of their heads as the lift door closed and began moving upwards. Every floor we climbed, my heart raced faster. I was so excited to be seeing Habib in his office form. We haven’t seen since we parted on Sunday which felt like it has been a year since we last saw. We arrived at the top and we walked through the small hallway before we entered the reception area. It looked like a five-star hotel reception. You know, the kinds with three or more receptionists smartly dressed behind a long mahogany counter. There were three receptionists behind the counter smiling at a man one of them was talking with. I quickly took them in as Mr. Kola led me towards them. They were beautiful and my heart broke knowing that Habib was a player and he could have slept with them but I quickly took off the bad thoughts from my mind. I looked at them again, they had pretty face but they wouldn’t hold beside me. I comforted myself with that. I plastered a smile on my face as Mr. Kola talked to one of them.

‘Good afternoon Linda. Miss Sandra is here to see Mr. Habib.’ He told her and she looked at me trying to decide who I was and what made Mr. Kola escort me.

‘What’s her name and does she have an appointment?’ She said checking the screen in her front.

‘Why don’t…’ Mr. Kola was saying when Habib’s door opened. He saw me immediately and his face spilled into two in a big smile, I couldn’t help but smile too. He moved fast towards me, I wanted to move towards him too but my legs wouldn’t move. I watched as he walked towards me and I thanked God he was mine. He looked very handsome and powerful! From the corner of my eyes, I saw Mr. Kola drew back as Habib moved closer to me. I also saw the expression on the receptionists faces, they didn’t understand what was going on. Habib got to my front and he kissed my cheeks whispering;

‘Hey baby, I missed you very much.’ I wanted to say something but the moment I opened my mouth he said;

‘Fuck it!’ And he crushed his lips on me for a few seconds then drew back abruptly.

‘Let’s go into my office before I rape you here.’ I sneaked a look at the faces of the people surrounding us, they were all open-mouthed, except Mr. Kola who was smiling. Habib took my hands and started moving towards his office, I walked with him. Then he realized we had given a show to a non-paying audience and he stopped and turned back.

‘Kate, Linda, Ayo, this is Sandra, My girlfriend. Please don’t delay her next time. Thanks.’ He said to the shocked girls who looked like their hearts has been broken! I pitied them. They chorused “yes sir” in an uncertain voice. He crushed his lips on me immediately he closed the door behind us. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back with passion till we were both out of air. I laughed when I looked at his face.

‘Why are you laughing?’ He asked smiling too.

‘You lips are pink! You have my lipstick on!’

‘Awwwwww! Do I look pretty?’ He joked obviously not minding.

‘Yes baby, with or without lipstick!’ I said kissing again. He wrapped me in his arms and hugged me very tight.

‘I miss you terribly! How is your daddy dear?’ He asked releasing me and leading me to the sofa in his office. I didn’t want to lie to him but I couldn’t undo what had been done.

‘He’s fine dear. You look dashing love! I hope you know all your receptionists have a crush on you?’ I told him because I couldn’t help it. I needed to know if he had slept with them!

‘Really? I didn’t notice! I don’t do employees Sandra, so be rest assured! Meanwhile, how many men gave you their cards on your way here?’ He said eyeing me. I squeezed my face and started counting my fingers. I saw his dismayed face and I laughed!

‘Relax love, I was just joking. I had my shades on, I didn’t see anyone!’ He breathed in relief.

‘I almost had a heart attack when I saw you standing there! My God! You are gorgeous and I love you!’

‘I love you too baby…’ I said and it was a magical moment for both of us. He kissed my forehead, then kissed my eyes before kissing my lips gently.

‘Please tell me you are not going home tonight. You have defiled my bed and it’s not the same without you anymore!’ He said looking at me with hope. How could I say no?

‘I’m all yours baby! Unless Mariam wants to take me out!’ I joked.

‘No way! She’s not coming near you today! Does she know you are here?’ He asked.

‘Yes she does!’ Which was true because we had talked this morning and I had told her I would be going to his office.

‘Then we better leave this office before she comes! I don’t trust her.’

‘Relax, I’m sure she will not come!’

‘You don’t know my sister! Baby let me sort some things out and let’s get out of here.’

‘Okay baby.’ I said coughing because my throat was dry.

‘Arh! My bad! What can I offer you? Coffee, tea, wine, or water?’ He said rubbing my arms.

‘Water will do.’ I said smiling. He went over to the fridge and brought me a bottle of water and a cup.


‘You are welcome honey.’ He said going to his table. He worked for about thirty minutes then told me it was time to leave.

‘Shall we go see a movie after lunch before we go home?’ He asked me.

‘Yes dear! Anything you want but what are we going to do about my car?’ There was no way he would allow me to drive behind him besides, I want to be with him.

‘Hmmmm… I can have one of our drivers bring it to my house. Give me your key dear.’ He said and I handed it over to him. He went back to his table wrote something in a paper. He put my key in an envelope and added the note he just wrote. He came back to where I was sitting and extended his hands to me and I took it standing up then his phone rang! He looked at it in dismay.

‘What’s wrong baby?’ I asked.

‘It’s Mariam calling! Did I not tell you? I’m not picking until I’m out of this building!’ He said silencing his phone. I laughed uncontrollably until my phone rang. It was Mariam and I told him. He collected my phone and silenced it too.

‘I should have kept you to myself!’ He said as we left his office and his office phone began to ring.


          There were four other girls in the reception area talking quietly with the three receptionists and I knew they were talking about me. Two well-dressed men were also sitting at a corner. The girls looked surprised when they saw us.

‘And what are you all doing here?’ He asked nobody in particular. They scuffled off.

‘Give this to Richard and tell him to carry out the instructions before five o’clock. Also, cancel the rest of my appointments today and reschedule them for Friday. Bye!’ He said to Linda and took my hands. We walked a few meters and he released my hands and circled my waistline letting his hands trespass to my buttocks just as we turned into the narrow hallway.

‘You know they are watching us right?’ I said as the elevator door opened.

‘Let them. I’m taken and so are you!’ I thought he did it for the girls but his statement made me realize that he did it for the two men sitting at the reception!

The door closed and I could feel the arousal in the air as we were both remembering what happened the last time we were in the lift together. He looked at me and I smiled.

‘Damn it! I will always wanna fuck you in this lift!’





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…To be continued…

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