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        …There were four other girls in the reception area talking quietly with the three receptionists and I knew they were talking about me. Two well-dressed men were also sitting at a corner. The girls looked surprised when they saw us.

‘And what are you all doing here?’ He asked nobody in particular. They scuffled off.

‘Give this to Richard and tell him to carry out the instructions before five o’clock. Also, cancel the rest of my appointments today and reschedule them for Friday. Bye!’ He said to Linda and took my hands. We walked a few meters and he released my hands and circled my waistline letting his hands trespass to my buttocks just as we turned into the narrow hallway.

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‘You know they are watching us right?’ I said as the elevator door opened.

‘Let them. I’m taken and so are you!’ I thought he did it for the girls but his statement made me realize that he did it for the two men sitting at the reception!

The door closed and I could feel the arousal in the air as we were both remembering what happened the last time we were in the lift together. He looked at me and I smiled.

‘Damn it! I will always wanna fuck you in this lift!’




‘Arh honey! Get it! Arwooooh baby! You are the best!’ Habib was saying as I rode him. I was on top of him on the couch and he was sitting upright. His two hands were holding my waist, encouraging me to dig harder and faster while his face was in my neck. My waist chain jumped up and down as I moved on him. I held on to the back of the couch and went as fast as I could till I felt the liquid fire coming. He suspected I was coming and he held me in place and pushed into me as I pushed down on him. We came together as we claimed each other’s lips. That was the third time we were making love since we got home and it wasn’t eight in the evening yet! I collapsed on him and he cuddled me breathing hard against my neck.

‘You will be the death of me!’ He said kissing my temple.

‘And you mine!’ I said against his chest. I was so tired I couldn’t move. I moved my waist closer to him and he said;

‘Hey! Don’t do that! Junior isn’t tired yet!’ And I laughed kissing his neck!

‘Now I’m very hungry!’ He complained. Well, he should be! We bought a large pizza when we were coming from the cinema and we were half way through it when we got naughty. I really didn’t want to move from where I was but when your man said he was hungry, you move your ass! I shifted off him and he helped me. I touched the pizza it was ice-cold!

‘Let me warm this babe then I will make you a proper meal.’

‘Thanks honey.’


          I called on all my inner power and stood up taking the pizza with me to the kitchen. I set it to warm in the microwave then washed my hands and checked his food cabinets and freezer. There were no ingredients for a proper meal except for spaghetti or rice sauce. I have to do something about that. I made a mental note to make a list of food stuff to bring for him. I started making spaghetti sauce. The microwave pinged and I quickly broke the spaghetti into the pot, added water, oil, onions and salt. I reduced the heat under both of the pots to minimum heat and took out the pizza from the microwave. I served it on a plate, put it on a tray and added two cups and a box of juice. Habib had dozed off and he looked adorable in his sleepy state. I dropped the tray and sat beside him. I rubbed his cheeks with the back of my hand calling his name softly.

‘Habib… Baby… Wake up…’ He opened his eyes slowly and smiled. He drew me into his arms and kissed my cheeks and forehead.

‘You have finished me!’

‘Who finished who?’ I laughed taking a slice of pizza and feeding it to him.

‘Hmmmmm! If only I knew having a girlfriend was this wonderful! I’m so glad you are here!’ He said still eating from my hands. Truth be told, I was enjoying feeding him more than he was! A wave of aroma followed the air from the kitchen to the sitting from and pleasant smells hit our noses.

‘What’s my baby cooking?’

‘Spaghetti! That’s the only thing you have in your kitchen! You need to stock up dear so I can cook you a proper meal.’ I said standing up and heading for the kitchen. He followed me saying;

‘No, I don’t need to stock up! You need to stock up because it’s your kitchen from now on!’ He said as we entered the kitchen. I felt cherished! He knew how to turn a simple statement into a very romantic one! I fell in love with him all over again.

‘No problem. If you will be home during the weekend, I can bring you some food stuff.’ I told him but he didn’t answer. He looked lost in his thoughts.

‘Are you okay baby?’ I asked.

‘I’m fine bae. I was just thinking why you have to wait till the weekend or when I will be at home…’ He said and it didn’t make much sense to me. He saw that I was confused and he smiled saying;

‘Never mind! Don’t worry your pretty little head about it!’ He said pulling my ears.

‘Awwwwww! Wicked boy!’ I pretended to be hurt and he was going to kiss me when the sound of the horn filled the air.

‘Pon! Pon! Pon!’ He looked out the window and he recognized who it was because he relaxed.

‘Is that Mariam?’ I asked.

‘Mariam ke? I don’t want her here at all but Mariam has a key, she wouldn’t need to honk. It’s the driver I told to bring your car. Look at the time he’s arriving? I will be right back dear.’ He said and left. I strained the spaghetti and added it to the sauce. Mixed them together very well and when I saw it was ready to serve, I put off the heat. I went into the sitting room and met my phone ringing. It was Bimpe calling me. I was having so much fun watching movies, shopping for new clothes and having sex with Habib that I forgot to inform them I would be sleeping out.

Sandra: Hello dear.

Bimpe: What’s up? Are you almost home?

Sandra: No jare. I will be sleeping in Habib’s house today. Sorry I didn’t inform you. It was an impromptu decision. How’s everyone?

Bimpe: Everyone is fine! I go love ooo!

Sandra: Go jor! Good night.

Bimpe: Goodnight ma! Have fun!


          I saw that I have other missed calls and they were from Mariam. I looked around and didn’t see Habib so I decided to call her back. I braced myself for the assault that was coming because I knew Mariam wasn’t going to take the fact that we have been ignoring her calls easy.

Sandra: Sup dear!

Mariam: Don’t dear me oo! Why are you people avoiding my calls?

Sandra: Avoid your calls ke? It’s not like that oo. We were in the cinema and our phone was on silence and…

Mariam: Liar! Anyways, I just wanted to inform both of you that I told mom about you and she wants you guys to come for lunch on Sunday! No excuse!

Sandra: Have you told Habib?

Mariam: How can I? He’s not picking his calls or reading my messages! He thinks I want to come and sabotage your time together! Just tell him I know you guys are at home and if really I want to disturb your peace, I know where to find you!

Sandra: Give us a break jor! He will call you as soon as he comes back. Okay?

Mariam: Where did he go?

Sandra: To talk with his driver. How was your day?

Mariam: It was fine! I have to go. Tell your husband to call me oo!

Sandra: My boyfriend will call you! Good night love.

Mariam: Love you too!

Left to Mariam, she would marry me off to her brother tomorrow! I checked my BBM for unread chats and replied the ones I could. I was laughing at the joke I was reading when Habib came in.

‘What’s funny?’

‘It’s this ROBERT MUGABE’S quotes jare! I wonder what the guy thinks when he sees all these sayings attributed to him! Is your driver gone?’

‘No, he will be sleeping in the quarters tonight. He needs to take your car to your office tomorrow!’ He said sitting down beside me.

‘Habib, I don’t need a driver unless you plan to break my legs before morning!’ I said partly joking and partly serious.

‘Well, I wasn’t thinking about breaking your legs before but it seems like a good idea now!’ He said laughing and taking the seat next to me.

‘I want to see where you work. I want to drop you at your office tomorrow and that’s why I need him to drive your car. That is if it’s alright with you’ He added after seeing my expression. He should learn to ask me what I want and not decide for me all the time. I decided to let this one go.

‘Okay! That’s alright. Baby, Mariam called.’ I said and he looked alarmed! He was really scared of her! I laughed at his expression.

‘Ooooohhhhh! Why did you pick her call now? Is she on her way here?’ He said sulking.

‘Relax! She’s not coming. You should call her so she would give you the information she has herself.’

‘Tell me what? Can’t you tell me?’

‘I kind of promise her you will call her back. Please call her. Nothing to be scared of really.’ I said smiling and he grumbled as he called her. They talked for some minutes and their conversation went like mine with her had gone.

‘So do you think you are up to lunch with my nosy family?’ He asked me dropping his phone beside him.

‘I don’t know… What do you think?’

‘Everyone will love you! I’m just scared they will want more of your time!’

‘How can you be sure they will like me?’ I asked scared. Every girl has to be scared of meeting her boyfriend’s mother!

‘Arh! She’s scared! Don’t be my love! They have no choice than to love you!’

‘I hope so…’

‘Calm down. They will. Will there be enough food for three people? I’m not sure if Richard has eaten yet.’

‘Yeah, sure. Do you want me to take it to him?’

‘I will do it, just dish it. Thanks love.’

‘You are welcome. Shall I serve our food too?’

‘Not yet. Let’s take a stroll first.’ So we went for a stroll and he showered me the landscape and houses with beautiful gardens. We ate, showed together and went to bed holding each other.


          I didn’t want to wake up as I was enjoying my dreams but the sensation coming from my ear was too much to ignore. I opened my eyes smiling. Habib was licking my earlobe when I finally opened my eyes.

‘There she is! My sleeping beauty!’ He said letting go of my ear and I faced him. He dropped his lips on mine in a gentle kiss.

‘Good morning honey.’ He murmured against my lips.

‘Good morning baby.’ I replied soft-biting his nose. He laughed in my face. He puts his hands under his pillow and came out with two small boxes that were tied with red ribbons. When we went shopping for clothes yesterday, I noticed he was being sneaky especially when he left me and came back minutes later. I love surprises!

‘I’ve got something for you.’ He said smiling. My face lit up and I sat upright.

‘What’s in them?’ I asked with glee and he laughed giving me one of the boxes. I quickly opened it. A dazzling gold bracelet shone into my face and I lost my breath. It was so beautiful I couldn’t describe it!

‘Oh my God! Habib! This is beautiful! I love it! Awwwww!’ I threw my arms around his neck kissing him soundly on his lips! He looked pleased that I loved it.

‘I can give you gift every day if only to see this joy in your eyes every morning!’ He said taking the bracelet from its box and wearing it on my left wrist.

‘Now, the bracelet is beautiful!’ He said kissing my wrist and handing over the second box. I quickly opened it expecting earrings or a wristwatch but it was a set of keys that sat in it. I looked at him confused.

‘Now you don’t need me to be in the house before you come here or bring me food stuff.’ He said looking serious. Tears grazed my eyes and my nose became blocked.

‘You are giving me a key to your house!’ I stated sniffing. He nodded

‘Are you sure? I mean, don’t you think it’s too early for…’

‘Isssshhh! How is having a key to my house too early when you already hold the key to my heart?’ He asked pouring everything he felt for me into his voice.

‘I don’t know what to say…’ I said lost for words.

‘Don’t say anything… Just accept it and don’t stop loving me…’ Really? How could I?

‘Oh baby! I love you!’ I said going into his arms and we ended up making sweet love.


          He was laughing at me as I was rushing. We had lost track of time while having too much fun in the shower as he was bent on wetting my hair! Then he had to dry it and he wouldn’t let me have breakfast in peace because he wanted to eat from my hands. So I was getting late and have to rush my makeup and dressing.

‘Let’s go jor!’ I said hopping on one foot as I wore my shoes.

‘Relax baby! We won’t be late!’ He said still laughing.

‘Easy for you to say! You are the boss!’ I said taking my bag and leaving the bedroom and dragging him along.

‘If they sack you then you can come work for me! At least I will understand!’ He said opening the car door for me.

‘Really? Not funny!’ I said getting into the car. From the mirror, I saw him talking with Richard before he entered the car.

‘Richard will follow us. But seriously, this work gives you lots of stress. I think you should resign and let me get you a better job.’ He said looking serious.

‘By a better job you mean I should come work for you? You are not serious! Please let’s go jare!’

‘I’m serious. I won’t allow you go through this stress when you get pregnant!’ Pregnant? Was he planning to get me knocked up? I have to go and see my doctor for pills!

‘If we get to that bridge, we will cross it.’

‘Not if darling, when! That reminds me, send me your account number.’

‘For what?’

‘For what? Am I not supposed to have my girlfriend’s account details? I have to send you the food stuff money now!’

‘I can handle that one, don’t worry! Now let’s go!’

‘Hmmmm! If you don’t send the account number now now, we won’t leave this house! Be reasonable, I can’t give you cash every time I need to give you money! Come on, be reasonable and don’t be stubborn! You will be late for work oo.’ He said killing the engine. He was serious!

‘You are a bully really!’ I said sending my account details to his phone as a text message.

‘Done!’ I said trying to keep my face straight. I wasn’t angry, in fact, I was happy.

‘Wait! Let me confirm it!’ He said smiling and working on his phone.

‘You are unbelievable! Grow up!’ I said crossing my arms across my chest.

‘Thank you!’ He said pushing his tongue in my face and started the car. He looked at me and I rolled my eyes at him.

‘I will take you back inside and fuck you for the rest of the day if you roll your eyes at me one more time!’ He said daring me. I wanted to do it again but I feared it was a truth and not a dare. I faced front.





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…To be continued…

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