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           …’Dear friends, I can’t describe how I felt and what he did to me, all I can say is, It was the best I’ve had ever!’ I confirmed to my friends.

‘Hhhmmmm…’ My friends echoed and I could see from their expression that they were all horny!

‘If I continue talking about the love that we made, we won’t sleep today so let me tell you the two most significant things that happened during the week’. I told them

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‘Oya, we dey hear!’ said koyin.


           I woke up slowly to butterfly kisses dropping on my face. I didn’t know when I turned to face Habib but it must have happened during the early morning. He was kissing and cooing me to wake. I opened my eyes slowly and he said;

‘There she is! My sleeping beauty.’ I smiled saying;

‘Good morning dear.’ It felt good to wake up beside someone who truly adored you. I felt nothing but joy and power; power in the sense that I felt I could do anything in the world. I was just happy. I looked up into his smiling face searching for proofs that I wasn’t indeed dreaming or misreading the affection in his face. Everything was perfect.

‘As I recall, you made me brush last night with the promise of kisses! I’m here to collect!’ He said taking me away from my thoughts. I smiled and pulled his head down to my face with his ears and closed my lips on his. It started small and harmless but it changed course in seconds. He held my face in his hands and crushed my lips helplessly against his lips. I wanted to taste all of him, I fought to take my lips away from his mouth and I descended on his neck and ears. My hands were roaming about his body pressing and teasing. His hands grabbed and drew my naked flesh, his mouth taking any part available to him. All I wanted was to for this man’s wonderful dick to be inside me. I wanted him to fill me up and make me whole. I maneuvered myself to be on top of him and I drew his annoying boxers out of the way, just to his thighs and I freed the captivated prince. It was a beautiful sight. I wanted to put it in my mouth and give him the blowjob of every man’s dream but my cunt was impatient for him. I bent down and crushed my lips on his to distract him. He grabbed my breast and played with it. I pushed my ass high in the air and positioned my opening at his pointing without leaving his mouth. Suddenly I pushed down and took all of him into me at once! He cried into my mouth. That was the idea!

‘Aaaaarrrrrhhhhhhhhh!’ I didn’t slow down. I rode fast and hard. Pushing up high and coming down low and hard. He couldn’t kiss me anymore, his head was going from one side to another murmuring sexual nonsense. Then I sat up on his dick bringing my knees closer to his thighs and I started squatting on his penis. He grabbed my ass and help lift me up and down on his. I took my left breast in my left hand and I started rubbing my clitoris with my right-hand fingers.

‘Yes baby! Rub that clit! I can feel your juice! Oh baby! Aarrhhhhcchhh!’ He was saying and I was riding and rubbing away. I felt it coming and I dropped low on his chest and rode faster and harder. He grabbed my ass and lifted me up and left me there, and he started pushing hard and fast into me. I cried out in pleasure as I came and somewhere in my subconscious I heard him groaning too. He hugged me hard against his chest while both of us breathed hard. My legs were in pain but I didn’t mind, I rested on his chest unable to move them. He softened his hold on me and started rubbing my back and kissing my face. I was very comfortable at where I was and I didn’t bother to move, besides, Habib wasn’t complaining. Finally, I regained strength in my legs and I pushed myself up. I smiled into his face and asked;

‘Did you like that?’

‘Did I what? Hell no! I love it and that’s how to say good morning!’


          It was in the morning around twelve noon and I was taking a nap but from far away in my subconsciousness, some noises disturbed my peace and sleep. I opened my eyes slowly, taking in my surroundings. I remembered where I was and smiled. I turned to my left to look at Habib, he was not there. I stood up, went into the bathroom, eased myself, and washed my face. He still wasn’t there when I came out. I checked his walk-in wardrobe, he was not there. I rummaged through my bag and brought out a short gown. I put it on, no bra no pants. I combed my hair and added lip balm to my dry lips and left the bedroom. Now the noise was becoming clearer, it sounded like two people arguing. My heart raced in my chest as I moved closer to the top landing of the stairs, now I could hear what was being said. The voices belonged to two people, one was Habib’s voice, the other was a girl’s voice, I prayed silently that it was his sister and not some other girl, but from what was being said I knew it was a girl, I eavesdropped.

‘What do you mean I can’t stay? I’m here to spend the weekend and I’m staying,’ the girl argued bitterly.

‘Ade, please go. I’ll call you on Monday. Please leave.’ Habib told the girl.

‘You can’t just ask me to leave, you have to tell me why! I’m not moving an inch from here!’ The voice replied.

‘I didn’t invite you for the weekend, I didn’t even talk to you yesterday at all and you didn’t tell me you will be coming! Ade, please go! Okay, I’ll come see you on Sunday evening.’ Habib tried to justify his reasons for his telling her to leave and also to pacify her to leave. I was torn between feelings. Should I turn back and pretend nothing happened? Should I walk in? What if I walked in and Habib became angry? What if he asked me to leave? I debated this within myself and took a decision. I walked in. Two faces shot up to look at me. They were both surprised, Habib less surprised. His face fell for a second and he looked back at me with pains in his eyes. The girl dropped her handbag and went berserk!

‘Am I dreaming? Habib you? So it’s because of this…’ She pointed her fingers at me and stared disdainfully at me from head to toe,

‘…Ashewo that you say me can’t stay?’

‘ADE! Watch your tongue! Just leave!’ Habib said angrily.

‘Olorun mioo! I can’t even believe you have taken her upstairs that I’ve never been? Can’t you see this bitch…’ My face shot up when I heard ‘bitch,’ I also looked at Habib, his hand clenched into a fist, his face apologetic towards me.

‘…Is jazzing you?’ She said bitterly. I was boiling inside.

‘Ade! Leave! Now!’ Habib said calmly even though I was sure he wanted to scream.

‘If it is because of this bitch, I’m not going anywhere!’ She stood her ground and sat down shaking her legs. Now she has done it! She had called me a bitch twice!

It is okay when I call myself a bitch, it is even okay when my friends call me a bitch but for this girl? It is totally not okay!

I cleared my throat;

‘Gbimh-Gbimh!’ They both stared at me. I walked down the stairs as elegant and sexy as I could manage amidst my inward rage. It was time to show her who the queen bitch was…


          I took two steps down and I changed my mind. I mean, what would be the point? Why should I exchange words with her? Wouldn’t that mean me stooping low to her level plus let’s be sincere, who would not get angry in such a situation? This was between Habib and Ade. Besides, he was on my side already! So I stopped. Stared down at both of them and turned back to the direction I was coming from.

‘Sandra…’ Habib called after me, I looked back and smiled at him and continued going. It was like my smile was this girl’s furor, she started cursing and screaming. I really wanted to turn back and see how Habib would handle the situation but I walked on. I decided not to eavesdrop this time. I went straight to his room and plugged my earphone into my ears with the music very loud. Then I was faced with the dilemma of making a decision. Should I feign anger because I was sincerely not angry? I mean, I didn’t expect him not to have a girlfriend besides, he told me about this girl some hours ago and for the fact that he asked the girl to leave for me, I couldn’t be angry. There was actually nothing to be angry about but still should I feign it or just act sweet? I didn’t want him to feel like I didn’t care and I also didn’t want to turn him off, so I decided to play it safe.


          I dropped my bags on the bed and packed the few of my belongings I have scattered around. I put the dress I wanted to wear on the bed then I went to stand by the door. I pressed my ear against i and waited to hear footsteps. Soon I heard a door closed and I knew she was gone. I listened more to make sure he was on his way coming to his room and when I was sure he was, I went back to the bedside and got busy with packing. The moment the doorknob turned, just as he entered the room, I took the helm of my short gown and took it off. It was perfect timing. His jaw dropped. I stared at him for just five seconds and dropped my gaze to the bed. I took my jeans off the bed and put it on without any panty. Then I took my bra, I was fastening it when he spoke.

‘Sandra, where are you going?’ He asked calmly, I didn’t respond. I just continued with my dressing. I wore my blouse then I sat down on the bed to put on my slip-on. He came to sit beside me.

‘Sandra, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to see or experience such a thing but I didn’t know she was gonna turn up. She has never come here without an invitation. I don’t even know what to say to you. Just please forgive me. Please dear don’t go…’ He moved closer to me and wrapped his arms around me. He dropped his head on my shoulder, I dropped mine on his head too and we started rocking together. I turned in his arms to face him, I put on my scared face and said;

‘It’s okay babe. I don’t want to cause problems in your relationship and I was also scared you might ask me to leave too. That’s why I am packing my things. You know…’

‘Issshh!’ He said resting his fingers on my lips. He then raised up my jaw so we were gaze to gaze.

‘Didn’t you believe me when I said you are very special? How would you think I’d let you go for her?’ He said with pains in his voice and face. He dropped my jaw and drew me back into his arms but first kissing my forehead. I returned his hug. We released ourselves from the hug and that was the end of the ‘Ade’ saga.
We talked more about our past affairs and I told him how and why I gave up on love and how very much I was scared to love again. He tried to allay my fears and promised not to intentionally hurt me. I promised him same. A call came in for him and he told me he has to go out for a couple of hours to help a friend with some stuff.

‘I will miss you so much! I don’t want to leave you at home alone!’

‘I will miss you too! Just make sure you get back early and buy ice cream when you are coming back. I have plans that include you and ice cream later!’ I told him.

‘Arh! You can’t kill me! Are you sure you don’t want to come with me?’ He asked again.

‘No babe. I saw one of my favorite novel in your library and I will like to reread that book. I will be fine.’ I told him and escorted him to his car. We shared a rather long kiss before he drove away.


          I settled on his bed with a tray full of biscuits and juice and my crime novel “LEFT TO DIE” by Lisa Jackson. I’ve read it plenty of times but never got tired of it. I skipped through the pages and I was almost in the middle when the bedroom door burst opened! I looked up in surprise because I didn’t hear anyone knocking or coming into the compound for that matter! A beautiful girl stood in front of me, she was more surprised than I was as she stood frozen in the doorway with a mouth ajar. Not another girl! Just how many girls would I have to endure abuse from before this weekend was over? I didn’t know what to do, if to say hello or keep quiet. The girl took three steps into the room still looking stunned and asked rather softly;

‘Who are you?’





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…To be continued…

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