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           …’Your wahala too much! You too like money, I go…’, he stopped talking as I walked in. I was naked except for the gold waist chain around my tiny waist, the very one he had gifted me earlier in the day. I stood there at the bathroom entrance, just some few meters into the dark bedroom. The light from the bathroom silhouetted my frame, even I knew I was sexy and captivating. He said in a hoarse voice into the phone;

‘Sis, I’m here, but please let me call you tomorrow, I need to go,’ he said and dropped his phone.
We didn’t take each other’s eyes off each other. I walked to the bedside and smiled at him. Without taking his eyes off me or saying anything, he raised up the duvet, and I climbed into bed beside him.

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          He followed my movement without blinking. I climbed into bed and moved very close to him, I could feel his body heat without our body touching. He looked down at me and smiled. He settled the duvet around me like I was a baby being tucked into bed.

‘Oh my God! You are so sexy!’ He breathed into my face.

‘Really?’ I replied in a sultry voice.

‘If I was hypertensive or in my sixties you would have given me a heart attack! Kilode? Over sexiness dey worry you and you know how to work and walk that figures of yours! I’m the luckiest man on earth as at this moment!’ He narrated.
Inwardly I was overjoyed. I mean, I wanted to make a statement and I did.

‘Can I ask you another question?’ I asked Habib.

‘Yes please!’ He replied.

‘Do you promise to say the truth, cos it won’t change anything between us?’ I enquired.

‘Wow, this seems serious, I promise not to lie to you baby…’ He said and sat upright. I smiled at him and dropped my bombshell.

‘Is there any special girl in your life right now?’ I kept on smiling even though I was scared inside.

‘Hmmm, that’s a tough one. Well, the truth is that there are few flings here and there, but there’s one I thought could be special. Her name is Ade, in fact, she was special until I met you.’ I batted my eyes at him, my expression was clear, I DON’T BELIEVE YOU, and he read it clearly.

‘Sandra, I’m not lying. You are very special to me,’ he looked at me with sincerity and I didn’t know if to believe him or not. I also felt like pursuing the matter but I kept quite.

Girls remember, when a guy tells you he loves you, or he cares about you or that you are special, just smile and say ‘okay! Same here’ even when you are sure it is a lie.


          He dropped a kiss on my forehead and that was the only contact needed. We went at each other with our hands, mouth and legs. We wanted to touch each other everywhere at once. This battle of affection went on for like five minutes before we both came up for air. We both panted while we smiled at each other. He said to me,

‘I have a fantasy, would you let me practice it on you?’ and my heart began to race. The thought of a fantasy was tempting and exciting but also scary. What if he wanted to carry out some crazy thing on me? For example; anal, tie me up, threesome, beat me, sex on tape! I shunned this to the back of my mind and asked instead;

‘What’s that fantasy?’

‘You see, I’ve had plenty of unconventional sex, but like I said, not in this bed. I have been having sex, but I’ve not experienced making love for a long time. I want to make love to you! You know, you lie down while I do everything, the sheet around us, kisses and all the other things, that’s my fantasy baby…’ He said and that was the moment I fell in love with him! I burst into laughter. I mean, here I was imagining the worst and all he wanted was to make love. Then something occurred to me and I stopped laughing. It occurred to me that I had not made love either in a long while. It had been sex all the way with my partners. Let me enlighten you a bit about sex and love-making.

Sex is an act of intercourse between a man and a woman. In this act, love or affection is not needed or necessary. Each party is looking for his or her own pleasure and mostly they are in it for something. It could be money, power or lust. In short, it’s mostly a loveless affair, you only make use of your body, but love-making! Oh, love making! I don’t even know how to describe it but let me try. It is intercourse between a man and a woman who have affection for each other. In this act, you make use of your body, soul, heart, mind, in short your total being is involved. Each partner is looking for the other partner’s pleasure and they are in it for pure pleasure, love and lust for each other.

‘Sandra, what are you thinking about?’ Habib’s voice pulled me back to the presence. I smiled at him and said;

‘Nothing baby, I’m here. Let’s make love.’


          His mouth came down on my forehead. He kissed my eyes one after the other, then my nose. He kissed my ears and sucked my ear lobes. He followed that line down my throat, kissing, biting and sucking. I whined and whimpered at his every touch.

‘Iisshh! Ooooffgsh! Hhjiigfff! Aaaooooshsh! Hhnhmhuhgn!’ I moaned on as he sweetly and slowly build up my excitement. My hands weren’t still either, it was encouraging his head to move to all other parts of my body I did like for him to lick. He left my face and lick his way down to my cleavage. He ate around my left bosom and kneaded my right bosom making sure he avoided my nipples. I tried to put my nipples into his mouth and fingers but he just kept ignoring me! Damn! Why is he torturing me! It was like he was reading my thoughts because he clamped his lips and fingers on my nipples at the same time.

‘Aaarrrhhhh-nqhnqh!’ I cried out in ecstasy. He rolled my nipple in his mouth, passing his tongue across it periodically, meanwhile, his fingers never left my right nipples. I moaned, panted and gasped for air shamelessly.

‘Oh baby! Aaooooshsh! Moooreeee! Eat it baby! Wweehe! Hmhgkmnhgk!’ I cried. My legs became restless and I began to flip it around. He eased his torture on my breast but climbed on top of me. I spread my legs to accommodate him better. He released my breast from his mouth and looked at me.

‘You are so beautiful when you are aroused,’ he commented and I retorted;

‘And you are so cute when you are arousing me!’ We both laughed.

‘Do me a favor baby, just sit up and spread for daddy,’ he said and my inner goddess flipped around because I knew what was coming. I sat up and probed my back on pillows against the bed headboard, I spread wider. He moved backward and center his head on my pussy. He looked up at me and I smiled down at him. His hands shot up and grabbed my breast in his hands and he made a dip for my clitoris at the same time! Might I remind you that the duvet was still around us and this was adding to my thrill? He set to work, eating, sucking and licking. For the next three minutes, I was grinding my ass into his face. He would rub my clitoris with his tongue very fast, then knead it with his lips, then draw it into his mouth, hold it in place with his upper lip then suck it with his lower lip, then lick me slowly and then start all over again, occasionally coming up for air. I was going crazy. I was screaming. His hand dropped from my left breast and it came under me. He slipped two fingers into my pussy without taking his mouth off my clitoris, I went gaga! I held his head close to my cunt urging him to be faster.

‘Oh baby! Ooh! Aarsg! Ooh! Please don’t stop! Faster baby! Aarroh! It’s coming baby! I’m coming! Suck it! Aaooorrhh! I’m coming! Fuck me!’ It was like my moans were fuel to his car. His lips and fingers went faster on and in my pussy. I tried to push him away as I came but he held me down and pressed his face into my honeypot. I came in shudders and as tears rolled down my face.


          He didn’t stop sucking still, but he was gentle and softer. He was licking softly like he was soothing me. His hands were on my thighs now, soothing me too. After I had calmed down he came up and looked into my eyes, he kissed my forehead and eyes and lips and jaw. He drew me back to a sleeping position, climbed on top of me and slipped into me. My legs were spread and his was together between them. His weight rest on his elbow and I carried the rest happily. Our eyes leveled each other, we stared lovingly into each other’s s eyes. Our breathing was harsh as it mingled. He moved slowing in and out of me, it was romantic. I pushed lower beneath him and raised up my leg to wrap around his waist thereby giving him more asses to my opening.

‘Arh baby! Open for daddy! Ooh! You are sweet! Aaarrsh! Aaaooo!’ Habib gruntled to me. My hands roamed about his back, rubbing and teasing. I tried to turn him over so I could climb him, he wouldn’t allow me. Then he started moving faster, I gridded faster against him too.

‘Oh Sandra! I’m coming! Aaarrsh! Ooh baby! Come with me please!’ He moaned. I concentrated on coming, when I felt the liquid fire spreading through me, I told him.

‘I’m coming baby! Take me there…’ He dropped his mouth on mine in a fierce kiss. We swallowed each others’ moans. He dropped his head on my chest and I soothed his back with my palm and drop butterfly kisses on his face. After a while, he climbed off me.

‘That was marvelous sweets. You are the sweetest thing on earth!’ He said and we both laughed.


          I noticed that between Habib and I, there was an easy conversation and we laughed about a lot of things. I went into the bathroom to clean myself. I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked well fucked. When I got into bed I backed him. I was expecting him to tell me to face him as most men do but he didn’t. I was glad he didn’t because facing a guy or putting my head on his shoulder was an uncomfortable and difficult position for me to sleep in. Still backing him, he drew me into his arms. Put one of his hand on my breast. He kissed my neck and said;

‘Sleep well angel,’ then rested his head on my back. It was hard to sleep because his dick was rubbing against my back! Finally! I have found someone who was comfortable with my sleeping position! Could it get better? I felt blessed. Soon after, he was snoring softly and it was then I knew that one’s lover’s snore was like music to one’s ear. It doesn’t irritate you, it was like listening to a lullaby. I wrote different poems to the rhythmic sound of his snore before sleep claimed me too.

‘Dear friends, I can’t describe how I felt and what he did to me, all I can say is, It was the best I’ve had ever!’ I confirmed to my friends.

‘Hhhmmmm…’ My friends echoed and I could see from their expression that they were all horny!

‘If I continue talking about the love that we made, we won’t sleep today so let me tell you the two most significant things that happened during the week’. I told them

‘Oya, we dey hear!’ said koyin.





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…To be continued…

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