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4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND. 14 (+18)



          …’Ckq-ckq-ckq!’ He clicked with his tongue.

‘Can you take the heat I can give?’ He asked so calmly that I felt threatened. I cleared my throat and said;

‘Bring it on!’ I wasn’t ready for the assault his mouth committed on my back! I moaned out shamelessly as his hot lips, tongue and breathe met with my cold sensitive flesh.

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‘Umm! Enm! Uhm! Arhwo! Aersh!’ I felt colder and I realized the rest of my clothes were off save my shoes, pant and bra. He had stopped kissing my back now, but instead he was circling and admiring my body.

‘Do you have an idea of how sexy you look right now in heels and lingerie?’ He grunted out, his voice raw with lust.


‘I do. Now get naked too. I’ll like to watch.’ I said huskily, walking over to the couch. I sat down and crossed my right ankle over my left ankle, exposing my right buttocks. He eyed me hungrily and started pulling his clothes off.

‘Nooo! Slowly!’ I instructed. He looked at me and I pouted while I fingered my cleavage with my index finger.

‘Oh hell!’ He murmured and obeyed me. I was sure he didn’t know the game would turn on him! I enjoyed myself as he undressed. He was about to take his very white and tight underpants off when I said;

‘No! Leave that on!’

‘Yes ma! Now what?’ He asked clearly sweetly frustrated. I stood and circled him as he had done to me earlier, enjoying the view too.

‘I’m looking at you and I know what I’d love to do to you. Now look at me and tell me what you want to do to me.’ I walked to the bed, got in it and crawled slowly to the center, showing everything. I put three pillows together and popped my back on them. I opened my legs wide and put my right hand into my pant and the left hand on my breast.

‘Tell me what I make you feel.’ I said and he looked at me like I was crazy and said:

‘I think you’ve had enough fun, sugar. Now let me show you what I want to do to you!’ He joined me on the bed, sucking and licking me upwards from my feet.

‘Hmmmmmm! Nice, but is that all you’ve got?’ I baited him.

‘I’ve got the whole weekend to show you. Patience, they say is a virtue!’ He retorted and continued upwards. He skipped my honey pot and came upwards still. I thought he was saving the best for the last.


          He gave all his undivided attention to my breasts, suckling like a starved baby and I was in cloud three. I cuddled his head closer to them, pushing my nipples into his mouth and I couldn’t help but imagine what his mouth could do to my pussy if it was doing such crazy things to my nipples. After a while, I started pushing his head downwards. He got the hint and took off my pant. I spread my legs wider in anticipation of his hot mouth on my vagina. He kissed, rubbed and did all sort of things to it but I didn’t feel anything. After a minute of enduring his mouth torture, I told him to stop.

‘Darling, you are not getting it.’ I said with a smile, drawing him up and kissing him.

‘But my ex always enjoyed that.’ He said a little defensively. What? How can any female claim to enjoy that? I thought to myself. Looking him straight in the eyes I said to him:

‘You see dear, it’s different strokes for different folks. That’s not the way I like it. Will you let me show you how I love it?’ I asked, praying in my heart that he’s a quick learner!

‘Okay, miss Amanda! Show me,’ and he dived for my pussy again.

‘Not yet. Give me your palm.’ I told him.

‘My palm? But I….’ I cut him off;

‘Iisshh! Shut up, watch, feel and learn!’ I told him impatiently. He stuck out his right palm to me and I took it and started doing to his palm what I wanted to be done to my pussy. I got carried away but his moans brought me back to my senses!

‘Are you learning or enjoying?’ I questioned.

‘All of the above. May I take the lesson to use now master?’ He asked.

‘With all pleasure student. Just remember never to leave my clitoris if I’m holding to your head. I can kill you if you do!’ I warned him seriously and this time, when he took my pussy in his mouth, I knew I would be on cloud nine in three minutes if not less. I rewarded his effort with erotic words and careless moans. I cried and screamed. I just hoped the hotel room was soundproof!

‘Yes baby. Right there! Eat it bad boy! Oh my life! Arrhefm! Iihdhdssj! Iishshsh! Yehhehdwas! Ayaf die finish! Please, don’t stop! Now, I’m coming! I’m coming! Aasjrjrjfhood!’ I screamed as I came. He came up and watched me as I struggled with myself and the ever fresh sensation of climaxing. I was still going through this sensation when I felt his dick entered me in one swift motion.

‘Aaaarrrrrrhhhhhh!’ I screamed as he began to move in me. We kissed and bit while he fucked the heck out of me and his stamina was like that of a horse! We were at it for like twenty minutes before we both came and mehn! It was powerful.

‘Arrh!’ All my friends exclaimed.

‘Yes girls! That was how it went down the first time we had sex.’ I told them.

‘So how was it after the sex? Were you shy? What was he like after that?’ Koyin questioned gleefully.

‘Shy ke! After that it was sex, talk, eat, movies, sex, sleep, sex, sex and more sex!’ We all laughed.

‘But…’ I interrupted their laughter and they stopped laughing.

‘But the sex I won’t forget in a long while was the one we had in the pool. Oh my gosh. It was the sex of life!’ I concluded gazing blissfully into space as I remembered all the crazy things we did in the pool

‘Ama, please tell us about it! Bikonu!’ Sandra pleaded like the rest of my friends.

‘Okay, but after that, no more. It will be Bimpe’s turn oo!’ We all looked at Bimpe who shrugged and said:

‘No problem,’ and they all looked back at me waiting for me to gist them about the pool sex.


          Okay! It was when we were got back from shopping. He took me weave shopping by the way, and the sun was unbearable that Saturday. We came in around six in the evening and we were both sweaty even though we never switched off the AC for one second. There was not much difference after we showered. He said we should go for a swim but asked if it wasn’t late for swimming. He told me that hotel guests who were lodged could use the pool anytime. So we ordered for our meal, saw a movie while cuddling up until 9:40pm when we went to sit by the poolside. We ordered for drinks. There was no one in the pool.


          We drank and talked for a while, and by 10pm, the poolside had been deserted so we got into the pool. We swam for a while, showing off skills. Then we competed, I won with ojoro, after which he started chasing me about in the water. It was at this period we started smooching. I swear, I didn’t know it was going to go beyond smooching but when he brought out one breast and started sucking, I knew I was done for! I looked around, there was no one and the poolside was poorly lighted. It was as if the hotel management expected people to have sex in the pool! I released my held breath when he left my nipple but it quickly seized when he parted my suit and dipped two fingers into my pussy,

‘Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!’ Those were the sound my pussy was making as he went in and out of me. I held on to his neck because my legs had failed me, I tell you girls, the sensation was extraordinary! As if that wasn’t enough, he moved me to the pool stairs. I thought he was gonna fucked me there and then, but the moment my ass sat on the pool stairs and my pussy was above water, he drew my suit aside and gave me a mouth watering, jaw clenching and moan muffling head! I moaned, like an incorrigible flirt into the night.

‘Aihjo! Inhsj! Assosjw! Arhshgr! Ininhh! Wiiosh! Yeshsn! Yes baby! Don’t stop! Yea! Right there! Aahhrrooww!’ At that stage, I didn’t care if everybody was staring at us, but still I opened my eyes for a quick peek, no one was watching, at least, that I could see. Meanwhile, Lekan was killing me with his pussy eating, you wouldn’t even believe I taught him how to properly eat a pussy just the previous day.


          It seemed he was having all the fun, so I drew him up. I wanted to climb him immediately but restrained myself, I sat him where he sat me and ate his dick like I had never ate any. It was as if I was possessed but it was the power of passion.

‘Hhhmmg! Aaaoooksn! Rrreeekk! Aawrwoosh baby! Hhhhmmmhhmnm! Aarhh!’ Lekan grunted into the night. Then I felt him tensed like he was about to come. I jumped up and said:

‘No! I want you in me!’

‘No CD here. You sure?’ He asked. I pushed my suit out of the way and sat on him as the answer to his question and started jerking. His arms enveloped me as we moved together; mine was around his neck caressing his back. He moved us from the stairs and stood in the water. I wrapped me legs around his waist with my hand still around his neck. He held my buttocks in his hands and raised me up with it as he pushed into me and I climbed him too. This position should be called “direct entry” because I had all of him in me! We had a crazy ride for like fifteen minutes then we both came powerfully but we swallowed our moans in a kiss. We went back to our room and made love again.

‘Una no dey tire? Abi him be gigolo ni?’ Sandra asked playfully.

‘So what happened on Sunday?’ Bimpe asked.

‘Nothing much. We talked most of the time. Ahen! That reminds me. Koyin, is it true that banks do not return money to dead people’s kins if their names are not in the file?’ I asked Koyin.

‘Yes it’s true. The money becomes the bank’s property unless the court says otherwise if the kins take the case to the court.’ Koyin confirmed what Lekan told me earlier

‘Nawa oo. Make all of una go ask your papa if he get money for bank oo!’ I said.

‘So, is the banker selfish?’ Sandra asked.

‘Not this banker! Asides everything he bought, he gave me 50k and said I should call on him when I’m in need. The only problem I foresee with him is that he’s the busy type. He won’t have my time,’ I said sulking like a deprived baby.

‘But I thought you liked the busy type na?’ Bimpe countered.

‘People change and so do their taste!’ Amanda said and all the girls laughed and teased her. In an attempt to stop them, she said:

‘Now it’s your turn Bimpe. Tell us about your weekend.’ The teasing stopped and all eyes turned to Bimpe but she shrugged and gave us the shocker of the weekend.

‘Nothing happened. My period came.’

‘WHAT!!!’ We all screamed in surprised.





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…To be continued…

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