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          …Bitches! Thieves! Joy killers! Witches! Happiness snatchers! You all should beware! Run as fast as you can because I’m coming for you! You ain’t taking what belongs to me! I will fight for what I want and win too! You can’t take away my love!

These were the words going through my mind and I made up my mind to call him and hear him out. I was about putting on my phone when the doorbell rang.


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          I opened the door and it was Mukaila and the car dealer. I had totally forgotten about them.

‘Aunty Sandra. Good afternoon.’ Mukaila said.

‘Good afternoon madam.’ The car dealer greeted.

‘Good afternoon. Please come in.’ They sat down and I offered them drinks but they declined.

‘Aunty Sandra, wetin happen? You look sick oo.’

‘I’m fine, just tired. Thanks Mukaila.’

‘We have been trying to reach you but your phone has been saying switched off. We wanted to call you when we were going to the bank. Anyways, l’ve paid the money into your account at the branch you told us to. Please have you received the alert?’ The car dealer asked.

I quickly checked the tones of messages that I had on my phone and truly there was an alert of two million, seven hundred and fifty thousand naira in my account. I called my account officer to confirm if the money was indeed there and he told me he received the money from two men himself. That was the reason I told them to pay at that branch, I have eyes there. So I went into my room and brought the original documents for them. He checked and cross checked everything with the car while Mukaila was helping me with the offload of my personal belongings in the car. Satisfied he has everything he needed, he thanked me and told me to bring business for him. I promised to keep in touch. I told Mukaila that I didn’t have fifty thousand naira at home but I would transfer it to him before he got home. He said it was fine, after all, I have been sending money to him for years.

‘Okay Aunty Sandra. Thanks very much oo. Remember to bring your new car for servicing oo! You know I be the best mechanic for this area!’

‘I know Mukaila. I will come. Goodbye.’ I said as they were leaving.

I quickly transferred the money I promised Mukaila and called Habib. He picked on the first ring.

Habib: Arh baby! Thanks for calling!

Sandra: It’s okay. How are you?

Habib: I’m not fine. I need to see you. Please let me explain myself.

Sandra: Okay. I’m at home. You can come over.

Habib: Really baby? Thanks! I’m on my way!

Sandra: I will be waiting…

Habib: Sandra…

Sandra: Yes…

Habib: I love you…


          I didn’t say anything, I just dropped the call. I showered, wore a short gown and did a simple makeup on my face. Sooner had I sat down than the doorbell rang and it was Habib. His face was swollen and he looked sad. The man in front of me wasn’t the romantic handsome gentleman I fell in love with. This was a broken man, a lost man. He looked at me with pains and fears in his eyes. We stared at each other for seconds that manifested into minutes. His lips twitched a few times like he wanted to say something but couldn’t get it out but finally, he spoke.

‘Hey babe. Can I come in?’ He said faintly. I opened the door wider for him without saying anything. I couldn’t speak. I wanted to rush into his arms and cuddle him and tell him everything was going to be fine.

‘Thank you,’ he said. I purposely sat down on the single chair so that he couldn’t sit beside me. I wasn’t sure of myself. If he touched me, I would break. He took the sofa next to mine. He looked hungry and tired as he sat down. Gush! Who caught who self no come clear again!

‘Do you want something to drink baby?’ The baby was out of my mouth before I knew it. His face shot up with an array of hope.

‘Yes my love.’ I stood up and came back with a full glass of orange juice. As I gave him the glass, our fingers brushed and electricity ran through me. I was glad that he felt the same. We still have our thing going! He sipped his drink little by little and he refused to meet my gaze. He was begging me to give him a chance to explain himself but he wasn’t saying anything.

‘Do you want something to eat dear?’ I tried to break the ice again because seeing him like that was breaking my heart. He shook his head. He drank his juice again and again as I waited for him to talk. I got tired and decided to talk but we both talked at the same time.

‘Look…’ I was saying.

‘Baby I…’ He was saying and I urged him with my hands to continue. He did after some seconds.

‘Honey, I’m sorry. If I apologize to you for the rest of my life, I don’t think it will take the pains I made you feel away. I won’t lie to you about what happened but I beg you to forgive.’ He said still not looking at me directly in the eye. Suddenly he knelt down before me and held my hands.

‘Baby! I was foolish and I was tempted. She’s one of the girls I used to date. The last time I entered the guests room I noticed some female things there but I didn’t know who dropped it or if it belonged to more than one person. She has been calling me for days and I have not been picking it so she showed up at my office today. She has never done that because none of them has ever been to my office. You are the only one…’ He said looking into my eyes, searching my face for signs that I was listening and believing what he was saying. I was all ears.

‘She was in my office when you called earlier and I was scared. So when she told me she dropped some stuff in my house and she needed them, I quickly agreed to take her home so she could pick them up. I didn’t want you to stumble on them and think I was cheating. When we got home, I entered the room with her to make sure she takes everything but suddenly she grabbed me and I was lost for some minutes. She undressed me and herself quickly but the moment she stripped her clothes off and touched my boxers, all I could think of was you. I stopped. She has already taken her dress off but I told her not to take off her panty and bra. I told her to dress up but she wouldn’t. So I told her to sit down that I wanted to tell her something. I told her about you, about us and that I won’t be able to see her again. During the time I was talking to her, she shivered from cold and I offered her my shirt. I was just being kind to her. After telling her about you, she didn’t really get mad but she said we should have sex one more time. It was when I refused she got mad and left the room and you know the rest…’ He said. I believed him and I was already missing him but I was scared. What if girls don’t stop tempting him? Will I fight this war for the rest of my life? Will he be able to say no all the times? As if he knew what I was thinking he said;

‘Babe, I know what you are thinking but I promise you this will never happen again. Never! I will never hurt you like this again! See, I’ve learned my lesson. I know it’s you I love and want to spend the rest of my life with. A day without you is torturous. I’m a nobody without you. You are my heart and I need you to live. Baby, please give me a second chance, forgive me and trust me that this will never happen again. Please baby. I love you. Only you.’ I had already forgiven him and I believed everything he said.

‘Okay.’ I said simply because I didn’t know what else to say nor did I wish to continue the quarrel.

‘Okay? No baby. Vent your anger out baby. Say everything you want to say. Scream at me. Just don’t bottle it up. Please.’

‘Habib, I wasn’t angry with you. I was hurt and disappointed. I believed you the first time you said nothing happened. I was just confused and in shock to see you and that girl together…’

‘I’m sorry baby. I’m so sorry.’

‘Can I ask you something?’

‘Yes my love.’ He said kissing my hands.

‘Am I enough for you? I mean, you are used to having many girls around and…’

‘Sssshhhhh… You are all I need, all I want. You are the real thing and no one will ever make me feel the way you do. You are mine and I’m yours only from now henceforth. You are enough! I was just foolish and stupid. It will never happen again. I love you.’

‘I love you too but don’t ever break my heart like that again. I thought I wasn’t good enough for you…’ I said tears dropping from my eyes.

‘No baby. Please don’t cry. You are the best and all I need.’ He said wiping away my tears.

‘I love you, love you so much.’

‘I love you. Please stand up baby.’

‘Are you sure? Am I forgiven?’

‘Yes love. You are forgiven!’

‘Oh my love! You are most gracious!’ He said standing up and drawing me along. We hugged for so long I lost sense of time. He sat down and pulled me onto his laps.

‘Thanks for not telling your friends because if you had told them, Koyin wouldn’t have let me see you today… Thanks love.’

‘They would have killed you and I didn’t want that!’

‘I miss you so much! I want to kiss you all over!’ Why was he telling me? I wanted the same thing!

‘Please do!’ He looked down at me once, saw the wantonness in my eyes and that was all the confirmation he needed. We grabbed each other and we ate each other’s lips like hungry lions.

‘Arh! My God!’ We heard and we both looked up at Mariam gasping at us. I wanted to get off his legs but he held me in place.

‘Has anyone ever told you you come in at wrong times?’ Habib asked her.

‘Hello Mariam.’

‘I was in the car wondering if she has killed you and you are here kissing her? You were supposed to call me when things get out of hands! And you! You are too nice! You should have let him beg for at least three days! You guys are unbelievable!’ She said looking down on both of us. Habib and I giggled at Mariam’s speech.

‘Well, I didn’t call you because nothing got out of hand! Now that she’s forgiven me, don’t forget the plan!’ He told her! What plan?

‘Oh! The deal is off! Sandra honey! Even though I think you made it too easy for him, I’m glad you have forgiven him! We missed you so much and you wouldn’t believe he cried! You got him bad girl!’

‘I love him too and I think you gave him too much of a hard time!’ I said clutching Habib’s head and he kissed my neck!’

‘Oh! You guys should get a room! Where’s your room Sandra? I need to use your loo!’

‘That way!’ I pointed towards my room refusing to stand up from Habib’s legs. She rolled her eyes and shook her head at us.

‘Borrow me your phone I beg. I forgot my phone in the car and I need to call someone.’ I waited for Habib to give her his phone but I realized she was talking to me so I gave her my phone. She disappeared into my room and Habib and I resumed our smooching.


‘Yes love.’

‘Koyin told me she called in sick for you and that means you are free till next week. Can we go to my house? Please? I want to make it up to you every day I have the chance. Don’t say no.’ He was kissing and biting my ear, how could I say no?

‘Okay baby.’ I made to stand up but he wouldn’t let me. We kissed and whispered naughty nonsense to each other. I heard the door opened and we both looked up. Mariam was smiling from ear to ear.

‘Got it?’ Habib asked Mariam.

‘Yes bro! Trust me!’ Mariam answered?

‘Got what?’ I asked confused. They looked at each other and shared a secret wink I almost didn’t see. Something was going on.

‘I was asking about the call she made. Baby, can I help you with packing?’ Of course, I would love that but before I could reply, Mariam answered for me.

‘No way! Both of you in a room? I don’t trust that. I will help you. Let’s go.’ She dragged me from Habib’s laps.


          Parking was done and I called all of my friends and told them where I was going. They all sounded surprised but I told them I would explain later. Mariam led in front, Habib behind her and I left the room last locking the door.

‘Where’s your car Sandra? I thought you weren’t at home when I came in. I wanted to turn back but I just said let me try my luck.’ Habib said.

‘Ehm, I sold it this morning.’ I said looking at Mariam for help.

‘You sold your car? Why? Is it because of me?’ He asked looking sad again.

‘Oh no baby! It was giving me problem that is the reason! Not because of you dear.’ I told him. Where is Mariam’s mouth when you need her to talk and defend you?

‘Then you should have told me! I would have bought you a new one!’ He said wounded. Mariam looked at me with the “I told you so” look before she said;

‘We wanted to tell you yesterday but that was when you…’ I quickly cut her knowing what she wanted to say. That was gone and I didn’t want to talk about it again.

‘It’s okay Mariam. Baby it’s okay! Let’s go.’ I said pulling him towards the car. Mariam insisted on driving Habib’s car and we also insisted on sitting in the back.

‘Hey guys! This is not a limousine and there’s no glass partition and you can’t block me out! So behave yourself in that backseat!’ Mariam warned us but it was too late because Habib and I were already kissing.


        Habib didn’t want me to do anything but I insisted on cooking for him. If not for Mariam standing on my neck in the kitchen, Habib and I would have had lots of sex. I cooked his favorite soup, okra with lots of sea foods and we all sat down to eat at the table with Habib and I feeding each other.

‘My love! This soup is great! I hope you cooked plenty of it? I will eat it again in the evening. It’s so delicious! Who told you this is my favorite soup?’

‘Who else!’ I said and Mariam laughed clearing our plates. Habib and I cuddled before the TV watching musical videos.

‘I’ve to get out of you lovers hair because I know you guys want me gone! Bros, I will get everything ready and we will meet at lunch on Sunday. Any other thing you want to add or remove?’ Mariam said to Habib and I was lost to what they were talking about again.

‘No I’m good. Just make sure everything is perfect but one last thing,’ he said and Mariam looked at him expectantly.

‘I don’t want to see you here or anywhere around me until Sunday at lunch!’ He said and Mariam threw pillows at him leaving the house. He locked the door behind her with keys and door locks.

‘Shall we go upstairs honey?’ Habib said looking at me with all the love in the world and I stood up and said;

‘Let’s see who gets there first!’ With a head start already, I ran for the stairs with Habib at my heels chasing me. Guess what happened when he caught me at his bedroom door! We didn’t make it to his bed…


          Getting dressed to meet my boyfriend’s parents was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. Habib and I had gone shopping for clothes yesterday and I bought seven lovely gowns just for the occasion but now everything seemed ugly on my body.

‘Baby what about this? I think this one is better.’ I said twirling around for him.

‘Everything you wear looks great on you my darling. This is no exception!’ He has been answering the same question and saying the same thing since I started dressing.

‘Oh no!’ I said in alarm looking at my knees.

‘What now baby?’ He asked with a knowing smile on his face.

‘This one is too short! Look at my knees! I can’t wear this to meet your parents!’ I said frustrated.

‘Come here baby, come.’ He said patting the spot beside him on the bed. I sat down where he indicated.

‘Now listen. I love you and it’s enough. My parents will love you in anything you show up with. So stop disturbing your pretty head! That being said, I’m going to choose the dress I want for you and that is the end of it. Okay?’

‘Okay baby.’ He went to the pile of clothes on the bed and picked a royal purple gown out. The gown was trimmed with gold threads.

‘This looks fabulous on you and my parents love purple! Now take care of your make up while I get some things done downstairs!’ He said dropping a kiss on my forehead before leaving the bedroom.


           He looked excited and worried but I didn’t know the reason. I was the one meeting his parents not the other way oo! He has been secretive all weekend though. He has been hiding his laptop and speaking with Mariam on the phone all weekend. It must have something to do with their family business. He had disappeared yesterday around two in the noon and came home around five in the evening. Something was going on but I brushed Habib to one side of my mind, I had more difficult decisions to make. What kind of eyebrow should I draw? Thin or large? I began the struggle every girl knew about!

I wasn’t really satisfied with the results I got but I convinced myself it would be good for the parents. I walked into the sitting room to show myself to Habib but he was on the phone with his back to the stairs.

Habib: So when will you be there?-silence- Mariam I will kill you if you fuck this up for me! –silence- Sha don’t be late. We’re leaving home in ten minutes.

I guessed he smelled my scent and looked back. He quickly said bye to Mariam and said to me;

‘Baby you look gorgeous!’ I turned around for him.

‘Is my makeup okay? I mean is it too much?’ I asked still concerned about my appearance.

‘Do you have makeup on at all?’ He said bringing his lips towards me for a kiss. I dodged it.

‘No! Don’t spoil my makeup! Let’s go Jor!’ He grumbled but followed me out of the house.


          A girl opened the door for us and Habib said,

‘Welcome to my parents’ house.’

‘Parents’ mansion you mean? I’m so nervous!’

‘Relax! Everything will be fine!’ As we stepped into the sitting room, I saw Habib’s mother walking towards us.

‘And here they are!’ She said opening her arms and Habib walked into it.

‘Hey mom! You look great.’ Habib released her and came back to my side and took my hands. They were cold as I was so scared and nervous. He squeezed my hands and drew me nearer.

‘And you look wonderful my son! This must be Sandra… Hmmmm!’ She said turning her beautiful eyes on me. I shrieked inward and felt like I should disappear.

‘Yes mom, this is Sandra… Sandra my mom!’ He said and I didn’t know what to do. I was going on my knees when she said;

‘No my darling! Come here, let me hug you!’ I walked into her arms too and she squeezed me to herself. She said into my ears;

‘Thank you angel!’ I was still wondering what she was thanking me for when a deep voice said;

‘Let me see the young girl that captured the heart of the lion.’ It was Habib’s father. I tensed as the mother released me.

‘You are beautiful! Come and greet me.’ I moved towards him and knelt down. He laughed.

‘Did he tell you we are old school? Come on, hug an old man!’ He lent me a hand and I grabbed it rising up. I hugged him too.

‘You did great son!’ Habib’s dad said shaking Habib’s hand.

‘Like father like son hun?’ His mom said and they all laughed.

‘Come with me son. Let’s leave the women alone.’ Habib’s father said. Habib looked at me and smiled. Kissed me on the lips, which by the way embarrassed the hell out of me, and whispered;

‘You will be fine babe.’ And he left me with his mother.

‘Let’s sit my dear.’


        She called on their maid and told her to bring me something to drink. She brought out the family album and started showing me pictures of the family members. Soon I forgot my nervousness and relaxed as she told me about each picture. I thought she was going to drill me with questions about my background like they do Nollywood movie but it wasn’t so! We were just talking as new friends until she asked me;

‘What do you think about my son?’

‘He’s a wonderful person. He is, he is, he is…’ And suddenly I didn’t know what to say. I have a lot to say about him, for goodness sake I love this man but I couldn’t put it into words and to make matters worse, his mother was smiling as if enjoying my confused state. When I couldn’t find words to describe him, I simply said;

‘I love him.’ I shrugged and hoped it was enough.


‘When you love someone and don’t know the reasons, then you are truly in love. I know my son could be difficult sometimes. He has been driving me mad since the day we conceived him but he has also given me so much love and happiness I didn’t know existed. Before you came into his life, I often wondered if he would ever find a girl to love or a girl who loves him. I thought I would have to settle for a baby mama but then you came along! You have no idea how happy you have made me. He’s going to drive you crazy too but he’s also going to love you to a fault and make you happy forever. Be good to my son. Can you promise me that?’ She asked.

‘I love him and I would do my best to make him happy.’ I replied. She was talking to me as if I was engaged to her son. I wanted to tell her I was his girlfriend and not fiancée but I kept shut. She was right though, Habib could drive me crazy! Who knows a child better than his mom?

‘Thanks my dear. Now let me show you his baby pictures!’

She brought out a very old album and I watched Habib grew as I looked at the photos. She was showing me one hilarious picture of Habib running away from his shadow. I laughed hard as she told me the story behind it!

‘No mom! You shouldn’t have shown her these!’ He said grabbing the album and we both laughed harder. His mother and I were having so much fun that we didn’t notice them approaching.

‘Mom? Go and sit beside your husband so I can sit beside my fia… I mean girlfriend!’ Habib told his mom who teased him mercilessly before standing up. His dad started telling me about his escapades. We made fun of him and he was thoroughly embarrassed.

‘You people should stop it already! Let’s go eat lunch!’ Habib told them and whispered in my ears;

‘Didn’t I tell you they will love you?’ And he kissed my ears. Habib loves to show his affection for me publicly!

‘Lunch? But that wasn’t the plan!’ His mom said.

‘We can’t do anything till Mariam gets here and she’s late as us…’ He was saying when Mariam badged in. I didn’t have time to digest what was going on but I knew something was up.

‘I’m here! Sorry I’m late! I was paying attention to details!’ She said passing a paper bag to Habib.

‘Hey mum, dad!’ She greeted her parents.

‘Is everything ready?’ Habib asked and all of them except me nodded. Habib turned to me and said;

‘Bae, I have some surprises for you but I have to blindfold you.’

‘Some surprises? What’s it?’ I asked confused. He has more than one surprise for me!

‘It won’t be a surprise if I tell you! Just trust me and close your eyes.’ I closed my eyes then opened one immediately!

‘Cheater!’ They laughed at me!

‘We have to blindfold her!’ Mariam said producing a scarf from her bag and that was the last thing I saw.


          Two people guided me on each side and I followed the direction they gave me. I heard doors opening and closing and when we came to a stop, fresh air hit my face. Many things ran through my mind. What could the surprise be? The best I could come up with was a car and by the time I got to the destination they were taking me to, I had convinced myself that it was a car but something kept bothering me. He had said surprises! He couldn’t have bought more than one car now!

The people guiding me left my side and after a while I heard Habib say;

‘Open your eyes baby.’ I took off the blindfold and opened my eyes and I lost my breath.


          I looked at the faces looking at me and smiling from ear to ear. My mother, my father, my sister, and my brother were the first I saw. How did they get here? What was going on? Then I saw Koyin, Amanda, and Bimpe. Beside Koyin was her boyfriend Opeyemi. Then Ademola waved at me and beside him was Ada. I saw three other faces I didn’t know. Mariam was standing in front of her parents smiling too. I sometimes forgot my birthdays but I was sure it wasn’t my birthday! What was going on?! Then it happened. Habib knelt in front of me!

‘Oh my God! Is he proposing to me?’ My hands went involuntarily from my sides to my face. I held each side of my face shaking.

‘Sandra. When I saw your picture for the first time I knew something was special about you. First, I thought it was your gigantic hips but I’ve discovered you are more than that. You are beautiful in and out and I bless God for bringing you my way. I’ve never wanted to belong to one person until I met you. The thought of someone else touching or making you happy drives me crazy. I want to be responsible for all your joys, happiness and laughter. It’s going to be a very rough road but if you are by my side, I will not mind going on it. I’m not the best as you already know, I will be naughty, sometimes we will fight, I will be guilty most of the times but I will always apologize for my mistakes. I will do my best not to make you cry except for tears of joy. I want you to be the mother of my children, I want just two girls like you. My parents will be yours and yours mine. My wealth and everything will belong to you because without you I am not wealthy. Sandra, in front of our families and friends I ask you this, will you be Mrs. Adegboyega?’ Then he brought out a ring. Did I say a ring? No, it was more than a ring. It was a rock! A diamond rock set on platinum! The sun touched it and its rays glittered on my face. I was in shock.

‘Come on Sandra! Say something!’

‘Yes!’ I said because that was the only answer he deserved!

‘Yes! She said yes!’ He said slipping the ring on my finger. It fitted perfectly. Rounds of applause exploded around me as we kissed! His father was the first to congratulate us.

‘Congratulations son! Welcome to the family Sandra. Please I want to make a negotiation. Can I have a grandson along with the two girls your husband wants?’ He said and everyone laughed.

‘Yes sir!’ I told him then his mother said;

‘Then get started quickly! I want twins!’

‘Do you guys want to kill my fiancée! Please let me enjoy her!’ My parents came to congratulate us next and my mom gasped at the ring.

‘Are you happy girl?’ My dad asked.

‘Yes I am dad!’

‘He his a good man. He came to ask for your hand in marriage yesterday afternoon. We told him we are with you in your response. I am happy you said yes!’ He hugged me and my mom hugged me too still gushing about the ring. Then my friends came around me and we hugged and kissed and gushed about the ring together.

‘Gbgm-gbgm! Can I congratulate the bride-to-be too?’ Ademola said. The girls cleared they way for him to join in the circle.

‘Congratulations queen bitch!’ He whispered into my ears and I laughed!

‘Thank you very much!’ I told him. I was thanking him for everything. For not judging me. For bringing Habib into my life. For not thinking I was crazy when I came up with the weekend idea. Who knew a weekend of fun would bring me a lifetime of happiness?

‘Hello everyone!’ We heard Habib screamed at the top of his voice. Everyone looked towards him.

‘Thank you! If I can have my fiancée back,’ he said taking me into his arms away from my friends’ arms.

‘I will like to give her the last surprise I have for today!’ Was he kidding me? He has another surprise? What could trump being proposed to in front of my family and friends?

‘Baby, I got you a car! It’s your engagement gift’ A car? He bought me a car!

‘What! My God! Where is it?’ I asked looking around.

‘John! Open the gate!’ We all turned towards the gate as the gateman opened the gate slowly and what I saw being rolled in wasn’t a car.

It was a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon 55 AMG! That was over forty million naira! There was silence then everyone started screaming except me. I was in shock again! He shook me!

‘Do you like it baby? Say something!’ He asked me grinning. My friends were already circling around the car jumping and screaming.

‘Honey! Talk!’

‘Just how rich are you?’ I couldn’t help but ask.

‘I’m very rich and now everything belongs to you too. So Sandra, we are very rich and trust me, this car can’t shake my account balance even if I buy seven!’ He replied.

‘This is not a car! This is a class!’ I said recovering from my shock. I jumped and screamed running to my machine!

Later that day. We had lunch with everyone and I kept pinching myself throughout the day!


          It’s been after a year since our adventure and here are our lives updates.

I’m now Mrs. Adegboyega and a baby is on the way! We are having fun and spending a lot of the oil money! Habib is so much in love with me that you won’t believe he was once a player! But lately, we argue every day! Do you know why? He said I can’t breastfeed our child and if I must, it will be for just three months! He said he can’t do without breast for a year! I’m still bargaining for six months! Also, he wants us to space having children but I don’t want that! I was the queen bitch but now, I’m the wife.

Koyin is not dating Opeyemi anymore, they dated for three months and they parted amicably. Like Koyin said, she wants to have fun and she is surely having it. She was the daddy’s girl but now she is the player.

Guess who got the ring after I did? Bimpe! Tony and Bimpe fell in love after a while. Tony’s relationship hit the rocks and my girl was there to catch him. She got the ring nine months into their relationship and they are getting married next month and Koyin will be the maid of honor! She was the mother hen now she’s the lover girl.

Amanda! Hmm some people just can’t change. Lekan and Amanda are in a funny relationship, they see when they see and that’s all. Also, she still have all her Alhaji’s and fine boys! No love in her dictionary right now. It is still all about money. She was the bitch but now she is the queen bitch.

Oh, I must not forget my darling friend Ademola. His relationship with Ada my colleague is waxing stronger everyday and I’ll be helping him to pick an engagement ring next week. We are still best of friends.

In other news, we heard Usman, Koyin’s ex-boyfriend is married to the Hausa girl his mother wanted him to marry but we also heard he is not a happy man. In fact, he is now a chronic womanizer and drunkard!

We also heard Uche, Amanda’s ex is still very much single and still playing the girls. He now has four children with three different women!

And finally, John, Bimpe’s ex boyfriend who used to abuse and beat her is in jail. He battered his young pregnant girlfriend to coma and she lost the baby and sued him to court. He got seven years in jail. He has embraced our lord Jesus Christ in prison.


        **************THE END*************





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