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          Sunday came too soon for Funmi and Seyi but it was a weekend to remember and cherish forever. They have come to pick up the kids who were happy to see their parents but also sad to leave their doting grandparents. Seyi and the kids were already in the car waiting for Funmi who was talking to her mother.

‘I was thinking you should bring the children here every weekend.’

‘Arh mummy! Every weekend ke? Who has that energy? Maybe once in two months but I will talk to their father.’ Funmi told her mother.

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‘What’s difficult there? We can send the driver down to pick and drop them. Daddy really enjoyed their companies and they kept me busy too. Besides, it will be a free weekend for you to do anything you like!’ The mother cajoled and Funmi laughed.

‘Hmm, mummy! tired omo yi ma buru gan? By the time you have them for one month, you will not want to see them for a year besides, if my mother-in-law gets to find out, she will demand the same thing! Mio fe wahala jare.’ Funmi explained to her mother.

‘What’s the wahala there? Sebi if they spend one week or one month here, they will spend the next one with her. Problem solved!’ Mrs. Davies rationalized.

‘Enhen! So that both of you can spoil them rotten! No way.’ Funmi said.

‘Kosi wahala, I will tell daddy to call your husband. He can’t say no to daddy.’

‘Iyen better oo.’ They both laughed

‘Enh, oko mi. I hope you have sorted the issue between you and your husband? Frankly, you look relaxed and happier.’ Her mother told her. She didn’t bother to deny the fact that she had issues with her husband. Her mother knew something was wrong without her saying anything. That’s just mothers for you!

‘We’re fine now mom. We just needed to have a weekend to ourselves. Thank you ma.’

‘That’s great to hear. You see, there will be spikes in your marriage, they are the things that will hurt and disappoint you but if you manage them well, you can bring back the sparkles and make everything new and fresh again. Ok?’

‘Yes mom. Thank you very, much! Let me go before the children drive him crazy in the car!’ She said glancing at the car and seeing the commotion in the car.

‘Ok my dear. Mo fi Olorun so yin. Pemi teba dele ooo.’

‘Yes ma!’ She said opening the car door.

‘I’m sorry baby.’ She said to her husband before turning to the kids.

‘What’s the argument about now?’

‘Mummy, am I not pretty?’ Precious asked.

‘Why? Of course, you are very pretty!’ Funmi assured Precious but before precious could speak again, Queen said;

‘Am I not pretty too?’

‘You are both very pretty!’ Funmi said almost frustrated. “Where is this question coming from?”

‘So who’s prettier between me and precious?’ Queen asked. “I see!” Funmi glanced at her husband who shrugged at her. Before she could answer them, Richard said;

‘Both of you are ugly!’ And the girls screamed and turned on him. At least, that saved her from answering the question. After listening to their arguments for few seconds, she interrupted them.

‘Ok guys, please stop! Stooooop!’ She screamed and the kids stopped.

‘Richard, apologize to your sisters. They are not ugly.’ Richard apologized then gave his sisters a tongue out, they replied his action with the same and smeared faces. Funmi ignored them.


          Just as peace was being restored in the car, another argument started. She missed this but she couldn’t understand why they argue all the time!

‘Heey! If you guys keep quiet and let daddy concentrate on his driving, we will stop at the chocolate shop and you can pick anything you want but that’s only if you behave.’ She bribed them. The girls jumbled and giggled but Richard played it cool. He was a big boy after all.




          It was around five in the evening and Funmi was getting ready for the week. She had lined up her husband’s clothing and her children’s too. She was on her wardrobe when the children walked into her room.

‘Mum, I’m hungry.’ Richard said and his sisters concurred to it.

‘Ok, I will be down in a bit, why don’t you go and watch TV.’ She told them.

‘Can we take chocolates?’ Precious asked. No wonder they were hungry. They were actually after the chocolates!

‘No, I will prepare a meal soon. Go and watch TV.’ She said going back to her work and ignoring their grumblings.


          She got downstairs and found them glued to the TV while her husband was busy on his computer.

‘So what do you want to eat?’ she asked and each child stated his and her choice.

‘Indomie!’ Queen said.

‘Rice!’ Richard said.

‘Yam and egg!’ Precious said. She was about to bargain with the kids when she remembered her husband should come first. Sorry kids, I’m pleasing my hubby today!

‘Honey, what will you like to eat?’ She asked a Seyi who was paying attention to his laptop.


          Seyi pushed the kids noise to the back of his head as he worked on his computer. He heard his wife asking them what they wanted then he heard the question that was directed at him, he thought he heard wrong. He looked from his computer to his wife and asked;

‘What did you said?’ Funmi smiled and wink at her husband.

‘I asked what you want to eat for dinner.’ Seyi’s ego rose to the ceiling. He decided to jump into the water instead of testing it.

‘Wheat and efo riro or any soup available.’ He said not taking his eyes off his wife. Funmi smiled, luckily for her she has the soup in the freezer. She turned to the kids and said;

‘How about we eat what daddy wants and I will give you chocolates before going to bed?’ She bribed the kids who thought about it then said ok. She knew she would pay for the sugar the children would consume to bed!


          She heard Seyi battled with the girls in their room while she battled with Richard in his room. Finally, she was able to get him to bed after reading him his spacecraft storybook thrice! She put off the light and closed the door quietly. She checked on her daughters and saw her husband tiptoed out of their room towards her. The got to their room before speaking.

‘Don’t ever feed them sugar before bed time again!’ The husband said jokingly but meaning everything.

‘I’ve said it before I realized it oo. What do they put into the chocolate self?’ She said undressing. Seyi went into the bathroom and she used that time to finish her clothes arrangements for the week. Her husband came out of the bathroom and she went into the bathroom.


          Seyi wanted to do something nice for Funmi after what she did for him. She has shown she has truly changed truly with the way she handled the food issue. He switched off their bedroom light but left the clouded bulb on. He then inserted the memory card Ngozi gave him into the player and selected the songs he wanted on a new playlist. He turned its volume low. He brought out a bottle of wine from their table fridge, opened it, and poured some into two wine glasses. He stood by the bathroom door with the glasses and waited patiently for Funmi to come out.


          Funmi soaked her tired bones in the soapy water and closed her eyes but the strange noise coming from the room nudged her eyes opened. She heard the movement and wondered what it was about. Then she heard music and the pop of a wine. Okay! Something is up! She quickly finished her cleaning to see what was going on.


          As she stepped into her room wrapped in her towels. She saw her husband standing by the door with two glasses filled with wine. He extended one to her she took it and moved more into the room, her husband followed suit.

‘What’s going on?’ She asked smiling.

‘Nothing, I’m just appreciating my wife.’ He replied looking at her.

‘Awwww, that’s so nice. I appreciate you too.’ She said.

‘I know and as from now henceforth, I promise to always help you, appreciate and love you always. I will try my best not to hurt you and to make you happy because I love you very much.’ He pledged.

‘I promise you the same. Thank you for these.’ She said throwing her arms around her. She drank out of her glass just as Dolly Parton’s voice began to sing. Seyi dropped his glass and pulled Funmi into his arms. He collected her drink and dropped it beside his own. He said;

‘Dance with me.’

‘In a towel?’ Funmi asked giggling.

          ‘Yes!’ He said. Funmi smiled and moved closer to her husband. She rested her head on his chest. Seyi kissed her forehead and they began moving slowly to the sweet voice of Dolly Parton.




FROM HERE TO THE MOON AND BACK – Dolly Parton (Joyful Noise version)

I could hold out my arms,
Say “I love you this much”
I could tell you how long
I will long for your touch
How much and how far
Would I go to prove
The depth and the breadth
Of my love for you?

From here to the moon and back
Who else in this world
Will love you like that?
Love everlasting,
I promise you that
From here to the moon and back
From here to the moon and back

I want you to know
You can always depend
On promises made
And love without end
No need to wonder
How faithful I’ll be
Now and on into eternity

From here to the moon and back
Who else in this world
Will love you like that?
Forever and always,
I’ll be where you’re at
From here to the moon and back
From here to the moon and back

I would blow you a kiss
From the star where I sat
I would call out your name to echo through the vast
Thank heaven for you and to God, tip my hat
From here to the moon and back
And I’ll spend forever just proving that fact
From here to the moon and back
From here to the moon and back…

          As the song faded away with Dolly Parton’s voice, they found each other’s lips…
                           *********THE END********




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