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          Lots of chocolates wrappers littered the floor of Funmi and Seyi’s room, a plate with half of toasted bread, a bottle of wine and two cups, two pillows and the duvet were on the floor too.

          Seyi was on top, in between Funmi’s open thighs, their swollen lips moving gently against each other. It was a soft and slow rhythm, filling and deep, romantic. They moaned softly in each other’s arms. Funmi has been doing most of the job, when they were on the floor, she rode him the “cowgirl” style, they had the “doggy” style on the stairs and now that they were on the bed, he was on top, Seyi wanted to be the man. His weight was rested on his elbows and arms, his knees were pinned to the bed, he was doing the job with his waist, rolling and pushing. This gave him access to that deep sensitive part of the vagina most people didn’t know existed. Funmi raised her waist to meet every trust. She wrapped her legs around his waist to give him deeper access. Seyi knew it was time to increase the pace. He moved faster and was rewarded with a climax, he came right after she did.

          They lay spent and sweaty in their bed, panting for air. Seyi looked at the alarm clock; it read 2:12 AM in angry red.

‘Babe, can we get some sleep and continue in the morning? Don’t unman me!’ Seyi said to Funmi stretching.

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‘I was going to suggest that. I can’t move my legs.’ She said and broke out in laughter.

‘Why are you laughing?’ Seyi asked but smiled too.

‘What are we going to tell the children happened to their chocolate during the night?’ She replied still laughing and Seyi joined in the laughter.

‘Well, it all expired! Or mummy ate it all during the night!’ she said and Funmi threw a pillow at him.

‘Why mummy?’ They laughed together. This was a sweet sound to Seyi’s ears, whatever his wife was on, she should never stop using it. He knew they needed to talk but he was too tired right now. Seyi knew he could never make it to work at the usual time tomorrow, and then inspiration hit him.

‘Do you have to be in court tomorrow?’ seyi asked.

‘Not really, just paper work. Why?’

‘I’m the boss, I don’t have to show up every day, you don’t have to be in court, why don’t we sleep in?’ he saw and felt Funmi thinking about it, he didn’t want her to.

‘Come on, I will take care of you.’

‘What about the kids?’

‘I will drop them at school and drop them at my mum’s place for the rest of the week.’ Seyi said and Funmi burst into laughter again.

‘Honey, its Tuesday! They have to be in school!’

‘I was thinking of giving them a holiday!’ he said defensively but in laughter.

‘You are incorrigible! We can’t do that seriously.’ Funmi said with a voice of reasoning.

‘Ok! But I will take care of the kids if you promise to stay in.’ he blackmailed her.

‘Ok. You will employ me if my boss sacks me oo!’

‘You are the best lawyer in time, only a fool will sack you for missing a day.’ Seyi said stifling a yarn with a smile.

‘Awwww, thanks.’ Her eyelids were heavy and closing. She heard ‘I love you’ from a far distance, she tried to move her lips but couldn’t. She had completely forgotten about Ngosi who was supposed to pick her up in the morning.

          Seyi watched Funmi fell asleep. He brushed hair away from her face and kissed her forehead. He would like to know what or who pushed her into doing this. Despite everything that has happened, he still love her and he was happy to have her back even if it was just for this day. She deserved to sleep after all the hard work she had put in. He felt like cuddling her but he knew the children would sort them out first thing in the morning and he didn’t want that for Funmi. He kissed her on the lips and left the room to sleep in his daughters’ room, they were the early birds.

          When the girls woke up and found their father sleeping in their room, they were confused but delighted. They jumped on him, kissing and smothering him.
‘Daddy! Daddy!! Daddy, wake up!!! Daddy wake up!’ They shouted into his ears. Seyi felt like a set of drums were being beaten on his head, he took him a whole one minute to realize where he was and what was happening.

‘Hey, take it easy on daddy tigress.’ He managed to turn them over and tickled them mercilessly. The girls giggled and laughed begging for mercy. When he finally stopped, they bombarded him with questions.

‘Daddy, what are you doing in our room?’

‘Mummy also slept in the guest room yesterday, what happened?’

‘Richard comes to sleep in our room when he pissed in his bed, did you piss on your bed too?’

‘Daddy where is mummy?’ 

          Wow! These girls can ask questions! He thought.He couldn’t imagine going through these questions every day. The respect and admiration for his wife grew a storey building taller but he was touched by how much the children noticed. They have never argued in the presence of the children before but still, he didn’t want the kids to think anything was wrong.

‘Dolls! Let me answer your questions one after the other, I am in your room because I slept of while reading to you yesterday, mummy slept in the guest room yesterday because she needed more space, no I didn’t piss in my bed, and mummy is in our room sleeping. Is that all?’

‘Daddy, why does mummy needs more space? Your bed is very big!’

‘Daddy, can we go and greet mummy now?’ They asked at the same time. Who taught them to ask these many questions? His wife surely wasn’t going through this every morning, she should have aged! He chose to answer the last question.

‘No we can’t wake mummy up; she is very tired and needs to rest. Daddy will get you ready for school today and drop you too!’ he said putting all the enthusiasm he could into the words, praying and hoping the children will not put up a drama. His prayer was answered, they didn’t put up any fight but Precious, the baby of the house asked the last question that made him laugh.

‘But daddy, what did mummy do during the night that she’s tired?’ the little girl asked innocently and the father burst into laughter, then he quickly covered it up with another statement.

‘Let’s go and wake Richard up girls! Let’s see who gets to his room first!’ he pretend to make a move and the girls ran past him! Children!

Getting his son up was war he didn’t know existed. He shook him, carried him, put him on his feet but he refused to open his eyes and the confusing part was the girls were laughing instead of helping him by jumping on their brother.

‘Daddy? Didn’t mummy tell you?’

‘Tell me what?’ he asked in frustration and the girls laughed some more.

‘He won’t stand up unless you pour water on him!’ they explained to him as if he should have known, the expression on their faces was that of a lecturer who was explaining a simple text to a dull student. He suspected the children were enjoying his misery. He went into the bathroom and brought out water to splash on the boy. He did but Richard didn’t wake up, he looked at the girls with the “what next” look. They shook their heads at him.

‘Not like that daddy! You will put him under the shower!’ Queen explained. Was that so had to tell him from the beginning?

          After getting Richard to wake up, the rest was easy; everything was fine till they were ready to get into the car and the children demanded for their chocolates.
‘Ehm, ehm, you see, mummy and I discovered that the chocolates have expired, yes, expired! And we threw everything away.’ The children’s mouth dropped from their faces, Precious screamed.

‘Nooooooooo!’ Richard regarded his father as if he knew he was lying but just couldn’t prove it.

‘But daddy, we took to school yesterday?’

‘Eating expired food is bad for you; we will buy another for you.’ He said with authority, daring them to ask him another question.

          He noticed that Funmi’s car wasn’t in the compound. How did she get home last night? Who dropped her? He was thinking about this as he drove the children to school. He made up the lack of chocolate to them by giving them more than their ascribed pocket money. He drove home as fast as he could; hoping his wife hasn’t woken up but also scared she might have and changed her mind about work. 

          Ngozi packed in front of Funmi’s gate at exactly 7:45 AM. She was almost an hour late due to her own sex filled night and the terrible early morning Lagos traffic. She honked and honked but there was no response. She was a bit surprised Funmi hasn’t called her yet because Funmi doesn’t wait for anybody except for the judge! She called her phone but Funmi didn’t pick. Hmmmmm! I think my plan has succeeded or has something gone wrong and Funmi has gone to work already? She got down from her car and knocked on the gate, still there was no response. She was trying her number again when a car drove to the gate and opened it with a remote control, it was Seyi.

          Seyi saw the figure looming around his gate from a distance and as he drove nearer, he saw it was Ngozi, Funmi’s colleague and friend. What was she doing in his house this early in the morning? It couldn’t be they were missing her at work or found out she wasn’t coming to work this early or did Funmi call her? He drove into his compound and got down.

‘Good morning Ngozi. How are you? Long time no see.’

‘Good morning Mr. Olorunda, I’m very fine, thank you. How are you too?’

‘We thank God. What brings you here early this morning?’

‘I dropped Funmi home last night and promised to pick her up this morning but she hasn’t been picking her calls, is she home?’ Seyi was relieved, his questions about how she got home and her whereabouts has been answered. Funmi had left her purse downstairs yesterday, she couldn’t have heard it rang, he was glad about that.

‘Actually, she’s a bit down; I was going to call in sick for her after I dropped the children at school.’ He lied.

While Seyi was talking, Ngozi observed him, he was relaxed, and the dark shadows under his eyes were a sure sign that he didn’t get enough sleep, in short, he looked well fucked. Ngozi smiled when he heard the lie about Funmi’s health.

‘Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, she was fine when I dropped her last night… Anyways, I will pass the information to the office. Please take care of her, my regards. I better get going. Take care, hope to see you soon.’ She pretended to be genuinely concerned, if only he knew she was in on everything! She was a lawyer and a marriage counselor[, she learned to lie and mask he feelings a long time ago! Ngozi entered her car and drove away. She congratulated herself, phase one over.

          Seyi could swear he saw a knowing smile on Ngozi’s face when he lied to her, as if she could tell he was lying but he brushed it over, how would she have known he was lying or was she part of this? He brushed it off, all he wanted to think of was getting back into bed with his wife and cuddle, and then claim his bathroom sex and more as soon as possible.

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…To be continued…

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