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          He must have slept off and was dreaming. No way on earth was what he was seeing true. An angel with the face of his wife stood beside the door. She was clad in a satin white short gown; she has on a red shoe. Do angels wear shoes? He pinched himself, it was painful. It’s not a dream, I’m awake! He stared at Funmi’s face, trying to figure out if this was truly his wife or a prank. Then the person started moving towards him. He expected the person to remove the mask any moment and revealed she was an imposter.

          Funmi saw the disbelieving look on Seyi’s face. First she was afraid but she didn’t see anger or disgust, so she moved closer to him, sway as much as she could in her heels. She stopped right in front of her husband, a few feet away. She watched as he stood up slowly and looked into her eyes, she kept a simple smile on her face he admired the view in his front. It was truly his wife, oh my goodness, this was a wonderful surprise. He stood up and met her gace. This was his wife, the sexy spontaneous woman he married. He looked her over again, and stopped at her rosy cleavage, he followed her breast movement as she breathed. Then his wife spoke.

‘Are we going to stare at each other all night, come on say something. Do you like it?’ Funmi asked breaking the silence.

‘Frankly I can stare all day. Gosh! You are beautiful, you look lovely baby.’ He said softly.

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‘Thank you; do you like part of your surprise?’

‘Part of my surprise? You mean there’s still more?’ Seyi said with bulging eyes. Funmi dropped her clutch purse of the nearest chair and closed up the distance between them. Her breast against his chest, she said into his ears softly but clearly, she licked his ear after every sentence.

‘I am your slut tonight, your master and slave, I’m yours to command. I am your wife and not the mother of your children tonight. I’m going to fuck you till daybreak, on this couch, on the floor, on the stairs, on our bed, in the bathroom, everywhere. I am going to fuck you with my mouth, you will come and I will lick you dry, you used to love that, remember? Then I will take you in between my breast, you can come over my breast and face. I’m going to tie your hands and ride you while you will watch me touch myself. Then we are going to make love, on our bed and in the shower. Right now, I want to get down on my knees and eat your dick.’  And they have sex and it was wonderful. 
***********************************JUST KIDDING; rewind!***********************

‘I am your slut tonight, your master and slave, I’m yours to command. I am your wife and not the mother of your children tonight. I’m going to fuck you till daybreak, on this couch, on the floor, on the stairs, on our bed, in the bathroom, everywhere. I am going to fuck you with my mouth, you will come and I will lick you dry, you used to love that, remember? Then I will take you in between my breast, you can come over my breast and face. I’m going to tie your hands and ride you while you will watch me touch myself. Then we are going to make love, on our bed and in the shower. Right now, I want to get down on my knees and eat your dick.’ With every word Funmi said, she undid one button on his shirt, then his belt. He felt Seyi’s hot breathe fanned her neck, he was breathing fast and harsh. As she talked and undressed him, his penis grew longer and harder, pushing her. She got on her knees drawing his trousers and boxer with her.

          Thousands of things flashed through Seyi’s mind, but as she continued torturing him with her words. What’s going on? What’s she doing? Is this a set up or a joke? What kind of horniness drove her into wanting me? This was a well planned coup against him! But all the thousands thought evaporated into one. He just wanted to experience everything she was saying. Liquid fire ran through his veins, they were all running towards the center of his body. Then she went on her knees and kissed his dick like she was worshiping it, adoring it, he quivered. She rolled his cap on her tongue several times, wetting it with her saliva. The sensation was unexplainable; it was hot and cold at the same time. Anywhere her tongue touched was hot, the rest was cold. Then she swallowed the whole of his penis cap into her mouth but she didn’t move her lips. She kept on rolling her tongue on, over and around his dick in her mouth, now everything was hot. ‘Aaarrhhhhhh.’ Seyi moaned to the sensation but just before he digests the sensation, she started moving her lips over his cap. ‘Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh,’ his breathing was faster and harsher. His legs became weak, his knees buckled as the sensation built. He touched her head and gently pushed her head back, he sat down and kissed her forehead, he wanted to go on kissing her but she averted his mouth and went back to his dick.

          Funmi readjusted her position on the floor as her husband sat down, took of her shoes then took a throw-pillow from the couch and knelt on it. She drew his butt to the edge of the couch making sure his balls were dangling in the air then spread his legs and made room for herself between them. She missed the pleasure she derived from pleasing her husband. She missed the way he groaned, moaned and quivered under her touch but tonight, she was going to experience everything again. She took the whole of his dick into her mouth, almost swallowing the whole length, she was a bit uncomfortable as the cap of his dick nodded against her throat but she ignored it when she heard, ‘Aaarrrrhhhwwowooo baby!’ She repeated the motion severally, each time rewarded with a sharp groan from Seyi. She stooped teasing him and began blowing him proper.

          Seyi’s heart was pounding in his chest; he groaned and moaned under Funmi’s touch. She was sucking, eating and licking as if her life depended on it, just when he thought the sensation couldn’t go higher, Funmi’s hands found his balls and squeezed them together gently, and then she kept on juggling the two balls in her hands and tickling with her nails. ‘Aaarrhhwushhh, Iissshhhhh,’ and going in for the kill, she took his nipple with her free hand and pulled, pinched and squeezed. She increased the tempo of the movement of her mouth on his dick. Seyi held on to Funmi’s head, pulling and pushing her head in and out on his penis. He felt the liquid coming, and fucked her mouth faster and harder, Funmi didn’t stop the assault on his nipple and balls. ‘Oooohhh my gossshhh, aaawwrrrmmh, gggiiiihhhmmm, arharharharharh!’ He came into his wife’s mouth.

          Funmi followed the tempo, she left her mouth in place for Seyi’s hand and dick to control but keep doing the job with her lips and tongue. She felt him coming, she tight her lips around him and sucked like when you suck an ice blocked yogurt. He poured his thick seed into her mouth and she let it slide into her throat. Seyi tried to push her head away but she stood firm and kept on licking, this time very slow, light and gentle. She rubbed his thighs, soothing him. He dipped his hands into her hair and massaged her scale while she soothed him. When he stopped throbbing and was getting hard again, Funmi decided I was time to get some actions for herself. She removed her mouth from his penis and started kissing him upwards from the thighs to his stomach; taking her time to lick at his abdomen, then moving on till she got to his nipples; she took the one she ignored before into her mouth and Seyi shuddered.

          This was heaven, if Seyi was dreaming; he doesn’t want to wake up. He couldn’t remember when last they had this kind of intimacy. She could do wonders with her tongue but he was beginning to forget but now, he remembered everything. He was still recuperating after the mind blowing blow job she just gave him when she began licking him again. This girl wasn’t joking when she said she was going fuck him. His dick began throbbing again. She took his nipple in her mouth and he lost it again. He pulled her head away from his chest and crushed his mouth on her mouth. They met passion for passion, lust for lust. Seyi searched for the zipper on Funmi’s dress but couldn’t find it; he pulled it over her head. The sight of breast was always a welcoming view. The bra did wonderful things to her bosom; it pushed up her breast and gave it a beautiful arch. He dipped his face into the arch between both breast and inhale the sweet scent coming out from them. He cupped the two breasts in his hands and sucked them both at the same time. He felt Funmi shuddered and he heard her inhale sharply. Oh breast, my sweet breast! How I’ve missed you, he thought. He loved the way Funmi was wanting and panting in his arms, his ego was on flying mood, he could still make her wanton in his arms, and he drew one nipple into his mouth and pinched and rolled the other softly with fingers. Funmi screamed.

          Funmi felt the mouth on her nipple like hot fire. She had almost forgotten how much she loved her nipples in his mouth. She screamed, ‘Arharharharh,’ but somewhere in her subconscious she remembered her children were sleeping upstairs, she groaned in her husband’s ear. ‘Mmmhhnnnnn.’ She took his earlobe in her mouth and chewed, kissed, licked, sucked, moaned and groaned in Seyi’s ears as seyi went from one nipple to the other. Her pantie was soaked with her discharge and as Seyi’s manhood poked her openness, she almost went crazy with pleasure. As if seyi could read her mind, he cupped her vagina in his hand and massaged everything for a few seconds before concentrating on her clitoris. ‘Yeeeeeaaaaarrrrrhhhhhhh!!!’ the scream escaped from her mouth.

          Seyi couldn’t believe his wife was this wet for him, her juice ran freely between his fingers when he cupped her and she screamed like a siren when his thumb touched her clitoris. For a second he was scared the children would wake up and he definitely wouldn’t want that. No one was going to steal this moment from him. Reluctantly, he left the breast and took Funmi’s mouth to shut her up. He pushed Funmi’s lace panties to one side because he didn’t want to break the contact they had, he entered her in one trust without taking his thumb away from her clitoris. Eating each other’s lips, they moved together in one accord. Seyi pushed into Funmi, Funmi grinded against Seyi. ‘Oh baby, baby, I miss you, I miss you.’ Seyi said into Funmi’s mouth, Funmi answered with moaning, she was far too gone to compose any sentence.

          Funmi felt it coming, she grinded faster and harder, holding on to Seyi’s shoulders and hugging him to meet her pace. She went high on her knees and landed hard on his dick as fast as she could. She crushed her mouth on Seyi’s mouth and screamed into it. She felt Seyi’s hands circled her waist to and held her in place as she was lost into oblivion. Seyi kept pounding into her and the orgasm continued for a timeless period. She collapsed on his chest, resting her head on his neck. Though Seyi has gone limp, but they were still joined together, and Seyi was patting her on the back, robbing up and down. How did I ever survive without this? Funmi asked herself.

          How did I survive all these years without crazy sex like this? He has no idea. He kissed her forehead and drew her closer into to his arms, their sweaty body clinging together. ‘I love you, and I miss you too.’ Funmi finally responded. They began kissing, this time it was different, it was emotional, it was a story they were telling each other, pouring out their hearts into each other’s mouth but five minutes into the kiss, it became very hot. Seyi broke the kiss and said to Funmi.

‘Just before we move to the floor, the stairs, the bedroom and the bathroom, can I have something to eat, I’m starving.’ They both laughed.

‘Of course, what will you like to eat dear?’

‘Anything you can put together in five minutes, you have finished me.’
‘Hmmmm, when I’ve not started yet! What about toast bread? It’s fast, filling and nutritious.’

‘Ok, that will be great! God knows I need it, please make plenty.’ Funmi pulled her tongue out like a kids mocking her husband, he laughed. Funmi untangled her limbs from her husband and walked into the kitchen in her lacy bra and underpants, swaying her delicate behind as much as possible. Seyi watched her disappeared into the kitchen.

‘Now, that’s the girl I married!’ May tomorrow never come…

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…To be continued…

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