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          OLA knew Mrs. Solomon wanted more information than she could give. Ola knew her type. The trick was to make her feel important. She would give her plenty of useless information and repeat what she told her to her. Ola would also compliment her a lot to distract her from asking too many questions. Ola knew better than to take food, drink or gift from sources and witnesses but she needed to make Mrs. Solomon feel at home in her own home!

‘Yes ma’am. Water will do.’ She told the beaming woman. “If I’m right about this woman, she will offer me more than water!” Ola thought as Mrs. Solomon called for her maid.

‘Sikira! Sikira! Bring juice and biscuits for my guest.’

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‘So madam, can you give me any useful information about your neighbor?’ Ola asked Mrs. Solomon.

‘Arh! I can tell you a lot about her. Do you people have an idea who did it yet?’ She asked and the game began.

‘Hopefully with your help ma’am, we can catch the killer. Were you friends with Joy?’

‘Hmmmm. Not really. She was a loner who kept to herself but was pleasant whenever we had a conversation. She was always supporting our community. She attended my party last year and many neighbors were jealous because she hardly goes anywhere. On that day she…’

‘I’ve no doubt you throw wonderful parties no one wants to miss Mrs. Solomon.’ Ola cut in.

‘Awwww. That’s nice of you to say. I will invite you to one soon. So who do you suspect?’

‘I will gladly come to your party and you do have wonderful interior decorations! Have you been seeing anyone strange or unfamiliar around Joy’s house lately?’

‘Not really. She doesn’t really entertain people but when the husband was around they used to have lots of people around! Do you know she divorced her husband? He is a very nice man but he was unfaithful to Joy! You know men, they can’t keep it in their pants! He and my husband belongs to the same club, and I’ve seen him with other girls few times! That’s why she divorced him.’ Mrs. Solomon told Ola what she already knew.

Ola knew this woman had no information for her, she just wanted to gossip and drill the police for information. Just one more question and she would take her leave.

‘Well, I’m sure your husband doesn’t cheat on you! I noticed that Joy’s kitchen window overlook one of yours. Which window is that?’

‘That is the kitchen window. When we wanted to build this house, we hired the best architect to give us a wonderful design that would complement our neighbor’s beautiful mansion!’ Mrs. Solomon said proudly.

‘It’s beautiful indeed. Can I see the kitchen?’

‘Yes of course, let me show you.’

         MRS. Solomon stood up and Ola followed suit. Ola checked Mrs. Solomon over once again concentrating on her hands and fingers. Mrs. Solomon’s hands and fingers were neatly manicured. She didn’t look like a woman who visited the kitchen to cook but Ola was hoping her gossiping syndrome would take her there. They entered a large beautiful kitchen with state of the art technology and cooking utensils everywhere. It was beautiful.

‘This place smells nice! You must do lots of cooking!’ Ola said.

‘Hmmm… Not really. I’ve read a lot of books about food and I have lots of recipes. My maid does the cooking but I give her instructions and monitor everything! You know these girls can’t do anything on their own!’ Mrs. Solomon said.

Ola knew she was lying.

‘Wow! Did you notice anything strange from your neighbor’s kitchen yesterday while you were monitoring the cooking?’

‘Hmmm! No! I mean I don’t look into her kitchen from here. But why are you asking about the kitchen? Did the crime take place there?’

‘Oh no. Just asking. Well, you have been a great help! Thank you for your time!’

‘No problem! Anything to help the police. As it is, I’m scared already. I’ve told my husband to double our security. Robbers don’t usually come around here because of the high security we have here. I don’t know how they got into her house!’ She said looking truly worried.

‘I’m sure it’s a one-time crime, Mrs. Solomon. Be rest assured that you are very safe.’ Ola tried to allay her fears.

‘Thank you dear. You didn’t touch your drink and cookies, please let me wrap up some cake for you. Sikira baked some cake late last night. And it’s delicious!’ Mrs. Solomon said.

It got Ola thinking. If Sikara was in the kitchen baking yesternight, then she might have seen something. Ola wanted to call Sikira immediately but she knew Mrs. Solomon would hate not being the center of attention. Besides, the girl might not be free to talk in front of her mistress. She would come back another time soon.

‘Thank you but I’m trying to diet! I may need to ask you further questions. Are you always home?’

‘Oh no! I have businesses I’ve to attend too but I’m mostly home before twelve o’clock in the afternoon and back by ten P.M.’ She informed Ola who made a mental note about coming back the next day around noon. She walked to the door thanking Mrs. Solomon again for her help. As she opened the door, she saw the commotion going on in front of the victim’s house and wondered what it was about.

          VICTORIA’S phone was ringing. It was annoying her. Couldn’t she enjoy her sleep? She had done things she couldn’t tell anyone last night. She was physically and emotionally tired. She was ashamed and guilty of her actions but it needed to be done. She knew it had to be done. She has been doing anything to survive but she was tired of surviving, she wanted to live! She needed money! She wanted to be able to afford the things she dreamed about. She knew what the incoming call was going to be about but she was trying to avoid reality. She wanted to stay in dreamland but the phone wouldn’t stop ringing. She picked up not bothering to open her eyes.

‘Hello!’ She said sleepily into the phone
‘Vic! Are you still sleeping?! Wake up! On you TV and tune to IOT! Do it now!’ The person at the other end shouted into the phone. Victoria searched for the remote and found it after some seconds.

“The police say they are investigating some leads. All effort to get the police to talk to us proved abortive but we will bring you more news when we know more. Let’s remind you that Miss Joy Joel was a billionaire who inherited her parent’s wealth and worked very hard to make it better. She was married to Dr. Akin Oriyomi whom she divorced about a year ago. They have a child together and she was a philanthropist. More news coming your way after this break. I’m…”

‘OH MY GOD!’ She screamed genuinely into the phone.

‘I know! They are saying it’s a murder! I wonder who wanted the nice woman dead. Thank God you were not there oo! Maybe…’

‘Let me call you back Titi. Thanks.’ Victoria said dropping the phone. She rushed into the bathroom and splashed her face with cold water. She needed her eyes opened and her brain cleared. “What am I going to do now? The police will surely want to see me. I will need an alibi for where I was last night. Oh my God!” She thought as she was pacing her room.

‘Okay, Victoria. Stop shaking! This is what you will do. You will go to the police before they come to you!’ She spoke to herself aloud.

‘Idiot! If you go to the police station without being invited they will think you are guilty! Don’t crucify yourself before you get to the cross! Just go to work first and take it from there.” She replied herself.

She quickly dressed up and left the house. “What have I gotten myself into?” She thought as she locked the door.

          ‘BABY! Wake up! My sister is dead! Oh my goodness!’ Grace was shaking her fiancé Kelvin. She had just heard on the radio that her sister had been killed. She needed her fiancé who loved to sleep into the morning to wake up and take her to her sister’s house. She couldn’t believe her ears! She needed to see things for herself.

Kelvin had taken a sedative the night before because he was complaining of body aches and they had slept in different rooms. He always snored when he took sleeping tablets and Grace didn’t like it. So she left their bedroom for him and slept in the guest room. This gave her an opportunity to leave her radio on all night. Kelvin liked everything to be quiet while he slept but she liked to have music on. She loved to wake up to beautiful morning music. She had loved it since childhood when nanny Love, her mom or sister would always wake her up with lullabies and kisses. It was not unusual for her sister to be in the news. She was always donating money to one charity or the other but she was dismayed when the newscaster mentioned Joy Joel had been killed. The phone in her house began ringing but she was less concerned. She just needed Kelvin to wake up and drive her to her sister’s house. She shook him some more and he finally woke up.

‘What baby? Is the house on fire?’

‘Yes! I just heard on the radio that my sister is dead! I need to go to her house!’ she said to Kelvin who jump from the bed. He looked thoroughly dismayed. Who would kill such a nice woman? He pulled his fiancé into his arms.

‘Are you sure they mentioned your sister?’ Kelvin asked Grace.

‘Yes I heard her name but I don’t believe it yet! Let’s go and find out. Please honey.’

‘Okay, okay! Let me get dressed.’ He said going into the bathroom. Some few minutes later, they left home.

          LEFT to Akin, he would give his son holidays on the last Friday of every month but he didn’t want the boy to think time spent with him meant play time. So he got up very early to get his son ready for school. He laid out his school uniform on his bed before waking him up.

‘Wake up soldier boy! Time for school!’ His son was one of the children that didn’t mind getting up in the morning. A soft tap would get the boy up. Akin sat beside his son and drew back the duvet from Junior’s body. He caressed his tender face and the boy rewarded him with a smile. Akin wished every morning could be like this! What could go wrong if he woke up to such smiles every day!

‘Good morning daddy.’ Junior said hugging his father.

‘Good morning son. Let’s go get ready for school.’

‘Dad? I don’t feel good. I had a bad dream. I saw mommy crying. I think she needs me. Can we go and see mommy today? Please daddy.’ Junior pleaded.

Akin was angry and jealous but he didn’t let it show on his face. He would not share his three days with her. It was not enough for him but his son has never asked him for something like this. Junior was always happy to be with him. He understood children wanted their mothers when they have nightmares so he decided to strike a deal with the boy.

‘You have to go to school Junior. How about we give mommy a call this morning and we can go to her office on our way back from school? Is that okay?’

‘Yes daddy! Thank you daddy!’

‘Go have your bath. I will bring you the phone when you are done.’

‘Okay daddy.’

Akin had been trying to get Joy on the phone to no avail. He had called her very private line but she wasn’t picking either. Akin knew why she wasn’t picking but he still had to try for his son’s sake. As they got into the car the son asked;

‘Has mommy picked yet?’ He asked hopefully.

‘No son. I think she’s resting peacefully. Let’s not disturb her.’ It broke Akin’s heart to say those words to her son. He got behind the wheels and started the car. The radio came on automatically.

“Some are saying it’s a robbery gone wrong and some say it a murder. The police are not talking to us but we promise to bring you more information by noon. Miss Joy Joel is survived by her ex-husband, sister, and child. We pray to God her philanthropist soul find peace with the lord. We would be right back! Stay tuned.”

Akin matched on his car break jerking himself and his son almost out of their seats. Thank God for the seatbelt.

‘Daddy! What are you doing?’ The boy screamed as Akin made a rough U-turn.

‘We are going to mom’s house!’ He said sweating.


          DETECTIVE Ola wondered what the fresh commotion in front of the victim’s house were all about. She saw the press trying to talk to some people. The policemen were also trying to prevent some people from going into the house. She tried to see who they were but the commotion didn’t allow her to see them clearly. She started walking towards the commotion with Mrs. Solomon closed to her heels.

‘Yes? What’s going on here please? I’m detective Ola.’ Ola said showing her badge. An officer quickly told her what was happening.

‘Ma’am, I’ve been trying to tell these people they can’t go into the crime scene but they don’t want to listen to me! They all claimed to be relatives and the press is not helping matters at all!’

‘Okay. I will take them away, please take care of the press.’ She said to the police officer before facing the relatives and press who turned the microphones towards her.

‘Attention please. I need all family members to follow me. Gentlemen of the press, I beg you to stay back as I talk to the family. Let me remind you that you could be charged with obstruction of law if you disturb an ongoing investigation. Thank you for your co-operation.’ She said and started moving towards the back of the house while the family members followed her. The press moved along with them throwing questions at the family members. The police quickly moved into action by creating a barricade between the press and the family members. “When will the press understand the words stay back?” Ola wondered.

…to be continued…



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