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          ‘SO this is my theory. This woman knew who her killer was. She opened the door for him or her. They had a drink in the kitchen where the person poisoned her drink. Then the suspect smashed her head with the frying pan against this table to make sure she was dead, after which he took her body to the sitting room, scattered everywhere, but didn’t take anything! Her purse, car keys and laptop are all still where she placed them. The suspect then shot her to make it look like a B.G.B. Look at the broken window, it was broken far away from the latch the person supposedly needed to open to get into the house. Also look at the window’s broken frames, it’s in the room. This means the window was broken from inside. The boot mark was also an afterthought kick against the door to make it look like a burglary. He was already in the house and could open the lock to leave. Besides, the lock isn’t broken. This is a pre-meditated murder.’ Ola told the chief and her deputy. The chief sighed, “I’m getting too old for this job!” He thought to himself.

‘Well done Ola! That’s why you are the best. I will leave you to do your job.’ He smiled at her and waddled out of the room.

Detective Ola clapped her hands and all the CSIs stopped what they were doing. She said:

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‘Okay guys! This is not a BGB, it’s a homicide. Let’s look for prints, blood and anything that will give us clues or a clue at least! I want this place naked by daybreak. This bastard has robbed us of our sleep, let’s rob him of his freedom! Get to work!’

          THE doctor worked diligently all night at full speed knowing Detective Ola was a slave driver who demanded perfection from her co-workers. She liked to work fast especially if a dead victim was involved. He knew deep in his heart that she would soon burst into the room demanding for answers. He looked up immediately, scared his thoughts would become a reality! He breathed in relief when she wasn’t there. He went back to work but a minute later, the task mistress whisked in.

‘Morning doc. What do we have?’ She asked bending over the dissected dead body.

‘D.O, I can’t have all the facts in 10 hours! The lab is not even opened yet!’ The doctor complained.

‘Come on doc! You know you have things to tell me! I will take anything for now. Something to start the investigation with.’ Ola pleaded for information. The doctor took his file and read out his findings to Ola.

‘Before I get to how the victim died, let me tell you a bit about her life. She tried to live a good life; eat well and exercise but she was an alcoholic. She started drinking about a year ago and hardly a night goes by without her drinking herself to stupor. Look at her tongue, can you see that swell? It’s associated with too much drinking.’ The doctor said touching the victim’s tongue.

He dropped it and moved to her open chest. Detective Ola followed his movements with her eyes. She jotted the things the doctor said in her notebook even though she had access to the doctor’s file. Writing things down made it easier for her to study cases.

‘Can you see the bruise along the lungs and the discolouration of the liver? They are also signs of her alcoholism. Now let’s get back to the cause of death. The victim was poisoned first. She was poisoned with CAY3p. There was no chance she could survive it within ten minutes of ingestion but she wasn’t dead when she was hit over the head repeatedly with a flat surface metallic object that has been identified as the frying pan in her kitchen. Look at the swell behind this crack, it means the blood was still flowing when she was hit over the head. Then some minutes later, she was shot with 9MM three times in the chest. Detective, do you have a theory yet?’ The doctor asked Ola whose face wore a frown.

‘I don’t know… I’m not sure. You see, why poison her with a sure killer poison and then hit her over the head with a pan?’ She asked.

‘The murder knows that CAY3p kills in ten minutes but doesn’t know it takes longer in a body filled with alcohol. Hence, he or she hits her with the pan when she refuses to die on time. The killer wanted to be sure she was dead before leaving the premises.’

‘Hmmmm! Poison we know is a choice for women in a murder…’ She was saying when the doctor interrupted her;

‘It doesn’t mean men don’t use it. In fact, we have quite a number of them.’

‘I know doc but why use poison then hit her with a pan and then shoot her? He could have just shot her!’ She reasoned.

‘Well, no one knows what a criminal thinks when he’s committing a crime but I guess the poison is to subdue the victim.’

‘There are others harmless chemicals that can do that job doc…’

‘Then it’s left for you to find that out. So leave my workspace and go do what you know how to do best.’

‘Is that all?’

‘No ma’am! I’m still working on the body. I have sent some samples to the lab to be analyzed. I found some dried-up substances on her cheeks, I don’t think I’ve seen it before. I’m eagerly waiting for the result and when I get them, I shall inform you! Now go!’

‘Wait, CAY3p is illegal to purchase in the pharmacy unless a veterinary doctor prescribes it and the police supervise the use which is only allowed to be used on dangerous animals who has tasted human blood. How did the killer get hold of it?’

‘You are asking the wrong person! Go and do your job.’ The doctor said and went back to the open body on his slab.

Detective Ola left the autopsy room more confused and with lots of questions on her mind. She entered her office and found her assistant writing.

‘So deputy, what have you found out about the ex-husband?’ Detective Ola asked her deputy, Smith.

‘Well, a lot and the guy looks guiltier by the minute. He had a troubled childhood, his parents abandoned him in an orphanage at the age two. He moved from one foster home to the other. He was a bully in school and went to juvenile home when he was fourteen for fighting and injuring a girl and killing her dog who was trying to save the girl. He was forced to take care of animals while in juvenile detention and he fell in love with them. It seemed like he pulled himself together when he got out of the juvenile home. He went to the university to become a veterinary doctor, did well and graduated with honors. How Akin and Joy met is a mystery for now, but I’m on it. They had a very private marriage and lived a quiet life too. When I dug deeper, I found out that the parents were against the union but Joy insisted threatening to leave her parents business. They succumbed because they didn’t want to leave it to Joy’s unserious sister but insisted Akin signed a prenuptial agreement which he did. The wife filed for divorce two years ago but the husband wasn’t happy about it. She settled him with a very large amount and some properties but the husband was denied custody of their son whom I heard he loved very much! Their next door neighbor said he heard noises last night from the apartment and soon he saw the man hurriedly leaving the house. As far as we know, he is the last to see her alive.’ Deputy Smith informed Detective Ola.

          SHE paced the office while she listened to Smith. The case seemed simple enough but experience had thought her not to take things at face value. The husband was looking too guilty and it meant two things. Either he was careless with the murder or someone has gone to a great extent to set him up.

‘Smith, I don’t think the husband is guilty.’ Ola said and Smith rolled his eyes. Why couldn’t she see how easy, simple, and clear the case was?

‘I think this case is clear. The ex-husband has the motive and the means. People heard them fighting and he was the last person to see her alive! How can he not be guilty?!’

‘Hmmmm! That’s what’s giving me a headache! He looks too guilty. The victim was poisoned first with CAY3p. What does that tell you?’ She asked and Smith scratched his head.

‘That the killer has access to the poison and we all know that’s the doctor!’ He said trying to convince her.

‘No! You are wrong. It tells me that the killer planned it. A carefully planned murder will take the focus off the real killer and point it towards someone else! We have to dig and hope he made a mistake. Let’s be the devil’s advocate here.’ Ola said standing in front of Smith.

‘Okay.’ Smith simply said knowing no one could stop Ola when she suspected foul play.

‘The ex-husband knows CAY3p is a restricted drug that only veterinary doctor has to. He is a vet. doc. Why use it when it will point to him directly? He also knows the poison is a sure killer. Why bash and shoot her again? I think someone wants us to think the ex-husband is guilty.’ She told him what she thought.

‘Well, you may be right, but what if the husband is trying to make himself look too guilty so that we can think it’s a setup? Maybe he didn’t think it through or plan it well! He may be careless too!’ Smith reasoned. He had no doubt that the crime was committed by the husband.

‘You are right but I still think this is a setup. We should look deeper.’

‘Right now we have no other suspect. The woman didn’t make many friends. I heard she has a maid whose off day was yesterday too. I will find out who she is and bring her in for questioning. Meanwhile, the husband his coming in today to identify the body and for questioning too.’

‘Great! Find out what you can about the victim’s life. Use the Internet, search Facebook, Twitter, everywhere! I want to know everything about this woman! Okay?’ She commanded her deputy.

‘Yes ma’am!’ He said escaping from his predator.

He was scared of her but she was too good at her job and he wanted to learn from the best! She gave him an assignment but he wouldn’t be surprised if she knew all the answers before he could find half of it! How was she getting her information?

          WITH Smith gone, Ola went back to her notebook and added **Maid** to her list of suspect. Many people in her department thought she has supernatural powers of detecting criminals but it wasn’t really true. Detective Ola studied and trained very hard. She asked lots of questions and looked for the answers. Most importantly, she always looked outside the box. She made use of the internet very much. One way or the other, everyone is connected through the internet. She fired up her computer and started searching.

She has been surfing the net for hours and she had found out many things about the victim, her ex-husband, child, sister, and maid. She found out that the victim’s sister, Grace was in a hot romance with a man called Kelvin. She got the address and telephone number of all her primary suspects. She downloaded their pictures and printed them out. Moving over to her board she pinned the pictures on it in a circle with Joy’s picture at the center.

‘Joy, who killed you?’ She asked staring at the pictures. She searched the eyes staring back at her.

‘Why were you killed?’

‘Which of you killed her?’ She kept asking the pictures. She knew she couldn’t get any answer from the pictures. It was time to go out and find the killer.

          SOME crime scene investigators were still on the crime scene doing their job. They looked very tired since they had been up all night. She greeted each of them as she passed them by. Going back to the crime scene always help her. She tried to see and feel what the victim felt and what the criminals were thinking when they committed the crime. The house was different after being torn apart by investigators looking for clues and evidence that could help them with the case. The room had been dusted for fingerprints and she could smell the chemicals. She went into the kitchen where the crime took place. She sat on the chair the victim sat when she was poisoned and smashed over the head. She looked around trying to see what the victim saw. Turning her head to the right, she discovered the kitchen window. She went to it and made another discovery. The window was opposite one of her neighbor’s window. She hoped this particular neighbor was a nosy one. Maybe he or she might have seen something that could help the case. She wrote her new findings on her pad.

She moved about the house investigating. Her conclusion hadn’t changed. She was right. There was no false entry, the victim, and the criminal were acquaintances if not friends or family. She encouraged the investigators to work fast but diligently and left the house. She went over to the neighbor’s house and knocked on the door. Some seconds later the door opened.

A well-dressed woman opened the door. She was a short and plump woman. She looked like a jobless wife of a rich man. She must gossip a lot and Ola hoped she has something for her. She pasted a sweet smile on her face not wanting to alarm the woman. “Why are people scared of the police?” She asked herself.

‘Good afternoon. I’m detective Ola, I’m in charge of the case of your neighbor. Can I ask you some questions?’

          MRS. Solomon knew who Ola was. She had been watching the police since they arrived the night before. She had told the other police where to find her neighbor’s child and everything she wished to tell the police then. She knew they would come back but this time, she wanted information for information. Everyone knew her for getting first-hand information and she needed more information about her neighbor so she could be the champion again when her friends came over. She eyed the detective sizing her up. She concluded she could handle and drill out information from her. She smiled at the policewoman who had identified herself has detective Ola.

‘I’m Mrs. Solomon. Please come in.’ Mrs. Solomon invited Ola in. She led her to a sitting room where both women sat down.

‘Can I offer you anything?’ Mrs. Solomon asked.

          GETTING information out of willing or unwilling people was a skill Ola had to learn when she joined the force. She was a very impatient person and wanted quick answers to questions. She didn’t understand why people would hold on to information that could help a case and she would often threaten them with the law to get them to talk. It worked on some but didn’t on many. Her supervisor at that time who was now the police chief now taught her how to get people to give up information. You have to study your potential witness or source. Some like the police to be friendly and some just want to be the center of attention. Some hate the police and wouldn’t give up what they knew unless you make them see reasons why they should while you have to threaten some with the law before they tell you anything. The most important thing in getting information was to decide what information to take and leave. Most sources and witnesses add too many lies to the truth and an unskilled detective might lose the facts.

Ola knew Mrs. Solomon wanted more information than she could give. Ola knew her type. The trick was to make her feel important. She would give her plenty of useless information and repeat what she told her to her. Ola would also compliment her a lot to distract her from asking too many questions. Ola knew better than to take food, drink or gift from sources and witnesses but she needed to make Mrs. Solomon feel at home in her own home!

‘Yes ma’am. Water will do.’ She told the beaming woman. “If I’m right about this woman, she will offer me more than water!” Ola thought as Mrs. Solomon called for her maid.

‘Sikira! Sikira! Bring juice and biscuits for my guest.’

‘So madam, can you give me any useful information about your neighbor?’ Ola asked Mrs. Solomon.

‘Arh! I can tell you a lot about her. Do you people have an idea who did it yet?’ She asked and the game began.

…to be continued…



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