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          THE smoke from the tub had created a fog in the clove and it seemed like the guy was walking towards her in slow motion. He wore nothing but a pair of shorts. His black skin glistened and you could see his bulging muscles. He looked like a Roman god. Joy knew she should be scared but she wasn’t scared, she was fascinated! The man didn’t see her at first because of the mist but as soon as he got to the edge of the Jacuzzi, he saw her.

‘Oh my God!’ He screamed

         THE man looked thoroughly scared. He sure wasn’t expecting anyone to be there. Talk about privacy, hun? She looked at his glorious body, looked up at his scared face and in that instance, she fell in love. She couldn’t explain it! He was a stranger and she wasn’t the kind of girl who fell for strange men. She just knew she couldn’t breathe, she was hot all over and for once in her life. She wanted a man, this man to touch her body and do crazy things to her body. A sharp but sweet pain traveled through her thighs and stopped at her clitoris. She inhaled and squeezed her thighs together.

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‘Oh! I’m so so sorry! I didn’t know anyone was here! I’m sorry. I will leave now!’ He said quickly and Joy was devastated.

“Leave ke? When you are all I’ve been waiting for? No way!”  She thought. She had no idea where the sudden confidence and boldness came from.

‘No! No! No! You can stay!’ It came out too fast out of her mouth. The man looked surprised.

‘I can stay?’ He asked surprisingly confused.

‘Yes, I believe… Are you a guest here?’ Samuel had said the facility was for guest staying in the penthouse, so definitely he must be a guest.

‘Eeehhhm… Actually, I’m not a guest here…’ He Started.

A worried look came across Joy’s face. Not only was he not lodged in the penthouse, he wasn’t a guest of the hotel at all! Where the hell did he come from then?! It seemed the stranger was reading her mind because he said;

‘I can explain, please. I’m not a criminal and I won’t hurt you.’ Joy believed him.

‘So who are you and where did you come from?’

‘My name is Kell and I live very closely to this hotel. My house is just after this thick flowers clear, just over there.’ He said point towards the kitchen. Joy couldn’t see anything but that was because there was a fog, the place was not well-lit and she was in the jacuzzi! She was a very intelligent woman and Kell didn’t need to tell her how he go there or what he came to do. However, she wanted to hear it from his well-shaped lips.

‘Hmmmm. So what are you doing here? This is a private place.’ She stated and sipped her wine, gaining more confidence by the seconds.

‘Well, this place is just a waste. It’s always empty. I always see it from my house and the guards and hotel workers are the ones enjoying it. I thought I could use my neighbor’s facilities too… I didn’t know someone will be here this night.’ He explained.

‘That’s trespassing you know? Is there no fence or gate or a security man at least around here?’

‘Well there is a security man but he always leaves his post around this time…’ Kell said shivering. She was enjoying looking at his body that she totally forget that he was standing naked and it was a very cold night.

‘Well, you are here already. Don’t let me stop you. I guess you came to use the jacuzzi?’ Kell nodded.

‘Come in then, be my guest.’

‘Thank you very much.’ Kell said stepping into the warm bubbling water with relief.

          HE almost lost his heart when he saw someone sitting quietly in the jacuzzi. He has been sneaking into this place for six months and had never been caught. He thought she was going to call security on him and he was ready to bolt but the lady was a nice woman. As he stepped into the warm water, he took in the woman in front of him. He could only see her face and the swell of her breast. She had a lovely face, pleasant to look at and a great smile. Who was she?

‘Thanks so much for not calling the security. I’m Kell once again. What’s your name if I may ask?’

‘I’m Joy. It’s a pleasure meeting you.’

‘No. The pleasure is all mine! You are a nice lady.’ He said and she laughed.

          OH my gosh! This was like a movie or a dream! She was sitting in the jacuzzi with a total handsome stranger who was a bad boy! Talk about dreams come true! Her heart was pounding and she was flustered. She wished she could grab him. She stole glances at him as she sipped her wine.

‘Do you want some wine or food?’ Joy offered Kell. She needed a reason to look and talk to him.

‘Yes I do…’ He replied staring straight into her eyes and Joy became shy.

‘Eehhhm. You will have to get a cup and a plate from the kitchen.’ She told him looking towards the kitchen.

‘Okay!’ He said standing up. Joy watched is every movement.

          IT was like the God of the sea was coming out of the water. She could see the water dropping off his lovely skin. She longed to taste him. How could she be feeling like this for a total stranger? She didn’t know him, he could be a criminal, a murder or somebody’s husband for that matter! She wished she could stop lusting after him but she couldn’t. She watched his behind as he moved around the food and fruits. He took what he needed and headed back towards her. He was the six-pack kind of guy. She looked at his chest again. It was not too large but it was muscular. The nipples stood long and proud on his chest. His six-pack was neatly arranged and the biceps after them led to a place she wished to go! He walked towards the jacuzzi and Joy licked her lips. Her nipples were hitching against her bathing suit and the wetness between her thighs had nothing to do with the water she was in.

          KELL knew Joy was watching him and he liked it. She was a stranger, she could be someone’s mother or wife it didn’t look like it though she was old enough. He gave her a good show of his muscular body. The hours he spent at the gym was finally paying off. The wine was beside Joy and he needed to get close to her to get it. The jacuzzi was small, he could have asked her to pass the bottle but he wanted to get closer to see to see more of her as she had of him and also, to give her more time to study his body.

          SHE saw him coming towards her and for a moment she wished he would just crush his mouth on hers. He stopped few feet away from her. If she stretched her neck a bit, she could touch his skin. She watched as he poured the wine and how the muscles in his arms twitched. He looked down at her and smiled. He knew she was watching him and she was embarrassed that she was caught. She became hot and again, it has nothing to do with the warm water. Joy looked at him walked back to his sitting spot which looked closer than it was before. She needed to talk to clear her mind from the dirty things that were going through them. Clearing her tight throat she said;

‘It’s quite late, won’t your family be worried you are not home?’ Joy said fishing for information. Kell knew she was looking for answers, he gave it to her.

‘Naaaa! I’m single and alone in that house. Are you here alone too?’ He asked and hoped she was alone. I wouldn’t be nice if her boyfriend or husband came over!

‘Not really. I’m here with co-workers for a retreat but I’m alone in my room.’ How in the world that came out of her mind was a misery to herself. She almost choked on the fruit in her mouth. The clove went quiet except for the wind dancing to the soft music coming from the speakers. They were both stealing looks at each other and thinking naughty things about each other.

          SOMEHOW, their feet found each other in the water. They didn’t look at each other but their toes tingled. They did this for a while until Kell took a bold step. He left her toes and move forward towards her thighs lingering on the flesh before going for her vagina. Joy didn’t know what hit her, it was like she was set on fire. She nearly jumped and screamed. She grabbed the jacuzzi handles as her head shot up to look at the man. She didn’t know what to say to him but he gave her smile and said;

‘Relax and enjoy.’ She did.

          THIS must be one very sexual frustrated woman! He boyfriend or husband wasn’t doing a good job at all. She almost combusted at the touch of his big toe on her pussy! What will happen when he found her clitoris? He decided to take this woman to a greater sexual height. If only he knew she has never been on any sexual flight before!

          THE bikini she was wearing was made of a thin fabric so he could feel her clitoris build under his toe. He began to roll his feet on it in a circular motion and was rewarded with a sharp sweet cry.


          WHAT was going on? She has never felt this. Though she had read that sex could be very intense but this guy wasn’t in her and she was still a virgin! How was he doing that? She was having trouble keeping her legs open, the sensation was just too much for her to take. She was closing her thighs when Kell’s other leg came between her legs and held her thighs apart! She felt open, naked and sweetly violated! She was supposed to be shy but she loved every moment of it! Her dreams were coming through! This was going to worth the waiting.

          KELL wanted to get inside of this woman but he needed her to climax first. He wanted to show her there was more to sex. He wanted to drive her crazy and bring out the side of her he was sure was hiding somewhere. He increased the tempo of his toe and changed his movement from circular to left and right. He went as fast as he could.

          JOY couldn’t keep quiet anymore. She was shouting and screaming and she didn’t know it of care! It was like dying from eating hot ice cream! The sensation was beyond her comprehension. One second she couldn’t take it and the next she wished he never stopped. Then some things started moving in her body. They were all rushing towards her cunt. They were fast, hot and sweet. She didn’t know if she was sinking in the shallow water or flying in the air. It felt like she wanted to urinate and she fought against it but it came all the same. She lost herself to the first orgasm she would ever come to experience. Tears rolled down her tight closed eyes as she shook uncontrollably.

          KELL was right after all! Joy needed the release. He watched as she came under his foot and nothing was as beautiful as that moment. He felt proud and successful. Before the woman came out of the orgasm and regain her senses, Kell moves towards her and dropped his mouth on hers. At first, it was him kissing her then she was kissing him too. He grabbed her bikini bra and pushed them up to reveal a pair of soft breast. He weighed them in his hands before squeezing them gently. He found the nipples and he began to play with them.

          WHAT was he doing again? Hasn’t she gone through enough? The novels she had read hadn’t described this feeling well. They had misled her to think it was a minor it! She had just survived something that could kill her and the guy has started again! She sunk her teeth gently in his lips as she had read in the books. It was so soft and fleshy. Then she felt his hands on her nipples and she began to shake again! No one told her it was possible to be a virgin and experience orgasm! Kell was taking off her bikini panty when she realized she was about to lose her virginity to a total stranger.

          KELL felt the hesitation in her body and he stopped taking off her panties. He looked at her and she looked back. It was like she was debating in her mind whether to do it or not. “Don’t do this to me!” Kell prayed. She saw the moment she gave her approval before she smiled at him and relaxed her body. He smiled back at her and took off the panty. He quickly got rid of his boxers too before she changed her mind. He kissed her thighs upward till he got to her breast. He took one nipple in his mouth. He felt her cradle his head closer to her chest as he moved from one breast to the other.

          HE couldn’t wait again as her wanton moaning was driving him crazy. He tried to slip into her gently because he wanted to start gently and build the tension but it seemed something was stopping him. Had he missed his way? That would be a first! He kept on kissing her while he used his fingers to locate her opening. He positioned himself at her entrance. He felt warm liquid trickled down his penis.

‘I’m a virgin..’ He heard as he pushed inside her sharply!

‘What!’ Her screamed and stopped.

…to be continued…



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