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          JOY gave the aspirin to her visitor and threw two into her own mouth. She wanted to get water but she thought, “what the hell?!” and washed down the drugs with the remaining cocktail in her cup. She was going to drop her cup in the sink when she felt dizzy. She quickly grabbed the chair near her to steady her legs. “I really need to stop drinking!” She told herself. She held on to the chair till she was closed enough to drop on it. She shakily dropped her empty cup on the table and yawned silently. She was feeling weak and sleepy and it was becoming very hard to talk or move for that matter. She felt heavy. She turned slowly to her visitor and there was a smug smile on the visitor’s face. She looked like she has won something. She wanted to ask why the person was smiling but she couldn’t talk and it was beginning very hard to hold her posture and she dropped her head on the table not to gently. She watched her visitor stood and came very close to her. The visitor bent Dow and whispered into her ears;

‘Goodbye my darling. We will take care of everything you left behind…’ The visitor kissed her cheeks and walked away.

Joy tried to grab the visitor’s dress but she couldn’t move at all.

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‘Goodbye? Take care? Left behind?’ Those words lingered in her head as her mind tried to process what she had heard. Where was she going? Then it dawned on her.

          SHE felt like screaming. The visitor had done something to her but she didn’t know what it was. Was she poisoned? How could this person be so mean? Tears rolled down her eyes and she let it. This person has killed her over her what truly belonged to her. Thoughts of her son left her feeling sad and bitter. He was too young to lose his mother. Finally, it looked like her ex-husband would get his wish and get custody of her son. She wished she had at least spoken to someone who would have helped the police find her murderer. She realized that it had been foolish to have hidden the identity of the bastard who started this ordeal in her diary. She laughed.

“Who would find the diary where I hid it anyways? And even if it is found, how would they identify the murderer when she kept him anonymous?” She thought.

          CLOSING her teary eyes, she remembered how it all started as she watched the visitor walked away…

          SHE had been a conservative child ever since she understood who her parents were and how much they wanted a perfect child. She felt that they were disappointed she wasn’t a boy and this made her work all the days of her life to make them proud of her. When her mother got pregnant again, she was so scared they would forget her if the baby arrived and it was a boy. Her mother was quite ill during the pregnancy, always in bed. Joy did everything she could to relieve her mother; from bringing her water, to singing to her and many times rubbing her back and stomach. Even though she was barely five years old, she excelled in everything she was involved in. She learned to do things herself and never bother her parents or nanny. She just wanted them to be happy and proud of her. When they baby finally came, it was a girl. She was relieved, happy and sad at the same time. The child was named Grace.

          SHE began helping her mother and their nanny with the new baby and together they loved the baby. The baby was never alone. If she wasn’t with their mother, she would be with Nanny Love as she was fondly called, or Joy would be there for the pretty and delicate Grace. Little Grace lacked nothing. If she as much as sneezed, the world would be at her feet. It was like their parents realized they didn’t love Joy enough and wanted to correct that by loving Grace more. They were satisfied with the “man” their little girl was turning into and didn’t see anything wrong in loving little Grace. Joy didn’t mind being in the shadows as long as her parents were happy. This was how she grew up to be an invisible woman. She was an introvert, albeit a very smart and brilliant one. She wore large clothes to hide her shape, wore no make-up, and made no friends. Nanny love, books and imaginary friends were her only acquaintances. She kept bringing home good results and awards for different achievements. Her parents were very happy with their tomboy and continued pampering their younger daughter Grace. She tried to mingle when she gained admission into the university but she didn’t know how to. She tried on different occasions to be like her peers but it never ended well.

          JOY never had a boyfriend. At one of the parties she went to in the university, she really wanted to feel among, so she tried to do what everyone was doing. She drank the cheap beer and took a few drags of marijuana that was offered to her, leaving her coughing and gasping for air. A boy kissed her at that party and she liked it at the beginning, but when he started touching her breast she felt awkward. She stopped him and left the party. She didn’t go out for a week because she was ashamed of what she had done and it felt like everyone could see she had been kissed. That was the only sexual contact she had in her university days and it was her greatest adventure till she went to work for her father.

          TO understand more about the female body and the wanton ways girls behaved around boys, she decided to invest her time reading romantic novels. She soon discovered the world of sex and it drove her nuts. The excitement and frustration she went through was more than she could handle. Sometimes she would cry and other times laugh but ultimately, she hoped and prayed she would find love like that in life. She couldn’t wait to have sex! She wanted to get that out of the way because it was beginning to burden her. She wished she could sum up courage, buy a dildo and do it herself but what she really wanted was a man who will do to her body the fifty shades of grey she had read about. She had been waiting for that day.

          SHE met Akin Oriyomi at a social function that was organized for rescued animals. It was one of her charity organizations and she was there to honour their invitation. Akin had delivered the keynote speech and she had enjoyed it. He truly loved the animals. They met after the function and they quickly became friends. Akin was always himself around Joy, he didn’t try to impress and he made her laugh a lot. He tried to put the moves on her but could feel she didn’t want him in that way so he kept it platonic. Akin always looked for opportunities to see Joy so he volunteered to be the animal society official doctor. It was the first time Joy had a male friend and it gave her more hope that she would find the one she was looking for.

          HER father wanted her to work for his company when she graduated but she refused and went to work for other people. Five years later, she had learned the trick of the employees and decided it was time to learn the tricks of the employers so she went to work for her father. Immediately she joined, she was appointed as Executive Director, reporting only to her father. When she went to work for other people, she had quickly discovered that dressing and carriage were important. She came out of her shell gradually and began dressing in ways that revealed how beautiful she was. She learned to apply a little make up on her face and this built her self-esteem and confidence, especially when she started getting attention from handsome males around her. She went on a few dates but didn’t enjoy them enough to go home with them. Something kept holding her back. But one day, she met a man.

          IT was a company retreat she was forced to attend. It was her first year as Executive Director in her father’s company and he thought she needed to bond with staff. She didn’t really participate in the activities but showed up at the events when needed. The company had rented a wing of the hotel but she didn’t stay with them because her social skills were limited, hence her determination to avoid bumping into any of her colleagues. On this certain day, she had played many games, participated in the events and had enjoyed herself. She had drunk a lot of champagne and was light headed. Leaving the party, she grabbed a bottle of champagne and a bowl of cake. As she exited the building, a hotel attendant offered to carry her wine and cake to her room but she declined. She didn’t feel like going to her room and she wondered if there was a place in the hotel she could be alone to relax.

‘Excuse me?’ She called the attention of the attendant who was already leaving.

‘Yes madam?’

‘Is there a place I can go in this hotel to relax and be alone?’ Joy asked.

‘There are lots of relaxation spots around here ma. What room are you in madam?’

‘West wing Penthouse.’ She said.

The attendant looked pleasantly surprised.

‘There’s a Jacuzzi and a medium sized pool in the cloves. It’s very private and available only for guests in the penthouse. There are fresh supplies of food, fruit, drinks, towels, swim suits! You can help yourself to a buffet or ask for the services of an attendant.’ He said obviously proud of the hotel’s facilities.

Joy liked the hotel but now she was impressed.

‘What is the proximity of this private place to the hotel?’ She asked.

‘Well, there is a private route that leads straight to the penthouse elevator. You can rest assured it is very private.’

‘Okay, great! Please tell me how to get there.’

‘Oh no madam, I will not tell you how to get there. I will take you to the place. Please follow me.’ He said taking the wine and cake from Joy.

‘Thank you very much.’ She said and followed his lead.

They walked quietly for some minutes till the came to a narrow footpath designed with interlocking stones and surrounded by transparent fencing and beautifully painted palm trees. The attendant began to talk.

‘Okay madam, this path can get confusing but there is a trick.’ He said.

He moved towards a tree and Joy followed him.

‘If you look closely, there are two small arrows engraved into all these trees. The ones marked yellow leads to the private penthouse elevator and the green one leads back to the exit or entry point of the hotel, depending on whether you are coming or going. You can’t get lost following the arrows.’ He explained.

They walked for two more minutes and came to a beautiful clearing. It was dimly lit but their eyes adjusted to the place in seconds.

‘Wow!’ Joy exclaimed.

The place was beautiful indeed. She looked around, taking in her environment. It had everything the man said and more.

‘Do you like it?’ The attendant asked.

‘Yes I do!’

‘Good. Would you like some music?’ He asked and Joy nodded.

‘Something soft and low please’

The attendant set the music and powered the Jacuzzi.

‘Would you like to serve yourself or shall I call you someone?’

‘I’m good. Just show me where things are.’

‘Okay ma’am. You can find the changing rooms there, the things you will need are there and they are all brand new. The kitchen is over there and that’s the bar.’ The attendant said, showing her where things were.

‘Thank you. You have been very helpful. What’s your name?’

‘You are welcome madam. My name is Samuel.’

‘Okay Samuel. Please see me tomorrow afternoon in my room. I have something for you.’

‘Thank you very much. If you need anything, just call the reception and ask for Samuel. I will take my leave now.’

          JOY wanted to relax and eat her cake but seeing all the inviting facilities, she decided to sit in the Jacuzzi while having some fruit, cake and wine. She went into the changing room and truly everything she needed was there. She changed, took the things she needed from the bar and kitchen and she settled in the Jacuzzi. A few minutes had passed and she was on her second glass of champagne when this shirtless man came out of nowhere. It was like a scene from one of the novels she had read.

          THE smoke from the tub had created a fog in the clove and it seemed like the guy was walking towards her in slow motion. He wore nothing but a pair of shorts. His black skin glistened and you could see his bulging muscles. He looked like a Roman god. Joy knew she should be scared but she wasn’t scared, she was fascinated! The man didn’t see her at first because of the mist but as soon as he got to the edge of the Jacuzzi, he saw her.

‘Oh my God!’ He screamed


…to be continued…



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