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          OLA made an effort not to look at Victoria as they passed beside the conference hall and she was happy Paul did the same. Though she was curious to look at her eyes and put some fears into her but she didn’t. The waiting game is good with a suspect. They would be tired waiting and eager to finally talk when you get to them.

‘D.O!’ She heard and knew the voice that called her. It was the chief. He had finally resumed. She turned back and looked towards his office. He beckoned her to come. Paul automatically tagged along.

‘Good morning chief. This is Barrister Paul. He’s the prosecutor and Paul…’ The chief raised up his hand stopping Ola in mid-sentence.

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‘Paul and I are not strangers Ola. He’s my family friend and a good lawyer too! How are you Paul? Are you enjoying working with our D.O?’

‘Yes I am! She’s indeed the best as you have said. This case is tough though!’

‘Yes I know but if anyone can get to the root, it’s her and I’m sure with your help it will be easier!’

Wait a minute! She should have known that Paul couldn’t have gotten the case if the chief didn’t approve! Are they talking about her as if she was not there? So the chief was in on it! They knew each other! Wow! Not only was he her boss, the chief was a family friend and a father figure. He was always playing matchmaking and she was beginning to think this was a setup!

‘Excuse me! I’m right her! Don’t talk about me around me!’

The two men looked at her and smiled. She couldn’t be angry with the chief, he was too old and sweet and she couldn’t figure out why it was hard to get angry at Paul either. Might be his lovely face or beautiful smile!

‘So what have you guys found out?’ The chief asked taking a seat.

Ola quickly told the chief what they knew and what their suspicions were. Paul also chipped in his thoughts and what he would like to find out.

‘But shouldn’t we be looking elsewhere? What if it was a random crime?’ The chief asked.

‘Well, the deceased doesn’t seem to have enemies but I will go to her lawyer’s office when we are through with the last interrogation.’ Ola answered

‘Why don’t you go and finish the interrogation now. You can read the emails on your way to the lawyer’s office while Paul drives you there!’ The chief said winking.

She knew it! He was playing matchmaker! She wanted to revolt but she didn’t have the energy. If the chief wanted her to go with him, she really had no choice. She smiled politely at him and saluted!

‘Yes sir!’ She said sarcastically leaving his office.

          SHE had the feeling something was happening behind her back as she walked away. She stopped and looked back and caught Paul and the chief winking and shaking hands with broad smiles on their faces. She frowned at the men who quickly lost the smiles on their faces. She started moving forward while Paul raised his hand to his face in the “I will call you” notion before running after Ola.

Ola was angry at everyone in her life trying to make her get a man. She was fine on her own except on cold lonely and silent nights when she needed company and hot sex. But still, no one had the right to push a man on her. She wouldn’t be surprised if her father was in on this because he was good friends with the chief. She could have liked Paul if she met her on her own. She felt like Paul was trying to catch up with her and she walked faster. She was too angry to talk to him.

‘Sergeant Adeoye!’ She snapped at the sergeant who was talking to another police officer. He quickly moved to Ola’s side and saluted. He wanted no trouble from the iron lady herself.

‘Bring Victoria to the interrogation room.’ She said turning without waiting for an answered.

Paul knew she was angry and he knew he was at the center of it. She was mad at him because he knew the chief. She had begun to respect him but he felt she now believed he got the job in favor. Well, to tell the truth, the chief had told him about her but he didn’t take him seriously because he didn’t think a policewoman would be that lovely, sexy and intelligent! He should have asked to see her picture or at least done his own research on her! He wasn’t ready for anything serious and he knew the chief would not introduce him to her for a fling! He didn’t think he would be interested but he was! How was he going to make peace with her?  He didn’t like the way she was snapping at the poor sergeant. “She needs to get laid!” He told himself as they entered the interrogation room. He didn’t waste time tackling the issue.

‘So what exactly are you angry about? Is it a crime to know the chief or do you still think I got this job on favor and not merit?’ He asked in a soft calm voice.

Heck! Why did he have to ask the question like that? He has broken her defense with his soft voice but she still put as much anger as she could found into her answer!

‘For starters, you could have told me you knew the chief!’

‘Of what relevance would that be? Besides, we have been working since I got here and there has not been time to talk social. Let me take you for a drink tonight and I will tell you about my forefathers and future friends!’ He joked flashing his white teeth and Ola almost melted on the floor.

How could she ever win with this man? His smile alone has undone her very hot anger in minutes!

‘Oh! I see this is funny to you! Thanks but no!’ She said flatly.

‘Come on! I wi…’ The door opened and sergeant Adeoye and Victoria came in.

         ADEOYE did the usual, handed over a file to Ola and sat Victoria down. Ola didn’t bother to look at the file this time, as soon as Adeoye left, she started the interrogation.

‘So Miss Victoria, tell us about you relationship with the deceased.’

‘She was a good woman, very peaceful and understanding. She didn’t keep many friends but she was nice to everybody.’

‘Has there been a time you and Miss Joy had a misunderstanding that led to both of you parting ways?’

‘Ehm… Not really. Sure we had our misunderstandings once in a while but we didn’t part ways. I mean, I was still there yesterday.’

‘I want to ask about the security room in the house? Who has access to it?’

‘She’s the only one, unless when I clean it once in a while and she’s always there. Her vault is there too and she keeps her valuables there.’

‘When was the last time you entered the room?’

‘It’s been over a month. I clean it once in a month and today should have been the day!’

‘So tell us, what happened to the receiver in the room?’

‘I don’t know? Is anything missing?’ Grace asked in a shaky voice.

‘Yes, the disks are missing! That room is a code protected and was not broken into. Asides you and the deceased, who knows the password?’ Paul asked.

‘Madam’s ex-husbands knows the password too. She has two passwords for everything she has. I know 1218, it’s the password we use generally at home but she has another one only she knows.’

‘We heard from a reliable source that the deceased fired you more than once ’cause of theft, is that true?’ Ola asked.

‘Arh! Who told you that? I’m sure it is that nosy Grace! What has that got to do with her death?’

‘Please answer the question?’ Paul said calmly.

‘Well, it was a long time ago. I was very broke and my son had a health issue. I was helpless. Did Grace tell you she was always fighting with her sister? If you ask me, I think she did it!’

‘What were they fighting about?’ Ola asked.

‘Money! Grace was always coming for more money and she was wasting it. Miss Joy said she had had enough and wasn’t going to support her anymore! Grace was very angry about that and was always calling the house and promising to deal with her sister if she didn’t get her share! I bet she didn’t tell you that! Stupid whore!’ Victoria fired.

‘Mind your language please. Aside Grace, who do you think will want to hurt your boss?’

‘Like I said earlier, she was a peaceful woman. I don’t think anyone will want to hurt her.’

‘What about the ex-husband?’

‘Doctor is a good man. He can’t hurt her.’

‘In the past week, have you noticed any changes in your boss lately?’

‘Hmmm! Well, yes. She has a private phone number that she gives to very few and important people. Lately, she has been receiving lots of calls on it and they are not pleasant. She was always shouting at the other person which I think it’s the sister! She has been drinking and crying more lately too.’

‘Hmmm. Okay. Thank you, you have been very helpful. Please don’t leave town as we may need you for more information on the sister. Also if you remember anything you want to tell us please feel free to call me.’ Ola said giving her card to Victoria and seeing her out of the interrogation room.

          “WOOF! That wasn’t that bad! They don’t know anything!” Victoria sighed to herself in relief. She has turned the attention away from herself. She couldn’t believe that silly bitch called Grace sent the police after her! “Well, darling! I have returned the favor!” She hated Grace with a passion. Grace had caught her with her hands in the pot a few times and she was always using that against her and getting information about her late boss from her. She couldn’t tell the police that because it would make matters worse. Now that part of her life was over and she was glad! Grace had hurt her knowingly and unknowingly. The bitch always took what belonged to others!

          AS Victoria left, Ola picked up her file and started reading what Victoria has written down. She didn’t want to talk to Paul but soon the silence in the room grew uncomfortable and Ola wished he would say something. “Ola, why are you angry self? Is it because you like him already? Do you think he might be able to handle you after all? Or is it because he’s handsome, cute and sweet? Maybe because he could be a family member or because the chief was involved? Who are you angry at? Yourself, Paul or the chief?” Ola was questioning herself as she perused through Victoria’s statement.

Paul didn’t know why he was sorry, after all, he hadn’t done anything wrong. He was not happy that he had lost the fresh respect he just earned and she was beginning to like him oo! “Which kain wahala be this now?” He had tested the waters by calling her Ola, playing familiarity and she didn’t seem to mind. He had to clear the air and assure her he got the job on merit and that no one had set her up. He had the feeling she was stubborn and wasn’t going to talk to him if he didn’t break the silence. Many people had tried to set him up with girls and he didn’t like it too. He didn’t want this to spoil any chance he might have with her because he really liked her.

‘Ghgmh! Ghgmh!’ He cleared his throat.

‘Ola. I’m sorry but be rest assured that I got this job on merit and it has nothing to do with my relationship with the chief. Also, this is not a matchmaking setup. Yes I was told you are the best at what you do and that I will like your efficiency but no one warned me about your beauty!’ He said unexpectedly almost biting his tongue but seeing the fast smile that crossed Ola’s face before it quickly disappeared reassured him he was on track. “Women are same! They all like compliments”

Ola was helpless, her anger was gone the moment he opened his mouth and curved that very cute and sweet lips of his in a smile! So he thought of her as beautiful? Great! She almost smiled but quickly caught herself before he started having ideas. Her heart was pounding and racing against her chest. It’s been long she felt this excited about a man! “Control yourself girl!” She admonished herself.

‘It’s okay.’ She said in almost a whisper.

‘Thank you! How about we start all over again?’ He said and this time, Ola gave a broad smile nodding her head in agreement and he said:

‘My name is Paul Balogun. I’m a barrister and I know the police chief and I’ve met your parents at functions. They may recognize me when they see me so I should warn you in advance. I’m here to assist you in this case and prosecute the suspect. I think you are very beautiful, sorry, I mean, you are very beautiful and you knocked me off my feet the moment I saw you! Can we be friends?’ As he was talking, Ola was giggling like a baby. He was a funny man! A sweet, funny, cute, career oriented man! What else could she ask for? As she was going to take the hand extended towards her, the door burst opened and Smith barged in. Ola and Paul were physically irritated.

          SMITH looked from his boss to the new guy and read the mood. They were laughing like friends! How did they become friends so fast?! He didn’t trust this guy and Ola shouldn’t too! Ola that was always frowning at people, how did this guy get her to laugh? It took him a year of very hard work to get her to smile at him! The man was standing where he was supposed to be. It was him and D.O solving cases before he came! He was taking over his space and territories and he didn’t like it one bit. He eyed Paul before turning to Ola.

‘I see you guys were having fun while I was on the street looking for information!’ He couldn’t help it. It came out before he knew it and it didn’t sound pleasant.

Ola was taken aback by Smith’s outburst and she didn’t know how to react.

‘We are through with the suspects. Did you get any mail from the lab?’

‘Yes I did, but I’ve not read it yet, I was on the road. Have you?’

‘Not yet.’ Ola said still baffled by Smith’s behavior. Could he be jealous or protective or her?

‘Since we are still here, why don’t we go to the lab and the doctor to hear from the horses’ mouths?’ Paul suggested. He had a feeling Smith didn’t want him in the discussion but he wouldn’t be left out.

‘Why barrister? You don’t like to read?’ Smith lashed out and just before Paul replied, Ola jumped into the conversation.

‘We can do both but I think it’s a good idea we go see the doctor since we are still here. Let’s go!’ she said heading for the door immediately. Smith who was nearer to the door quickly grabbed the knob and opened the door. Ola stepped out not looking back and oblivious to what went on behind her back!

As Ola stepped out, Paul was at her heels but Smith jumped in front of him putting space between him and Ola and almost slamming the door against his feet! Smith smiled at himself for making his stand known.

“Okay! It’s official! You don’t like me! Game on!”

…to be continued…



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