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          Funmi woke up restless, it was 5:34 AM; she was used to getting up from bed very early in the morning because of her children. She turned and tossed beside her husband, she missed her children. Even though she was a bit restless, it felt good to be able to lie in bed. She propped herself on one hand and stared at Seyi. He looked peaceful and boyish lying there with his lips slightly parted, he looked adorable. She was going to kiss his forehead when the alarm rang; it startled her and woke Seyi. Caught in the act!
Seyi opened his eyes and saw a pair of eyes watching him; he used to catch her like this when they just got married.


          He wondered how long she has been staring at him but he loved it. He pulled her face to his and they shared a lovely kiss. They said their good mornings and Seyi went about his morning exercise. Funmi made a simple breakfast that was ready when Seyi came downstairs. They chatted over breakfast.


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‘When is Ngozi coming?’ Seyi asked.
‘I will call her and let you know before ten. Okay?’
‘OK babe, but let it be anytime after 12 o’clock. See you later.’ He said dropping a kiss on her forehead and left.

Funmi put a call through to Ngozi.


Funmi: Sup girl?
Ngozi:   Someone is in a good mood today! Good morning.
Funmi:  Na you sabi? So I was able to convince him to see a counselor but it wasn’t easy when he heard you are the                    one but he has agreed to do it and we will have it at home. We only have one shot oo, I made a deal that if he                  does like the first session, then we will stop!
Ngozi:   Great, leave the rest to me. Time?
Funmi:  Is two OK for you?
Ngozi:   Hmmm, hold on… okay, it’s alright.
Funmi:  Okay. He has gone to work and I wouldn’t want you to arrive before him.
Ngozi:   That’s a good idea. I will be in your neighborhood, let me know when he’s home.
Funmi:  Eehhm Ngozi, what about your fee?
Ngozi:    Are you scared? Ha-ha-ha-ha! Don’t worry; we will talk about that later. You can afford me!
Funmi:  Okay. See you soon.


          Funmi took cake of the chores and called her mother to inquire about her children. Her mother just dropped her kids in school and she sounded happy doing it. It has been long since she had such free hours on a weekday, she didn’t know what to do with it, she decided to bake and clean the house but first, she called Seyi. He picked up on the third ring.


Funmi: Hey you?
Seyi:      Hey baby? What are you doing?
Funmi: Nothing much, I want to bake and clean. You?
Seyi:      Bake? I want cake! It’s been long you baked for me.
Funmi: I know. I will bake you a carrot cake. Anyways, Ngozi will be around by two. Is that okay for you?
Seyi:      Yes it’s fine. I will be home around one, one-thirty.
Funmi: That’s good. Let me get back to baking and cleaning! Later!
Seyi:      Wait! If you promise to bake naked, I can be on my way home now…
Funmi:  Pervert!


          She ended the call laughing and Seyi’s laughter ringing in her ears. She got started on the task at hand, thinking about how the therapy would go.

‘I pray this works out. I hope I’m not making a mistake with this therapy because things are better already.’

She thought and the two sides of her conscience picked up the discussion.

‘No, you are not, you need to hear his reasons for changing and he needs to hear yours, you just can’t sweep everything under the carpet and move on.’

The other side answered,

‘Why can’t she sweep it under the carpet? Things are already better, you guys are having sex! If you open up to a therapist, she will open up old wounds and things will be worse!’

The first side said,

‘A covered up wound don’t heal on time, in fact, it will harbor bacteria and virus and it will get worse and may lead to amputation! If you want it to heal in time, you have to bleed the wound, open it up no matter how painful it is, then you clean it and start treating it, that’s how it will heal!’

The other side was about to argue when Funmi cut both of them off.

‘That’s theory oo, what will…’ Funmi scream out,

‘SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!’ and she went on with her work filling her ears with music.


          Seyi dropped his phone laughing, she had called him a pervert but he wasn’t. He has always been in love with cakes and his wife was a great baker. Before the children came she used to bake a lot, you couldn’t find their fridge without cakes. There was a day she baked for him naked; he was just allowed to watch but not touch. It was a crazy experience! Things have changed; they only have cake when the children demanded it by force.


          Seyi tidied his table and gave instructions to his workers; he wasn’t going to be available for the rest of the week. He checked the clock, it was 12 PM. They have their first session with Ngozi at 2 PM and he didn’t want to be late especially when there was a promise of cake! His phone vibrated, it was a BB message and it was Sugarberry! Oh my God! What have I gotten myself into! He wanted to ignore it but he decided to chat with her for the last time. If she doesn’t get the hint, this time, he will delete her.


Sugarberry: PING!!!
                       Please I need 2 talk 2 u. It’s urgent.
Seyi:              Hi. What’s the matter?
Sugarberry: Please I need ur help. I ve nt paid my school feels and it’s closing on Friday! My parents are not capable                          for now. Please help me. Please.


          Seyi looked at his phone with total disgust. He knew she was lying and he kicked himself for ever contacting her in the first place. ‘That’s what you get when you are unfaithful. It’s a price you have to pay if you want your peace!’ He replied her.


Seyi:              How much are we talking about?
Sugarberry: 70k
Seyi:              I will give you 40k, send your account details.
Sugarberry: Oh! Thank u so much darling. God will bless u!
Seyi:              Now listen, I’m not your darling, and I don’t like the way you call me. If I need you, I will call you, okay?
Sugarberry! OK… Bimbo Olowolayemo 0047321903 QWE Bank.
Seyi:              I will transfer to your account ASAP. Bye.


He did the transfer then deleted and blocked her from his blackberry. He left his office at exactly 12: 25 PM.


          The sweet aroma of cake filled his nose as he entered his house and his stomach grumbled. He dropped his briefcase and went into the kitchen. He opened the oven and saw his cake stowing. He cut off a generous amount of himself. He took a bite and it melted on his tongue. ‘Hhhmmm, this is good, very good!’ he said with a mouthful to himself.


          Funmi was taking a nap after cleaning and baking, she didn’t hear Seyi drove or came in. A distance noise woke her up from her light slumber. A noise was coming from the kitchen, first she was startled, then disoriented and then she was afraid. She walked downstairs taking cat steps. She felt and heard him before she saw him. It was Seyi gulping cake like a deprived kid! Their eyes met as he was about to put the last piece into his mouth. She gave him the ‘you are caught’ look, he gave her the ‘I am guilty’ look, and then they both laughed.


‘You are a hopeless cake lover! You gave me a scare.’ Funmi said walking into the kitchen and taking the empty plate from his hands. It looked like he was going to beg for more.

‘I couldn’t help myself, can I have a little more, just two or three bites. Please?’ Seyi said licking his lips and looking towards the oven.

‘Two bites ko, hundred bites ni. Go and freshen up jor, Ngozi will be here in minutes.’ He rolled his eyes at her and walked off sulking like a kid.
Funmi cleaned the plate and joined her husband in the bedroom. She quickly sent a message to Ngozi.

‘He’s home.’

She straightened the bed and laid a change of cloth for Seyi on the bed then left the room. She was a bit nervous.


          Seyi came out of the bathroom and smiled when he saw his clothes lying on the bed, it felt like the old days. He was walking into his living when he heard the doorbell rang. His heart jumped into his mouth. Funmi opened the door and Ngozi walked in.


          Ngozi knew she has to be careful when counseling a couple, especially when they are known couple. You have to be friendly but disciplined, you must not give one more attention than the other, and you have to the official unless the couple preferred to be called by their first name. You must make the atmosphere comfortable and relaxed. You must not overdress; you are not there to impress or attract. She entered the Olorunda’s family smiling cautiously, focusing on Seyi and extending her hand to him first, and then she greeted Funmi who was a bit surprised by her official attitude

‘Good afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Olorunda.’ Ngozi greeted.
‘Good afternoon Ngozi, please call me Seyi, no need for the formalities.’ Seyi said and Funmi nodded her agreement.

They invited Ngozi in and they all sat down.

‘Can I offer you anything Ngozi?
‘Yes please, water will be fine.’



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…To be continued…

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