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The sun was up and it shone in all its bright glory. A crack in the window curtains ushered the rays of the sun into Funmi and Seyi’s bedroom and it shown directly on Funmi’s face. Seyi was wrapped around naked Funmi like a snake around a tree. His left arm was wrapped around her neck and his face was in her neck; his right arm lay carelessly on her breast. His left leg was under her right leg and his right leg was on her right leg too, he was naked except for his briefs.

It was like a very big florescent light was being focused on her face, she was so uncomfortable, and she felt hot and damper. She opened her eyes with a start and quickly blocked it with her hand. She couldn’t move and at that moment everything came back to her and she smiled. Funmi smiled as she found her husband wrapped around her, this was how it used to be, no wonder she was hot and couldn’t move. She turned her neck slowly to look at Seyi. She missed this, she missed him. The alarm clock on the bedside table read 11: 27 AM. Wow, when was the last time she slept this late on a week day? She began the tedious exercise of disentangling herself from Seyi without waking him up. She spent five minutes doing this.

Funmi was sore in the all the right places by the time she placed her shaky legs on the floor. She walked to the bathroom naked and took her bath. She saw her gown, shoes and clutch pulse on the chair in their room; Seyi must have brought them upstairs. She put on the shirt she had taken off Seyi’s back the night before. She drew the opened curtains together so it wouldn’t wake Seyi up as it had woken her. She was about to leave the room when she remember she needed her phone to call the office. She tiptoed around the room, retrieved her phone from her purse and left the room as quietly as possible.

Her thighs hurt as she went down the stairs but it was a beautiful kind of pain, the one you get after doing your flat tommy or six pack routine, knowing it was all for a good course. She checked her phone and saw fifteen missed calls. Oh my God! I forgot about Ngozi! Seven of the missed calls were from her, three from other colleagues, two from clients, one from her mother, one from the network providers and one form an unknown number. There were four text messages too, two from the network providers, one from her boss; wishing her quick recovery and giving her the rest of the week off. One from the unknown number she had a missed call from; a potential client. She checked her BlackBerry messenger, there were several broadcast messages and many others, she checked Ngozi’s chat.
Barrister Oge: PING!!!

Custom Text

Barrister Oge: EEEEEEHHHHH, Nawa oo!

Barrister Oge: When I told you to break a leg, I didn’t ask you to break yours oo. I    

                        saw your husband when I came around this morning; he said you

                        were sick, if only he knew I know! It’s time for the next stage,

                        convince him to come with you to a counseling session and I will

                        take it from there. Call me when you wake up, best of luck!

Barrister Oge: And before I forget, I told the office you are sick and the boss says

                             you can take the rest of the week off. Hmmm! Get well soon.

Funmi laughed softly at the ending of the message. She called Ngozi; she picked on the second ring.
Ngozi: There she is. I’ve been waiting for this call like a million dollars contract!’ They both laughed.
Funmi: Hello counselor, I was following your orders to the last detail!’ I am sorry I didn’t pick your calls, I slept off, I was so tired.

Ngozi: It’s ok; so far the mission was accomplished. How did it go? When am I hearing the details?

Funmi: Oh dear! It was so beautiful and fun, I’m sure he thought he was dreaming! My legs are still shaking! Listen, Seyi is still sleeping; I want to make breakfast for him. I will call you back when we talk about seeing a counselor.

Ngozi: That’s ok. Have fun dear. You are doing the right thing. Bye

Funmi: Wait! Thank you Ngozi, God bless you.

Ngozi: God bless you too.
Funmi quickly replied her boss with a thank you message, replied her new client, called her old client and called back her mum.

Funmi: Hello mummy, ekaaro.

Mrs. Davis: Kaaro oko mi. I’ve called you before, were you in court?

Funmi: No mum, I was actually sleeping.

Mrs. Davies: Sleeping ke? Ni ida yi? Se kosi oko mi?

Funmi: I’m fine mum. Eeehhmm mum, can we drop the kids with you today and pick them on Sunday? Won a ma gba odo yin lo si school.

Mrs. Davies: Arh, se kosi? Hope all is well ooo? Seyi nko?

Funmi: Seyi wa. Nothing is wrong, I will be busy and Seyi is going on a business trip.

Mrs. Davies: ok nigbayen. Actually, I called because your father and I were missing the children, we wanted to ask you to bring them for the weekend ni, but bringing them today is very fine too. Ama reti won ni irole.

Funmi: Ese mummy. Daddy nko?

Mrs. Davies: Daddy e wa. You will see him when you come. Bami ki oko e oo. Odaabo oko mi.

Funmi: Yes mummy. Odaabo ma.

She went into the kitchen and started the preparation for a full English breakfast with a touch of fried plantain and hot sauce, her husband used to love it. She began cooking, dancing to country music playing from her phone. Twenty minutes later, the tray was set with breakfast and a jug of coffee. She opened her bedroom door as gently as she could and set the food on the table. She slipped in beside her husband. She kissed his neck, his face, his ear and all over until he opened his eyes.

Seyi felt something crawling over his face and it was disturbing his peaceful sleep. He tried to wipe it off but it kept on going and reluctantly, he began slipping back to consciousness. He realized he was being kissed and quickly the memory of the night before came back to him, he opened his eyes to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. There she was, it was not a dream and then the sweet alluring aroma of coffee filled his nostrils. He turned facing his wife fully and kissing her back but she pulled away before the kiss got hot.

‘Aaaawww!’ He protested, she smiled and kiss him on the lips.

‘Good afternoon sweetie.’

‘Good afternoon?’ Seyi said surprised checking the wall clock, it was really after twelve.

‘Wow! I really slept. Why didn’t you wake me up when woke up?’

‘I didn’t want to disturb you, now sit up let me serve you breakfast. Hope the children were cooperative?’

‘Arch. Those ones! I sha managed to get them to school on time.’ Seyi watched as she swayed to the table in his T-shirt and nothing on earth could be sexier than that for him, his slumbered penis raised its head. Funmi dropped the very big tray on the bed and his stomach rumbled. He eyed the food with open mouth. His wife has gone all the way; she has made it just like he loved it. Could this be his wife? The same one who only cook for the children?

‘Baby, I miss this, thank you!’ He kissed her on the forehead. He began to eat, after taken two mouthfuls he said,

‘This is so delicious, hhmm this is really good! Have you eaten?’

‘Thank you. No I’ve not. I will eat when you are done.’ She said smiling; she was totally enjoying watching Seyi eat.

‘No, let’s eat together. I will feed you.’ He said urging her to open her mouth and accept the forkful he was holding before her mouth. They ate and they talked, it was such a beautiful thing to experience again.

‘That reminds me, Ngozi was here earlier today, I told her you are sick and she promised to call in sick for you.’ Seyi said and Funmi giggled.

‘Yes, she did, I called her when I saw her missed calls and they have given me the week off at work and I was thinking we could have it to ourselves. What do you think?’ Funmi informed her husband.

‘Really? I am totally down with that!’ He grinned from ear to ear.

‘I’ve also called my mum to take the kids for the rest of the week and weekend. Is that ok?’ Funmi asked.

‘Very ok! I am sure the kids have missed their grandparents.’

‘My parents have missed them too.’ She said as she was given the last bite on the plate. Seyi and Funmi finished the last of their coffee and Funmi cleared the bed saying,

‘I will be right back!’ she walked to the door, opened it, looked back at her husband who was watching her every move then she wiggled her butt at him before walking off leaving the door ajar.

Seyi laughed at his wife naughtiness and threw a pillow at her running backside. He once knew this playful, naughty, caring and spontaneous woman, then he lost her, he hoped he was back for good. His phone began to vibrate against the bed board, he looked at it and it was Surgarberry calling! Oh my God! I totally forgot about her but why was she calling him? He cut the call and opened his BBM, he had lots of messages from her since from last night.


SUGARBERRY: R u home nw or hangin out somwhere?

                              Am also less busy, I can join u if u r hangin out….



SUGARBERRY: Its past 8, r u still busy?

SUGARBERRY: Ok ooo, am going 2 bed. Gud nite.


SUGARBERRY: Nawa oo, u ve nt even read my chat yet. Oga oo.

What have I done to myself now? Seyi thought. He quickly typed a reply.
SEYI: Good morning. I am very sorry but I have been busy. Please don’t call me; I

          will always do the calling. Take care of yourself. Thank you.

He didn’t mean to sound harsh but he hoped she got the message to back off. His wife is back. He was about to read SEXYTEE’s chat when Funmi entered the room, he dropped his phone and watched his wife undo the buttons of his shirt she was wearing. She stood naked in front of him but out of reach. His manhood sprang to life, straining against his boxers. Gosh! All these were his, this fleshy, curvy and soft body of hers, he began to move towards her but she stepped back, he stopped, a smile dancing on his lips. She wants to play.

Funmi saw the glint in Seyi’s eyes as she stood naked. She searched his face, trying to read it. Do you still desire me? Do you still like what you see? Do you still like flesh or now you like the skinning girls? Funmi was asking Seyi with her heart and Seyi was answering with his eyes. She saw the admiration in his eyes, the wanting in them, his dick responded by standing at attention. He began walking towards her, she stepped back. Oh baby, this isn’t how it’s gonna go, you will work for it!

‘How about that bathroom sex we skipped last night?’ Seyi asked, his voice a whisper, his eyes dancing all over her.

‘Hmmmmm. That’s a good idea, but you will have to catch me first.’ She said dashing off and Seyi leaped after her, this was going to be sweaty!


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…To be continued…

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