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ROSIE’S DIARY: the happy ending 1. (+18)



           Thank God it’s Friday!

          I walked lazily about the office, gossiping from one cubicle to another till I got to Mr. Steven’s office who had pain written all over his face.

‘Mr. Steven? What’s wrong with you?’

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‘Rosie, its shoulders and back pains oo. Driving for long hours is hurting my back.’ Mr. Steven had begun calling me by my first name. He wanted to get close by all means but I haven’t stop calling him Mr. Steven. I was all a game!

‘Awww! Sorry about that. Let me see if I can give you short relief to the pain till you get proper help.’ I moved to his back and placed my hands on his shoulders and began kneading.

‘Arh! Yes Rosie! Arh!’ I worked my magic fingers on him. I worked on the knots on his shoulders and his upper spine.

‘There you go! That will relieve you a bit but you need a proper massage from a good spa. I can recommend one for you when you are ready!’ I said and went to sit opposite him.

‘Thanks Miss Rose. You are a life safer! I will find time next week and go to the spa but Nigerians are trying ooo!’

‘Enh-Enh? Why do you say that?’

‘The traffic is terrible! Sometimes I’m stuck in traffic for three-four hours! It’s hurting my back and legs seriously!’

‘Eya! I feel your pain but you don’t have to go through that stress if you ask me.’

‘Really? Tell me about it? Do you have a chopper for me?’ He said and we both laughed.

‘I wish! But you are the boss! You can take one of the company’s driver to drive you around or employ your own driver and the company will pay for it! So you can sit back, relax and enjoy Lagos’ beautiful view.’

‘Well, that’s true. I thought I should drive because I enjoy it but not again! I will do something about it. Meanwhile, let me pay you back for your masseuse service?’

‘Arhahrhar! The first time is on the house, you will pay next time. I have to go now. I have lots of file on my table.’

‘Hmmm! Okay, but let me take you to lunch this weekend. You have done lots of things for me since I got here, let me show my appreciation!’

‘Aww Mr. Steven… I’m just doing my job and you don’t need to thank me for that.’

‘I know! Okay, I really enjoy your company and will like to be a friend. Let’s find out if we can be friends over lunch. Please?!’ Mr. Steven and I had been dancing around each other for months now. He wanted me, that was clear but I wasn’t going to give in easily. He has to work for it. I decided to go to lunch with him.

‘Okay! If you insist.’

‘Oh! Thank you! When and where shall I pick you up tomorrow?’

‘You wey no know road? Don’t worry, just give me the location and I will find it!’ I said standing up and moving towards the door, he escorted me.

‘Okay! I will let you know before the end of the day. Thanks once again for everything especially the massage! You can make a living from it you know?’ If only he knew I was a masseuse for years! I’ve not done anything yet boo I said to myself but told him;

‘You are welcome…’ I left his office thinking about my years as a masseuse.


          I get lots of attention from men and with that attention comes money and gift but I’m also a hard-working girl. There is no better feeling in this world than the feeling I get when I spend money on silly things or things I really fancy but don’t really need. This is a very expensive habit but it makes me feel good so I work very hard so that I can afford the kind of life I want to live without relying on any man. I want to be a woman of my own, besides, all the things I want are expensive! How many dicks will I suck to get enough money? As an undergraduate who loves money, I decided to learn a skill when I was on holiday. I learned to be a masseuse from my aunt who has a spa.


          I didn’t just rely on what I was taught, I made use of the Internet and read a lot about the human body. I can give a pleasure massage, a medicinal massage and also a painful massage! Aside from the fact that I am good at what I do, I am blessed with a very soft body and my hands are not an exemption and many clients always ask for me when they visit my aunt’s spa. Personally, I never fail to use my knowledge of the human body in the bedroom on those I really like and want to keep.


          I served my aunt well and brought her many customers but since I got my job I have not been working for her again on regular basis. I only go to work when the client demanded for me and was ready to pay extra and willing to conform to my time. Most times, these clients request for home service. The thing with home service is that it is dangerous and daring. Most times these men wants more, they want sex and it’s called THE HAPPY ENDING. I’ve given the happy ending to a couple of guys before, I mean, I’m Rosie and you know I am very naughty!


          There was this guy, his name was Charles . Tall, lanky, well-built, a good set of teeth, very handsome, cute, educated and literate, rich and polite! The list was endless. He was our regular customer and he loved to get massages from me. I had and still have the hots for him but this guy never gave in to my subtle advances. I wished he would request for a home service and I could work my magic on him but the opportunity never presented itself. So could you imagine my joy when this call came in?


Aunt: Rose darling, how are you?

Rosie: Arh! Aunty! I’m fine! Long time! You remember me today enh?

Aunt: Not so my sister. You know how busy our work can be at times. No vex. I need your help oo Rose.

Rosie: Enh-Enh Aunty? What can I help you with?

Aunt: Se you remember Mr. Charles? That our fine customer who pays very well.

Rosie: Of course Aunty. What about him?

Aunt: He came in today and wanted a massage but only from you oo. I told him you no longer work for me but he said he’s willing to pay anything to get a massage from you. I told him I will try. So what do you think? Can you do it?

Rosie: Hmmm! Did you tell him I only do home service now?

Aunt: No, I wanted to be sure you will do it first.

Rosie: Okay, I can do it. Tell him to call me so we can work on the time.

Aunt: Okay. I will give him your number and forward your money into your accounts when he pays. Thanks sis.

Rosie: No problem Aunty. How are your kids and husband?

Aunt: We are all fine oo. We thank God. How is my brother?

Rosie: He is fine. I have to go now. I will let you know when I conclude with Mr. Charles. My regards to your Family.
Aunt: Alright dear. Take care.


          I dropped the call and jumped from my chair! Finally! I was going to have a one on one with Mr. Charles! I kept on checking my phone every thirty seconds waiting for his call. After a long thirty minutes, he called.


Charles: Hello.

Rosie: Hello.

Charles: Am I talking with Rose?

Rosie: Yes. Who is this please?

Charles: My name is Charles. Your aunt gave me your number.

Rosie: Oh Mr. Charles! Long time! Where have you been?

Charles: All over! But I’m back now. I need a good massage and your sister said you are now a big girl! Can I entice you with little change to perform your wonders on my body?’

Rosie: Arh Mr. Charles! I’m not a big girl oo. I can work on you. When are you looking at?

Charles: If tomorrow is okay with you anytime you choose will be fine with me.

Rosie: Hmmmmm! Okay… Around four nko?

Charles: That’s great! I will text you the address. Thanks very much.

Rosie: You are welcome. See you tomorrow.


          I quickly saved his number and started planning my move for the next day. I have studied Charles, he was a predator. He has to do chasing and I have to let him chase me. If I have to get him, I have to become the prey. I have to let him do the pursuing. I quickly sort the files on my table so I could rush home and prepare my special kit for massages. As I was rushing out I remembered I had promised Mr. Steven lunch the next day! I quickly went to his office.

‘Hey. I’m sorry I have to cancel on tomorrow. An emergency came up and I have to go right now.’

‘Hope all is well? Are you okay? Is anybody hurt?’ He asked concerned.

‘All is well. It’s something I have to do quickly. I will make it up to you. See you on Monday.’ I rushed out again. I needed to get to the market to get some special materials.

He who fails to prepare has prepared to fail…

To be continued tomorrow…




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…To be continued…

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Written by Olatorera

Edited by Olatorera and Ola Adeyemi Smith.

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