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          FIRST of all, let me say I AM SORRY! I took more time than I asked for and I want to thank you all for your patience! I got your emails, texts, BB-messages, calls and Facebook messages! As many were very concern about my wellbeing, so too many were angry with me! There’s nothing I can say to justify myself but you know I always like to tell you the truth! So this is what happened, I thought I could pull a fast one of you!

          BERORE Ramadan, a story came to me and I quickly wrote down the little I could which was like 7 pages and I sent it to my editor and very naughty friend Tosin Oshin aka Prince Krazy who both loved it very much and praised me to the heaven and I was very excited to share it with you! I called it ENOUGH TO KILL and I told you that before we went on break.

          MOST of what you read from me were written on that day or a day before and sometimes I’ve to abandon EVERYTHING; families, friends, food, sleep, parties, other works, etc to meet the deadline. So during Ramadan, I thought of the story I wanted to write, I wrote down the highlights, I drew a pattern I wanted to follow and finally I outlined the episodes! I wrote down 1-30 and I filled it with things that will happen in each episode and I thought I was ready to work! I thought by the end of Ramadan I would have written half of the story, buy myself enough time and have time for other things but I couldn’t do it!

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          EVERY time I pick my pen, I became blank. I would look at the outlines, look at my iPad and nothing will come to mind. I knew what I wanted to write but I couldn’t bring it out. I began to worry and I became depressed. I thought I had lost my touch or maybe I was going through a writer’s block. My editor, my brothers, friends and fans were on my neck and I couldn’t deliver, I was scared, angry with myself and very worried!

          TWO days, that was Friday, my would-soon-be-sister-in-law and friend called me and we had a heart to heart talked about my writings. She encouraged and prayed for me, so feeling a bit encouraged and anointed, I took my pen and iPad then I couldn’t find my outlines paper! On Thursday, I did a general cleaning of my room and I had someone helped me with it. Now remember I said I’ve written down my plan and outlines down, okay good! From opening and closing the book everyday, the page I wrote it on has torn away from the book! To a person who couldn’t read or write, that paper looked just like a dirty rough useless paper! So this is what I thought happened, while cleaning my room, she saw that paper and threw it away!

          I began looking for this paper, I looked EVERYWHERE and I didn’t find it. I was tired but I didn’t want to give up then I told myself, “why don’t you try and write something maybe you will remember the topics of each episode?” Hmmmm! My darlings! That was how I began writing oooo and within and hour, I had written over four pages and I still had so many things to write about! I was not going through any block neither did I lost any touch, I sabotaged myself by changing my style! I’m a spontaneous writer who works better under pressure and I wanted to change that to a scheduled calm writer! If it was person to beat myself, trust me, I would have because I felt so stupid! God has given me a gift to give you fresh stories and I dare to deviate from his plans? Foolish me! So my people, that was what happened oooo!

          SO I’m back and I’m sorry once again that I let you miss me, thank you for staying by me and please spread the word that I AM BACK! That being said, a new story starts tomorrow Monday! ENOUGH TO KILL will take you into my criminal mind! Here is a prelude! See you tomorrow and remember to share! I miss your comments and I never stopped loving you!


                                          ENOUGH TO KILL


‘I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure what you want doesn’t happen! Over my dead body will you have him!’

‘Then you are leaving me no choice than to tell the truth! What is you problem?’

‘You selfish bastard born of a whore! How can you do this to me? After all I have done for you and all the love I have shown you! Why?’

‘That’s in the past! Give us the money and let’s live in peace! Goodness knows we need the money more than you do! Besides, you have more than enough! Why are you so selfish?’

‘You are the selfish one! How dare you! If I’m going to be miserable then you will be miserable too! It’s my money and I’m not going to part with it while I’m alive!’

‘Then I will get it over your dead body!’

‘Do you want it that bad enough to kill for it?’

‘You have no idea…’

…to be continued…



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