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…‘Hmmm. Okay, build a case against her.’ Smith said to Paul.

‘We know she has a criminal record, she admitted to stealing from the victim in the past so money could be her motive too. She drugged a whole bottle of liquor and her prints were found in the security room she claimed she hadn’t been in for a month. She has the maximum access to the victim and the house. I tell you we have a case if we arrest her.’ Paul said.

‘This woman has been working for Joy for a long time, she could have killed him at any time. The drug was a harmless sedative, she could explain she drugged her boss for other reasons. If others’ are claiming setup due to too many evidence against them, so can she.’ Smith said happy that he was able to pick at Paul’s theory too.

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‘Hmmm. This is confusing but it takes me back to a crime book I read in police college. This case is looking like that of the story. Four strangers came together to execute a crime. Each person carried out a part of the crime till the victim died. Police had evidence against all of them but it wasn’t enough to convict one or all of them. The prosecutor lost the case in court because the suspects requested for separate trials and the prosecutor couldn’t find a link between the four people. It was fifty years later one of them confessed to the authorities when he became a pastor but it was too late as he was the only one still alive. I’m thinking, all of them could have done it but we need to find what links them. What they stand to gain collectively or I fear we don’t have a case!’

‘I suggest we go to the victim’s lawyer and find out what he knows. You will be surprised the kind of secrets lawyers keep for their client!’

‘Okay, let’s go. I’m done with my food. Smith, please dig more on Victoria while Paul and I are gone.’ Ola said standing up. Paul stood up and followed Ola as Smith watched them go.

          OLA was behind the wheels with Paul beside her. They had a little argument about the car they should take and who should drive. Paul wanted to be the man but Ola was too independent to let someone drive her! She argued they needed her police car in case there was traffic she could switch on her siren! Paul succumbed because he didn’t want to start another argument.

Ola’s mind was busy, she was thinking about the case as she speed down the road. She couldn’t help but think she might be wrong and that the doctor was truly guilty. What was she missing? She needed to find the link between the three people if they did it together and if she ever wanted to solve the case.

‘A penny for your thought…’ Paul said to the burrowed face Ola.

‘You will need more than a penny!’ She replied.

‘How about I take you to dinner for your thoughts?’ He said and Ola rolled her eyes at him. He shrugged his shoulders with a smile.

‘As a lawyer, what is the best way to get information from one?’ Ola asked changing the topic.

‘We have to thread softly. We can’t threaten a lawyer, he knows the law! Best way is to make him feel needed and he must know that we have his client’s best interest at heart.’

‘What if he refuses to cooperate?’ Ola asked driving into the compound they were going to.

‘Then you leave that to me to take care of!’ He said expecting an argument from Ola but to his surprise she said;

‘Okay…’ For the first time in her life, Ola was comfortable leaving something for someone else to take care of! She liked it when he said he would take care of it, to her ears it sounded like; “let me take care of you!”

          THE lawyer was expecting them because the receptionist showed them to the secretary immediately they introduced themselves. The secretary greeted them warmly and escorted them into the lawyer’s office. She opened the door and went in but Paul being a gentleman let Ola in ahead of him.

‘Detective Ola and Barrister Paul here to see you sir.’ The secretary announced before leaving the room.

It was a well spaced and decorated office filled with books. Lovely paintings and sculptures adorned the walls, shelves and floor. He was a rich lawyer, it was obvious from his taste in decorations and he was well dressed too.

‘Welcome. I’m barrister David, please have your seat.’ He introduced himself while showing them to their seats.

‘Thank you barrister. I’m detective Ola and this is barrister Paul. We are sorry for your loss. We understand she was more than client… ’

‘She was a wonderful friend and it’s indeed a great loss but I’m glad both of you are on the case as your success stories precede your presence. Please let me know how I can help.’

‘We donn’t want to waste your time so please tell us anything you know that can help the case.’ Paul told David.

‘Well, I knew something was going on but unfortunately she promised to tell me what it was about today! She said she was going to get the issue sort out this weekend and in fact, you are using her time! She had booked an appointment to see me today at this time! What I can tell you though is that she has changed her will three times in the last six month.’ He informed his guest who at that moment sat on the edge of their chairs.

‘Can you tell us about it please?’ Ola pleaded.

‘It’s actually against the ethics of our profession as my learned colleague here knows but we can bend the rules in this case, besides, it doesn’t hurt my client.’

‘Thanks for the courtesy.’ Paul said.

‘The original will she made when she was married says that all her properties should go to her son with the husband as caretaker till her son was of age. Her sister’s trust fund was to remain as it is but should be increased by 10% if she gets married and 30% if she has a child or children. The husband and maid were well provided for too. But immediately she divorced him she came back and removed his name as the caretaker but gave him more shares of her properties and more money. She said she would inform me of the new caretaker as soon as possible, however, she cut her sister of completely!’ He said sounding surprised himself as Ola jotted down in her note book.

‘Then she came back and told me to draw and agreement between herself and her sister. She wanted to cancel the trust fund but instead give Grace her share of the proprieties, money and a place in the company but before I could finish the contract, she called back!’

‘Wow, and all the while she never told you want was going on?’

‘No she didn’t and I didn’t pry. I simple follow instructions and makes my client happy but I suspected it has something to do with the sister.’

‘Why do you think so?’

‘Well, three days ago she called me and told me to amend the will again. This time she made her son the sole heir to everything she owned. She made her ex-husband the caretaker again, gave him lots of properties and money too. She cut off her sister entirely, as in, canceled her trust fund even! She wanted the file urgently so she could sign it asap. I scanned it to her and she returned it to me the next day. That was her final will before her murder. She called me and said she wanted to deal with someone out of the court and that was when I got very worried and told her she has to come out clean. I need to know if someone was blackmailing her but she assured me it was nothing like that and she was just fighting for her right. I overheard her once saying she has had enough of her sister walking over her and that it was her turn to have what she desired. I didn’t understand it though because Joy was the one with everything!’

‘I thought the will says Grace would automatically get some shares and properties if she got married?’

‘Not really. The parent suggested it in the will but all power lies with Joy.’

‘Wow! This is confusing but I’m sure we will get to the bottom of it. Is there anything you can tell us about the maid and ex-husband?’

‘Dr. Akin is a pleasant man, he cared for Joy and he loves their son a lot. He might not have been faithful to her but I don’t think he would hurt her. Victoria is a good person, she just seems to bite more than she can chew once in a while. Joy and Junior loved her and she knew it, so I don’t think she did it. They are both covered in the will, it couldn’t be them unless you have strong evidences against either of them…’ The lawyer said fishing for news.

‘We have evidences against all of them but barrister David, could it be the suspects knew what was in the will and killed her for it?’ Ola asked.

‘Excuse me! What are you insinuating? That I told them they are in the will? How dare you?’ The doctor fired in anger.

‘No, no no! I didn’t mean it like that!’ Ola quickly defended herself and Paul came to her rescue.

‘No barrister. We know you can never do that. What Ola meant was that, could Joy have told them or maybe they somehow found out about their inclusion or exclusion from the will?’ Paul said controlling the situation.

‘Well, I don’t live with them so I don’t know and Joy never mentioned anything like that to me. Do you think money could be the motive and it was done by someone close to her?’

‘We strongly believe it has to do with money because so far everyone said she was pleasant and no one can think of anyone who might hurt her. Also the evidences show that there was no false entry and the killer knows the house very well because the computer hard drive and security tapes are missing!’

‘Wow! Well, that’s sad. Did they take her laptop too?’

‘Her laptop? We didn’t see any laptop but I will double check when I get to the station.’

‘You need to find that laptop!’


‘Because she linked the security cameras to her computer wireless! She could see what was going on at home while she was at work. She linked three cameras to it. The ones in the kitchen, her son’s room and in the security room! That was how she caught Victoria when she was stealing from her!’ He informed them.

‘That’s a great information! Thank you so much!’

‘No problem but you have to hurry and look for the laptop because it doesn’t save the videos for more than a week except the ones she kept for herself. She wanted to be able to monitor what goes on with her son at home from the office, that’s why she installed the wireless capture and recoding. I hope it helps solve this case…’ The lawyer said looking sad.

‘I promise you we will do our best possible to nab the killer as soon as possible! Thank you once again for your time and information. We will inform you about our progress as soon as possible.’ Paul said standing up and Ola followed suit. They all shook hands again and exchanged private numbers before they departed.

          OLA started the car but didn’t move, she needed to find that laptop as soon as possible especially if she was right about the crime taking place in the kitchen.

‘It seems to me that money is truly the motives here but we need a conclusive evidence. I can’t wait to get my hands on that computer!’

‘Me too but I think Grace did it. It seems like she’s the only one who lost something in the will.’

‘You may be right but if she knew what was in the will, why would she kill Joy knowing she wouldn’t get anything? She could have kidnapped Junior and I bet Joy would have paid anything to get him back! What about the people who have something to gain? Dr. Akin and Victoria…’

‘You are right, maybe they found out about the will and didn’t want to wait for her to die naturally. I mean she’s a healthy and wealthy lady, death by natural causes doesn’t seem near. We shouldn’t forget also that she we kills by a poison only a vet doctor has access too!’

‘Exactly my sentiment! Let’s get moving before we get stuck in the traffic.’ She said fastening her seat belt and Paul did the same. As they rolled out of the lawyer’s compound, Ola called Smith. Ola’s phone was connected to her car and the sound filled the car. Smith picked up after two rings.

Smith: Hello.

Ola: Hi. Did we bring any laptop back from the victim’s house?

Smith: I’m not sure, I will have to look at the file. What’s going on?

Ola: The lawyer said we might get some information from it. I will tell you everything when I get back but get that laptop ready and if it’s not with us, go back to the house and look for it.

Smith: Okay. Are you on your way back?

Ola: Yes. See you later.

Paul listened to the conversation and he felt jealous for no reason at all. Smith sounded like an understanding old lover on the phone and he didn’t like it!

‘A penny for your thoughts…’ Ola said noticing that Paul seemed to be lost in a trance.

‘If the lawyer knows about the wireless capture, don’t you think the criminal also does? Could he or she have taken it…’ Paul said brushing Smith aside in his mind and voicing his fears.

‘I don’t know but I don’t think she made that information public. You can call the lawyer and ask though.’

‘Let’s not disturb him for now.’

‘Okay.’ Ola said and she joined the express road. She loved to speed. The rush brought her Joy and she liked the adrenaline pumping into her blood streams but most importantly, she liked speeding because it helped clear her head and mind.

          HER phone ringtone filled the car distracting her from her thoughts. She looked at the dashboard and it was her sister calling. She didn’t want to pick it over the Bluetooth because Paul was in the car but she had no choice as she was speeding on the highway. She might forget to call her back if she didn’t pick it so she did.

Ola: Hey sis. What’s up?

Toyin: I’m so stressed! These little devils are draining me! I swear I need a break!

Ola: Hahahaha! You don’t get a break from being mom, besides, my niece and nephew are sweet! Don’t call them devils!

Toyin: Enh Enh? No problem! Wait till you have yours! Anyways, are we still good for the weekend?

Ola: Yes ma’am.

Toyin: Great. Please I need the magician you hired during Christmas. The kids are insisting on him!

Ola: Okay. I will forward it to you as soon as possible and I will take care of his bill too!

Toyin: Awwwww! Aren’t you the best sister in the whole wide world? If only you can be the best daughter too!

Ola: Just don’t start! See what I get from being nice to you!

Toyin: Na you know! Make sure you bring a man to the party oo! My children need an uncle and your father…

Ola: Tito! Stop it! There’s a man in the car!

Toyin: What’s new? Smith knows everything now. Hello a Smith!

Ola: It’s not Smith! Is that all you want to talk about?

Toyin: Wow! Hello stranger! Are you the new boyfriend? I’m Toyin, her sister.


          PAUL was enjoying the banter going on between the two sisters and when the sister said hello to him, he saw it as an opportunity he must not lose.

Paul: Hi Toyin. I’m Paul and I am not the new boyfriend, yet…

Ola rolled her eyes at Paul who shrugged at her while talking.

Toyin: Wow! I like your voice. I’m officially inviting you to my children’s birthday party on Sunday! If you are in the car with her you will know she’s a very rough driver and it gets worse when she drinks at parties. So do me a favor, bring her along!

Paul: Yes ma’am and thank you for the invitation. I will surely be there!

Ola: Really? Toyin?

Toyin: Thank you Paul. Bye sis. Muah!

…to be continued…



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