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OYA GO TELL EVERYBODY THAT YOUR BOO IS BACK FROM HER VACATION! Okay guys, thanks guys for staying faithful! I miss you gan nio. My schedule is back on time and your updates are back too. Sha continue to pray for me! Thank you and remember I love you always! 

          DR. Akin heard what barrister Paul said and he believed him. However, he felt they didn’t have any real evidence against him so he decided to play it safe. He wasn’t going to tell them anything!

‘That’s all I can remember for now.’

‘Okay Doctor. You have been very helpful. Please don’t leave town for now. We may need you back here.’

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‘Okay, no problem. Can I ask you a question?’


‘How did she died?’ Dr. Akin asked.

‘Hmmm… I’m sorry I can’t tell you that for now because it’s still an ongoing investigation but how do you think she was killed?’

‘I don’t know! Is it the alcohol? Did she slip on the stairs? I told her the drinking would kill her!’

‘It wasn’t the alcohol. In fact, it could have saved her if she had gotten help on time…’ Ola replied.

‘Wow! Please find the killer. My son would miss his mother and I would like to be able to tell him how she died…’

‘We will do our best and talking about your son, please be careful what you say in his presence!’

‘Hmmm, okay. Thank you.’ He said extending his hand to Ola and Paul.

          OLA and Paul watched as the doctor left the investigation room. His cloth was wet from the sweat and he appeared relieved that the questioning was over. Ola faced Paul and asked;

‘So what do you think?’

‘He’s hiding something from us but I don’t think he did it. However, what he’s hiding from us could help the case, implicate or exonerate him for all he knows!’ The barrister said.

‘Well, the day is still young. Who knows what we will find next! So who should we talk to next?’

‘Let’s talk to the sister.’


Ola went to the corner where the telephone was and she dialed a number.

‘Sergeant Adeoye, please bring in Miss Grace to the interrogation room.’ She said and hanged the phone.

‘Okay! Let’s hear from the sister!’

‘So, quickly tell me what I should know about the sister, Ola.’ Paul asked.

          OLA was taken aback, she didn’t remember giving him the permission to be on first name terms! It was Smith that gave that permission or did he think it extended to her? He was beginning to sound like they were friends but they were not and the weirdest thing about the situation was that she didn’t mind! She liked how her name sounded on his tongue! “Ola! Get a hold of yourself! For pete’s sake, you are in the middle of an investigation! Face your work!” She warned herself.

‘The sister is the spoilt brat in the family like I told you earlier. She has been on the wrong side of the law many times. She ran away with her parents’ money a few times. They usually forgive her until she forged some documents and sold their house. They spent lots of money getting it back and keeping it out of the press and that was when the parents cut her off from their will but the created a trust fund for her that was managed by the deceased. As you have seen, she’s in a relationship with Kelvin, it’s a hot romance! You need to see the pictures and videos they share online, they are erotic! However, I can’t help but think the guy is after the money sha! There’s this shadow in his eyes I can’t explain. Do you understand me?’ Ola asked Paul.

‘Yes, I think I do. I wanted to tell you I see ingenuity in his actions earlier but I’m still studying him but I think you might be wrong about the gold digger part. If Grace has been cut off, where is the money he is after?’

‘You are right but I read somewhere online that there is a clause in the trust fund. If Grace turned to a responsible person and got married because of love or have a baby, Joy was to give her 30% of their parents’ money and include Grace children in her will. You know where there’s money, there’s a will to kill! On the surface it looks like the sisters are cool but if you look very well, you will know they are not. They don’t have pictures together, not even online. You will only find festive greetings for each other on social medias, nothing more! But the tears she’s crying and the impression she’s giving is that of a close sister! I don’t get.’

‘Well, you can’t judge everything by their online life, you may be right though, but we need to get in touch with Joy’s lawyer and find out what was in their parents will. We can’t be guessing or relying on the web.’ Paul said to Joy.

‘Yes, I’ve told Smith to contact him. I will che…’ She was saying when Grace entered the interrogation room with sergeant Adeoye behind her.

          GRACE was still stifling when she entered the room and she dabbed at her eyes as the sergeant gave a file to the detective. Ola gave her a cold stare as their eyes met and she saw fear flew into her eyes. Ola was thinking about how to go about the questioning with Grace. Should she attack or implore? She wasn’t sure and was taking her time studying Grace’s statement that Adeoye handed her when she heard;

‘Hi Grace. Please seat down.’ Paul said playing the good cop. Grace sat down as Ola looked up.

‘Are you very close with your sister?’ Ola asked.

‘Aarrhhh! My lovely sister! She was so kind to me! I loved her so much! We were so close!’

‘Hmmm… How often do you see your sister and how long have you been in a relationship with your fiancé?’

‘We see every now and then. Like once in a week or at least month and I’ve been dating Kelvin close to eight months now. Why are you asking? Is my relationship with my dead sister or my fiancé helping your case?’ Grace asked angrily. Ola noticed the change in Grace’s posture and voice. She was no longer the weeping woman, she has changed to a defensive woman. Ola was sure this woman had something to hide.

‘Well, it will help us but first I wonder if you and your sister were that close and you have been dating Kelvin for almost a year, how come they hadn’t met each other?’ Paul asked.

‘Ehm ehm, it’s not like that, as in they didn’t want… I mean they were both busy and I wanted to be sure where the relationship was going before I involved the world and especially my family!’

‘Yet you parade him on social media?’ Ola asked almost shouty. Ola had decided to go with the attack interrogation method.

‘But what has that got to do with my sister’s death?!’

‘I’m just wondering, if truly you and your sister were as close as you want us to believe how come you don’t parade her as you parade your boo! Anyways, many people believe you are very angry with your sister because your parents gave her everything. Is that true?’ Ola asked as Grace started looking uncomfortable.

          WHAT’S wrong with these people? Can’t they stay out of her family business? They must have dug up a lot of dirt about her! She didn’t know she was going to be scrutinized like this she would have come prepared. It wouldn’t be wise of her to lie about not being happy with her sister because of the will. It was in the papers and the press had her on records saying and doing so many hurtful things! She needed Kelvin to be in the room, he would have squeezed her hand and given her a confidence boost.

‘Well, that was a long time ago… I was a foolish young girl and I was angry but my sister was always there for me and she helped me get back to life. We don’t have any problems besides I have my trust fund and she was going to give me my fair share when I get married! The will says so.’

‘So you killed her for the money?’

‘No! How can you think like that? I was not there when she died!’ Grace screamed.

          PAUL was startled with the statement he just heard. Of course, he expected Grace to defend herself but the choice of words she used was disturbing. “I was not there when she died.” Did that mean she sent someone to kill her sister? The evidence showed that there was no forced entry, could it be she sent someone the victim knew? Like the ex-husband or Kelvin? No, the victim hadn’t met Kelvin so she couldn’t have opened the door for him! What if he introduced himself or Joy had seen him on the internet before? Or the killer had an extra or master key! Paul was writing all these questions down to discuss with Ola when Grace left.

‘Has your sister amended the will and given you your fair share?’ Ola asked the shaken Grace who looked bitter for a second.

‘I don’t know! We didn’t talk about it! But her death doesn’t stop the will coming to the past! The family lawyer will give me my share when I get married!’

‘Okay! So do you know anyone who would want to hurt your sister?’

‘Hmmmm! I’m not sure, we were not that close, sorry I mean I don’t really get to meet her friends or enemies but maybe Victoria did it…’

Ola’s ears stood up. It seemed they might have a lead after all but she told herself not to be too eager because one trait of people who did bad things was to accuse someone else of their deeds!

‘Really? Why would you think so?’

‘I don’t know… There’s something about her that is not right and my sister has sent her away more than once but she would take her back because Junior loved Vic. I think it has to do with Victoria stealing some stuff and money from the house… Maybe Joy caught her again and Victoria couldn’t take it again. I mean, she cooks her food and it would be easier for her to poison her. I’m just thinking…’ She said to Ola and Paul’s amazement!

          THE police hadn’t told anyone that poison was one of the murder weapons and here they were! A suspect actually mentioned it! It could only mean she did it or knew who did. Ola had learned some knew things though, Victoria had a motive if what Grace said was true! Ola felt they had drilled Grace enough for one interrogation, she didn’t want to spook her off too much.

‘Okay Miss Grace, thank you very much. You have been most helpful. Please if you remember something else don’t hesitate to call me. This is my card or you can call the police station and ask to speak with me. Please don’t travel out of the country because we may need you.’

‘Thank you.’ She said simply. Ola opened the door for her with her keycard and they but walked out. Some minutes later she came back in.

‘What kept you long?’ Paul asked sounding like a jealous lover.

‘Nothing, I was spying on Grace and Kelvin. So what do you think?’

‘She was obviously lying about her closeness with the victim. Along the line, she revealed they weren’t close unknowingly. I don’t know what to think of her. I’m very confused but my intuition says she’s guilty somehow but unfortunately, my intuitions don’t count in the court of law! We need proofs!’

‘Are you not surprised by how fast she switched from teary eyes to defensive mode? She was not curious to her cause of death as the husband was. It was like she knew and she mentioned poison! Something is fishy here and did you notice when she said: “I wasn’t there when she died?” What does that tell us!’

‘But what if she is right? Victoria has the means, the opportunity and now we know she has a motive too. She could be the killer.’

‘I know. Let’s talk to her first and we will…’ Ola was cut short by a phone ringing. It wasn’t her phone because it was always on vibration it has to belong to Paul. She was a bit irritated. She hated when anything interrupted her thoughts especially a phone ringing at work!

          PAUL had forgotten to put his phone on silence and he was annoyed at the caller before looking at his phone. It was a girl he was trying to avoid. A one night stand that was hunting him. He was definitely not going to receive the call in front of Ola because he has nothing good to say to the girl. He cut off the call, put his phone on silence and smiled up at Ola.

Who could that be and why wouldn’t he answer it? Ola was curious but she said nothing. It was none of her business after all. She was about to continue when her own phone vibrated on the desk in the room. A tiny smile crossed Paul’s lips but Ola pretended not to see it. It was not a call, it was an email from Doctor but before she could check it, another one came in from the laboratory. The reports might be the one they have told her before but it might also contain knew information.

‘I’ve emails from the lab and doc. Let’s go to my office and read it on the laptop. It’s faster that way.’

‘What about Victoria?’ Paul asked already following Ola out of the room.

‘She can wait, especially if she’s guilty.’

          VICTORIA saw when Grace left and she expected to be called in for questioning but minutes passed and no one came for her. What was happening? Do they know already? She was running out of her mind. She started to think of what next to do. Should she run away? She could leave the police station and go now! “That wouldn’t be wise! You are digging a bigger hole for yourself! Where do you want to go? The police would fish you out” She reminded herself. She was so restless that she was shaking with anticipation and fear. Then she saw the detective and the lawyer coming towards her. Her heart jumped into her mouth and she couldn’t breathe. She felt like confessing her sins there and then but to her horror and relief the duo walked past the conference. They didn’t even look at her! What was going on? It could be her tracks were well covered and they didn’t she was guilty or maybe the didn’t have questions for her. They must know something! Especially if that silly Grace had told them some things about her. “The bitch never liked me and I hate her too” Was this how she would end up in jail? Were they going to call someone to arrest her? Why did she do it? Tears rushed into her eyes but she swiftly dabbed it away.

          OLA made an effort not to look at Victoria as they passed beside the conference hall and she was happy Paul did the same. Though she was curious to look at her eyes and put some fears into her but she didn’t. The waiting game is good with a suspect. They would be tired waiting and eager to finally talk when you get to them.

‘D.O!’ She heard and knew the voice that called her. It was the chief. He had finally resumed. She turned back and looked towards his office. He beckoned her to come. Paul automatically tagged along.

‘Good morning chief. This is Barrister Paul. He’s the prosecutor and Paul…’ The chief raised up his hand stopping Ola in mid-sentence.

‘Paul and I are not strangers Ola. He’s my family friend and a good lawyer too! How are you Paul? Are you enjoying working with our D.O?’

‘Yes I am! She’s indeed the best as you have said. This case is tough though!’

‘Yes I know but if anyone can get to the root, it’s her and I’m sure with your help it will be easier!’

Wait a minute! She should have known that Paul couldn’t have gotten the case if the chief didn’t approve! Are they talking about her as if she was not there? So the chief was in on it! They knew each other! Wow! Not only was he her boss, the chief was a family friend and a father figure. He was always playing matchmaking and she was beginning to think this was a setup!

‘Excuse me! I’m right her! Don’t talk about me around me!’

The two men looked at her and smiled. She couldn’t be angry with the chief, he was too old and sweet and she couldn’t figure out why it was hard to get angry at Paul either. Might be his lovely face or beautiful smile!

‘So what have you guys found out?’ The chief asked taking a seat.

…to be continued…



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