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          DETECTIVE Ola wondered what the fresh commotion in front of the victim’s house were all about. She saw the press trying to talk to some people. The policemen were also trying to prevent some people from going into the house. She tried to see who they were but the commotion didn’t allow her to see them clearly. She started walking towards the commotion with Mrs. Solomon closed to her heels.

‘Yes? What’s going on here please? I’m detective Ola.’ Ola said showing her badge. An officer quickly told her what was happening.

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‘Ma’am, I’ve been trying to tell these people they can’t go into the crime scene but they don’t want to listen to me! They all claimed to be relatives and the press is not helping matters at all!’

‘Okay. I will take them away, please take care of the press.’ She said to the police officer before facing the relatives and press who turned the microphones towards her.

‘Attention please. I need all family members to follow me. Gentlemen of the press, I beg you to stay back as I talk to the family. Let me remind you that you could be charged with obstruction of law if you disturb an ongoing investigation. Thank you for your co-operation.’ She said and started moving towards the back of the house while the family members followed her. The press moved along with them throwing questions at the family members. The police quickly moved into action by creating a barricade between the press and the family members. “When will the press understand the words stay back?” Ola wondered.

          OLA searched the faces staring at her. They all looked genuinely concerned. Could anyone amongst them have done this? She had learned not to judge a book by its cover. The most innocent looking person might be the hardest criminal! She looked at a young boy clutching the hand of Dr. Akin Oriyomi and knew it was the victim’s son. Her heart went to him because he looked confused and scared. He had no idea what was going on. Ola was angry at his father for bringing the young boy into that kind of situation. All the eyes staring at her wanted answers she couldn’t or wouldn’t give. She cleared her throat and said:

‘Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I’m sure you all have heard that Miss Joy died last night! I’m so…’ The little crowd in front of her screamed as if they were hearing the news for the first time. They started crying and wailing. Dr. Akin grabbed his son in his arms and hugged the boy tight. The boy held his father back looking more confused. Grace was wailing into her fiancé’s arms. Victoria sat on the floor crying like a baby. Ola’s heart went to them.

‘Ehm. I’m sorry for your loss. Please take heart.’ She told the wailing party who were not paying attention to her. She gave them some minutes more before clearing her voice again.

‘Gbhm-gbhm! I am truly sorry for your loss. Dr. Akin…’ Ola called the attention of the ex-husband who released his son and looked at her.

‘…We gathered you saw the victim last. We will need you at the station for questioning. Miss grace…’ Ola said and Grace turned away from her fiancé’s embrace and turned towards her. Her eyes were bloody red from tears. It seemed she had been crying before she got there.

‘I’m sorry for your loss ma’am. When was the last time you saw your sister?’ Grace wiped the tears away from her eyes breathing slowly to control her tears.

‘I saw her last week. We were supposed to meet for lunch today where I was going to introduce my fiancé to her. They have not met before!’ She said and broke into fresh tears. The fiancé grabbed her again in his arms.

‘I can’t believe my only family left is gone! So my sister will never know the man I marry or be at my wedding for that matter! How my God! Why me?!’ She lamented in tears and Ola really felt for her.

          OLA came from a very large and loving family. She was brought up to need her family. She and her sister were very close and it occurred to her that she hadn’t called or checked on her in a long time. She smacked herself mentally. Even though her parents were unhappy with her because of her chosen career, she must call them today. She missed her niece and nephew. They are the only ones who loved her profession. Why did she let her work take over her life? “The promise of tomorrow isn’t sure for anyone. You can drop dead anytime especially with your kind of profession. Stay close to you family Ola, you don’t know when you will be gone!” She told herself before coming back to the present.

‘Ehm, you are Victoria, I presume?’ Ola asked the woman who was on the floor crying.

‘Yes, she was the most wonderful boss! She never treated me as a maid! She was alive when I left yesterday! Oh my God!’ She sobbed.

‘It’s okay ma’am. We will like to see you in our station for questioning too.’

‘Me! What did I do?’ She asked in a scared voice that drew Ola’s attention. Could it be fear of the police station or was she afraid because she had committed the crime?

‘It’s just normal routine ma’am. Nothing to worry about.’ Ola lied.

‘Okay, I will be expecting all of you in the station today. Once again, I’m sorry for your loss. Please co-operate with the police so that we can help you find the person who did this. Thank you.’ She said and turned to leave the grieving party when she heard the young boy asked his father;

‘Dad? Why is everyone crying mommy’s house and where is mommy?’

          AKIN knelt in front of his son trying to keep a straight face. His eyes were blurry from unshed tears. He was trying very hard not to cry and upset his son more. How do you tell a young boy who loved his mother that he was never going to see her again? He grabbed his son’s shoulders in his arm softly still trying to tell his son what has happened.

‘Eehh, Junior. Mom is …’ His voice cracked and he couldn’t get the words out and fresh spasms of tears hit his eyes. His heart broke all over again. “What have I done?” He couldn’t see his boy sad and he didn’t know how to break the news gently. He drew the boy into another tight embrace sobbing.

Ola couldn’t watch anymore, she had to do something about the situation. The job has taught her to be hard on criminals and law offenders but it has also taught her to give love and comfort to those who needed it. Sometimes, she hated her job. This would not be the first time she would be breaking sad news to a young child and she knew it wouldn’t be the last no matter how much she wished it to be. However, she had learned to break bad news in a gentle and less painful way. She moved to where father and son were and knelt too. She tapped Dr. Akin gently on his left shoulder. He released his son and looked at Ola. She gave him a reassuring smile and faced the young boy.

‘Hello sweetheart. My name is Ola, you can call me D.O. What’s your name?’

‘I’m Junior.’

‘Okay Junior. Do you go to Sunday school?’

‘Yes I do!’

‘Good. Then you know Jesus!’

‘Yes! Our Sunday school teacher says Jesus loves us and he is our friend and savior. I love Jesus!’

‘Your teacher is right. You see, some bad people were trying to hurt your mommy, but because Jesus loves your mommy, He came and took your mom away. He saved her because he loves her. Your mom has gone to a good place to rest.’ She told the boy who look very thoughtful.

‘Hmmmm. Why is everyone crying if she has gone to a good place?’

‘They are crying because they will miss your mommy. It’s okay to cry if you miss someone. It’s not a bad thing.’

‘Is she not coming back?’ He asked looking confused. Ola’s heart was breaking by the second but she kept her smiling face in place.

‘Hmmm. No she’s not coming back but she can always visit you. Do you know why?’ The boy shook his head and Ola moved closer to the boy and spoke in his ears.

‘Because she loves you and you are special! Whenever you miss your mom just pray to Jesus and He will allow your mommy come to visit you in your dreams at night! Do you understand?’ The boy had begun to smile and he nodded his head.

‘Can I ask you some questions D.O?’ The boy whispered to Ola.

‘Does it mean no one will hurt mommy again and she will stop crying and be happy?’ The boy whispered into Ola’s ears. Ola felt a rush go through her body. The boy had just given her the first break in the case. So the victim was unhappy and the boy knew some people were hurting his mother! She felt like asking him hundreds of questions but she knew she had to step softly so that the boy wouldn’t be spooked.

‘No, no one will hurt mommy again. She will be happy. Jesus will take care of her.’ The boy looked up smiling saying;

‘Thank you Jesus.’

Dr. Akin was grateful for the present of the detective. He would have made matter worse for his son if he was to break the news. He looked at Ola with gratitude and she smiled back before saying;

‘I will suggest you pull yourself together for the sake of your son. See you at the station later.’

          OLA left the family and walked to her car thinking about her own family and the little boy she just talked with. She got into her car and noticed her iPad was blinking. She had a mail. It was from the CSI and it was the report of their findings in the crime scene. The facts and clues had agreed to her theory that the burglary was staged. Many fingerprints had been lifted from the house and the lab had matched them to Akin, Victoria, Junior and Grace. Every one of these people had a reason to be in the house. It didn’t help her with the investigation. However, there were some other fingerprints that hadn’t been matched to anyone. She needed something that would stand out and her face caught something on the following paragraph. It stated that the house had a security system that included a security camera! Her heart skipped from excitement but it quickly disappeared as she read that the hard drive was missing!

Joy’s mansion was properly guarded with high technology and Ola didn’t think a robber would get past it without being noticed. And now that the hard drive was missing, it confirmed her belief that the murder was committed by someone who knew the house thoroughly! She found out that from the report that some things were missing from the victim’s bedroom but the report didn’t state exactly what the things were. It got her confused a bit. She checked if she had an email from the lab but there was none. She knew she had to go there and hurry them up. She remembered she wanted to call her family as she started her car and she picked up her phone.

‘Hello mom…’

‘Ehn! Oko mi! Olaide mi Aweni! Omo aji lala esho! Omo aji fojo gbogbo dara bi egbin! Arh! You forgot your mother!’

‘I’m sorry mom. Ise ni.’

‘Hmmm! You know I don’t kuku like this your job. It’s risky. Let me open a big supermarket for you! Enh? Mio sha like bio se n gbe emi mi soke yi? Please now! Abi…’

‘Mom! Please! Don’t let’s talk about that again! You know I can’t change my mind about my work.’

‘Okay oo! God will continue to guide and guard you. Oko wa nko bayi?’

‘Oh mommy! I will bring a man when I find one! Please!’

‘Hmmm! Which man will want to date a policewoman? Moti so fun e pe…’

‘Mom! I just called to check on you! I can see you are okay! My regards to dad! Bye!’

‘Wait now! Hanha! Your dad wants to talk to you! Wait.’

‘Olaide ! When are you coming to visit your father? Should I assume I have one daughter now?’

‘Good afternoon daddy. I will come and see you soon.’

‘It is always soon! Are you Jesus Christ? Your sister’s children are having a birthday party this Sunday in my house! I am sure you don’t know that because you haven’t called your sister for a while! Anyways, I expect to see you on Sunday! Do you understand?’

‘Yes daddy! Anything you say!’

‘Good! It wouldn’t be a bad idea if you come home with a man you are serious with for once! Are you not thinking of children?’

‘Ehm daddy, I will have to call you back. My boss is on call-waiting.’

‘Maa tan ara e!’

          CALLING her parents always left her exasperated. Her parents wouldn’t let her be! They have to turn pleasant calls into a disaster and that was the reason she didn’t call them often. However, she felt bad that her beloved niece and nephew were having a party and she didn’t know about it. She had seen many missed calls from her sister during the week and had forgotten to call back. She called her next.

‘Hello sister!’

‘Hello stranger!’

‘Not you too please!’

‘Hmmmm! Ola? Why is it hard for you to pick or return your calls?’

‘I’m sorry! I heard about the kids’ party, you could have sent a text though…’

‘You know I’m not a text person! The children have been asking if their aunt would come and I haven’t been able to answer them! So are you coming?’

‘Yes I am! I think daddy will disown me this time if I don’t show up!’

‘Hahahahaha! He can’t! He loves us!’

‘Talk for yourself! Anyways, What shall I bring for the kids?’

‘The usual but Gabriella has decided pink is no longer girly, she’s now into purple and D-boy wants a new airplane! He says cars are for kids and he’s now a big boy! Bring a blue flying plane and you will remain his favorite person!’

‘Thanks for the head ups! Anything I can do for my sister to make her forgive me?’

‘Hmmm! Just show up with a nice yellow shoe for me and we will be best friends again!’

‘Okay Tito… Ehm, you know I love you right?’

‘Of course! Hope you are good?’

‘I’m fine! See you on Sunday!’

She felt heavy with emotions but relieved that her family members were alright! She backed out of Joy’s house as the gathered family members were moving to their various cars.

…to be continued…



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