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          …Ada was waiting for me in my office and I knew I couldn’t work again. She gave me the accusation look the moment I entered my office!

‘When were you going to tell me?’

‘Today! Everything happened over the week! It’s crazy really!’

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‘Really? Wow! I came here to gist you but you have to tell me yours first!’ So I told her about how I met Habib leaving out some parts!

‘Wow! Seems love found you and me at the same time! Finally, Demola and I are together now!’

‘What! Wow! Tell me what happened!’

‘Well! What can I tell you? Aren’t you the mastermind behind it?’ She said and I raised up my hands saying;

‘I’m innocent till proven guilty!’


‘I see! Anyways, I’m glad you pushed him and me together. He’s a wonderful lover. Very thoughtful and respectful! He’s fun to be with too! I can’t wait to have sex with him and find out if he is my perfect size!’ She giggled and I giggled too.

‘Naughty girl! I’m happy for you girl! You deserve him. You know he’s my best friend, be good to him or else!’ I warned her jokingly.

‘Or else what!’ She joked.

‘Wait till then! I pray you never find out sha!’

‘Anyways, we better get back to work before the boss comes looking for us!’ She said standing up and leaving my office.


          I went back to work and tried not to think of Habib. Truth be told, I miss him terribly. I couldn’t explain it. We have been friends and lovers for less than a week and I was feeling like a part of me was missing. At exactly four o’clock, I called Habib and with urgency in my voice I spoke with him.

Sandra: Hello.

Habib: Hello dear. What’s wrong? You sound tense.

Sandra: Nothing much. I have to cancel dinner, please.

Habib: Why? What happened?

Sandra: I can’t say now. My mom has called and I’ve to go home now. I will let you know as soon as I know what’s happening. I will talk to you later.

Habib: Are you sure you are alright? Do you want me to come with you?

Sandra: No dear. I will be fine. Talk to you later.

Habib: Later babe.


          I dropped the call and I felt bad! Stubborn boy! He should just say “I love you” and this drama would stop! I continued with my work till it was closing time. My phone didn’t stop ringing, Habib was calling and pinging and it broke my heart that I had to ignore it. At a point, I silenced my phone so I couldn’t hear it ring again. I was getting ready to go home when my office door opened. It was Ademola. He was a familiar face at my office and I had given a standing order that he should be let through anytime he was around unless there was a client with me. My face lit up on seeing the very familiar face.

‘Hey love!’ I said and rushed into his arms. I was in an emotional state because I missed Habib and I needed some physical solace. I was glad he was there to hug me.

‘Are you okay dear?’ He asked, his voice filled with concern. I released him from my grip and told him I was fine and then he asked again.

‘Are you sure everything is fine?’

‘Really, I’m okay.’ Why was he looking worried for nothing?

‘If you are okay then why are you not picking Habib’s call and why did you tell him you have an emergency?’ He asked crossing his arms across his chest. I hit my palms on my head realizing why he looked worried. of course I didn’t see his calls but that was because my phone was on silence! I squeezed my face asking;

‘Arh! He called you? And you came?’

‘If you hear the way he was talking and begging me to help him find out what was wrong with you! I called you, you didn’t pick. I called Ada, she said you were right in your office and Mariam was here and the three of you had lunch together! So I decided to come and investigate the “emergency” myself! What do you think you are doing? Are you breaking up with Habib?’ He asked the last question panicking.

‘No! No! No! I am not breaking up with him!’ I quickly told him.

‘Then what’s going on?!’ He asked almost screaming at me.

‘Calm down. It was all Mariam’s idea!’ And I told him the game we were playing. I thought he would laugh but he didn’t. He was angry.

‘Seriously Sandra! You amaze me! Are you a baby? Grow up, please! What will saying I love you first to him cost you? Is that why you want to kill him? You have been given a second chance at love and you will blow it if you don’t take care!’ He warned me.

‘Take it easy now! I thought you were on my side! How was I supposed to know he was going to go to this length because I couldn’t see him for lunch or dinner?’

‘Let me ask you a question. Are you in love with him?’


‘Do you think he loves you?’

‘I think so…’

‘Great! So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you find out if he loves you like you love him? Listen Sandra. Habib was a player, he has been a player all his life but for once, he has seen what he needed in a woman and you are playing games with his heart! If you don’t show him enough love and you allow those girls he dumped for you reach him again, you may never find him or true love again! I have a girlfriend now, my shoulders may be occupied when next you come crying!’ He said and my heart broke. Ademola has never said such cold words to me since we have been friends. He was really mad at me. He has never been this harsh on me. We were both silent for a while. He realized how hurtful his words were and how remorsefully I looked and he softened up and hugged me.

‘I’m sorry babe. I didn’t mean to be harsh. I was just very scared and I was full of adrenaline. No one can take away my shoulders from you! I love you very much. You know that right?’ I nodded my head against his chest because I couldn’t speak. My eyes were filled with tears and my voice was about to crack. He raised my head and kissed my face.

‘Don’t cry queen bitch! Your reputation is leaving you fast! First, you fall in love and now you are crying!’ He said and that brought laughter to my cheeks.

‘Okay! I won’t cry but don’t scream at me again! Your anger is scaring! I will have to warn Ada!’ I said and he laughed saying;

‘Don’t you dare!’ And as if on cue, Ada came into my office. She looked surprised. She looked from my teary face to Ademola’s laughing face and she was more confused. We both laughed at her. Ademola opens his arms and she went into them. They kissed and whispered and it made me miss Habib more.

‘Hey! Hey! Stop it jor! Ada take your boyfriend and leave my office abeg!’

‘I was hoping you’d say that! We are leaving!’ Ada said dragging Ademola from my office. He looked back and said;

‘Stop being stubborn! Call him!’

‘I will! Don’t tell him anything please!’ I said and he looked at me wounded! I bit my tongue. He would never reveal my secret!

‘You don’t have to tell me that sis!’ He left my office with Ada in his arms. I picked up my phone and called Habib. He picked on the first ring and before I could say anything he bombarded me with questions.

Sandra: Baby. I’m…

Habib: Honey! Are you okay? How are you? Is everything alright? What’s the matter with your parents? Are they fine? Do you need me? Do you…

Sandra: Babe! Calm down! I’m okay! Everyone is fine. My dad just needed to see the doctor and my mom was dramatic about it. I’m sorry I haven’t been picking your calls, I left my phone in the car. How are you dear?

Habib: I wasn’t fine but I’m fine now. Please don’t scare me like that again. Where are you now?

Sandra: Ehm… I’m still at my parents’ house.

Habib: When are you leaving there? Can I check you at home?

Sandra: Ehm… I want to stay with them tonight. How about I join you in your office tomorrow for lunch?

Habib: Really? You will come to my office tomorrow?

Sandra: Yes if it is okay with you.

Habib: Of course it’s OK! I will be expecting you!

Sandra: Okay dear. See you tomorrow.

Habib: Sandra?

Sandra: Yes baby.

Habib: I love you.

Sandra: I love you too.


          And I cut the phone stunned! There it was. The words I desperately wanted to hear. The three most powerful words that could bring the most powerful beings to their knees. My heart lifted. Mariam’s method might be extreme but it worked very fast! He was so excited about me visiting him in his office tomorrow and truth be told, I couldn’t wait to see him, kiss him and hear him say those magical words to me! I danced to my car and drove home in joy. No Lagos traffic or reckless driver could spoil my mood! I drove into my compound still smiling but the smile disappeared on my face when I saw the jeep packed in my compound. It was chief, one of my sugar daddy. The very one who bought me my car!





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…To be continued…

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Written by Olatorera

Edited by Olatorera and Ola Adeyemi Smith.

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