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4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND. 12 (+18)



           He was already sitting down on the love couch. I put the refreshments on the table and sat beside him. He drew me closer to him and kissed my left cheek, I kissed him full on his lips trying to distract him from the game.

‘Sweetheart, it won’t work. It can’t work oo! You can’t distract me from watching football!’ He boasted. If there was something I didn’t like about the male ego, it was their boasting!

I have taken this as a challenge, I’m going to distract this man!

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‘Who wants to distract you? I just kissed you, that’s all!’ I lied baiting my eyes innocently.

‘I’m so very much gonna distract you!’ I vowed silently to myself.


          “Yes! Yea! Right there! Give it to him! Oya gbe fun J.T! J.T run! Run! Wo eyin e! Oya give it to Mikel! Good! Wasere! Mikel dapada seyin! Mathieu n sare bo oo! Ode! Give it to Oscar jor! Good! Oscar release e fun Costa now! Oya Costa ge Gnarby! Oge! Egeee! Run jor! Yeeessss! Gba si empty net jare! It’s a goal!” Opeyemi shouted.


          It was 46:37 minutes into the match and I watched the movement too, captivated by the players legs and determinations. The ball was passed to John Terry who ran with the ball and gave it to Mikel Obi. Mikel gave it to Oscar as Mathieu Flamini, an Arsenal defender rushed towards him. Oscar collected the ball and passed it to Diego Coasta who dribbled Mathieu, ran past him into box 18 and kicked the ball to the right top corner of the post while the keeper went left! Petr Cech the goalkeeper fell hard on his buttocks as he followed the ball movement into the post. He slapped the ground in frustration while Chelsea team members and fans jubilated!

‘Goal! Goal!! Goal!!!’ Ope and I screamed and jumped about the living room. He picked up his phone and dialed a number.

‘Hello! Holo? How far? Se I no tell you? Na 3-0 we still dey go ooo! I go beat Arsenal today una no go fit eat! Go jor!’ He said into his phone and dropped the phone. He hugged and pecked me.

‘So happy babe! Awon omo Barca yen o derun!’ He confessed to me as we settled down to continue watching the match. Now was the time to seduce or distract him, I told myself.


          Instead of sitting beside him, I laid down and rested me head on his laps, I raised my arm above his shoulders and reached for his ear, he looked down at me, I smiled and averted my eyes from his, pretending to be interested in the football match. I played with his ear for a while then dropped my hand to is stomach. I maneuvered my hand into his shirt and caressed his stomach, he relaxed into the couch, giving me more access to his body, I rejoiced within! I went boldly to his right nipple, I pinched gently and rubbed it, he was still watching the match but now his hand was in my hair massaging it softly. I unzipped his knickers zip and brought out his dick, I felt his eye on me but I didn’t look up. I massaged his penis with my right hand while I stared straight at the TV, he pinched my hand and asked huskily;

‘What do you think you are doing?’ I looked at him, baited my long eyelashes and replied;

‘Watching football.’ I didn’t even bother to look at him.

‘Okay!’ He replied. After some minutes, I stood up and knelt down between his legs and took his dick in my mouth.

‘Gbkmmh! Gbkmmh!’ He coughed trying to mask his moan. I stole a look at him through my eyelashes, and he wasn’t looking at the TV! His hands roamed about my head and face, he couldn’t mask his moan any longer as I performed the mouth job on him.

‘Awwoww! Iishessh! Fffiwien! Aarrrshchhs!’ He moaned softly. I drew his shirt up and he helped me take it off. I concentrated on his dick, licking, pulling, sucking and biting. He moved his waist about trying to get comfortable in my mouth, I didn’t mind. I accommodated him! When I noticed his breathing was coming faster and harsher, I stopped abruptly and said;

‘Sorry for interrupting, you may continue with your ball!’ I stood up and headed for the bedroom but I didn’t make it!

‘Not so fast Miss!’ His hands shot out and caught me. He carried me off my feet and dumped me on the couch backing the TV, he drew up my skirt and a condom materialized from nowhere and he was inside me in seconds. I held on to the back of the couch as he pumped into me, fast and brutal! Pushing into me as if he was punishing me for a crime I committed! I dropped my head on the head rest and added my own moaning to his. Don’t ask me to tell you who said what!

‘Yyeeeeaa! Oowgshs! Yees! Fast! Arisshh! Iishshi! Gryuynf!’ He pounded into me and I pushed my buttocks to meet his thrust.

‘I’m coming!’ He blunted out.

‘I’ll meet you there!’ I promised as we both climaxed together. It was powerful. He dropped on my back, I welcomed the weight and we were silent for some seconds. He kissed my neck, In short, he kissed every part of my body that his mouth could reach. I turned to face him and kissed him.

‘Wow! That was sexy! You won!’ He said and I laughed but stopped when I saw the scores on TV.

‘What is it?’ He asked me and I pointed at the TV.

‘Yeeepa! When did we score another goal?’ He asked and we both burst into laughter.

‘Sorry!’ I said still laughing.

‘It’s okay. I’ll watch highlights on blitz lerra.’ He said and we moved upstairs to clean up. We cuddled up in bed and I didn’t know when I slept off.


          When I woke up, the first thing I saw was Ope’s face. He was staring at me looking all serious and I was scared a bit. After all, he was actually a stranger!

‘Hi.’ He said.

‘Hi.’ I replied softly.

‘You are beautiful Koyin.’ He said and kissed my eyes.

‘It was a pleasure watching you sleep.’ He said and kissed me again.

“Isn’t that just sweet?” I asked myself.

‘Thank you.’ I said smiling.

‘What’s the time?’ I asked.

‘It’s around eight in the evening and I like taking evening strolls. Will you like to walk with me?’ He asked looking adorable and I couldn’t say no.

‘Yes I will. Just give me a minute to wash my face.’ I replied. He didn’t take off his eyes from me while I washed my face and dressed up for the walk. Hand in hand we walked his street, he told me more about his family, his work, and his former girlfriend. What I liked about him was that he didn’t talk about his ex-girlfriend in a bad way even though I’ve heard she jilted him. By the time we got back to his apartment, it was 9:03 P:M and I was tired from the walk but I enjoyed it. Also, I’ve learnt a lot about him and he doesn’t look like a stranger anymore. I felt closer to him.

‘Kilama je lale yi? I’m thinking something very light?’ I asked him after we’ve settled down.

‘Let’s eat noodles.’

‘Okay.’ I said and went to the kitchen to get down to business. I served the noodles and we ate. We watched the TV for a while and we put it off after we listened to the news.


          He held me close to his heart as we whispered to ourselves on the bed. Our conversations were perforated with quick and stolen kisses. I couldn’t even remember what we talked about, I just knew it was something funny. We were kissing when my phone rang.

‘Believe me girls, I didn’t want to pick it up but the caller was persistence and Ope urged me to pick it up but when I looked at the caller ID, it was my mum!’

‘Hello mummy, ekale ma.’ I greeted.

‘Bawo ni oko mi?’ She replied.

‘I’m fine mum. Why are you calling me so late? Hope there’s no problem?’ I asked.

‘Not at all but I need you to come home tomorrow. Please come early so we can go to church together. From there, we are going to visit my friend Mrs. Abiola whose son just came back from America.’

Oh no! Not again, my mum is playing matchmaking again!

‘But mum I’ve to…’ She cut me off mid-sentence.

‘Don’t but me anything oo! I’ll be expecting you tomorrow! Odaro oo, ki Olorun jiwa re.’ She didn’t wait for my response. My heart was heavy, not only was she matchmaking, she was also sabotaging my time with Ope and I didn’t like it one bit!

‘Hope all is well? Ope enquired.

‘All is well but I’ve to go home tomorrow morning. Mummy wants to see me’. I told him and his face fell.

‘Wow, I’m missing you already!’ He said.

‘Come on, don’t be like that. We can do this again soon.’ I promised without meaning to. It was out of my mouth before I knew it. He smiled broadly at me.

‘Ok then. I was scared you won’t want to see me again.’ He confessed.

‘Funny you. I’ve had a good weekend. Thank you.’

‘Thank me? No, thank you!’ He said.

‘But you…’ I was explaining but he cut me off.

‘Sshhhh! Enough talking for tonight, let me show you how much I appreciate you!’ He said and I became lubricated between my thighs immediately! He kissed my face all over and stopped at my ear, he tickled my ear with his tongue. First, it made me laugh but when he closed his lips on my ear, I moaned!

‘Hmhmhmhm!’ I titled my neck to the right to give him more access to my left ear. He rubbed me over with his left hand and squeezed my left breast with his right hand while he ate my ear thoroughly, I moaned on.

‘Arrshm! Hhmnmng! Eeeowwwhh! Iisshh!’ He kept on seducing me while I wiggled my body on the bed. When I couldn’t take it anymore I removed my ear from his reach and struggled with him to get to his ear too. When I caught his ear in my mouth, I tongue-fucked him till he escaped me too.

‘1-1!’ He said as he removed his pajamas.

‘Are we counting?’ I asked as I pulled my nightgown over my head. It was a big mistake on my part! Before it came over my head he jumped me and took my breast into his mouth. He climbed over me and parted my legs. He positioned his dick at my pussy opening and rubbed my clitoris with his thumb. I moaned widely when he bumped into me. In short we made sweet love and the weekend couldn’t get better!

‘Girls, we had sex again, two times before daybreak and one for the road and it was superb!’

‘Noooo Koyin! Haba! You have to tell us everything oo!’ Amanda demanded.

‘The one wey I don tell you don do jor! Let’s hear your own tale!’ Koyin retorted.

‘Me I’m sha interested in what made him slept here, after that you can stop.’ Bimpe requested.

‘Well…’ I continued…


          I told him to pick me up from my mum’s house which he did around 6 P:M. When I saw him I was so relieved and happy. I really missed him. He came with my things that I left in his house and he brought me home. When you guys left us and he said he was leaving, I felt deserted again and I burst into tears. He tried to console me while I poured out my heart to him about Usman and the matchmaking stress I had just gone through. He just held and listened to me. I didn’t know when I slept off, when I woke up, I was wrapped in his arms. He said I slept off while talking and he didn’t want to leave me so he slept over, that’s all.

‘Hhmmm very romantic, let me ask you three questions Koyin.’ Sandra said.

‘Okay, shoot!’ I replied.

‘Did you enjoy your weekend?’

‘Oh yes I did!’ I answered with a smile and everybody was smiling with me.

‘Are you going to date him?’ Sandra asked.

‘Well, we’ve not talked about dating and he didn’t ask me out, but we’ll be seeing each other next weekend.’

‘Do you regret taking this weekend off?’ Sandra asked again, I looked at my friends, trying to read their expression, it was hard to say, so many feelings to read on their faces.

‘No I don’t! In fact, I needed it! Thank you dear friend!’ I hugged Sandra.

‘Wow! That was a weekend you had there, and I thought I had the best weekend!’ Amanda said.

‘That’s good to know. Now! It’s your turn to tell us about your weekend!’ Sandra told Amanda.

‘Very well then! Make una all go piss and take whatever you will need oo, because una no go fit stand up when I start!’ Amanda warned us.

We all scrambled to our feet and went to attend to ourselves. When we came back Amanda was ready for us. She began…..

‘Let me tell you this first, Lekan’s dick is long and large. He’s a hell of a kisser but sucks at pussy eating, so I taught him!’





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…To be continued…

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