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ROSIE’S DIARY: i open, you eat!



          This woman can talk sha! Haba! She just likes making me wet my pants! Arrggghhhh! Really I don’t like what she’s doing to me, but I love hearing her tales! It makes me want her husband more!

‘My sister, arghhh, you must marry a man that will satisfy you in bed oo, or else, your marriage will be boring!’ She lectured me as if I didn’t know!

‘Is that so?’ I asked.

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‘Yes oo, you see that my husband, hmmmm, na wa! He’s the man oo, arh, I can never leave him or share him, he knows how to handle me oo. My husband can eat pussy! Arh, he knows how to eat it. Sometimes he will even eat me with ice cream or chocolate. My dear, I’m telling you, no one like my hubby oo when it comes to the matter of sex!’ She ranted on. If only she could see my heart and thoughts over her husband, she would shut the fuck up.


          Let me introduce you to this talkative woman. She’s my friend but she’s older than me, I call her ‘Aunty‘ and she calls me ‘Aburo‘ most times. She lives in my estate and her house is four blocks away from mine. She is married with a kid. We used to cross each others path quite often, she always greeted me. I sensed that she liked me, it seems I reminded her of her youth days or maybe she just saw me as the sister she never had. Then one day she offered me a ride and that was how we became friends. You know how we girls roll now. So Aunty has this handsome husband, the man is too fine for his own good and all I could think of was fucking him. I don eye am, use body language but e no gree see me, and no be say e be born again oo, I get hope say I go get his mumu button one-day sha. Sometimes ago, Aunty and I were talking about unfaithful men and she told me why her husband would never leave her or cheat on her.


          Apparently she was the one with the money, the husband was a gold digger who love the good life and wasn’t ready to let her go. Aunty really loved and respected her husband so it wasn’t like she maltreated him or he was a captive, far from it, but the money was her security. She was smart to make him sign a prenup before marriage and this means everything the wife brought into the marriage remain her’s in divorce! Also, they ran a joint account, so the husband spent no kobo the wife didn’t approve of!

‘My dear, you see why he can’t cheat on me or leave me? Where will he find a woman who loves and adore him like I do with the kind of money I have? As long as he remains faithful and loyal, he can have the world but if he decides to leave… Hmmmm!’ She told me and I understood why the man pretends not to see me but I was still hopeful someday something would happen.




          I walked down my street enjoying the cold evening breeze that seemed to blow only on Sundays. I hadn’t taken off the dress I wore to church and I still looked like a responsible good girl I should be, (except you guys know better). A car honked from behind and without turning I knew it was Aunty. I turned smiling and she drove abreast me.

‘Aburo how far, you just dey come from church?’ She questioned.

‘I dey oo, Aunty. I don come back teytey I just dey stroll ni. Where you dey go?’ I asked.

‘I wan get some things at the mall, make we go together?’ She asked.

‘No ma, I’ve got lots of things to do at home.’

‘That reminds me, please can you drop the novel I borrowed you at the house when you get home? I will be traveling tomorrow evening but will be seeing the owner tomorrow morning and she’s been asking for it. I want to give her before I go. Se you are through with it?’ She asked.


          Actually, I have not but I will drop it, it was boring. She drove off and I continued my walk. Sometimes these Sundays walk pay off. I get to show my lovely curves and the boys get to say hi to me. I call them ‘the reservoir’. I wasn’t gonna fuck them really, but they are good for errands and hangouts. I make them see the promised land, but they will never reach there, however, there are exceptions but I’ve not met one yet. I smiled and winked at the big cars and fine boys that passed, some brave ones usually stop to chat and collect my BBpin. Girls, don’t give new guys your number, get their pins! You never can tell, they may become pests and you may want to get rid of them! Delete is just one button away, but number na long thing.


          It was late by the time I got home, I lined my clothes, shoes, and bags for the week out. I always like to go to bed early on Sundays unless there was a party I couldn’t afford to miss. I had totally forgotten to drop Aunty’s novel.



          Seriously I don’t play with my job, especially getting to work early on Monday. I usually wake up very early and drive to work on Mondays. I hate to rush my makeup too, I mean, Mondays had to look perfect. I checked my reflection in the mirror, I liked what I saw. I grabbed my shoes and bag, (I can’t drive with hills so I don’t wear them until I get to where I am going). As I was about leaving my room my gaze fell on Aunty’s novel. “Eewwoooo!” I checked my wristwatch, I still had 20minutes to burn at home, I took the novel with me. I said pleasantries with my dad and left the house. I drove down the four blocks that separated her house and mine. I packed just outside their gate. I opened their gate and walked towards the house. Aunty’s car was missing from its place but her husband’s car was still there. I was used to following the kitchen or back door.


          The moment I entered the house I sensed something. It’s unlike Aunty’s house to be quiet, if she’s not talking to her son, she would be shouting at the maid. So I stopped and listened, I listened attentively. At first I didn’t hear anything, then I heard it! It was surely the sound of sex. The excitement of me catching Aunty and her husband having sex was great, but deep down in me, I knew it wasn’t Aunty having sex. So I followed the sound, tiptoeing and hardly breathing. The sound led me to the maid’s bedroom, the door was ajar, it was like they were daring to be seen! I saw them, the maid and the husband were having sex! The maid’s hands were on the wall and her buttocks were popped back towards the husband’s penis. Their eyes were both closed. I started recording them with my iPhone. When I saw the husband tensed up, I knew he was about to ejaculate and it was time for me to play the game. Three seconds into his ejaculations, I cleared my throat.

Gghhmm.’ I cleared my throat. Two pairs of eyes flew opened, two heads turn towards me and four lips were separated. The maid tried to move away, the husband couldn’t stop jerking, it was a million dollars sight. I turned and walked away, the husband ran after me, calling my name and wearing his trousers at the same time.
‘Rose! Rose!! Rose!!!’ He called after me I didn’t stop until he caught up with me.

‘Please Rose, please…’ He said looking at me pleading with his eyes. I stood there, smiling pleasantly and playing the video on my phone.

‘Please, you see my wife don’t allow me to…’ He was explaining, I cut him off with,

‘Ssshhh.’ He shut up. I off the video and said to him.

‘I don’t want to know why the devil you are doing it, so listen to me very clearly. This is how it’s going to be from now on.’ I said calmly and he nodded profusely.

‘Anytime, anywhere I open my legs in front of you, you bend your head and eat my pussy. Your sticking dick will never enter my pussy but your lips and tongue are going to be my best friend. You have a choice though, you can say no.’ I said turning on the video again.

‘Ok, ok, anything you say, just please don’t tell or show my wife, please I beg you.’ He stammered. I smiled at him and walked off! My wicked inner goddess was dancing as I drove off to work.

‘Babes, I no lie you, you need to come and visit me! The head office is the hook!’ I was on the phone with my friend Lewa and she was gisting me about her new office at our company’s headquarters. She has just been transferred to the headquarters and she was in love with it.

‘But I thought you loved your former office?’ I questioned.

‘I loved it but here is the greener pasture. Na here the big fishes dey. The atmosphere here is serene! Do you know there’s a coffee break here? Our lunch break is an hour and the guys here are so fine, it’s like being pretty or handsome is a criteria for being here! The only problem I have is that the girls are equally fine. It makes the game tougher!’ She complained.

‘How that one take concern you? You are very fine too and you have one thing they don’t have!’ I told her, I heard her giggle before she asked,

‘Whats that?’

‘You are new! The guys want a new pussy, a new fish, a new prey to hunt! The other girls are old and if you play your game right, you will remain new forever!’ We both laughed at that. We talked some more and promised to keep in touch with each other, I also promised to check up on her in her new office. It was always nice talking to my friends on the phone, it rejuvenate me when office work was too much.


          I checked my wristwatch and it was after twelve. I rearranged the file I was putting together for Mr. Steven and carried it to his office. I knocked once and entered. He looked up and smiled when he saw my face, I smiled too.

‘Busy?’ I asked sitting down opposite him.

‘Not for you ma’am.’ He said locking his fingers together on top of the file he was working on. I passed the file I brought to him.

‘These are the documents on the C.F.R company. As I was saying yesterday, they are one of our major clients. I meet with them every fortnight, in fact, I have a meeting with them today. All the things you need to know about them is in this file.’ I explained to him. He closed the file and looked at me and smiled. I felt it to the bones. It’s like he knew the effect of his smile on me.

‘Ok madam lecturer. What if I have questions?’ He asked.

‘I should be back by 4:30 but if not then we will deal with it tomorrow.’ I told him. Really the documents are in simple languages he would understand, he just like having me around him.

‘Ok oo, enjoy your meeting,’ he said like a jealous lover. I smiled and left.


          I tidied up my table and left my office. I instructed my secretary on what to do with my calls and appointments. I passed by Chioma’s office and she wasn’t there. I dropped by few tables for chit-chat before I finally made it to my car. The traffic was light and I was in C.F.R in no time. The receptionist smiled when I entered and greeted me with,

‘Miss Rose, welcome. M.D is expecting you, please go right in.’ She said. The girl was nice, she’s one of the very few nice and polite receptionist I know, most of them are hostile especially when you are visiting a male worker.

‘Thank you dear.’ I smiled back. Mr. Folorunso, the M.D was indeed waiting for me. He greeted me with a smile and a sigh of relief. We have this meeting every two weeks but what I couldn’t understand was why he was anxious. I didn’t have to wait long.

‘I’m so happy you are here on time, the boss, I mean the CEO is around and he has been asking me some questions you should answer. So I told him you are coming. I was just about to call you when you popped in.’ He explained. I wondered what could have gone wrong but I wasn’t worried because I personally handled all their account and there was no hanky-panky.

‘Ok, I will be glad to clear the air, when can I see him?’ I asked. He excused himself to inform the boss I was around.


          I’ve seen the man twice and he is good looking. A widower in his mid-forties with a good shape. He was good looking and attractive in a mature way, white beard and all. I’ve been in a general meeting with him once but I’ve not met him one on one. I did the usual to my appearance, powered my face, glossed my lips, popped my breast higher and sprayed some perfume on my body. Seconds later the secretary came in to inform me to proceed to the CEO’s office, she showed me the way. I knocked once and entered. Like true gentlemen, they both stood up to greet me. Mr. Folorunso introduced us and we shook hands.

‘Miss Rose, our handler,’ he said facing his boss then facing me he said,

‘Mr. Chuka, the CEO.’ We said our pleasantries before proceeding to the main meeting. We started with the normal briefing of the progress of their company’s accounts. After that the M.D excused himself and the meeting continued. Mr. Chuka asked me the things that weren’t clear to him and I laid his fears to rest by explaining things to him. He thanked me very much and the meeting came to an end.

‘Miss Rose, I must say, you are very good at what you do. I’ve been asking these questions all day and here you are solving it like a nursery school math.’ He complimented me. I flashed him my sweet and innocent smile darting my eyelashes.

‘Thank you sir, you paid for the best so it shouldn’t surprise you when you get the best.’ I said. He nodded and said,

‘True. I think you should give me your card so I can get in touch with you when I have questions.’ I was just thinking the same thing. Come on guys, it’s not what you are thinking! I can read the minds of my readers you know? You guys are thinking ‘she’s gonna fuck him’ abi? No be so ooo but never say never sha.

‘Oh sure, here it is, can I have yours too.’ He collected mine and gave me his. I stood up to leave,

‘I beg to take my leave now sir,’ I mentioned the obvious.

‘Hold on Miss Rose,’ he said opening his drawer. I watched as he put a bundle of 1000 naira note into a brown envelope and extended it to me.

‘Please have this for your trouble,’ I like money oo, but I know when to play the
‘no’ game.

‘Oh no sir, I can’t possibly take that, I’m just doing my job,’ I said with a bit of emotion in my voice.

‘I know Miss Rose, but I insist, It’s my wish.’ I stood there looking at him but avoiding the envelope.

‘Please take it.’ He begged. I rolled my eyes and sighed then I took the money.

‘Alright, fine. Thank you but don’t keep this up unless you want me to show up in your office every day.’ I flirted.
‘That will be my pleasure,’ he joked, or wasn’t it a joke? I thanked him again and swayed elegantly to the door.

‘Miss Rose?’ He called and I turned,

‘You smell nice.’ I smiled and said;

‘Seduction, Beyoncé.’ I winked and left.


          I don’t know about other girls, but money makes me horny. As I don see free money now na so my toto dey rise. Who should I call on for a quickie ooo. I was ransacking my brain when Aunty’s call came in.

‘Aburo!!! How far na?’ She questioned from the other side of the phone.

‘Aunty I dey oo!’ I replied.

‘I am fighting with you, you no even ask after me, you no miss me abi? Me miss you sha.’

‘I’m sorry ma, it’s work oo, I’m too busy ni jare. Are you back?’ I asked.

‘No, will be back on Friday.’ She informed me. We talked some more and she made me promise to check on her husband.

‘I’m even on the island, maybe I will check on him if the traffic is light.’ I told her

‘Please do,’ and that call decided for me where to go.



          It was a few minutes past five when I entered his office. The receptionist was one of the hostile ones.

‘Hello!’ I greeted. She assessed me and I could read the battle she was fighting within herself, she didn’t know if she should be hostile or nice, at last she decided to stay in between.

‘Hi, what can I do for you?’ She said indifferently. Well, on a good day, I know how to treat such people, but I wasn’t in the mood but I made a mental note to teach her to be nice in the future.

‘I’m here to see Mr. Adebogun.’ I told her, I had lost the smile on my face.

‘You can’t see him, we don’t allow visitors in after 5 p.m.’ She stated. It could be true but no bitchy receptionist was going to stop me from reaching orgasm this evening. I stared coldly at her for five seconds then said in the coldest bossy voice I have.

‘Inform him that Miss Rose is here to see him, now.’ We stared at each other for seconds then she made the call.

‘Hello sir, a lady is here to see you?’ Silence.

‘Miss Rose,’ silence.

‘Yes sir,’ she said into the intercom. I could read shame all over her. I raised my eyebrows in question.

‘He said you can come in. Please take the next turn to your…’ I cut her off.

‘I know my way.’ And I walked on. Aunty and I were here for Christmas party, hope I still know the way and he hasn’t changed his office.


          I knocked and he told me to come in. I peeped in and it was Aunty’s husband’s office. I entered, locked the door behind me, dropped my bag on his chair, took off my pants and laid it on his table. I walked around to where he sat. I cleared the table for my butt. I drew my skirt up and sat on his table. It was cold. I spread my legs.


          I opened my legs to him and smiled. He looked at me and then at my pussy. Maybe he thought I was joking when I told him to suck my pussy anywhere I open it to his face but now he sure knew I wasn’t joking.


          You know that admiration that comes over you when you see your favorite person, or that hunger that hits you when your favorite food is placed in front of you? That was what I could read on his face, but also, I could read resistance, he was thinking of saying no! Like when a visitor gives a child her remaining drink and her mother is right there watching!


          I didn’t give him a chance to think too much, I played the video on my phone, two seconds into the streaming I heard,

‘Fuck it!’ And I felt his mouth take my pussy.

‘Hhmmmm,’ I moaned. He was shy at first, but after a minute, he got into the act. I rewarded him with soft moans. He would lick from the hole to the clitoris, lapped at the vagina lips, chew softly on them. Aunty wasn’t lying when she said her hubby was a master pussy eater.

‘Oh my gosh,’ I moaned. My breathing was raged and short. He was taking me higher to the clouds with every lick.

‘Awwwoo, isshehds, oooowweeooe,’ I blabbed.


          He held my buttocks and raised it up to his mouth, I grabbed the table as the sensation got intense. As all the gravity in my body rushed to my clitoris I grabbed his head and buried his face into my core. He started licking fast and brushing his tongue and lips side to side. I should scream, but a part of me still realized we were in the office! I bit down on my lips as I came into his mouth.


          I tried to close my legs but he held it open and licked me dry, that was another sensation on its on. This guy enjoyed eating a pussy, he wasn’t eating it like I forced or blackmailed him to. I used that moment to gather strength. My legs were jelly but somehow I made it function. I didn’t bother to wear my pants, I put it into my bag. I rearranged my dress and left his office. I didn’t say a word to him even though I felt like thanking him for a job well done, but I have to be in control. It was 6:17p:m when I made it to the car, the rush hour was on already and I joined in listening to one of my favorite radio stations, RAYPOWER FM.

The rest of the week went by without many events.





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…To be continued…

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