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          CALLING her parents always left her exasperated. Her parents wouldn’t let her be! They have to turn pleasant calls into a disaster and that was the reason she didn’t call them often. However, she felt bad that her beloved niece and nephew were having a party and she didn’t know about it. She had seen many missed calls from her sister during the week and had forgotten to call back. She called her next.

‘Hello sister!’

‘Hello stranger!’

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‘Not you too please!’

‘Hmmmm! Ola? Why is it hard for you to pick or return your calls?’

‘I’m sorry! I heard about the kids’ party, you could have sent a text though…’

‘You know I’m not a text person! The children have been asking if their aunt would come and I haven’t been able to answer them! So are you coming?’

‘Yes I am! I think daddy will disown me this time if I don’t show up!’

‘Hahahahaha! He can’t! He loves us!’

‘Talk for yourself! Anyways, What shall I bring for the kids?’

‘The usual but Gabriella has decided pink is no longer girly, she’s now into purple and D-boy wants a new airplane! He says cars are for kids and he’s now a big boy! Bring a blue flying plane and you will remain his favorite person!’

‘Thanks for the head ups! Anything I can do for my sister to make her forgive me?’

‘Hmmm! Just show up with a nice yellow shoe for me and we will be best friends again!’

‘Okay Tito… Ehm, you know I love you right?’

‘Of course! Hope you are good?’

‘I’m fine! See you on Sunday!’

She felt heavy with emotions but relieved that her family members were alright! She backed out of Joy’s house as the gathered family members were moving to their various cars.

           EVERYONE was busy with one thing or the other. People’s faces were glued to their computers and sophisticated equipment. They knew they had to deliver their reports on the case at hand before noon if they wanted no problem from Detective Ola. Ola entered the very busy crime laboratory and the room went silent for few seconds. She has that kind of effect on rooms and people. She commanded respect everywhere she went. It was in the way she looked, walked and talked. She walked towards the head of the lab who was already looking uncomfortable with her presence.

‘Good morning D.O.’ He said. Ola looked at her wristwatch before responding.

‘Good afternoon H.O.D!’

‘Oh! We’ve been working all day and have no idea of time!’ He said smiling, hoping to win Ola over to their side. She didn’t smile back. The H.O.D lost the smile on his face.

‘I believe you have answers for me…’

‘Yes I do but I will send the report to you as soon as possible.’

‘Well, I’m here now. You can tell me your findings.’ She said bringing out her notebook and she began to write.

‘Ehm… About the body, I believe Doc. has told you most of it. The unknown substance the doctor sent to us has been identified. They are teardrops but it’s not from the victim’s eyes. Someone wept over her but the most interesting part is that the tears are emotional tears.’ The H.O.D said with pride to Ola’s baffled face.

‘Emotional tears? How can you know if a teardrop is ordinary or emotional?’

‘Thank God for science! The PH level of an ordinary teardrop is below 0.05 but that of an emotional one is higher. The enzymes and enco…’ The H.O.D was explaining when Ola cut in.

‘Spare me the science. Explain it to me in simple English I can understand.’

‘Okay! For example, if you hit your leg against the door, the pains come from your body. Your brain is responding to a body contact. The enzymes formation is different and the protein level in it is below 0.05. On the other hand, if someone breaks your heart and you cry, the teardrops will carry higher protein level because your brain is responding to your heart and mind! That’s as simple as I can put it!’ He said, happy that he had Ola in a disadvantage.

‘Hmmm! You mean the suspect shed some few tears on the victim. Tell me, do you know any criminal who cries over his victims?’

‘No, unless it was done by someone who has emotional ties to the victim.’

‘Okay, anything else?’

‘Yes, the casings found on the floor belong to a 9mm but we need the murder weapon to trace its owner.’

‘Did your men find strange fingerprints in the house and most especially in the camera room?’

‘There was no strange prints. But in the camera room, we found the fingerprints of the victim and one other person. When we ran it in the system, it belonged to Victoria; the maid. Some other things came up about Victoria, though.’

‘Really? Tell me about it.’

‘Well, she spent some time in juvenile detention but you know we can’t hold that against her. As an adult, she has been in trouble with the authorities concerning theft and shoplifting. She has a son of seven years old who lives with Victoria’s mother. Nobody really knows the father of her son.’

‘Hmmmmm. Thank you. Anything else I should know?’

‘The forensic experts says three of the cameras found in the house has a wifi recorder, someone. The one in her son’s room, the kitchen and in her vault room. The problem is we can’t find where the recorder is. As we speak, the forensic team are still combing her computer. That’s all for now. If we know more, we will let you know!’

‘Okay. Thank you. Please send in your report asap.’

‘No problem D.O.’

          OLA closed her notebook sighing. The more she knew about each person in this crime case, the more confused she became. She walked to the door reading her notebook. She knew the lab like the back of her hand so she didn’t need her eyes for directions. She kept on walking and reading until something pushed her. Before she knew what was happening, her book was flying out of her hand and she was struggling to not to fall. What the hell hit her?! Just then she saw a man who was going after her flying notebook and muttering “I’m sorry!” continuously. She grabbed the nearest table closed to her to stabilize herself. She looked at the stranger coming towards her with her notebook angrily. She had never seen him before and what was an unauthorized person looking for in the laboratory?

‘I’m so sorry madam. I didn’t mean to bump into you but you weren’t looking at where you were going!’ He said trying to justify his actions. Ola was so angry! He even had the gut to point it out she was at fault!

‘Oh really? Who are you and what are you doing here? This lab is off limit to non-staff!’

‘I’m sorry but I’m authorized to be here! My name in Paul and I’m the new prosecutor sent by the government. I’m here to work with one Detective Ola to bring the criminal to justice in Madam Joy’s murder. The government is highly interested in this case.’ He said. Ola eyed him from head to toes. He was obviously new in the business if he has never heard of her. What was government thinking to send a rookie to take over a very sensitive and high profile case? He must be a spoilt rich kid whose father had ties to the government!

‘I see! When did you join the government prosecutors office? What cases have you handled successfully?’ Ola asked rudely. She liked to intimidate rookies, it helped her determined if they were cut for the job. Someone easily intimidated couldn’t do the job not to mention work with her!

‘Wow! I might not have had many experiences but it will interest you to know I graduated top of my class! I’ve been to Britain to train and I am the first law student who successfully put three deadly criminals away while I was still in law school! I’ve practiced in the UK and US! I’ve recently come home to help my father’s land! Who are you by the way?’

‘I’m detective Ola.’

           PAUL has heard a lot about Detective Ola but no one told him she was beautiful! They said she was difficult to work with, strict, intimidating and was the best in the department but they missed the fact that she was a well endowed beautiful woman! He thought he was coming to meet a tomboy but the woman in front of him had the right curves in the right places. She has a dark skin which glowed and radiated. It told him she took care of her skin. She had light makeup on her face and her tiny small lips begged to be kissed! “Hello! What are you thinking about? Is that the job you came here for? Already the woman thinks you don’t know anything and you are thinking about kissing her!” He called himself back to his senses and extended his hands to her.

‘My name is Paul Balogun. I’m a lawyer.’

Ola eyed the hand that was extended towards her not wanting to take it. She had a feeling this meeting wasn’t going to be an ordinary one. She couldn’t place her hands on what the problem was. She quickly searched his face. He looked harmless but determined, he has a strong jaw and a sweet smile. “Why did I think he has a sweet smile? God knows I’m not interested in any man right now especially, not a rookie!” She told herself but she couldn’t explain why her heart was pumping. She took the hand that was a hanging in the air. It was like a dry leave catching fire! Electric current ran through her hand to her heart. She gave him a firm shake and quickly drop the hand saying;

‘Detective Ola. You can call me D.O.’

The handshake Paul got was very firm but that wasn’t what shook him. It was the sexual tension in the air. The moment she took her hand he felt it in his middle region. “Oh, I’m in trouble.”

‘It’s a pleasure meeting you. So will you brief me about this case?’

‘Sure, let’s go to my office.’ Ola said leading the way. She was conscious of the steps she took. She had a feeling that Paul was checking her out from behind. Naturally, she wouldn’t have minded but with Paul behind her, she swayed left and right sexily. “What’s wrong with you Ola?!”

          THEY entered Ola’s office and she offered him a seat. She asked if he would like tea or coffee and he chose coffee. She served him and gave him the file of the case while telling him about the case.

‘So what do you think barrister?’

‘Hmmmm. At first look, it looks like the ex-husband did it but I doubt he did. I think someone is setting him up. I think it’s an inside job. Someone who knew the victim orchestrated or committed the crime.’ Paul said. “Okay, so he’s intelligent! That’s a turn on and a plus!” She told herself to focus on the case and not on Paul.

‘I think so too but still, we can’t overlook the fact that as at present, it’s only Dr. Akin that has an M.O.M.’

‘True! So let’s look at the others. They must have a motive, an opportunity and a means to commit the crime. We can’t charge them to court if we can’t prove their M.O.M. Have you talked to them yet?’

‘No, they are on their way here, though.’

‘Great. I will like to be part of the interview. I’ve studied criminal psychology and some of the most dangerous criminals. I know when someone is hiding something. I can give you some pos…’ He was bragging when someone barged into Ola’s office. The both looked towards the door. It was Smith.

‘I’m sorry. I didn’t know you had a visitor. I will come back.’ He said heading back to the door.

‘No, it’s alright. This is barrister Paul Balogun. He will be working with us on the case. Barrister, this is my deputy, Smith Adeyemi.’ She introduced them as the two men shook hands.

          DEPUTY Smith searched the face of the man shaking his hand and he felt threatened and protective towards Ola and his territory. He, however, couldn’t place his hands on the reasons. He was a lawyer, he couldn’t take his police work. Smith wasn’t in a relationship with Ola, although he used to crush on her when they first met but not anymore. He has taken her as his sister, so why was he feeling this way?!

Paul could feel the hostility in the air. He felt Smith didn’t like him. Why could that be? Was he in a relationship with Ola? He didn’t think so, Ola didn’t look like someone who will date a co-worker. So why was he having the feelings that Smith was protecting Ola? If I have to get to Ola, I will have to go through Smith or fight him off! “Paul, why are you thinking of getting into Ola’s panty?” He asked himself before shaking away his thoughts and coming back to the room.

Ola felt the tension in the room. A face-off was going on between Paul and Smith. She watched as each man sized the other up. Why they felt threatened by each other’s presence was a misery to her though! They had nothing in common! “Yes, they do. You!” Her sub-conscience replied her.

‘Nice meeting you barrister Balogun.’ Smith lied.

‘Same here but please call me Paul.’ Paul said forcing a smile.

‘No problem. You should call me Smith then.’ He said before facing Ola.

‘D.O. The family members are here.’

‘Great! Let’s get to work!’

…to be continued…



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